Poll: Nokia N8 Successor, for the benefit of Nokia, does it need to be Symbian, WP or Both?

| February 24, 2012 | 168 Replies

There seems to be some confusion and doubts in the blogosphere as to what the N8 successor might actually be running on. It seems highly obvious to some though there is ‘news’ and ‘evidence’ that others put forward to suggest it might be the other.


For the benefit of Nokia, what does the N8 successor need to be on (if potentially either was as equally possible to give equally the same high quality output). Symbian? Windows Phone? Both is an option. I would like to say MeeGo but where that’s going at least this year is very uncertain.

I don’t want to put my own thoughts to influence the discussion. If you are going to leave a comment, try to keep it on topic and see if it adds to the discussion (as opposed to whining or attacking).

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  • Nrde

    It can’t be WP only.

    There’s no proper HW support to handle even N8 level camera functions. Heck WP only support one SOC currently, let’s talk about camera functionality after they get porper support for powerful enough SOC or GPU.

    For many having the best possible camera is enough reason to “suffer” from fading ecosystem if the functions they actually need and use are still good enough. I would argue that even the N8 is good enough for almost everyone if you don’t require brick in your pocket to help you on windy days.

    So the device will be Symbian, but the technology will come to other devices eventually, they may even hint about that at the same time (or not)

  • petejoff

    Not WP, not Symbian and not Meego. Because WP is WP and the others are DEAD. It should be the never seen “Future disruptions” Nokia Smartphone. (Just dreaming)

    For real, a smartphone which combince the functions of the N8 with the UX of the N9 and the fluidity of WP, just a TOP TOP phone 🙂

  • Aabir

    I want it to run on Meego, I’m going to get my N9 next month probably, this device ll be a comeback for Nokia and ll also help to push ‘THE NUMBERS’. Nokia should select the OS very carefully as this ll be one of the best devices and can be a strong weapon against the strong competitors. Having said that I want it to run on WP as most of the people think Symbian is out-dated, though I don’t have a personal grudge on the Symbian. I vote for WP as I guess it’s doing pretty good everywhere. And, one last thing Nokia should advertise this phone even if it’s on Symbian it should not be left out in cold like the beautiful N9.


    • Viipottaja

      It will probably sell well and help the absolutely numbers and a bit on profits as well. I doubt the margin will be very high as the device is likely on the expensive side to build and on the other hand Nokia will most likely not be able to ask a very high price for it (I would guess about Eur 450-500 at the beginning) . However, it is a niche device (even if a big niche) and won’t do much if anything Symbian’s/Nokia’s market share of course, given the still rapidly growing smartphone market and Symbian’s otherwise tanking market share in many regions and even globally speaking.

      Still, its one exiting device, demonstrating Nokia can innovate and keeping the Camera King crown firmly on Nokia’s head for probably at least a couple of years to come!

  • Miriam

    I want Pure View on MeeGo! It’s the best OS ever! I hate WP, it’s a mess, it doesnt have the power to support a big camera. No OS does, except Symbian, N8 is the proof. It is still the best camera phone out there!

  • salvasprock92

    Symbian. The one and only. No one else.

  • Shaun

    I’d love it to be MeeGo as the camera software on that is much better than Symbian or WP. And, another MeeGo device would do wonders for the N9’s software market. Not going to happen though. 🙁

    However, Nokia’s volume sales are in Symbian currently and unless they’ve been working with Microsoft on big changes to get past the limitations it will be Symbian.

    How/if Nokia sell that in places like the UK where they’ve been failing to sell almost anything regardless of OS will be interesting to watch.

  • Roy

    It needs to be WP. Nokia choose that OS for the future and in other for it to succeed it needs a phone that is the best camera phone.

    If the OS doesn’t support it yet, they should make sure it does. Both Microsoft and Nokia need each other now, so man up, and make that W8. (Cheesy name, I know 😉 )

  • Owning both an N9 and Lumia 800 (and writing a comaprison review of both for this site), I see why Elop is investing so much of Nokia’s future on WP. There are a number of fantastic aspects of MeeGo that will hopefully come to WP some day, but all things considered WP is the smoother, more modern, and more “fun” to use OS with all of its extras (unique approach to social integration, voice commands/search/voice-to-text, etc.). I hope the N8 successor runs on WP, but my gut tells me it’ll be Symbian.

    • Are we talking about the same OS? I have the N9, a C7 (upgraded to Belle) and I had a Lumia 800. I *had* the Lumia because I returned it to the shop after 3 weeks. It’s the most boring phone ever, it cannot do anything. Yes, it’s fast and it has a decent browser, but that’s about it. No way to exchange our sync any kind of data (PIM data, music, photos) with my GNU/Linux desktop PC. No way to stay up to date with feeds on the home screen. None of my instant messaging accounts supported out of the box, third party software doesn’t integrate well with the OS (like show chat contacts in address book). It’s just like a fast S40 feature phone with a bigger screen. 3 Weeks with WP7 were enough, I’ll never give it another try.

  • incognito

    Voted for ‘Symbian’ as otherwise it wouldn’t be a successor of the N8, but more importantly – Nokia would shoot themselves in the foot if they are to announce a WP device with a great camera at this point, even if they managed to hack it in the current WP – HTC style. The Lumia 900 is already severely eating at their sales of the Lumia 800 as the people who are interested in the Nokia+WP combo are waiting for it (and its global release) – if they were to announce now even greater WP device their Lumia non-710 sales would stop completely.

    If they were to announce it on the WP against all common sense, they’d essentially create another Osborne effect, and your-favorite-deity knows they don’t need another such blunder. Hence – Symbian only for now.

    Yes, in the long run their camera tech should expand through all their devices no matter of the OS they finally end up with, but for now it wouldn’t work to their advantage.

    • Jo

      This is upsetting, but I think the most logical outlook. If the N8 successor ran windows phone, it would simply be a matter of TAKE ALL MY MONEY, GIVE IT TO ME! But you are quite right in saying that no one in their right mind would buy the other high-end Lumia’s when such a monster is right around the corner.
      It will be symbian, the camera hardware will be amazing, but it will remain a niche device and sell only to the die hards with the patience to squeeze the last out of a condemned platform. RIP.

  • Vali

    I think Nokia will benefit more if the phone ran WP, although i prefer Symbian

  • Cod3rror

    It should be Windows Phone.

    Face it, Symbian is dead, WP7 isn’t doing any better, but Symbian is definitely dead. Why put a company’s flagship camera on a dead OS?

    If they are smart and want to sell WP7, they’ll put it on that.

    • Waqas Ahmad Khan


    • TrollKnightRises

      Nokia is very smart! …..they’ll experiment it first on symbian platform and then later in Q4 Nokia will release even better camera flagship phone with Apollo os

      • Jo

        Quite right, simply to retain the crown of producing the best camera phones if anything else. When WP supports some real camera hardware AND software with apollo, then I believe we’ll truly see a device that is above the competition in all aspects.

  • Heh

    WP7 couldn’t even get photo quality right with a 8MP camera (Compare Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia 800’s photo quality, big difference), and now you want WP7 to run on the successor of the legendary Nokia N8?

    Stop it already, you Microsoft shills are getting ridiculous! Better luck (and better optimization) when WP8 comes out.

    Another thing: the last thing Microsoft wants right now is a super-expensive WP7 phone which few would buy. What Microsoft/Nokia needs right now are WP7 phones on lower price points to appeal to a broader range of consumers. That is why they are releasing the Nokia Lumia 610.

    All hail the SYMBIAN Nokia Pureview/808 phone.

    P.S: It will be fun to compare photo quality between the Nokia Pureview, the Sony Xperia Ion (or Xperia S) and the HTC Titan 2.

    P.P.S: The camera phone had better come with a microSD slot. Taking hi-res photos and making 1080p videos will eat up storage space very fast. An internal storage of 64Gb is no longer an overkill.

    • dronex

      …compare to HTC Titan II… like seriously?

  • Kris55

    Symbian !

    We all don’t care about shitty WP.

    • poiman

      Yeah! It’s funny to spend our money on a dead OS!!

      • Kris55

        Symbian will live at least untill 2016… Not bad for a dead OS, isn’t it ? Just for your info : your phone will not stop working after 2016, uh ! Anyway, who keeps his phone over 4 years ?

        I prefer a “dead OS” than a poor OS, but I will not repeat all differences between these 2 OS => Symbian wins !

        • Linukia

          Haha, +1!

        • poiman

          If you want an OS that will have less and less developers support until 2016 then that’s your problem!

          Look at the Nokia Store, if you are happy with it then you get happy with very sh*tty stuff!

          I preffer an OS that is having one of the biggest growing rates of the industry when it comes to developers support.

        • reptile


  • AngryPenguin

    According to the results of the poll so far it makes more economic sense to Nokia to release the Symbian than the WP version.

    • poiman

      You can’t trust this pool because this blog is full of symbian fanboys who are so blind that can’t even see that their favourite OS is dead!

      They are so blind that when they enter the Nokia Store they get all happy as they think that it is actually a nice app store when in fact it is just a shitty app store without developers support!

      If you go to the real world what are you going to listen people saying? Symbian is outdated and dead, of course!

      • Linukia

        “You can’t trust this pool because this blog is full of symbian fanboys”

        It is poll, not pool, pool is a place where you can swim.

        Could you tell me where the nokia blog which isn’t full with Symbian fanboys?

        • JD!

          ha ha +1

        • poiman

          That’s the problem, all the Nokia blogs and websites are full of symbian fanboys who are so blind that can’t see that symbian is over. There are no miracles but those fanboys still believe that one day symbian is going to have a magic comeback and be the number 1 mobile OS again. How can people be so blind?

          Look, I bought an N8 when it came to the market because I believed that the OS was going to be strong enough and it was going to be a strong competitor to iOS and Android. But after using this for more than a year… god, I hate it, but I have to admit that this OS is a sh*t and has no future. People don’t care about it, developpers don’t care about it and even Nokia doesn’t care about it anymore, so why should I care?

          It’s time to move on, symbian will never be big again and I’m ok with that because when I look at the OS it is very outdated compared to the others, it’s not intuitive and not consistent. It has some features that other OS don’t have, like mass memory mode, tv-out, miniSD but those things simply aren’t very important for most of the people out there.

          • amoshydra

            We are not blind.

            There are differences between WP and Symbian. We appreciate the things Symbian offers that other OS do not have and couldn’t have.

            Despite of the fact that it might not have future. Symbian is not shit.

      • reptile

        Or maybe, just maybe, people are looking at practical reasons why it can only be Symbian (at least for now). Here are the arguments restated:

        1) Windows Phone is not currently as capable of Camera related software as Symbian is
        2) Nokia has already announced the Lumia 900 which is causing sales of Lumia 800 to go stale. If they announce another, even better Lumia, they’ll be siphoning off their own potential sales.

  • zymesh

    I vote for Symbian since transfering files is not dependent on a software like Zune.

  • Ricardo

    For each one of the three OS´s it´s necessary to have improvements. WP still must evolve and meego is a doubt. Concernig that symbian is programmed to receive support until 2016, Nokia Pure View should come with Carla and this OS should have a great diferencial for multimeda resources.

    These are my thoughts.

  • Linukia
    • poiman

      If they were Symbian^3 phones that would be good news, but the great majority of those Symbian devices are pre-S60V5 phones, which actually are what we considered to be smartphones in 2005 but when we look at them nowadays they are more like dumbphones.

      • Linukia

        The question is : if S60v5 is sooo bad, why 32% of smartphoners still use it? From the chart Symbian seems quite stable. The biggest loser is RIM.

        S60v5 (and older Symbian) hardwares should be > 2 years old now.

        • poiman

          WOW this one is too much for me! Now the S60V5 was a good mobile OS? Oh my god, I will not lose my time with this. S60V5 a good OS… excuse me but this was really too much for me!!

          • j

            well good os or not – for a lot of people these phones are good devices – battery life!!!

  • TrollKnightRises

    It seems like Nokia is doing all experimental work on symbian platform so no question of “why no camera flagship on wp os?” and i think camera flagship with Apollo os will challenge iphone5 more

  • manu

    Well thats the expiry date of symbian.

  • zymo

    As somebody who hasn’t prejudices against Symbian, the next Camera king being on Symbian is highly welcomed. But since WP is Nokias’ main OS it’s kinda setting a wrong signal not to release such a camera centric phone on WP. It would have been perfect for Nokia to show how they were able to differentiate from the other WP manufactorers.

  • Adnan

    808 is going to be symbian based. No doubt about it. However, the WP version will come but with apollo and most likely announced at Nokia World.

  • manu

    my best friend has an N8 we takes lot of pics with it and share among friends lets imagine 808 being windows no bluetooth sharing stuck with zune and internal memory.thatd be a living hell like a parrot kept on golden cage.he told that he will defenitely replace his n8 with it if camera resolution is over 16mp with some nice functionality and full hd recording.there are many like him many n8 users who want to upgrade to 808.but if its windows they will be reluctant to go and live in m.s golden cage.

  • manu


  • VIC

    It’s an N8 Successor so it must top-off N8 in terms of OS, specs and especially on the camera department. I’m betting a pretty sum of money it would run on Symbian, just couldn’t figure out if it’s Belle or Carla. It would be an NSeries, N808, with 16MP, 3.7″ screen. Definitely gonna be Symbian.
    Though the Lumias 800 and 900 were able to put in 8MP CZoptics, dual-leds. Much as I would want it to run on Windows, the N8 Successor would be on Symbian. For Nokia, it’s for old time’s sake.

  • j

    well i think we can answer the question by the screen ratio of this leak. is it 16:9? – so it should be symbian?