Nokia Lumia 800, 710 and Nokia N9 in best seller’s list for AllPhones (Australia)?

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The Nokia Lumia 800 is apparently doing well in Australia’s AllPhones. With 170 stores, AllPhones is the largest independent mobile retailer in Australia and as you can see, the Nokia Lumia 800 (Cyan) is in the top 10 best sellers list, along with the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Nokia N9. The Lumia 800 is number 2 after just 2 days apparently.


I don’t know how long the Lumia branding has been there, but there’s quite a prominent Lumia Branding which will undoubtedly make customers aware of the Nokia Lumia as an option to the usual Android (of which the ones listed are great Droids). Instead of drowning in a sea of Droids, such a placement could give Lumia a little bit of a chance for consumers to give them a go.

Note, there is a difference between “sold out” notifications which we heard quite a bit in the UK to “best sellers list” which we have heard for other regions including Netherlands, Austria, T-Mobile USA and Finland Sonera/DNA/Elisa. Great going too for the plucky N9. Not sure how long that’s been on that list.

Thanks Muerte  for the tip.


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  • S2 Korpio

    That’s great news for Nokia’s Lumia. Seriously, all it needs is a single catalyst amongst the youths. Just like what I did 2 days ago, brought a borrowed Lumia 710 to school. Next thing you know, everyone’s coming up asking “What phone are you using? Is that new? Hey, that looks really cool!” (in a general sense).

    From where I come from, it’s littered with Android Samsungs, iPhones and Nokia S60 devices. Minimal advertising on the Lumia. It’s obvious that this is one of the reasons why Nokia isn’t doing really well in some places.

    • DesR85

      “From where I come from, it’s littered with Android Samsungs, iPhones and Nokia S60 devices. Minimal advertising on the Lumia. It’s obvious that this is one of the reasons why Nokia isn’t doing really well in some places.”

      I recall you’re from Malaysia right? Same here. Mostly agree with you but the Lumia phones are advertised a lot on both newspapers and the TV except on radio, which I find strange. They still keep on advertising the usual iPhone 4S, iPad 2s and Samsung Android phones/Galaxy Tabs.

      Not to mention that none of the three carriers, DiGi, Maxis and Celcom, from my hometown of Miri even offer either the Lumia 800 or the 710 on contract (available in the Peninsular, though). Not sure about the former two but the latter only offer the Lumia phones in their Kuching outlet. Pretty telling when I brought it to a DiGi centre at one time to get a micro-SIM card and when the rep saw the phone, he thought it was an N9. 😮

      Oh and by the way, don’t forget the Nokia S40 devices such as the X3 and the X6 plus their dual-SIM phones. They’re still popular at the outside phone stores. Asked about the Lumia phones at one time and they only have the 710. Haven’t started selling the 800 yet. Only the Nokia Store sell both of them.

      • S2Korpio

        Sorry, not Malaysia, but close. The Lumia 800 and 710 is sold here unlocked $687 and $407 respectively. The competitors, SGSII at 768, 4S at ~$1000 and and the Nexus at ~$800. It’s a pretty good deal, just the advertisement is lacking.

        • DesR85

          Oops, my apologies. But there really aren’t any Lumia ads on your side? I am under the impression that Singaporeans are huge iPhone fans but I cannot fathom the idea that Nokia would just simply give up on it after a huge launch event last December.

          Unless their loyalty to Apple is too strong until other phones are considered low-grade to them.

  • realtechie..

    where are all the prev tips.

  • A-S-D

    N9’s been in the list since October. It was at one stage #1 and in the top 5 for ages. I think it just went out of it last month becaue I check in Jan and it was still in the top 5.

    Also, thats not the Cyan Lumia 800, its Lumia 800s in general, same for 710 and N9. They probably needed some method of differentiating between the N9 and 800 more easily so they choose different coloured cases for the pictures 😛

    Good to see though. I hope this soon stops their stupid “get the best selling Smartphone the Galaxy SII on the…” ads when the Lumia 800 overtakes it. I expect that it’ll happen before the online Australian retailers get their stock (15th March). Hopefully we have both the Lumia 800 and 710 in the top 5 before the end of the month and the N9 maintains its place in the top 10. Also, buying outright in Australia is extremely unpopular so this is definitely no indication of the 800’s success. In fact despite all their N9 success, the only other person I’ve seen with one is mates with someone really high up in Nokia and he got it for free, and the N8, C6-00 and X6 before that.

    Also, yesterday another person asked me if my N9 was the new WP. For gods sakes people, learn the difference grrrr… At least brand awareness is increasing and there is increasing talk about it.

    So far I have seen no advertising for the 800 and instead I keep seeing the bus with the N9 advertised all over it, every afternoon on the way home (makes me simle though). I don’t know if its been mentioned but a lot of March edition magazines apparently have major advertising from the inside cover to the page back and inside back cover as well as ads dotted all the way through it. TV ads should be coming soon with events planned for March and I’ve heard they use the Lumia 800s on Celebrity Apprentice (last year it was N9s). Here’s the ad: Much better than the N9 one. Live events:

    Australia is a place of mindshare more than marketshare. Thats why Nokia did so well for so long and is still highly regarded and any hardware issues are forgiven and long-forgotten. Software, not so much. Thats also why iPhones became so popular and ended up making up >50% of all smartphone sales in Q2 2011 not to mention all those who purchased 2nd-hand. Its also why the SGSII is gaining increasing popularity and marketshare.

    There is 1 guy I know however and whatever phone he gets ends up being a massive success and everyone around me buys one, first N95, then 5800, now SGSII. I think I’ll try and get him to buy one of the Lumia’s soon :D.

    • manu

      its good indication,if iphone has 50% market share lumia can surely take half chunk of it coz only advantage of iphone is the huge app store.but still the point im not understanding is why on earth had they priced 800 more than galaxy s2?

      • Vikas Patidar

        Now buy Lumia 800 at 23590 Rs on

      • DesR85

        “…but still the point im not understanding is why on earth had they priced 800 more than galaxy s2?”

        Agreed. I too wondered at this. From where I’m from, Malaysia, the price of the S2 is more expensive than the N9 and even the Lumia 800 is cheaper than the N9. As for the iPhone 4S, its way above the price point of either three.

        Looked around for a bit and noticed that the iPhone 4S contract is at $49 per month. I have no idea why those carriers priced the Lumia 800 at exactly the same point as the iPhone 4S. If I was the average Joe there, when presented with the two, I’d rather choose the iPhone 4S than the 800 given the way how Apple market their phones as a luxury/high-class item.

  • A-S-D

    Another interesting link from their website:

    Assuming the other list was overall sales for them including sales they’ve made on plans for Optus, Virgin, Vodafone and Dodo as well as outright sales, this means the N9 is making relatively low sales on a plan as is the Galaxy Nexus while the Lumia 800 and 710 are making many more on plans which is how most sales in made in Australia. Nice to see the Nokia Asha 300 in the outright list too.

    I’ll love to see this list next Saturday.

  • Justin

    Find it hard to believe the 800’s already on best sellers list.
    It’s not even available yet, if it is, it’s only been for 2-days tops.
    Nokia Australia have only ever said “March sometime”

  • How much marketing did the N9 get? Can’t don’t know why Nokia declared the N9 dead on arrival, where it’s obvious that its a loved and much desired device. Nokia should wake up and smell the coffee, don’t disregard the MeeGo even if your Lumia Windows Phones are your main focus.

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