Nokia Lumia 800- Phone of Steel, I mean, Polycarbonate

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Whoever said that the Lumia 800 is made of cheap plastic should get his head checked. Undoubtedly, this gorgeous beast is made of plastic but the grade of the polycarbonate used is comparable to those found in ice hockey helmets. It is no Kevlar; however neither is it a push-over.

For those who have watched the video in the previous post,

you should have noticed that the Lumia 800 could even withstand a blow from a meat cleaver.


Well, this could be some kind of exaggeration but coming from the land of Ip Man, I guess phones do need to be hardy. Just kidding, Hongkong-ers!

Nokia Lumia 800 Crash Test

Alright, jokes aside. Just to prove my point, the picture above illustrates what is left of a Lumia 800 that fell from a hotel balcony two stories high. Well it seems that the phone is pretty much intact, apart from a loose button. Clearly, this demonstrates Nokia’s strength in building phones with superb quality and durability.

However, the burning question is: “Will it blend?”

Source: XDA Developer Forum via wpcentral

Cheers arun sharma for the tip!


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  • Sun Down

    Wait… WHAT?!! Loose buttons?! LOOSE BUTTONS?! I am dissapoint. I expect better from Nokia, especially after that N8-drop-from-2nd-floor fiasco.

  • kan

    Anyone remember the IP4 adverts how the glass they use is so durable and strong well in fact that’s a stretch of the truth as the number of repairs for the IP4 relating to broken glass was higher than the previous iphones. Apple does not use Gorilla Glass most likely because DuPont probably said they wanted recognition of the fact it was used on the Iphone. Evereyone has dropped their phone and if it wasnt for the gorilla glass display on my current phone I would be back sending it back for repair.

  • arun sharma

    thanks jay this was my first tip.happy to see my name.

    • This is not Jay who posted the news…

      • arun sharma

        oops sorry i was in hurry didnt read that.

  • Gen

    I Always thought I got a dodgy N9. When I shake it, something inside rattles. It could either be something is loose inside or it could be the vibrating mechanism. Is this happening to anybody else?

    Also I think the display is a bit dodgy too.there are black spots on the display that become apparent when there is a black background and your viewing it in a really dark place. Can anybody confirm this.

    • Yemi

      Return it. The N9 should not rattle. Its a one piece phone thats built like a brick.

      Why do you think it took so damn long to release the phone? Extended tests were performed and I’m sure they twicked designs too.

      I’ve seen people with other brands of phone with unibody design cough “HTC” cough drop and front screen cracks.

      • Gen

        well it doesn’t rattle when you shake but when you tap the back part near the sim holder and the usb port.

        i try to take it back for the black spots problem but they weren’t convinced bwcause the can’t see it.

        • Erkki Lähde

          I have a lumia 800 and I have the sama problem… Dark spots on my screen. My friend also has a lumia800 and he has the problem too. He took it to repair but they didn’t find anything to fix. My phone is from Finland and my friends phone was bought from Germany via ebay. I think it might be a larger batch with the problem…

  • FireDragon

    I am sure it will blend. Not sure blender will able to blend anything else after its session. Lol.

  • kan
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