Nokia Lumia 800 – Easy Bluetooth Contacts Transfer

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I guess I should have been more excited about this when I saw it on my 800 2-day trial unit. There was a transfer-contacts option.

Now, the first time with Windows Phone presented me with the frustration of having to get my contacts from my N8 to Omnia. How to do it? Outlook? Blah blah, something convoluted I didn’t care about. I missed that BT contacts transfer I’ve been using on Symbian. Fortunately, it can just pull contacts from facebook, gmail, hotmail etc. Some numbers were there and some were added. The next time you sign in to another windows phone, all the contacts are there.


For new users, bluetooth file transfer is going to be insanely useful. I introduced my dad to it a couple of years or so ago, and we found it unbelievable that he didn’t have to do it one by one or do the copy sim thing. He had a basic colour Nokia with BT, but that was enough to make what was once usually a hassle, pain free. (I always feel for friends who request for phone numbers on facebook when ever they lose or get a new phone. Meh. This feature needs to be popularised more, it’s so useful).

Rafe’s new site, AllAboutWindowsPhone, looks into this very shy but extremely useful feature.


Ewan points out it’s there in the User Guide/Manual (posted earlier today).

And voila, contact sync with Symbian or any other Nokia.

Easy, fuss free start up. I wish I had this when I first started using Windows Phone. One more thing to scratch off the list of stuff I didn’t like.

Source: AllAboutWindowsPhone


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  • Crichton

    N9 got this feature too, under Sync. That’s how I transferred my contacts from my 5800. Discovered this after the OVI suite method went out the window when I realise N9 can’t connect to it.

  • Sun Down

    ??? Wasn’t this feature available from Symbian since… Forever? I remember my N70 had it.

    • Jay Montano

      Yes, of course. 🙂 As well as basic colour screen Nokias with bluetooth. But that’s not the point of this post.

      The intention was to show that it ALSO has this feature and is one less frustration when getting started.

      • Dinesh Manne

        Is it Nokia specific feature or is it available in samsung omnnia 7 with mango which i am currently trying it out to get a feel for WP 7. I am currently in dilama between Nokia N9 and Nokia 800. last week i was so confident and committed to get Nokia N9, now after using windows 7.5 and the quality of apps and the kind of apps growing so fast i am having second thoughts.

        I installed this app called “WP7applist” which gives all the info with regard to WP7 apps in the tile notification. Currently there are 33994 apps and growing fast because 2 days back it was 33960 apps

  • Ed

    I’ve tried moing my contacts form my 5800 to my lumia 800, keeps saying it’s interupted every single time, not working for me at all :-s

  • Norman Roberts

    I swear by Nokia. Alas the Lumia800 isn’t one. Microsoft won’t let them do anything to make it any different from the next WP. I’ve had enough after 6 months so I just bought an N9. How on earth do I transfer contacts FROM the lumia? Can’t save to sum (it won’t fit anyway). Can’t Bluetooth, the stupid fone doesn’t do Bluetooth to fones. It sucks. Bigtime.

    • Jiipee

      Noticed the same. I should probably open up a Live account and copy all contacts there and then to my actual phone (was testing Lumia for a while again with CRM app).

      Does one need some additional app to make it happen both ways? If its not at akl possible, that means no Lumia for me.