Rumor Update: Lumia 900 Set for April 22nd Release; still 99$?

| March 9, 2012 | 33 Replies

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the expected amazing price of the Lumia 900 which was originally rumored to be at 99$ (with a two year contract of course); however BGR claims that the same source that gave them the first tip off of the expected March 18th release claims that it’s been pushed back to April 22nd  (Which Might possibly mean the At&t version would launch side by side with the rest of the world version??).


Either way 99$ for one of the first 4G/LTE WP that packs a beautiful design and an amazing screen is a steal whenever it’s released; in my opinion this takes on the issue that Nokia has been facing for  the past 5 years or so- which of course was the lack of carrier subsidization, but choosing to price it less than a 100 dollars is pure genius; now it can truly compete with those Droids and iPhones (plus look at the 710 with it’s somewhat below average specs priced at 40 dollars is doing quite well; imagine what this will do…).

Via Thanks to erzhik for the tip.


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  • Just Visiting

    Wow, a new rumor (April 22nd) to displace the old rumor (March 18th). And I really hope that people don’t believe that this phone is going to sell for $99 either.

    Believe the rumors, prepare for disappointment 🙂

    • zulu1900

      Indeed, this is already a big disappointment. This is what the difference between Nokia/MS/other tech world vs Apple. Apple launch new product today and within less than 2 weeks it’s in consumer hands. Nokia/MS will never gonna succeed until they follow Apple path. Nokia demonstrated this product in January at CES and still can’t release it after 3 months and they (Nokia/MS) know that they are competing against Apple/Android. I suspect they will loose consumer because of this. Poor me I’ll still wait for this fone:(

      • Abhay

        Same thought here….Waited too long for a Nokia phone. This is not professional at all.

        The other day, I was at a T-mobile outlet. I could see most of the phones from other manufacturer’s on live display. However, there was no Nokia 710 on display. I live in Maine, USA. There are only two t-mobile stores in Maine and non of them have a live display. The sales person didn’t even know what Nokia 800 was.

  • jcar302

    Well, the mrs. needs a new phone now, literally her verizon samsung rogue has had it, was going to put her on my account finally, with a lumia 900, not sure she can make it another 40 days though.

    Just another example of nokia dropping the ball.

    • Yemi

      Nokia hasn’t dropped the ball. These release dates are rumors. Nokia has not announced when this 900 slab of polycarbonate goodness is coming out. As far as I’m concerned, the rumormills are the ones dropping their balls… PUN intended lol

      • jcar302

        The way i see it, not getting products out in a timely fashion is dropping the ball.

        The 800 has been out for quite some time.
        I’d even settle for A US version of an 800 at this point, but i don’t see a way to buy it.

        • Jed

          Define timely? I think they have to trickle in their info to build hype. They can’t do what Apple does and release info a week before release, and they don’t want to be retarded like Android and trickle a bunch of model revisions throughout a year.

          Don’t see what else they can do. I want it now as well, but things take time. They also need to gauge feedback and hype.

          Hopefully we see it soon. Just got my girlfriend a magenta Lumia 800, and I’m getting antsy…

        • meh
          • jcar302

            I had checked yesterday and it said “out of stock”.
            With that said, there is no Mother F’ing way i’m dropping $899 on that bundle.

            When are we going to see it separate?

  • Zipa

    Interesting. I wonder if this means that Nokia is waiting for “WP7.5 with extended capabilities” which should also include the first “nokializations” before they release the 900?

    • Viipottaja

      What WP7.5 with extended capabilities are you talking about? Sounds interesting, have not heard about that before.

      In any case, I suspect the “delay” is just because the FCC approval took some time and after that it takes some time to ramp up production (I assume – don’t know – manufacturing only starts after FCC gives green light – unless its so routine that Nokia would take the risk and procude alreay), finalize logistics etc.

      • yemi

        This might also be delayed due to AT&T’s inhouse testing since it has LTE.

      • signor.haddock

        Nokia Lumia 900 sports more Nokia specific camera features to match the camera module. the camera module is diff from Lumia 800 though both 8MP but camera app UI will have added features, diff settings, processing algorithms and settings option matched to handle the camera hardware module…


      • ZiPA

        That is what MS prefers their next release to be called. The one formerly known as Tango.

  • To launch it during an iPad 3 frenzy could kill it, to be honest. Lumia 900 deserves full media attention and it just wouldn’t be possible in the coming four weeks. Every one media in the U.S. will talk about iPad only.

    So I think it’s a wise decision (or coincidence).

  • Bloob

    April is too late.

    • smoothcrooner

      My sentiments exactly, You can’t announce a phone in January and not release it till late in April, that’s four long months, in the mobile space, that’s an eternity.

      I’m starting to be disillusioned by the whole WP mess, the Lumia 900 should have been released in the first week in February at the latest to give it a chance to shine against the host of Android behemonts that were going to be announced at MWC.

      It looks to me that Nokia/Microsoft are dropping the ball big time and my patience is wearing thin. I was dead set on getting a Nokia WP to replace my Samsung Omnia 7 when my contract expires at the end of June, but now, I’m not so sure. I’m not willing to wait for Apollo to get a decent WP, for all we know, Apollo is not due till late in the year. If the iPhone 5 is what I expect it be, I’ll be getting that instead.

  • Twig

    I would love to see the 4G version and the 3G come out at the same time with 3G priced $50less unlocked. A new report says the new ipad 4G uses up your whole data plan in 20minutes.

  • Heron

    April 22nd might be a bit too late IMO. Let it come out in that time, since the new iPad isn’t competing in the same space anyway. Unless freaking AT&T was the one delaying stuff. But it has passed FCC, it should be good no?

  • Del

    Only way that somebody would buy WP in the USA it`s to price it below $100. WP marketshare in the USA has drop from 5.4% to 4.4% last quater.

    • Heron

      That’s with WM6+WP7.

      We should see what happens in Q2.

  • Kevin

    I think the main problem is the lack of info from all parties
    involved(Nokia,Microsoft and AT&T). Announcing a flagship product in Jan and allowing months to pass without any info for potential customers is bad form.

    • Heron

      It’s a pity that CES is in Jan then.

      Sustaining the hype is the most difficult thing to do IMO. That’s why more companies should take a leaf out of Apple’s page, and announce the product just a week before the shipping so that the hype is sustained.

      After Nokia World 2012…Nokia Apollo devices shipping at the beginning of Q4 will be ideal. Only hope Nokia can last till that point.

  • Rebbe

    I hope this will bring the (almost) perfect picture quality to lumia phones. I have a Nokia 800 and I feel that Nokia could have done better in terms of picture quality!

    Lappalainen said: ‘The new Lumia phones have great music and entertainment features and offer almost perfect picture quality. So we’re confident this will appeal to the youth market in particular.’

    • Rebbe

      This was a reply to

      “Nokia Lumia 900 sports more Nokia specific camera features to match the camera module. the camera module is diff from Lumia 800 though both 8MP but camera app UI will have added features, diff settings, processing algorithms and settings option matched to handle the camera hardware module…”

      • viipottaja

        sounds good! where ia this reply?i did not see it on wmpoweruser story or the mobileuk story.

  • erzhik

    Nokia needs to pull away from MWC and CES and only announce phones at Nokia World and other keynotes. Announce a device and release it within a month, if Apple can do it with 1 factory, pretty sure Nokia can do it given that they have numerous factories. They did great with L800 announcement. They should’ve done the same with L900.

    Announcing a device and releasing it almost 4 months later is unacceptable, not in today’s world. People start losing interest after a month.

    • Mahoney

      What I do agree that 4 months after the initial annoucment is way too long time to wait. But if you think the events Nokia have hosted/visited ever since N9 launch at Singapore, they have been BIG.

      Take N9 Signapore event, it was all over the tech blogs/press.

      Take Lumia 800 launch at Nokia world, all over the blogs/press.

      Take Lumia 900 launch at CES, pretty much stole the show there, all over the tech sites and all over the press.

      Take MWC with pureview 😀 well im not sure do I have to write anything bout it lol..

      They have been on news and articles with new products on every big event, and i think they have made great job with it 🙂

    • spacemodel

      You’re absolutely right, the period between announcing a new phone and releasing it to the market must be short to keep the customers interested.

      Samsung have changed their policy likewise, the new Galaxy SIII could have easily been introduced at MWC but they prefer to wait longer, we now might see an introduction at about May/June, the phone might be released in July and with a big publicity campaign during the Olympics in London everybody will know who’s the new kid on the block.

      It would be a wise decision by Nokia if they act the same way with Apollo, no introduction at Nokia World in September if the first Apollo phone isn’t ready before the holiday season, that’s just to big of a waiting period between announcing and releasing such a phone.

  • Sorry Nokia, but I think April 22nd is too much. People are complaining about March 18th already and now this?

    Like some blogger said, “I’ve never waited this much in my life for a phone I really wanted.” Not the exact phrasing, but you get the idea.

    Too many people legitimate for upgrade in March…so yeah. Let’s see……..

  • Mark

    A lack of speed to market remains Nokia’s biggest issue. It really needs to be better.

  • manu

    why lumia 800 is not yet launched in u.s?

    • Hypnopottamus

      You can get it off contract from a 3rd party retailer. It’s not launched in the US because no carrier picked it up. There is no CDMA version of it so that really only leaves At&t and T-Mobile. At&T has the “upgraded” version, the 900.