Rumours: Nokia N9 being announced at MWC in 6 weeks time? More N9/X7 gossip.

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Collating the Nokia N9 (AND x7) rumours thus far. A lot is just hear-say. Some things are mentioned by quite reliable sources (people who are somehow close to these unannounced handsets) and some are garnered from blog comments. Wishful thinking? Idle Gossip? Snippets of leaks? Well they’re all fun to consider. That’s all we ever do and always will do when it comes to unannounced handsets. Especially one as IMPORTANT as Nokia’s first MeeGo phone and recovering of the high end.

update: The comment section of this post is also producing some interesting “info”. Will be added at end of post.

1) First, it’s being announced in this year’s MWC (February 14-17th).

More exchanges between JosueGiminez and Camb078. If true, Nokia also said they’d reduce the wait from announce to release. “Release very close to announcement”.  e.g. C6-01, C7. But then the December, now 2011 launch of E7….hmmm.

Other rumour this week mentioned dates of April 2011, plus 6 weeks later for another MeeGo Device.

2 On the N9 design: N9 is the sexiest mobile ever done? Also, quality said to be so good, it could be Sseries. Sseries?If we remember Nokia House portfolio, S was supposed to be the mega top devices, beyond Nseries.

Well subjectiveness aside, it suggests a slim, pleasing design for N9.

What if it looks like Nokia Conversations “Nokia U” design (above first pic)? If it does and it’s MeeGo let me say, “Hey Nokia, here’s the money, can I have one please?!”

“I just hope they will get Meego done sooooon and I can get this sexy thing on use.

I can say this is sexiest mobile ever done. It’s bye bye for HW qwerty and welcome candybar back in my life”

And also in reply about N9 deseign

“.. design would easily qualify as future S-series TS device. Specially in black.”

dsmobile – mobile-review forums

BTW, the macbook like QWERTY keyboard design is apparently NOT what it will look like. Alex68 has mentioned this in comments here as well as MeeGoUser (ha are they the same person:p?). More from dsmobile

Best thing about it is the way user will setup all accounts and stuff.

but it is really bugging me that things move so slowly still and hardware is getting older after every delay. Well at least this one model is something I really love too much that I do not care what the hardware are inside.

if people think that this new SE (Arc) looks nice.. well they are wrong if compare this what I have

dsmobile – mobile-review forums

Also, like Maemo N900

“Meego phones do not have Home HW key”

dsmobile – mobile-review forums

3. Along with N9, X7 and E6-00 will also be announced.

The X7 has been spotted already, though what the E6-00 will look like is a total mystery.


4. When new firmware arrived, all upgraded Symbian devices will bump up to 727MHz from 680MHz.

– According to Cod3rror’s comment.

Note, Symbian^3 is GPU accelerated and does not require oodles of power (as nice as it would be to have the excess). Let’s hope battery life remains same or improves.

5. This is supposedly the Nokia X7 specification:

This was from GSM arena comments found by Cod3rror on Mobile-Review forums. Interesting specs in bold. Take with 10x your daily recommended allowance of salt.

  • A whooping 512 mb graphics card just like ur pc have
  • has 4 speakers(first mobile to have 4 speaker with woofer sound)
  • gorilla glass scratch resistant capactive multitouch amoled cbd screen 680*340
  • water resistant metal casing stainless steel with thermoplastic body
  • 350mb ram
  • flash 10.1
  • gyro sensor
  • magnetic compass
  • 700mhz arm 11 processor
  • hdmi port
  • usb otg
  • 8mp camera with 720@30fps hd video recording
  • play all types of audio files(like mp3,aac,aac+,wma 9 and 10,ogg,exe,wav,amr,cbd,avc,msf etc)
  • and video files((like avi,mp4,mpeg4,asf,3gp,3gpp2,3gpp +,h.263,h.264,flv,mkv(dvd format),mov(handycam,digital camera video use this),m1v,m4v,mkv etc))two microphone, active noise cancellation
  • 2mp secondary camera
  • dolby digital 5.1 channel
  • 1 gb rom for massive s^4 update
  • massive 32gb internal memory
  • 6 homescreens
  • usb charging
  • wi-fi with b/g/n and upnp technology
  • remote locking
  • fm transmitter
  • bluetooth v 3.0
  • hspda 14 mbps and hspa 5.76 mbps
  • 1500mah battery
  • nfc chip
  • act as broadband modem, wi fi hotspot
  • universal remote controller
  • and finally with 50+updated s^3 os.

7. Whilst we’re here let’s reiterate the N9 rumoured specifications

  • 4.3 inch AMOLED CBD screen 960 x 480 pixels resolution Capable of displaying upto 10^6 pixels per sec with 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 processor
  • MeeGo Operating System,
  • 1GB RAM,
  • 1.5 GB ROM,
  • 64 GB internal memory,
  • 64GB expandable memory ,
  • A-GPS ,
  • HSPA+8mbps and hspda 16.6 mbps,
  • Wi-Fi,wi-max,
  • full HD (1080p) video recording Bluetooth v3.1
  • usb otg,
  • hdmi port,dolby digital,Woofer sound technology
  • 1080p HDMI (says MeeGoUser)

8. And from a recent post of devices found under the label “unpublished protos”

These are the product codes for Nokia devices before given their actual “post code” name. Note that Random product names do appear now and again that we’ve never heard of but never see the light of day.

  • RM-478 >> Nokia 5330?
  • RM-572 >> Nokia 3208 classic
  • RM679
  • RM-680 >> Nokia N9
  • RM-691
  • RM-699
  • RM-720
  • RM-999

Overall, some pretty positive things. Though following Eldar’s tweets, you’d get the feeling that Nokia’s just gone bankrupt.

Let’s hope for no delays, that Symbian updates will be sufficient and MeeGo will be ready. Really, a slim, updated Nokia N900 would have done, Nokia :p.

Seriously – get more folk working on the darned thing or whatever to get it perfect BUT on time. The longer it’s delayed, the older the hardware gets, the stronger the competition gets, the higher the expectations.

9. Comment from Zymo: What ever “meego phone” released comes with Harmattan first, MeeGo Update later. in Q3/4.

There is also Harmattan-Meego from Nokia. They are still working on it, you can see this from several bug reports. I think Nokia wants to make Harmattan 100% compatible to Meego, so they could release the N9, which was actually ready for release in Q4 2010, now at MWC 2011 and upgrade it in summer with Meego 1.2 or Q4 2011 with 1.3. If there is a N9 at MWC 2011 it will be running with Harmattan-Meego, if not than we have to wait till Q3/Q4 2011 for the N9.


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  • zymo

    There is also Harmattan-Meego from Nokia. They are still working on it, you can see this from several bug reports. I think Nokia wants to make Harmattan 100% compatible to Meego, so they could release the N9, which was actually ready for release in Q4 2010, now at MWC 2011 and upgrade it in summer with Meego 1.2 or Q4 2011 with 1.3. If there is a N9 at MWC 2011 it will be running with Harmattan-Meego, if not than we have to wait till Q3/Q4 2011 for the N9.

    • Jay Montano


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  • guest

    The QSD8250 SoC is not realistic because there is no way anyone could use such an old SoC in these days. It is is really old (2008) and doesn’t have a decent GPU on it (Adreno 200, used on $100 phones). I don’t think Nokia would use Qualcomm’s products anyway.

    I think the recent rumours and announcements suggest the ST-E U8500 which would be competitive right now with the current and upcoming high-end smartphones (based on Orion and Tegra2). Orion will also be on the iPhone 5 modified and branded as the A5.

    • Pdexter

      Most probably or that’s where all the trusted sources imo are pointing at.

      • guest

        I’m positive Nokia would not settle on previous generation tech. this time, although it wouldn’t be a huge surprise knowing them and their slow dev. cycle.

        ST-E person said Nokia would announce something with this platform in the spring 2011, it could be either N9, a tablet, or something else. Co-operation was announced back in the spring 2009.

        • Andre

          ST- U8500 is cheap, readily available and compatible with both Symbian and MeeGo and is equipped with a Mali 400 GPU. (easily on par with Tegra and Orion)

          The ONLY limitation to it’s usage is the LCD controller max-ing out at 1024*600 IIRC.

          • guest

            I checked this and it supports up to XGA (1024×768) which is more than enough. The popular 800×480 is not too bad.

      • Johnson

        I’m pretty sure the N9 will be based on this:


        • veps

          I would truly like to see U8500 inside N9 more than anything, in a harmattan mailing list there’s talk about OMAP3 that’s running currently in at 780mhz for a test.

          Sounds the same that the original by Michael-Dallas leak before any pics where leaked who have got the features right that can now be seen from the pics like 4″ screen, 4 row keyboard and 1320mah battery etc.
          He said that N9 would have 1ghz OMAP3 that’s currently running at 800mhz for testing.

          • zonk0r

            I really hope they surpise all who are waiting.

            After seeing Motorola’s innovation at CES this week with the Atrix 4G (even running the Me2 Android system) it’s getting harder and harder to see a market for a device with the specs above. 1320maH is not enough of a battery to shunt these things along. nice to see Moto putting 1900maH in a very svlette device, all this considered.

            It seems to me that the smartphone market has taken over from the desktop pc/cpu/gpu market in terms of fighting each other for the next load bragging rights about the fastest technology.

            I’m still interested by Nokia’s strategy that we’ve all been hearing about over the last 2 years or so. I hope it will blow my mind, if not, it’s Atrix for me

  • dsmobile

    Sexy design sure have some material issues but current materials available to create the design will force some compromises. It also is not about 4+ inch screens its about right size for a smart-phone.

    But my next thing for sure not matter what the hardware inside is (I don’t know that info)

    I don’t play games with my phone so I only need enough to run OS and apps and simple games what N8 already can run.

  • Shailen

    Apart from these rumors or true spects the upcoming MWC is very much important for nokia.Because of the falling share in highend market.Surely they will use the platform unlike yesteyears.Hope we will see truely groundbreaking smartphones from all the companies along with nokia and hope the best will come from nokia.

  • helmuth

    There is again no lens cover for the camera at the backside and I can’t find the Hardware keyboard.

    Such a Device is a no go. It’s okay for some cheap iPhone replicas. But not for a Device with a Terminal…

    • Goc

      This isn’t for people who use Terminal. It is for people who buy iPhones.
      The latter is a much larger market and that’s all Nokia, a fairly large company, should care about.

  • zymo

    The N9 has an Omap3 CPU, not a Snapdragon CPU.
    Don’t expect dual core phones from Nokia till Q4 2011/Q1 2012. Nokia Manager Gunther Kottzieper said this last month on the International Mobile Internet Conference 2010 in Pekin.

    • Peter

      He was also talking about Symbian. So whether Meego will have one before that remains to be seen.

  • Shailen

    I dont think nokia will take chance with meego to go with old generation processors.Already there are dual cores ranging at ces.And meego is meant for the competition-android and ios.There will be androids with dual cores and probably iphone 5.So as meego solely high end plateform nokia will surely use dual cores from TI or ST ericsson.But i suggest them not to go for processor based on arm a9 and mali 400,they should use arm a15 and mali t604 – the real beast..

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  • Sealblaighter

    Hi guys! Nokia said last year in December that they will make Dual Core Symbian devices! What do you think about it? BY the way the N9 has a 64 GB of internal storage, it can support a 64 GB SDXC card slot as well! It has a 4.3 inch XGA screen(as I know right).

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  • Jed

    I just want some damn clarity from Nokia on what “exactly” is happening with the N9… & FAST!

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  • Oh pals it so informative Nokia Zone, it so helpful for everybody, Thanks for sharing your Nokia site.

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