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| October 11, 2011 | 93 Replies

This is gonna be long if I have to type out the whole thing, so I’ll just do a summary. I think this video is quite detailed, (sometimes backtracking as I remember secondary things), so I don’t wanna waste too much time, both my own, and yours, the reader.

Apparently it was too long for YouTube so they rejected my upload. I’ve had to split the video in 2. The first part covers Accounts, Facebook, Twitter and part of Settings, and the second completes the review of settings.


First we have accounts, which is a simple and handy app that manages the accounts that have been integrated into the N9. This app lets you adjust the settings pertaining to the account that you have enabled, such as contact integration for Skype and Facebook, or displaying your tweets in the Events homescreen.

Availability can be changed by tapping the status menu, and selecting availability. All can be put online, offline, or you can adjust individual networks. It’s so simple.



Facebook is quite well designed, although I found it to be a little bit laggy. The functionality of it definitely matched that of the iPhone, but I’m not sure if I prefer it over fMobi. The chat and notification implementation is definitely something I was personally looking forward to, and it delivered in my opinion. If there wasn’t that lag towards the beginning, I think I would have enjoyed the whole experience a lot more.


The Twitter client is amazing. Very responsive, very clean UI and still resembles the desktop version of Twitter, something that I believe is essential when creating a Mobile App of a Social Network. The toolbar at the bottom gives you quick access to tweets, mentions, direct messaging and also trending topics/searches. The integration of your Twitter feed into the Events homescreen is definitely something I like.


Finally, we come to settings. I know this is long, and I apologise. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to cover. I do regret not filming it separately. The N9 features a flight mode, disabling all connections so the device can be used to play games, listen to music and watch videos on a plane.

Quick access to Internet connections is also present, as well as allowing you to easily switch from WLAN to Mobile data and back seamlessly. A feature I like is the data counter, with the ability to notify you when you reach a pre-determined limit. Good for those without unlimited data plans.

I won’t go into the other stuff, but I’ll talk about Wallpapers because I forgot to mention this in the video. Changing of the wallpaper is not limited to the Settings menu. You can use any image as your wallpaper, straight from the gallery. Simply hit the options button, and select “Set as Wallpaper”. You can even crop the image!

Sorry about the rushed post, a lot to cover from this video, but I didn’t want to waste your time when the large majority of it comes through in the video. If you need clarification of anything in this video, or others, leave a comment.



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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • et3rnal

    Close some apps man!!!

    • Scapegoat81

      et3rnal says:
      October 11, 2011 at 10:59 am
      Close some apps man!!!

      +1,000. I know right !? What a moron. U think that he would know this b4 doing a review.

      • Scapegoat81a

        Do you really had to call him a moron? you cunt face you.

        • Scapegoat81

          Go fuck your mother

          • Scapegoat81a

            who hurt you? why are you so angry? why are you so angry? who hurt you? do you feel good about yourself? go suck yuh muma dry my yute. you’re not the only one that can be an asshole on the internet. Michael doesn’t deserve your fuckery. Learn how to express yourself without being disrespectful. We do not want that energy on this blog. we can all disagree fuck the name calling ain’t cool. I would like to apologize to MNB for my language. This clown needs to be address.

            • larryg968

              A weh yo come from yute… sound like a language mi speak still

              • Scapegoat81

                Grenada, buh yuh done know how it is..caribbean people can speak anything. lol

                • Scapegoat81a

                  i forgot to include the a in Scapegoat81.. but yeah man

                  • Jessie

                    get a brain, MORANS!

      • SirraH77

        @Scapegoat81 Sounds to me that you are the moron here. Initial comment from et3rnal was sufficiently emphasized. Get a grip man(boy)!

        Even though there have been some glitches in Michael’s videos, I have enjoyed watching them. Keep up the good work, of bringing information about N9 to us still with out one, Michael.

      • go and fuck your mom rather than coming here…appreciate his hard work

  • Dragon

    How about change other language … if I buy this mobile at EXT:US , i need change language , how can i do??

    • aboodesta

      Settings >>> Time and Language >>> language and then select the language you want for the whole OS. πŸ™‚

  • Sfu

    Man you have too many apps running in the background

    • Scapegoat81

      +1,000. Lag city ! Just delete the 1st video & start all over….

  • Sfu

    Can you have multiple MFE accounts?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Yes, as long as the Mailbox Names are different πŸ™‚

  • larryg968

    How many apps did u have open?

    It seem like they were slowly down the phone. Do u close apps or u just let them run constantly in the background

    • larryg968

      wow.. 21. Just saw that

      • larryg968


        While i do appreciate your review and am very thankful, having that many apps running in the background and reviewing the phone makes the phone look bad.

        Maybe u should close them next time.

        21 is a lot

        Also, maybe nokia should include a setting to by default that closes apps once u open more than 10. Obviously u should be able to change this setting if ur a power user but for the average consumer they wouldnt care

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          Noted, will make sure I don’t multi-task for other reviews. Did all the reviews consecutively, and forgot to close them.

          But will make sure if I’m reviewing an app, that’s all I have open

        • Stylinred

          well what gets me is that wasnt it repored that the n9 could handle in excess of 40 apps running and still be fine?

          • Nrde

            I think any phone get’s slightly sluggish when Angry Birds is running (I think it was AB) at the same time.

            • Stylinred

              ah you’re absolutely right i didnt even consider what apps were running πŸ˜‰ must be time for bed

        • Oh Hei

          21 apps? Wasn’t some of the hoopla was that the N9 did ‘true’ multitasking and that it could handle tons of apps and still perform better than all of the other devices on the market?

          The phone is what it is…If running only 21 apps degrades the performance and makes the phone ‘look bad’, then so be it. If having zero apps or only a few apps open to give the ‘appearance’ that this phone is ‘so awesome’, well that’s disingenous; false advertising; you name it.

          Michael’s demo with the 21 apps open gives a realistic view of what a power user, for example, might be able to expect performance wise and help determine if this is a device that they should or should not purchase.

          • Tom

            I agree if running 21 apps makes the phone look bad then so be it…but you’ve to call the video a stress test. Make it a stress test video alone, especially if the apps are games and heavy programs.

            Maybe he does later, I couldn’t watch it was too painful.

          • wow

            A “power user” would know the time to close some apps.

            You donΒ΄t let all your programs running in your computer at the same time just because you have multitasking.

            And you really wouldn’t do that if you are a “power user”.

            • BiboKid


          • shretzer

            games are the killer.
            if he had 21 and they weren’t 3d mapping or games.
            The lagging would be pretty much non-existent

  • OMG so laggy…

    • Jesse

      I can’t even watch this train wreck of an OS. I feel sad for anyone that pre-ordered this

      • N9user

        I have one and its great I don’t try how ever to run 40 apps at the same time, tel-me how does the precious wp7 work with 40 apps runing?

        • Jesse

          Feels awesome, it manages the performance for me. The phone always feels like it is free and just booted. Always stable, always responsive and always really fast!

          Well some third party apps are dogs but they never take the OS down with them : )

          • Boyang

            Oh that’s really cool! I didn’t know that windows phone mango allows you to run 40 apps at same time.

            • Jesse

              You can just keep them opening! It will only keep as many in memory as it can before the system performance becomes an issue…

              From what we have seen N9 can only have 4 or 5 apps in memory before it becomes unstable but the difference is the OS will die instead of fixing the issue haha

              • shretzer

                Definition of blind fanboy….
                “make-up untrue claims & promote them as facts to buffer one’s true love”
                Cure yourself of the illness mate.
                There’s room to appreciate both.
                There’s “plenty” of weaknesses & strengths in both.

  • Sfu

    Close some damn apps. It’s freakin embarassing it not like ur using them and you’re destroying the phones memory.

    It was DESIGNED to run 5-6 apps simultanously on a daily bases.

    • shretzer

      Simply not correct.

  • hmm, that turned me off

  • damn. so slow. less jizz

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Bare in mind over 20 apps open.

      • Mapantz

        I think you should have closed them all, and done one at a time. A camera review like that, needs to show how quickly things run with just two or three apps open.
        The Facebook app looks terrible to be honest, just like Social for Symbian^3. What is it with Nokia and a native Facebook app? lol
        Let’s hope fMobi goes to Meego.

        • Nrde

          It already has…

          • Mapantz

            You might have mistaken that for Maemo, not Meego.

            • Nrde

              So you have a MeeGo device somewhere? There isn’t any MeeGo devices out there. N9 is not MeeGo.

              • Jamus

                Point is it’s not designed for “meego” (yes everyone knows it’s maemo, no need to be clever) harmattan’s UI.
                He has said he has something is coming, but we keep hearing nothing about it πŸ™

  • jim

    When I first saw the swipe to minimize the first thing I said on this blog was that surely there should be an easy way to CLOSE the app. About ten people then commented saying no need to close apps (like in iphone android) just makes it too complicated bla bla.

    Now I see everyone is commenting how there are too many apps open and they need to be closed. Go figure.

    I see they have swipe down to close which is useful tho.

    I haven’t been that impressed with the n9 tbh. SGS2 is the same price here and a better buy IMO. Considering the hardware involved the n9 must have a way higher markup than the sgs2.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Exactly! The phone is “built on the three things we do most; socialise, use apps and multitask”

      Therefore why limit the apps running? Not a very true test is it?

      • jim

        yeah, the whole phone is built around multitasking everything by just swiping away. That swipe down to close wasn’t marketed at all and is just an alternative in options. So really the phone should run at a good speed with plenty of apps open…

        Certainly should be able to handle a lot more than 5 or 6 open with 1gb ram like the other poster suggested

        • larryg968

          can u run 20 apps on your SGII?

          • jim

            Don’t own a sgs2 so no idea.

            I can run 10 without a lot of issues on my n8 tho. That has 256 mb ram…

            Was far more impressed with the sgs2 in the shop after playing with both. Real powerhouse of a phone. And the fact it’s slightly cheaper than the n9 means I’m never buying a n9. Everyone likes different stuff of course, just my opinion.

            • Stylinred

              the sgs2 is cheaper than the n9? unlocked? wow… hmm come on nokia geez

              • jim

                In Thailand they are actually the exact same retail price when brought from Samsung or Nokia shops – 18900 baht which is about 610 usd.

                But the SGS2 has been out a while now and so can get that for under 18000 baht if you shop about.

                • Stylinred

                  ah ic

        • Jamus

          If you’re the Jim I know you to be…
          You’re running in packs with your fanboy friend jesse to seed doubt here.
          His assertion a couple of posts back that it only runs 4-5 apps max is total bogus.
          And im pretty sure you know that…
          We’ve already had plenty of evidence over the course of many months now, that it certainly handles more than 4-5.
          It depends entirely on the nature of the apps, but if they’re all low resource, 20-odd should not be an issue at all.

      • Nrde

        More interesting is what kind of apps you were running simultaneously, not the amount of apps. Couple of games running at the same time can consume a lot of memory and make the phone lag. On the other hand 10-20 lighter apps can consume the same or smaller amount of memory.

        So when it has been advertised as “multitasking” powerhouse I doubt they actually meant “multitasking of many games and all your apps without any lag”.

        So kill the game and start few lighter apps, and the phone performs much better.

        • Jamus

          most sensible comment i’ve seen in this thread

      • Jamus

        MT is about closing apps just as easily as it is opening them.
        It’s not about mindlessly having heaps open in the BG and saying:
        “see look man, I’m a l33t multi-tasker”

    • Mapantz

      Looks a nice phone, i have to say. But like you, it doesn’t impress me either. I’ll be sticking to my trusty N8 until a successor to it arrive maybe next year?
      My N8 is exactly one year old today! I still have the original out-of-the-box protective screen cover on it too! hehe

  • Peter L

    Man, that Facebook part was rough to watch.

    I’ve no idea what’s going on with your FB+N9, because I have been using my N9 now for two days with heavy use of FB and it has not been anything like that. Even with 10+ apps running in the background.

    My FB experience has been great, the client has excellent selection of features, looks good and works generally very smoothly. There’s short but noticable lag when the app is loading pictures in the news feed after refreshing, but that is a problem in the SW side, not the HW.

    There are most likely some bugs still in the FB app that manifest themselves in the particular situation that Michael is having (lots of messages could be the reason).

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Keep in mind, that was the first time I opened the Facebook app as well. Needed to import and store locally absolutely everything, not just display it.

      • N9user

        Michael we do appreciate what you have been doing but… next time prepare and edit a bit.
        You see the message Joe user gets is that the device is dead slow and sluggish wen you and me know it is very smooth… And provides great user experience.

  • fledge

    Performance obviously compromised by workload.

    I will say one thing though, if that was my N8, I would have had to power cycle it long before 21 apps.

  • Peter L

    That is a factor to consider, yes.

    But I must say I still feel that there is some software glitch that is making that performance drop.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      For sure. I haven’t really felt like I’m using a phone with 1 GB ram and 1 GHz processor yet. Not sure if MeeGo is resource hungry, or if the SW is limiting these for the time being.

      • Peter L

        Based on my observations (no such lag in my extensive FB use) I believe it is the SW.

        In more detail, SW issue combined with some specific condition(bug) causing the problem in your FB account like for example the many unread messages that you have.

  • bert

    i see skype. can u do video calls?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino


      • Really? you would think since that came standard in the N900 they wouldn’t take that away. Probably an update though. Hence why they haven’t mentioned anything with the front-facing camera.

        • Johnny Tremaine

          I wouldn’t bet on it. A good rule of thumb for buying consumer gadgets is, buy them for what they can do now, not for what they may be able to sometime down the road.

          This way you avoid disappointment. As of now, the only mobile devices that can video Skype are a few Android phones, like the SGSII and some HTCs, along with of course, Apple iOS devices.

        • bert

          u mean video calls work on N900? i have one and never had it to work.

        • Jamus

          it didn’t come standard with n900, it came with an update

        • Jamus

          There is Peregrine (wait for 1.1)
          Plus vid-chat (most likely XMPP/Jingle IMO but possibly Skype) is coming with one of the updates.
          Confirmed in meego forum & at whirlpool & at TMO, can’t recall which posts.
          I believe “jakiman” has had official confirmation, but cant say which update.

  • Scapegoat81

    Why is is sooo laggy in the 1st video ? How many apps are you running !?

  • Tom

    No offense, but you should just take down these reviews and start over. Basically they just show that if you open every program and leave it open the phone will suck. Not really a big surprise to me that 21 apps (with heavy ones) causes the phone to lag.

    Also spend a little bit of time with the phone (maybe a week) first and figure things out well. Then show the features in a video and report back in words what causes it to crash and show what problems it has.

    Note: I tried to watch the first video but only made it a minute in..too painful.

    • BiboKid

      This. The reviewer seems not prepared. Too excited to show off things i guess?

      • Tom

        haha I’d be excited too. Ironic that a nokia fan blog has probably the least positive video reviews.

        • Just Visiting

          What’s ironic is, that most of the folks that visit this blog interested in the N9 asked for the reviews in the first place!

          Michael didn’t have to do this; he was kind enough to volunteer, yet just because the phone isn’t performing to expectations, there is lash out – at Michael – which is just ridiculous!

          Michael is definitely a ‘good sport’ because anyone else would kindly suggest that folks peruse YouTube for their video review fix of the N9.

          Anyway, Michael you’re doing a great job, and on behalf of those who are more appreciative, Thank You for taking the time to bring the reviews and highlights of the N9 πŸ™‚

          • Michael Faro-Tusino

            Thanks mate.

            But they are right. I did rush it, probably because I’m so eager to show off the phone. It is truly a great phone. I guess in this video it just didn’t come across that way.

            I’ve compiled a written review to be posted after the videos and will do better reviews soon.

  • ofwa

    no location tagging in facebook app?

  • I think after you open those apps a few times, things will run smoother. Several of them were opened for the first time, so it’s going to be slow to begin with. But I have faith that it’s just a blip.

  • John

    Speaking as a poor Pom who can’t officially get hold of one of these yet, it’s great to see your reviews. You have a nice style so keep it up.

    I know it will be a pain, but if the N9 is not normally as laggy as depicted in the video, have a think about recording a second cut to run through Accounts, social apps and settings again.

    Yep, the N9 is supposed to multi-task, but I am sure a have read previously that up to 10 apps is okay before you start to see a noticeable drag on performance and fluidity (depending on what the apps are of course).

    Looking forward to the rest of your reviews!

  • xyz

    Hmm, even when running so many apps simultaneously they could’ve implemented a better scheduler/ram manager. Really, a phone that’s so expensive should work in a smarter way. At least it’s just a software issue that can be fixed in future..

  • dsmobile

    more you use the phone more you can get out of it. that apps don’t close might be bit hard first to learn to use.

    I always use the up to down swipe with apps I do not wish to keep open all the time. Only ones that use all the time I keep running in back 6-8apps usually.

    Facebook app I have notice the lag sometimes when it has been loading data. I hope they will make it better. But I still find it really good version of facebook I have use Other facebook apps but haven’t really find need to others. Mostly that build in facebook works just fine and fast.

    What comes to PR1.0 and PR1.1 there is a lot improvement and you get swype keyboard. I just hope that updates actually keeps rolling more fast than with Symbian.

  • XFCE-Desktop

    This reviewer is a tool. Too many videos not knowing what he’s doing. A Gazillion apps open in the background WTF!!!!!

  • Oh, I though Foursquare will be a supported natively.
    Thanks for intro to Accounts πŸ™‚

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      It’s not, but they do have an official app

      • I know… because they worked so closely I thought about being native account.

  • Tk

    Michael, how are you?

    you said that you saw pretty much any language in the settings, did you saw Japanese as well?



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