No N9 for UK, USA, Germany? Nokia N9 availability down to the operators

| August 12, 2011 | 96 Replies

As you may have heard already, there will be no Nokia N9 going to operators for USA, UK and Germany, the lack of such regional availability was already suspected before (though you may still be able to get them via local online retailers).

jedibeeftrix emailed Stephen Elop about the recent news regarding the Nokia N9’s availability. There were a couple of replies (from Elop or PR team? I’m amazed he could reply to such emails from the public)  the last of which said,


“Ultimately, the operator makes all decisions about which products they make available.”


But before you despair, the N9 will still be available officially in 29 countries, not including the online retailers.

Availability List:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Bulgaria
  4. China
  5. Croatia
  6. Finland
  7. Greece
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Hungary
  10. Malaysia
  11. New Zealand
  12. Portugal
  13. Poland
  14. Romania
  15. Russia
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Serbia
  18. Singapore
  19. Slovenia
  20. Sweden
  21. Switzerland
  22. United Arab Emirates
  23. Vietnam
  1. Italy
  2. Philippines
  3. Indonesia
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. South Africa
Network/retailer confirmed availability
  • Norway (via Telenor)
  • UK (via Expansys/Play)
  • Kazakstan
  • Germany (

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  • sumodk

    Does any body have any idea about launching N9 in India?

  • Ahsan

    You Might as well add Pakistan on that list , the carriers here don’t offer contracts but do offer contract less and discounted phones with extra accessories . I believe one or two WILL pick up the n9. They picked up the n8,e7 why not n9 eh ?

  • Ahsan

    Who wants to see elop’s face when the N9 becomes a huge success?

    • GordonH

      Good one. Hope the n9 truly becomes a success.

    • dont go! meego!

      i want to see!

      and he must leave if N9 is the game changer!( at least compettiors are trying to get rid of homebutton)

    • j

      no i do not want to see him then any more. (at nokia)

    • your ass

      he then show me his ass!

    • will it really though?

      where is it going to become a success? which of the above countries.

      I think it’s a fantastic product, but Nomia clearly aren’t taking it very seriously.

      They have virtually killed their dev’s in the face, tried to push symbian and meego off a cliff through sheer lack of advertising and telling people it’s a dead platform.

      anyone who has any doubts that S40 and WP7 aren’t the one’s to keep an eye on for nokia now need but just sit back and watch over the next 6 months.

      • Ahsan

        If you’ve got a good product and you don’t advertise it , it “may” become a huge success. But if you’ve got a bad product and spend a “billion” on it’s advertising it wont be a success. As for Dev’s Qt is their . Dev’s develop for platform with users. If N9 becomes a success it’s sure to have a lot of apps.

        • j

          you got it.
          It’s even sufficient to have a lot of fanatic users.
          See iphone.

  • hewbass

    Well no longer seem to have it listed (although they do have lots of accessories for it).

  • hewbass

    I would be very surprised if it was EVER offered to the operators in the UK, even if they requested it.

    The UK is one of the launch countries for Nokia’s WP offering, so they will not let there be any distraction from that. Like for instance having a competing phone that is actually better than their WP launch handsets.

    … and you can argue that this makes sound business sense, since they have decided they are going to proceed with WP and definitely not Meego…

    … but I for one do not want a WP handset. Ever. No matter how good it’s surface user experience is. Because it’s overall user experience for me, of trying to integrate with the rest of my personal computing infrastructure will be a lesson in pain and frustration.

    • Max

      But at the same time, UK is member of EU and the devices will pop up there anyway… no one can stop retailers to import them.

  • i can only hope that you are wrong hewbass, and it’s not as is Nokia is sitting on a whole panoply of exciting smartphones that operators could choose in preference to the N9.

    provided they are able to, at least some operators should pick it up in the UK.

  • Postm

    This is just sad.

    Judging by N950, this is to be the most advance mobile device on the market. Nokia has a potential disruptive device right here, right now. Ironically, at the same time it has an isolated OS and almost nonexistent apps ecosystem.

    Do I really expect that my bank will ever port my mBanking application to MeeGo? No. Do I expect any solid, non-fart app to be available? Skype? Hardly. Even Symbian was a nonexisting platform for TweetDeck, Dropbox…

    Does anyone expect bug fixes, support or new features for a phone that will be practically nonexistant to the countries that can actually afford a 800€ device?

    I’s f* sad, that’s what it is.

    Nevertheless, I’ll be buying my N9. And canceling my mBanking monthly fee 🙂

    • Schneider

      Skype already exists on the N9 and there is 3 dropbox clients for Symbian^3. Nokia also has their own “dropbox/cloud” service for Symbian.

      • Postm

        Sorry, bad example, I didn’t know about Skype. It events comes pre-installed, nice. Kudos.

        As for Dropbox, that’s an example of a popular service that gets no official client. Thank god for developers and their unofficial apps, and/or WebDAV mediators.

  • Ugh……no N9 for Indians!?
    I’d have bought it, I guess I’ll wait for Windows Phone Nokia.

    • temeone

      Then you just went under elops spell. What you wrote is music to elops ears

  • Magister

    France is still missing in the list :'(

    • Jay Montano

      But it’s also one of the countries with N9 ID label – and countries on that label are popping up in terms of N9 availability. More hope than UK/Germany.

  • Taigatrommel

    Helly Jay,
    the N9 listed for Germany on is just an AT import, so you basicly only get an austrian device.

  • Shyne, KLA

    where they are planning to launch this device
    may be Moon

  • jbk1971

    Fire Elop and his staff and sue them in justice.

  • jbk1971

    Fire Elop and his staff and sue them in justice.

  • Sfu

    No dutch launch in september 2. It’s confirmed by Nokia:

    Basicly the same statement they used for the USA

  • Paulysworld

    Biggest irony for me, ALL of the commercial shorts were shot in Toronto (Canada) 1 place the N9 will not be coming to.

  • Georg

    The thing is this- somehow you can get it anywhere in the world if you care enough for it but Nokia doesn’t want this device to be a success and the lack of availability in the most important markets makes sure that developpers won’t develop for this. And that’s the big issue here in my opinion. And the lack of comitment form Nokia means that Meego or at least Harmattan will not use its huge potential.

  • Georgios

    I ll wait to read the 1st reviews and then pick on up here in the UK. Im sure i can get it from somewhere.

  • stephen o d

    knowyourmobile says staff at exspansys reckon the n9 will land in uk in the next two weeks!!!

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  • Jammy

    What the hell, is Nokia out of it mind….??? Why is India not listed in that list…..???? India is largest market for nokia after china and they are bypassing it…….. On the other thought I thnk N9 will launch in
    india, because after the unveiling of N9 I talked to representative in Nokia store and they said that N9 will come to India when it is launched officialy…… Hoping for the best now…… 🙁

  • John

    I have got to admit I am not that surprised I mean operators are a weird bunch anyway. I don t think Vodafone especially would want to carry the N9 due to the low sales of the N900.

    There have been a lot of operators excited by the Nokia Wp7 deal but they don’t seem to be selling the current once so its a bit confusing.

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