Mail by Yahoo! Ovi Mail now powered by Yahoo!

| April 6, 2011 | 47 Replies

Suresh has notified us that Ovi Mail is now powered by Yahoo! I don’t know when this came about as I don’t use Ovi Mail. A reader named “Anonymous User” emailed us about the change too, stating he was annoyed that he was unable to access his mail while the migration is taking place.

Congratulations on your new Ovi Mail powered by Yahoo! account. Now you can stay connected in a whole new way to the important people in your life.
You can access your Ovi Mail account from the Mail icon on your Nokia phone or from the web at From the website, you can read and send emails, and you can also use the integrated Ovi Chat service to send instant messages to your friends who are available to chat.
Get started today by selecting Compose to write an email from your Ovi Mail account and share your email address with friends and family.
Keep your account up to date at
Ovi by Nokia

If you go to, after logging in with your Ovi/Nokia account you’ll see this prompt


Just click continue, another pop up appears. Click “I accept” and you’ll be presented with “Mail by Yahoo!”

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  • Jim

    nice. I understand they could use yahoo interface but why put ads in it. I know yahoo puts ads to make money but nokia won’t make so much money from ads . I hope they will remove the ads before they create frustration

  • wes?

    Nice thing is, that for the first time PUSH mail seems to work perfectly on the N8.

    Altough all the older mails are gone, but it’s mentioned that they’ll be available again soon…

    • wes?

      push mail with the OVI acount at least…

    • How soon??? I trusted OVI to keep my mails safe, I had folders in it that kept my important contacts and messages!!! Am so frustrated now that I cant get them. all my contacts are gone… i think it is a risk think to trust this flashy technologies!!

      • Alex

        I thought I was the only one going through this! How can mega tech companies like Nokia & yahoo do this?!?!? 2 weeks for me to get my mail. I have important stuff in there I need to use!!!! Goodness!!! First nokia started with that stupid idea to host the Windows OS, now this with the mail system! Damn!!! just classic ridiculous but ofcourse, what can we the end users do!

  • juli

    I do not see any ad when accessing ovi.mail, except for one of OVI.

  • Damen

    I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years time the Ovi Mail will be merged into Hotmail..

    • Mapantz

      Hotnok? lol

  • mk

    i know this 1week ago when i tried to set up ovi mail on my c7.

  • Andreas

    wow.. they just ruined one of the most light weight, clean and nice looking e-mail clients out there… This looks cluttered and with ADS?? cmon..

    I’m going to gmail if the ads don’t disappear.

    • nickem

      The ads are really frustrating and terrible. Maybe I also have to go to Gmail or something else. Hope the adds disappear ASAP!!

  • I was happy when i first heard about ths but I now have 2 major issues with it, when using a PC to read mail:

    1. It won’t let me use it with Opera – Yahoo mail doesn’t support it either, but it at least lets you try with a browser that isn’t IE/Firefox/Safari. I never had an issue with Ovi Mail and Opera either, so it’s frustrating that the new service is doing this. I haven’t checked if this affects Opera Mobile, but then again, if using it on your phone you would probably just use the email client anyway.

    2. Logging in using my Ovi acount logs me out of my other Yahoo email. I have a huge problem with this as when on my computer i like to have tabs open all the time for my primary email addresses and these 2 both have a specific purpose for me and I don’t want to stop using either. Ultimately, at the moment, if there is an account i stop logging into it will be Ovi as i get more email on my Yahoo.

    The second hasn’t been an issue on my phone as I don’t use my yahoo account (basically, some weird thing where i can’t seem to use my via mobile in the US, and I can’t set up a alias). However, I hope that even if i did use both services through my phone, i wouldn’t experience there what i experience on my PC, otherwise, given the popularity of Yahoo email, it will probably result in a bunch of complaints.

  • I use Yahoo email (and gmail) but I dont take this as good news, basically from the stand point of “If something isnt broken, why break(fix?) it?

    Everyone who used OVI email seemed very happy with it, but I am SURE this is the ecosystem that Elop was selling. Sad, sad day. I wish that they would have licensed WebOS instead…

  • Lloydie T

    I am really getting annoyed with nokia.

    1. Firstly still no v1.1 update for my tesco N8
    2. Can’t log into ovi mail. I just get

    Ovi Mail powered by Yahoo! can’t load
    •Please try again later.
    •If you continue to have issues, please contact customer care.

    3. Now my N8 can not log into ovi messaging with a continual password request.

    Is it something I did or said?

  • Stan

    I like Yahoo Mail and Ovi Mail so this is just a perfect combination to me. It’s Yahoo but with Ovi Nokia logo 🙂

  • Cod3rror


    Couldn’t even manage email and had to cry to Yahoo to come over and do it for them.

  • David

    Does anyone know if this is possible…

    Once all contacts and email is migrated, will the facebook contacts / chat show in “IM for Nokia” under Ovi Account Service? that was launched on 1st April?

  • hix

    Nokia Support says I will get back my mail in the next weeks. WTF!

  • j

    they should of done this all on April 1st.
    a bad joke on existing yahoo users

  • Christer

    Ironic with that Zumodrive connection in ovimail and there are no symbian clients to be found!

  • Nurhusien

    Tenkou find for my phone mail by yahoo

  • That site has got a great many quite helpful stuff on it! Cheers for assisting me!

  • Am very anoyed ever since ovi migrated to yahoo i’ve lost my contacts and it is always difficult to log in using a PC what the hell is going on.

  • Gee

    I am so annoyed cause I cant read my emails or send on ovi I even try to use yahoo sometimes I been asked more than ten times to log on my password. what is happenning.

  • Abraca’daBra

    Ovi mail is rubbish. I cant even access my yahoo mail ever since i logged-in to the rather useless nokia mail account which i created as a mere substitute… I’m so pissed at this yahoo/ Nokia collaboration shit…. It’s absolutely nonsense!!

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