12MP Lumia 900 to Come to Carriers in May???

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Allow me to start off by saying I have no idea how reliable these rumors are; according to a ‘source’ the exclusivity of the 900 to At&t is only a temporary matter; in fact only 45 days (starting on March 18th). According to the source once the exclucivity period is over Nokia will release a modified 900 to all carriers packing a 12MP camera.


These improved versions of the 900 will allegedly include an improved, 12 megapixel camera, the source revealed.

Let me just say that I think these rumors are just crazy, first of all At&t would never agree to it, what’s the point of exclusivity if everyone else is going to be waiting for a better version of what you have?? (like saying spring will get the iPhone 3GS as an exclusive as soon as the 4S hits all carriers), And of course the 900 is Nokias Flagship for the states, why would they release a 8MP version as the flagship when they have a 12MP less then 3 months away (if so it should be ready by now).

One other thing is that I haven’t seen any camera sample of the 900 yet, but if it’s anything like the 800 then it sure could use a 12MP overhaul.

Source thanks to Prashant for the tip


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    I saw the original article too. I think it means, for other markets. Nokia isn’t stupid enough (at least I hope not) to release the same phone, with improved camera on other networks. The AT&T partnership will be a waste, and many bridges will be burnt. Stunts like this would see people in the US, and around the world, not buy a Nokia just in case, in three months the phone will be released, with a slight improvement. (A mistake with Apple since rumours indicate iPhone 5 next month, hampering almost all sale of 4S)

    • Jay Montano

      True. Though the same stunt seems to be ok with HTC and the Titan to Titan II.

      • incognito

        It’s not OK with HTC as well – it’s just that HTC is almost insignificant in the world of giants so it cannot create nearly as big splash as Nokia could – WP for them is (still) an afterthought unlike with Nokia where it’s their main (and only – plan B is that the plan A succeeds, rah rah…) strategy; WP doesn’t have nearly enough customers as a whole, let alone HTC’s part of the WP market; and such moves are always more readily forgiven for the ‘underdog’ than for the main player.

        But I can imagine that quite a bit of original Titan owners are probably pissed by that stunt; they’re just too small a number to make any significant splash on the interwebs…

    • incognito

      Given the plethora of text-book examples of B2C communication errors in the past year (and past years generally, it just culminated with the most errors imaginable last year), Nokia wouldn’t surprise me by creating another dumb move. In fact, I’d be surprised if they, for once, actually don’t shoot themselves in the proverbial foot (or head, as witnessed last year).

      With this record of one dumb move to another, it wouldn’t surprise me that they announce at MWC that they’ll be producing Android devices as well (but it will take a year to release anything, of course), that’s how ‘high’ are my expectations of Nokia not to screw it up. Well, that might happen if Elop was not at the helm – which is kind of ironic, the very same guy that sent Nokia into a stellar decline might actually save them from making another catastrophic move out of desperation.

      But when it comes to the WP lineage, I certainly can expect anything. Such is the track-record…

  • BiboKid

    Nonsense! Why post stuff like this? SEO / ranking? Non-informative. Disappointing.

  • bobtnt

    May be 900 already have 12mpx and Nokia make software downgrade to 8mpx. Probably in Apollo update 12mpx will appear officially.

  • Heron

    Likely to be other models imo. Maybe a 810?

  • Quite skeptical about this. And I don’t care about the number of MPx. Just fix the damn software. It’s an embarassment to the Carl Zeiss branding.

  • thexxx

    is there any link to the site?
    or maybe this is just another trick to bullying the Lumia 900 sales in US?

  • Checked the Supersite site. I’d say it’s BS as it’s coming from a rival carrier employee. It’s possible that AT&T’s rival (Verizon & Sprint) is trying to stall the sale of the Lumia 900 on their main rival. If what I speculate is true, that eff those 2.

    • Peter

      Thats what I was thinking too…

  • I think is possible a Lumia 901/910 in six o nine months with NFC and 12 MP cam.

  • shyne

    Just baseless…
    Nokia never do that same phone with just camera improvement ? lol

    • Deep Space Bar

      THEY HAVE THAT DUMBASS ELOP did you forget already

  • Are they really that threatened about Nokia and the Microsoft gaining traction in the U.S. smartphone market to create these probably baseless rumors? If so, I can now confidently say, the Android, BlackBerry and iOS days are over.

    • Noot

      I concur.

    • the game


    • Deep Space Bar

      well it’s not gonna happen

  • Noot

    Link or site that has the story.

    • Aliqudsi

      Source link is at the bottom of the page.

  • Stound

    I read in an article that wp sw cant handle n8 like image processing so why bother releasing a 12 mp one if its only gonna be craptastic

    • MDF

      give us the link of this article

      • jfjgfjgf

        titan mk 2 has a 16mp cam no?

        • Jaydee

          Yeah but i bet the pictures churned out of that one is gonna be yucky.. We’ll see if HTC juz pulled out a joke during the CES.. Wouldn’t surprise me even for a lil’ bit.

        • Titan II reportedly has a dedicated picture processor.

          But there are other WP devices with more than 8 Mpx. Fujitsu has 13.4 Mpx I guess and HTC had a developer-only phone with 12 Mpx almost a year ago.

    • Jesse

      Lol, sure you did! Was the article right next to Alien Baby born in Wallmart 😀

    • Abhay

      Why do you need OS to take good pictures? Nokia can design a photo app for its N8 like camera. I bet thats what they are doing right now. Even Elop had mention the same in his interviews….

      I definitely look forward to seeing Nokia camera phones with WP at MWC….

      • incognito

        Because the software for a camera consist of a hardware interface to it (camera controller firmware), link between it and the OS (camera driver), signal processing software for the DSP hardware (usually linked through the driver, tho can exist as a separate firmware), camera UI linked with the aforementioned (in WP this comes with the OS, and if its API is not flexible enough you can’t really control your hardware) and at the end post-processing software. Many of those software modules require quite a bit of work to make it run on some given OS, and the more restrictive the OS is, the more difficult it gets.

        In addition to that, the first, low-level layers of it are sometimes impossible to achieve on certain breeds of OSes due to their structural deficiencies – one of them being hardware synchronization with external parameters coming from the upper layer (linked through the OS) on a non-RT OSes (tho WinCE on which WP is based is semi-RT, but not RT in some parts that do matter for camera) because you can’t precisely time events on them. To work around that you need to have a separate synchronization mechanism which requires a good chunk of hardware controlling software (firmware) of the camera module to be rewritten, and changes to both, the OS and the upper layer software in order to work.

        I don’t think you’ll be seeing the N8’s camera on the WP devices without Microsoft involvement and without Nokia getting the permission to change a couple of things on the WP itself. This will take quite some time, and you’re way too optimistic if you’re waiting for that to appear at MWC, at least not this year.

        Sure, Nokia can go ahead and write everything by themselves with little to no Microsoft involvement – i.e. create a minimal OS that has all the features needed for precision control of the camera, and store that on a ROM chip, together with a separate microprocessor and DSP chips, and then use the driver just to send/receive events from the camera which in this case would be a completely separate OS and entity in the device – this is essentially what normal cameras, with software that enables them to be controlled by a computer, do – but that will also take quite a bit of time, it would significantly increase the hardware cost, slow-down the camera and increase the battery usage. So – you’ll hardly be seeing that. It’s in full right of Nokia to expect from Microsoft to allow them to mess with the WP enough to make their existing tech work, and for Microsoft to modify the WP enough to be able to utilize any hardware that Nokia has to bring to the table.

        • Jesse

          That is not the case here at all. The OEM’s write the firmware and drivers for their cameras. Microsoft has no restriction in this regard at all. In fact HTC used their own image processor in the Titan II for extra performance.

          Nokia can do what they want to differentiate in the camera arena and in fact Microsoft is counting on OEM’s to use things like the camera to stand out.

          Also, although the default camera UI in essence cannot be altered the features and settings are wide open. For example HTC has burst modes, smile detection and panoramic modes that are all part of the UI. OEM’s can extend this how they wish.

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  • Viipottaja

    Well, there are several possibilities in descending order of probability:
    1) just speculation
    2) a model for markets other than the US
    3) a model that AT&T ALSO would get
    4) a model for Sprint (i.e. non-GSM)
    5) a model for Verizon

    What is clear of course is that Nokia is very likely to release a 12mp model sometime this year and at the latest with Apollo rolling out.

    May sounds very early though, unless its 2 or 4 above.
    Other specs and price point may also provide enough differentiation to the 900.

  • Luisito

    if not imposible, I don’t think will do that kind of movement just for an still not release device, who will buy it and most important it will screw Nokia-AT&T relation and in the US you need carrier support at leat to give it a try… Maybe it’s just a rumor turning around the N8 succesor and how they’re trying to get a 12mp beast on the WP platform

  • Heron

    To elaborate on my opinion, I think that the Lumia 900 in its current form will probably stay with AT&T until Apollo hits.

    Perhaps, after 45 days of exclusivity, Nokia arranges other models to the other carriers. For example, the 719. Nokia will do itself better to not have so many flagships as it is.

  • the game
  • inept

    Nokia is definitely going to release the Lumia 900 to other carriers and internationally. The timing may be in question, but that it will happen is not. The claims of minor feature differentiation are also completely sane. Why? Because what else will Nokia have to launch until Apollo if not the same phone over and over?

    With Apollo not slated for launch until the second half of 2012, Nokia has virtually nothing in the way of higher-end devices to sell consumers. Current devices are already pretty much as good as it gets in the Windows Phone universe given the hardware that WP7 supports. All there is left to do until Apollo is tinker with and deliver minor refinements to existing product.

  • Luisito

    The problem here isn’t the megapixel count, I can bet you that if they wanna they can put a 20mp sensor, the problem here is that the windows phone imaging stack is somewhat a dissapoint.
    Just look at the professional DSL-R camp, how many of these have more of 13mp??? Its not as easy as put the bigest thing we have there

    • Jesse

      Lol, some people are hilarious!

      • Luisito

        And someone around there is so sensible…. :/

  • Law

    Good, hopfully this is true in respect to the rest of the world getting a better camera nokia 900 or new varient entirely. It needs it. 2012 is 12mp year, the biggest flagships of each company r bringing 12mp+. Ie htc 16mp one, sony xperia s has 12mp. Galaxy s3 most likely 12mp. I know its not all about mp. But if a company wants to make money regardless u need statts or somthing unique to boast about. Look at all the isheep out there, thats what i mean

  • mi go

    They probably wouldn’t do it for Sprint, but for Verizon I think it’s plausible. HTC also really pushed things with the Titan II announcement, and the Titan already has a good camera. Nokia needs to keep up or risk losing their rep as having the best camera phones (they already have among some people).

    More likely though they’ll make some changes to it, maybe the new one gets curved glass again, or perhaps some other design tweaks. They’re also supposed to be putting out 12 phones or so per year, so I’d expect a new model with incremental improvements to be announced fairly soon even without this rumour.