Rumours: N8 successor with 16/32GB+MicroSD slot? Stunning design? + PureView mock up.

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Once the rumour for the Nokia 808 PureView began, there has been a ton of excitement and doubt. I won’t say any more on this, the discussion is available there.

Rest assured, it’s high and dsmobile (and various sources) are sticking firm to the high MP count. Here’s another instance where dsmobile confirmed the mp count (cheers marc for the tip!) It’s fair game to not believe what was mentioned in the quoted link. There is a linear way to think about what Nokia would do with such pixels, and then there’s some interesting out of the box implementations.

Now onto the design. Some mock up of the 803 has been floating around and well, I’m not liking it. It looks like a 5800 class device. But dsmobile says that the design is stunning so that can’t be the 808 right?

beside even with huge camera the design is really stunning. It would be perfect device with HarmattanMeego.

dsmobile is quite picky in what he likes design wise.

A perfect design for 808 is NOT that mockup unless it significantly looks better in real life.

Some more specific details. dsmobile counters speculation of no removable memory slot to say yes. You can have 16GB or 32GB WITH MicroSD.

Here’s the mockup of the 803 we saw in a manual a while ago (we can’t even be certain that’s real) created by @brianmfb and posted by Mark from TheNokiaBlog.

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  1. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    That really is a huge sensor

  2. migo says:

    Makes me think Nexus S from the front, would be nice if they copied the concave screen idea from Samsung, it protects the screen better if you don’t have a raised bezel.

  3. N8 User says:

    how reliable is dsmobile ???????

  4. Mazze says:

    MeeGo would be an option for me. If it runs Symbian, I’ll give it a pass.

    Don’t like the design in that pic too much. Would prefer if it looked better in real life.

    • Shaun says:

      I’d love it to be MeeGo but it surely won’t be despite the N9 having much better camera software than either Symbian or Windows Phone.

      But, let’s dream. If it is, my Lumia is going on eBay and my N9 becomes the backup phone.

    • MDF says:

      between two dead OSs meego is the better choice

    • krustylicious says:

      the 808 has no screen buttons just side buttons for vol and camera (poss lock button).

      • zymo says:

        No front buttons? You mean like N9? Are you guessing or do you really know that?

        • stylinred says:

          its said to be a buttonless device aside from the ones down the side so that would mean no buttons on the front

          but the picture posted above is just a mockup someone photoshopped based on some drawings of the rear

          • zymo says:

            Thx! So that would mean Carla to look more like Harmattan. Wonder if there is special way to access Multitasking view in symbain or is just simply long pressing a sw button.

        • krustylicious says:

          As stylinred said and already mentioned the 808 has been described as no front facing buttons.

          The render above,(taken from the fcc pics) looks as if it was on based a scraped symbian device.

          i suspect there was an 803 and 808 ..

      • FireDragon says:

        This is what I was about to point out too. Most of the rumors said full-screen and at places I did read no-button talk about it, the screen size also going in favour of having no-button front and as this very article also said “MH” like interface I am not seeing the possibility of button at front.

      • viipottaja says:

        i assume you mean in the camera view when taking pictures or something like that? afaik the 808 does have hardware buttons on the front.

      • reptile says:

        but then how do you get back to the homescreen(s) and switch between applications?

  5. zymo says:

    Well the mock up of the 803 really doesn’t look stunning. Hoped to see something which is more consistent with the new Nokia design philosophy

  6. Valmon says:

    It’s a bit Pay As You Go / cheap looking – I hope this isn’t real.

  7. blue_crim says:

    thats 5800 :D

  8. Dave says:

    That mockup looks absolutely horrible. If possible, they need something as clean looking as the N9 – thats truly a classic design.

  9. S2Korpio says:

    Looks like a C6, and I hate my C6.

  10. Marc says:

    if i didnt know nokia was going to release a n8 successor i would certainly, without doubt think this is an 5800 successor! Which is kinda sad. Alot of people will also think its an 5800 successor by looking at the front. But didnt dsmobile say the body is polycarbonate? Like the n9? If so this mock up cant surely be polycarbonate. Also in that video where they so how the n9 is made it clearly shows how they make a body with a huge sensor! Sumone tipped it yesterday!

  11. EmmanuelM says:

    Hopefully dsmobile is right and the design is stunning (as he said for the N9 in the past).

    The above mock-up is really … sad…

  12. Stound says:

    gosh im now torn apart with this and a future lumia by december

  13. qromodynmc says:

    Back side is looking bad..But I think Real n8 successor will be different,cause we know nokia’s designers They are really good on this..

  14. Marc says:

    cant dsmobile just confirm or hint if this is the phone he used? :D

  15. suyashxp says:

    it just Look Like Nokia Lumia 710 check It and compaire..

    Ugly Design :(
    N9 is Best design !!!

  16. afib says:

    wish it had an led for vid cam recording as well :(

  17. AngryPenguin says:

    If we talk about 30-40MP, I suspect a 3D cam. With two 16MP cameras side by side, it becomes almost honest, and probably already legal, to market the phone as a 30+MP device.

  18. salvasprock92 says:

    this mockup is so ugly!

  19. Viipottaja says:

    Heh, hilarious how people get so upset about the look of a mockup. :D

    I like the internal codename Nokia has for it – kind of befitting for it! Perhaps they will use it in marketing as well.

  20. muerte says:

    if you look at the “how n9 was made” video you’ll see that they are actually carving a polycarb body with a huge space for the camera. Im sure it is the pureview! Looking like N9.

  21. the game says:

    if it looks like N9, God i’ll buy a couple of this without doubt, ’cause mockup is ugly.

  22. Deep Space Bar says:

    it seems if you look at it the buttons seem capacitive but that screen looks suspiciously small,i really hope it’s a 3.7-3.9 inch screen atleast if it’s 4 smooth sailing for Nokia

  23. dsmobile says:

    Mockup is not really well done even they clearly know something. Good for us that the real designers made better job :D

    It has real buttons. It’s symbian! There will never be Symbian phone that does not have buttons! 98% sure of that. Why would they make extreme make over for OS that will get it’s last major update this year and even that Default UI layout is the same as Belle.

    • spacemodel says:

      ‘for OS that will get it’s last major update this year’.

      A new Symbian phone with no future at all, you have to be a damn good salesman to get this phone sold at all.
      It’s gonna be nice to see this phone presented at MWC, as a final goodbye, but I will pass, the N8 is my last Symbian phone.

      • dsmobile says:

        Most people do not think about that. They only think they will like this phone for next 2-4 years and will be happy what comes in the box.

        Only future issue is the apps and well Nokia is actually doing it right by not jumping and making huge cap between Belle, Carla and donna models what comes to apps and Qt.

        You can already see the issue with N9 as it does not get as many apps as Symbian gets because it needs a lot more changes before your app runs in N9.

        • Razus says:

          “You can already see the issue with N9 as it does not get as many apps as Symbian gets because it needs a lot more changes before your app runs in N9.”

          There was a program to make that less of an issue.
          It was tasked with resolving some of the worst Qt porting issues.
          But annoyingly it stalled quite some time ago.
          Hmmm, I wonder why….

    • spbond says:

      so its up to 2014 support and not 2016?

      • dsmobile says:

        It depends of sales really if there is any point of making new hardware after 2012.

        But bottom line is that they need to keep symbian phones from first hardware to latest in same level what comes to apps. They need that apps works in Nokia 500 to Nokia 80x. Most of the apps anyway.

        It would kill symbian faster if they brake application compatibility now.

        • spacemodel says:

          Well, after the burning platform memo of Elop we’ve already seen the implode of Symbian sales and you don’t have to be a prophet to see those sales further implode in 2012, especially in the last strongholds like China and India.
          As I stated before, Chopin’s Death March will be the best tune to accompany the successor of the N8 to the podium cause it’s definitely over, in a year time Symbian will get the final push into history.

        • spbond says:

          the only thing i see
          is that elop has done Huge mistakes
          In every other company he would have been fired
          But a large number of stocks are in the hands of US citizens and not EU anymore

          even in 2011(as a dead Os) symbian proved how big it was
          you do not let it fall like that

          Is all the fuzz about dual-core symbian incompatibility justified?

          • Viipottaja says:

            yeah, it is remarkable Symbian still managed to sell so well in 2011, despite the strategy change and the really quite old lineup of devices until Q3. I guess the new Belle devices revided a bit of the sales towards the end of the year, lackluster as even they IMO are.

            The 803/808/whavever is to me the only exiting Symbian device since April 2010 when the N8 was announced. Two years.

            • Jiipee says:

              It will be interesting read, what the pre Feb’11 roadmap was for Symbian and Harmattan. I hope that Vanjoki will also reveal the planned strategy within reasonable delay (4-5yrs).

              It was not only N9 that got good reviews this year – also 700/701 received positive comments. There must be a bunch of canceled Belle handsets. Interesting to see Carla as well. Symbian could have been strong for business use now with Office suite before WP8 would be ready.

        • Jill says:

          that only leaves room for the same nHD resolution :(

          the same old resolution .. nothing new .. hope the display turns out to be something innovative.

  24. Person says:

    The mockup looks good. Maybe there will be 2 camera phones – 803 and 808?

  25. galaktus says:

    “beside even with huge camera the design is really stunning. It would be perfect device with HarmattanMeego.”

    it mean N9 is not the last Meego from nokia?

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