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  1. Flashback Friday: Louise – Cortana’s Predecessor, and Zune HD
  2. Satya Nadella’s email to Microsoft Employees – using Nokia to make a market for Windows Phone
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  4. Microsoft brings out Video editing Video Tuner app for Windows Phone
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  7. Twitter for WP updated
  8. ALL Lumia with Android Apps? #WindowsPhone – Hello Malware? Bye bye WP devs?
  9. Nokia Lumia 1525 with Snapdragon 801 for T-Mobile and Verizon; Surface Mini back; Android Lumia; 2520 for T-MO
  10. BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, available in store for Windows Phone (private beta)
  11. Microsoft Devices announce Lumia 930 UK release date – July 17
  12. What does Jolla mean to you, Jolla Community? Marc Dillon wants to know!
  13. Two 3D touch devices from Nokia (MM) – 5.2″ and 6″; Lumia Android?
  14. Nokia Con event in Japan, July 27th?
  15. ‘Feedback to Nokia’ becomes ‘Rate Us’
  16. LeakyLeak: Lumia 1525 – heading to T-Mobile
  17. Swiping Swype like Keyboard for Jolla Sailfish with Magical Keyboard – video demo
  18. “NOKIA by Microsoft” on leaked press pic of possible Nokia Lumia 830, not McLaren
  19. Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 930 — One experience. Windows on your phone.
  20. Some gripes about Jolla Sailfish OS
  21. Video: Nokia X2 Fastlane hands on demo
  22. Marc Dillon on the Early Startup Challenges at Jolla
  23. LeakyLeak: 1020/930 love-child looking suspected Nokia Lumia 830 – 820 successor? Or McLaren?
  24. Video: Toggling Jolla Shortcuts with Warehouse and Patch Manager
  25. Video: Jolla Launcher overview and install
  26. Porting Android Apps to the already Android powered Nokia X Whilst Paragliding over Rio #Brazil
  27. Nokia Cinemagraph updated to v4.2, Music, Video, News and 4Blend HDR also updated
  28. Canon PureView? Lumia with Canon exchangeable lenses? MS and Canon sign cross patent license agreements
  29. Microsoft’s Nokia X2 Promo – #theXway Mumbai – Featuring Lumia :/
  30. Nokia Lumia 930 coming soon on EE, O2, Phones4U
  31. Jolla Ringtone Previews
  32. Nokia saves another life of man stranded in mountains
  33. What Would You Do to Win a Lumia 930? [Australia Only] #IWantALumia930
  34. Local Availability for Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 in Australia Announced
  35. Better Branding: Nokia by Microsoft, with Lumia for tablets instead of Surface says @evleaks
  36. Video: Jolla’s Sailfish Camera UI
  37. Breakthrough on Windows Phone that would “upset the entire world across everything”
  38. Jolla Launcher now also available on Android 4.2
  39. Power of Nokia Lumia 1020′s Zoom Reinvented stuns 41MP post to reddit front page
  40. Weekend Watch: Jolla Phone Review; what others might have missed out from Sailfish OS