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| January 9, 2012 | 77 Replies

I said to myself that I was not going to cover Tizen any more since it has really nothing to do with Nokia any more apart from the fact that it was once MeeGo.

Above seems to be what Samsung has done to Tizen, which effectively seems to be to turn it into Android/touchwiz it up. It’s markedly different from the much for stylish Nokia N9 running MeeGo-Harmattan, aka Maemo 6 (was there ever actually a real MeeGo phone?).

It could potentially be a threat if Intel could pull their socks up. I kinda wish we never did the whole MeeGo thing and just focused on Symbian/Maemo. Darn this trip to Delayland with Intel.

These images were provided by realnorth.net who develop on Qt for Symbian and MeeGo.


As far as apps go on Tizen, Intel seems to want to focus on HTML5 apps.

Source:SamMobile via  PhoneArena

Cheers RaV for the tip!

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  1. Ronak Vithlani says:

    its look like dumb android UI oh sorry UX copied and mix with meego(i dont know wht next version called) and try to serve us…..eat it and vomit…..ouch

  2. exnokiacustomer says:

    I like it for some reasons

    1.pure touch mobile phone Ui
    2.beautiful icons and graphics

    hope it is not the final version, bring out the pure touch tizen phone samsung and intel!!!!

  3. Shmerl says:

    I don’t care about all those companies supplied UIs anymore. As well as don’t trust those companies much. Let them just produce some decent hardware with drivers, so community could build great Linux OS on top of it with whatever UI it will be! Nokia betrayed Linux by dropping any such hardware after N9. So whatever hardware Samsung will produce – if it will have drivers for normal Linux stack, and up to date specs it will be already better than nothing.

  4. Shmerl says:

    One thing I like about Intel – they push for open drivers, and they have to be given credit for it.

    • incognito says:

      They push for open drivers only when it suits them (i.e. promoting their architecture), otherwise they’re as crooked as pretty much any hardware company out there.

  5. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    “I said to myself that I was not going to cover Tizen any more since it has really nothing to do with Nokia any more apart from the fact that it was once MeeGo”

    and what made you change your mind?

  6. dsmobile says:

    Samsung has talents to make anything look plain ugly.

  7. Bloob says:

    It’s ok imo, except that dialing screen which just looks like it’s a pain to use ( how can I reach that contacts button when using one hand? Going down to hit the phone icon then stretching way up to hit the contacts button is not something I want to do, and will propably drop the phone doing. ).

  8. michcho says:

    This is so Samsung/TouchWiz ;/

  9. Bharat Justa says:

    We should not underestimate Tizen like we underestimated iOS and Android years ago. Nokia has to speed up the development of WP Apollo and Meltemi. And the Smarterphone OS too…

  10. BellGo says:

    So they designed a bad Android. Ok? Why on earth?

  11. Noot says:

    8:43 am in vegas

  12. Rock says:

    Seriously, why would they design it to be exactly like their Touchwiz on Android? What good comes out of that? Why wouldn’t the person just buy the Android phone instead.

    Samsung I think your actually stupid.

  13. Gaurav says:

    lolzzz….!!! :D its a hybrid of symbian & Android….!!
    screw it meego is more more B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L thn this shit….

  14. N00-00 says:

    Looks like Samsung is streamlining its UX with similar themes for Android, Bada & Tizen.. It is isn’t pretty but Samsung seems to be doing well with its Android offerings..

    Unless people forgot, Nokia too were trying to streamline its products with respect to UI\UX before WP came along.. Symbian was supposed to follow Harmattan with Qt-based interface.. Even S40′s successor will eventually be based on similar UX..

    Also, MeeGo’s default UI\UX wasn’t gr8. It was kind-of-ok.. It is Nokia’s swipe UI which made MeeGo look wonderful…

  15. incognito says:

    So, in the struggle of getting mobile OSes run more efficiently while retaining the computational versatility of their older desktop/laptop brothers, we’ve come a full circle and got right back where we started. Congrads comrades, reinventing the wheel has never been so hilariously painful.

    First we took a proper desktop OS, then streamlined it, then removed from it bits and chunks that are pointless on mobile hardware, then we completely bastardized it from its main stream making it a complete separate OS that doesn’t benefit from the upstream development nor contributes to it, then realized that there are multiple platforms to be covered which makes the app layer difficult so we’ve added a VM on top of it and ultimately made it less efficient than it was before we even started to mess with it. Thus, Android was born.

    Some people realized those mistakes and got back to the step one, going with a different approach to keep the upstream compatibility while minimizing the footprint. On paper, it required more resources than its bastardized and minimized brother, but we realized that the OS is just the small part of the overall device usage and made up for the initial inefficiency by having a native application layer instead of a bloated VM. Thus, Maemo (and Moblin) was born. And as a logical step, those were steered to unite under the same name later on.

    Then they realized, just as the first group, that it’s hard to maintain the compatibility over varying platforms, but instead of the VM approach, Qt was chosen to be the champion to unite those without heavy penalties on the execution. Thus Maemo 6/MeeGo was born. And promptly killed, I won’t theorize on why that happened.

    Then another group of people decided that it is still bloated and decided make it a little less upstream compatible, and they figured out that today it’s the number of apps that make or break a platform success so they’ve decided to cater to the lowest common denominator of the developer’s circle by making the app space to be based on HTML5, which of course requires a browser, which in itself is a VM. Thus Tizen was born. Next step is, obviously to kill the upstream compatibility completely and replace it with proprietary solutions. At which point one will not be able to distinguish between Android and Tizen, apart from Google being pushed out. Or from webOS for that matter.

    One has to wonder – why the hell did we need this long, expensive journey when we ended up the in the exact same spot from which we’ve started the journey? We could’ve just as well adopt the webOS and be done with it – unlike Tizen, it’s already pretty much complete and is pretty much based on the same paradigm.

    And to summarize, all I have to say about the Tizen’s approach I said a while ago: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1098845#post1098845

    • Jay Montano says:

      The story basically is,

      “This is the shit that happens when you have the solution (Maemo) and throw it off a bridge (aka betting with Intel)”.

      No Intel partnership, no MeeGo. No MeeGo, we’d all be using Maemo 7/8 beta. If on Maemo, we wouldn’t be on WP.

      • suyashxp says:

        +1000 times
        Same with Symbian DUDE…
        if they started upgrading Symbian before Nokia N97 (like belle on N97) then Nokia would have been the Best phone ever….

        But MS Come And Distorted all…

        • Jay Montano says:

          It is completely Nokia’s fault for even letting WP and MS partnership become a plausible choice. Lots of common sense stuff, I think the blogosphere has been complaining since forever but Nokia has been too proud and too big to make the necessary changes. As such, they have taken much too long to do anything and are at the stage where they are now.

          • incognito says:

            Well, at least they (Nokia) are consistent – they don’t listen to their customers or appreciate opposing opinions, period. That attitude is, and will be the sole reason for most problems they have.

            Unlike Apple, Nokia never formed a religion whose members will defend any idiotic move they make and support them with their hard-earned cash through the necessary consequences of such idiotic moves. I bet the execs of Nokia would sold their own children for Nokia to become Apple, then they could do whatever they want without anybody questioning their moronic decisions. Which, unlike the original Apple, they are making on a daily basis.

    • N00-00 says:

      Agree completely…

  16. Guest says:

    Samsung cant do design, just copy.

  17. Dan McGuire says:

    Samsung should just stick with copying Apple.

  18. yemko can also troll says:

    Nokia is in dip shit

  19. Bertie says:

    Not interested in this OS.
    Worse than Harmattan, worse than Symbian.

  20. b4b4.4l1 says:


    Where is my sleek, simple and stylish MeeGo?? X-(

    This is absolutely UBER UGLY..!!

    God Dammit, you SamSUNK..!!!

  21. AnAxx says:

    Not that much stupid.I think they are making an alternate is just in case google decides to go with it’s own hardware and not Samsung .It is a bit wise to have an alternate to replace android but it will not happen that soon but in long run anything can happen

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