N8 Tip: Home-made DIY Tripod! (Actually a Quadpod)

| January 7, 2012 | 1 Reply

So my trial device Lumia 800 is finally here! Already in love, I’m currently looking for countries where Nokia can’t extradite me back to Finland for ‘Product Theft’. Now once I got the 800 I realized that I didn’t have a tripod for my N8-00 to film the unboxing/review with, and that’s when my ingeniousness kicked in (sometimes I surprise myself).


Using just 2 binder clips you can make your own home-made tripod that has adjustable angles (moving the Clips- or as I call them Quadpod Legs). If you’re worried about scratching your N8 (even-though that shouldn’t be an issue considering the adonized aluminum) you can put some tape or tissue paper, or gauze around the ends of the binder clip… be creative!

Do you have any other tricks? let us know!

*Best way to avoid scratching your casing is just to put some electrical tape on the edge of the clips (the thick Black/Blue tape) it’ll smoothen it and make it gripper! Happy Filming



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    Very innovative bro! Thanks