Crack some codes, win a Nokia N9?! #Competition #N9Seconds (1/20 Left)

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Remember yesterday’s post on “ Nokia N9 – World’s quickest ads…“?

There appears to be an accompanying website for you to put codes in.

The help link for those codes redirects you to the N9 quick ads.

To check codes that have been tried, check out the twitter account:

The prize is a “Nokia Smartphone”. You can all have a guess at what that could be. There’s 20 to be won and two have already gone.

Terms and Conditions:



The winner/winners of the Contest will receive a Nokia smartphone.


Winners will be notified by mail, email, or telephone by 31.12.2011 to the email address and/or phone number provided by winner upon registration as a Participant in the Contest. An email notifying the winner of his/her Prize will include a request for his/her preferred mailing address.

The Contest begins on 12.7.2011 at 14:00 p.m. GMT and ends on when all the 20 codes have been solved or at the latest 31.12.2011 at 06:00 p.m. (hereinafter referred to as the “Program Period”).

In order to be eligible to participate, you must be at least 15 years of age or of the legal age in your country of residence


Nokia has been releasing clues. The unlucky 13th code has been solved.

7 left.

The 14th was solved.

6 left.



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  • IMeMyself

    I guess you still need one comment after this 😛

  • PlusOuMoins

    Great 🙂 Alright

    So first I noticed there was hidden letters/numbers on the taxi’s plate :
    I can almost read “TEAM”, and on the next frame the guy go to and zoom in “Support your TEAM”, also the R and M could be for Real Madrid.
    Tried a lot of codes, without luck.

    Next, the camera screen got some letters too :
    (Look the iccons for Face detection – GPS – Auto flash – Auto scene – 7M) So I tried FGAA7M and few others, all wrong but there must be something.

    Just noticing, two frames in the Browsing video forms a specific shape :

    Also, the kid’s hat looks like a “X” and propellers :

    In the LaMaquette restaurant where the girl works, we can barely see the time and “EX” from EXIT :

    Finally, on Timothy Barin’s FB wall, we can see he “knows Klingon”, and despite the picture shows Hamlet, Klingon is a language from Star Trek. :

    • Rock

      That ‘R’ on the taxi plate is new o.O

    • Peter

      I think you might be going nuts (taxi plate thing) 😀

      • PlusOuMoins

        Maybe haha 😀

      • IMeMyself

        Yeah, I think this too… 😛

        Btw, Video 5, camera, still has not give any good clues despite the “I”, and if I remember well the same is for video 4, but we have the in it… 🙂

    • cm6

      1wh4t4hLR or 1wh4tAHLR

    • stylinred

      there’s also a ‘N’ on the guys shoes who’s riding the bicycle

  • Slayer

    Aerial’s crew, Da vinci’s helicopter. the poster have what looks like a heli/dragon hybrid. the boy’s costume looks like the poster. the boy is drawing a heli. when his mother takes the picture the boy is pointing up to the sky.

    I could be going nuts on this: I inverted the colours on one of the pictures… is it me, or does it look like someone is pointing to a helicopter flying above buildings or trees? (notice the small hand and the puffy sleeve, looks like the boys costume)

    • Rock

      I see what you mean but it doesn’t lead us to anywhere :/

    • PlusOuMoins

      Seriously, I think we’ve damaged our brains

      • Rock

        Na I see what he means with the pointing and the helicopter.

        But we are going a bit mad by picking out those tiny coincidences and exploring them to dead ends. Well not me xD

      • Agreed. I’ve been going over da vinci, aerial screw, the helicopter, helicopter hat with 4 eyes, the freaky eyes in the poster, the way the helicopter hat looks like an X, not to mention the turning/screwing of the gears in the watch (btw, da vinci improved watch accuracy too with a new watch design) every day and not figured out anything really.

      • puzzled

        yes we did LOL

      • scapegoat81


    • Slayer

      what about kircher, the dragon reference from before, the balloon, and this (one of his works):

      I’m going insane..

      • Slayer

        “He [Kircher] launched dragon-shaped hot-air balloons with “Flee the wrath of God” painted on their underbellies.”

        also, type Kircher and camera obscura and see where that takes you.

  • Rock

    Another ‘clue’.

    Da Vinci’s painting of St. John is a painting of him pointing up, maybe like the child?

  • Jason

    This is evil. It’s going to kill me when I read that the last 8 were probably so obvious.

    • puzzled

      i think my head already cracked even before the new code is cracked.

  • Jason

    Did anybody make any sense of the code on the website below Da Vinci’s face? I know the one on the right is just going on about gestures.

    • damn

      tu dhon trox Zmv Eeozju => “go deep into The Source”

      Gaxhb’q achb sdwtzufgfy ief vsxjsp iclfxv => “There’s more underneath the pretty covers”

    • Slayer

      it was found a few pages before, it said go deep into the source… check it out

    • IMeMyself

      It is an autokey code, with key N. It says:
      go deep into The Source
      There’s more underneath the pretty covers

      And I want to point out The Source, with T and S capital letters…

    • Jason

      That capitalisation of The Source is now bothering me.

      • MaGaO

        Don’t worry. It will be related to one of the answers in some quantically (now you don’t see it, then you will) obvious way. 😉

        • MaGaO

          By the way, I’m starting to look like that random avatar I got when I first commented here 😛

    • did anyone make sense of the images before and after de vinci’s face?

  • yemi

    some perspectives I have so far:
    The scene of the watchmaker shows small screwdriver, pocket watch and gears rolling. Then the frame reveals the watchmaker looking through his glasses with a MONOCLE attached (this frame lasted longer than the rest).

    I think there’s a clue here.

    I also noticed the emphasis made to reveal the watchmaker blowing dust off the N9 and splashing water with his boots.

    I have been close several times with different codes. I just hope I dont go crazy cracking these things.

    What makes it worse is they even jumble the letters!!!


    • akse

      Wasn’t there also a web page in the browser video?

  • not sure if this is relevant or coincidence, but you can see a real aerial screw in toronto this year:
    aerial’s crew live?

  • scapegoat81

    This is just wrong to do this to people, lol

  • Martin

    Maybe these clues which are floating in these 6 videos are only for confusing us and these codes are in front of us we must pay attention

  • mario

    Hi all, once again

    Some more possible clues/paths/deliriums 🙂

    I dug into the source and find out this
    “19th-century illustration of a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci (isolated on white). Italian polymath, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer. He was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy and died on May 2, 1519 in Amboise, France. The engraving was published in Systematischer Bilder-Atlas zum Conversations-Lexikon, Ikonographische Encyklopaedie der Wissenschaften und Kuenste (Brockhaus, Leipzig) in 1844.”
    There is a lot of keywords also, you can check them by yourself by launching site and pointing to image of da Vinci in aerials-crew site. Checked other images too – nothing has been found.

    I spotted letter D on the wall in “All design” clip.

    And the last but not the least finding – I found location of the camera man by using Ovi Maps. What a coincidence that Toronto appears in the list of 3d towns :/
    Check the images:
    Frame from Social Media clip –

    Ovi Maps 3D –

    P.S. If these clues are worthless, don’t be angry. Just have a fun while you are searching for the correct answer. I think that Nokia had it in mind.

  • ruin

    I know most of us are tired already and waiting for more clues come Monday. But i just wanted to point out a couple oddities:
    Social Media: During one of the scenes showing the guy taking shower, the bracelets on his right arm vanish and then reappear subsequently.(BTW i tried CLOVER a few times thinking that was what he was wearing and also since the aerial’s crew poster monster holds what appears to be a 4-leafed clover in its hands, but no success)
    Camera: The kid erases the helicopter sketch from his slate but in the next frame the sketch is still there intact. This might be a mistake in an attempt to have the ‘I’ more pronounced.
    The youtube tag for this video mentions ’emotion’ but don’t bother trying elated or excite.
    Also why is it that only answers that were purely alphabets have been reversed(monfri, kphmph) and they were 2 groups of three letters each as well. Couldn’t find any other groups of 3 alphabets(tried txi, exi and dec combinations)
    I have tried to find more groups of letters and numbers to club together and from an answer. hope you guys fare better.

  • foo

    Well here’s a funny fact: Da Vinci invented contact lenses aka monocle too.

    • nick

      I think by now most people who have invested a few hours in this probably have come to know that every single word, picture, action in the videos is somehow associated with the others.

      And the codes are not absolute in the sense that no matter if you get sidetracked the successive hints would throw you back in the loop but alas they don’t because each one is as vague as the next and they don’t add any info to each other.

      So far it’s been a crash course in Leonardo :)) literally 9 sec each!

      I hope the clues starting Monday can be of some help..

  • Jay Montano

    Day 3. Still 8 to go.

    • Souvik

      this will never end

  • Jason

    Even at highest resolution, I can barely make out that 7am 7pm/ Mon – Fri sign. Can’t believe people even saw that.

    • Slayer

      it looks better at the end of the last video, i guess thats how the saw it.

      why didn’t the upload it in 1080

  • hello

    hi,what does”Novem secundus”stands for,they are under the N9 show yourself pic

    • andi

      novem secundus, = 9 seconds

    • IMeMyself

      It’ latin. It means “nine seconds” 🙂

    • hello

      Thank You!:-)

    • though in some languages (like french/spanish) you might say it the other way around – second 9.

      • nvee

        not sure if this is relevant..Secundus was also a great philosopher..kept silence..there is a story around it..too long for this post..even after the king threatens with death..he does not speak..the king gives in and finally gives Secundus a slate to write out the answer to his questions..slate = tablet?..I does not work..

        there is a company called Monocledesign..they are associated with nokia..tried a lot of stuff on the code..all wrong..I give up..good luck..

  • laalaa

    the reflection of that dancer girl looks like a K… besides that I’m lost 🙁

    • SirraH77

      In the next video there is number 3 backwards on the players back –> E ?

  • going insane

    i tend to see everything as 6-alphanumeric-code… @_@

    • I analyse everything I see and hear as 6-digit codes and their relevance to Da Vinci… I’m going crazy…

  • hello

    i can not figure out why da vinci .gif & number .gif have those crosses

    • hello

      and not only you can enter numbers and letters but also = and !

      • IMeMyself

        The ! is for the WRONG! 🙂
        The minus i think is there for nothing… Or maybe for when they’ll close the contest 🙂

      • PlusOuMoins

        We can’t enter them, it’s for responses like WRONG! etc.. And I think it isn’t = but –

        And the crosses are just for the effects I guess

  • PlusOuMoins

    I just noticed something else, the Da Vinci picture on mention “IP” on his head while the original picture doesn’t. Take a look :

    BTW the IP adress is

    • IMeMyself

      The image arrives from here, version small

      The IP is present, the sizes (kb and px) are the same, and also the metadata present on the jpg… I think the key is not the picture, but something related to it… :S

      • PlusOuMoins

        Ah 😀 I was about to going nowhere with this haha

      • PlusOuMoins

        But maybe they used this one because of the “IP” ..? Hmm

        • IMeMyself

          Evil… lol

    • Slayer

      the image was uploaded 2 years ago. i doubt this was intended.

      • PlusOuMoins

        Yeah but I mean they could have thinked like “Oh we can see an “IP” on his face, let’s use this one for a code !”

        I’m stunned

  • blah

    i’m wondering … are these last 8 codes really that hard to find or did Nokia blocked all codes till monday so they can keep it going a little longer seeing that 12 phones were won in less than 2 days.

    • PlusOuMoins

      Haha no they can’t do a such thing, to evil, and people will starting being angry

    • nfbsk

      Honestly, nowhere in the offcial rules says that 12 N9’s are out for grabs. Doesn’t seem very fair that people who entered correct “easy” codes like PRND12 have a equal chance of winning compared to those who actually decoded encrypted messages through mathematics.

      • nfbsk

        Or possibly 20…

      • mario

        Actually, rules claims it. Check section “CONTEST OF SKILL”. Term “skill” can be interpreted as “speedy providing answers to easy questions”. Just FIFO queue 🙂

      • IamWalrus

        Early bird gets the worm, right?

  • PlusOuMoins

    Hey guys I found a way to enter codes without clicking !

    Just hit CTRL + letter key or numeric key (with case lock)

    It was intended, it’s a feature coded in javascript by the developpers of the page

    • PlusOuMoins

      Ah almost forgot : You can also hit BACKSPACE to erase

    • PlusOuMoins

      Damn I just noticed I don’t even have to hit CTRL -_-“

      • Zer0

        lol…………… slow

    • PlusOuMoins

      I definately screwed up my brain, so I give up, good luck ya’ll

    • Lol…you must have been struggling to enter the code so far 🙂

    • steci86


  • Harsh

    In the swipe video, when the girl is in hotel, at that time at back of her at the door, only EX of Exit flashes..
    There could be some code with it…??

    • Combine that with the S that she swipes off the table, and you know what you get 🙂

      • meh

        something we all should be having right now instead of trying to figure this out? =)

  • mario

    Maybe we should combine codes from various clips? Remember “The Source”… It is possible that this mysterious source is Nokia with it’s slogan “Connecting people”. All clips are connected so it is worth to try stick together 3 characters from different clips.
    Possible candidates:
    TXI 832 DEC 360

  • I got something like “1967 isclue” in the captcha

    Has any one considered captcha giving us clues?

    • IMeMyself

      Captcha are random and google related, that’s not a possibility 🙂

      • Yeah I know, I am going crazy like everyone else 😛