How To: Changing Fonts in Symbian^3 (very easy, done in a minute) Nokia N8, C6-01, C7

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UPDATE 2: Major apologies for those trying this and finding errors. As noted, try at own risk. This already mucks up Ovi Store and prevents it from starting. Also I’ve had problems with Nokia Panorama but that’s been buggy since this morning.

Back in June we asked should Nokia change their icons and fonts. From 496 votes as it stands, 71.98% agreed on both, with 8.47%% only wanting icon change, 7.86 just font change and 11.69% were happy with fonts and icons the way they are (not exactly encouraging).

Well icons change variably with themes and are mostly up to the theme designer (check out screenshots at end of post to see different icon styles). Fonts on the other hand is soo easy to change yourself thanks to this tip from gadgetbuff to! That’s great because the Nokia font has been heavily criticized as one of the factors making Nokia phones look a little old. We were exstatic when we saw a different font in Symbian^4 leaked screenshots only to find out they were modified.

“A font says a lot, though quite subtly, and so often overlooked.

The narrow Nokia font made sense in older phones when trying to conserve on pixel usage. But now we’ve got high res screens and can afford wider fonts, narrow, sharp fonts look much less appealing than their plumper, rounder counterparts.

The curviness of “Century Gothic” [Very similar to “Prelude”, used in Palm Pre I think] is often found in children’s books because of the emphasis on classic alphabet shapes and thus readability. Prelude is probably the best font at the moment being used on phones. The letters are very curved, a little more readable than Century Gothic (E.G. letter r), but less wasteful on character spacing.”

So how can you change your font too?

Click to read the rest of this article to change your icon fonts!

Note: this is for Symbian^3.  Folks have been doing this since old Symbian days. We don’t know yet if there will be any adverse reactions so to speak for S^3. This is not complicated at all. The thing that will take the longest to do is deciding which font use 😀 From steps 3- 6 that could be done in a minute. When you want to change fonts again you’ll only need steps 5 and 6.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk.

UPDATE 2: As noted, try at own risk. This already mucks up Ovi Store and prevents it from starting. Also I’ve had problems with Nokia Panorama but that’s been buggy since this morning.

To fix, remove memory card and delete “Resource” Folder.


1. You’ll need a memory card. Do not do this from mass memory.

2. Then get any True type font you wish ( should be of extension .ttf ) . You can download fonts online (just google for them) or find them on your pc. (In XP go to control panel>fonts) Yes I’m still on XP and will be until they stop supporting it :p.

3. In the Memory Card’s Root (the first main view with all the other folders) create a new folder called Resource. E.g. you should now have F:/Resource

4. Now inside  F:/Resource create a new folder called “Fonts” so now you’ll have F:/Resource/Fonts

5. Paste your font there. I have chosen Avenir which is very similar to the Palm Pre’s Prelude font.

6. Now make four copies of it. Ignore the “copy of….” we’ll change that. After, rename each one to have the exact names as shown below. (In windows you won’t see the ttf bit.)

  • nosnr60.ttf
  • nssb60.ttf
  • nstsb60.ttf
  • S60ZDIGI.ttf

7. Turn your phone off. Pop the memory card back in. Reboot. Some screenshots below


Now it’s up to you want font you use. It doesn’t take any time at all now that you have the folders set up. Here the fatter font does consume slightly more space but I think it’s much more pleasing to the eye than the narrow squashed default Nokia font.

What’s your favourite font? Got some screenshots? 😀

Via Gadgetbuff

Update: Got a few minutes – just noticed after backing up, my theme reverted back to default. Here’s what it looks like on a different theme.

keyboard not working to well here. No contrasting colours (but that’s due to theme)


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    • afan


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    • rajesh

      no need to do all these steps just to change fonts we can instal font zoomer and can change fonts but i want to instal more fonts with exisiting fonts like some languages

  • kieuminhvn

    I have installed fonts as instructed but after rebooting I had problem with qt ( Qt 4.7.2 cannot run) buble lock doesn’t work. ovi store also cannot run. pleae advice how to improve so as we may so beautiful fonts and as the same time to use buble locks and ovi store. Thanks

  • Sh

    Who can tell me the name of this theme on screenshoot

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  • Curious

    what happens if i remove the memory card? will the fonts still work?

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  • Mihai

    I can’t create a folder named “Resource” On my memory card… nor can I copy it from my PC… got any ideas?

    • Gulsar Ali

      same happened with me… dont know what to do…

    • Andy

      Try making the folder by Connecting ur phone to PC with Mass Storage mode instead of Nokia Suite mode
      It worked for me

  • arh24

    does it work on C7?

    • Goutham K S

      Yeah, it works but it is lengthy procedure just download font zoomer from ovi you can change fonts easily….

  • Hardeep

    But after doing this my ovi stoe is not working

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  • *first sorry for my bad english*
    why in my n8 with symbian anna leaked the font not change whole. Only in application ???

  • ajay

    i cant create resource file..and i cant copy as u said four times..what do i do now?

  • sabir

    we can only use this font as u show up there ??? or something else… reply me plzz

  • cikin

    how come my font only change the CLOCK only.not change whole like yours???please help me

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  • In lumia 800 where is profile & how to change the font size of contact list

  • SR_Karl

    How the heck can it be that Nokia is supplying a chinese dictionary for Symbian phones (N8-00) without the phones being able to display the translation as chinese characters.

    Basically chinese characters can be displayed, like in chinese webpages, but not in office documents or the dictionary.

    • SR_Karl

      I got it to work, but don’t ask how.

      Found out that after installing an “old” Nokia Font numbers and also letters in some screens where not displayed at all. After booting with this “bad” Font and reinstalling a working one after that, it all of a sudden worked. Dictionaries and Office documents display chinese characters now.

      Lost the function after cleaning up the “Fonts” directory from disabled entries, but could restore function by doing again as described.

      Strange, but it works and I’m not gonna touch it again until Nokia brings something serious.

  • nooor

    when i change themes on c6-01 it takes so much time …. what i have to do just waiting …

  • Prem

    This works well! however if youre using swype, please disable it (thru swype settings) Rebooting twice usual helps.

    You can create the Resource folder easily on the phone if you use a data cable, bluetooth wont cut it. The resource folder is usually present if you have had it on an older nokia phone, then just copy over the files.

    One worry is that i still cant get chinese input, i can now at least see chinese characters. If any knows it will help.

  • zaw

    yes , i do same your instruction step by step. .Now i can see my new font name in my phone(Z:Resource\Font). But font style is not change until now. Why like that happen ? So i remove my memory card from my phone but my new font name stay same place until now. I can not remove them. So what should i do ? How to do ? My mobile is Nokia C7-00 . Please help me for my problem. (sorry for my poor English )

  • Aditya

    Its not working on my Nokia E5…. Help me guys 🙁

    • matthew

      E5 is S60v3.2, not S^3. It is not working on my E72 (S60v3.2 just like your E5), either.

  • Precisely how would you manage to create this kind of fantastic crowd of commenters to your site?

  • wael

    i did exactly what you said in this article ,but it didn;t work on my nokia E5-00 mobile