Alleged Leak of #Lumia #PureView ?

| April 6, 2012 | 182 Replies

Androsym have posted “leaked slides” showing off an upcoming WP handset from Nokia, boasting the impressive 41mp PureView technology. To me, it’s quite an ugly design, but some people have said they like the 808′s design so I guess, it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Based on the leaked slides, the specs of this device are;

  • 4.3″ Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
  • 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
  • 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording Technology
  • Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
  • Windows Phone Operating System


Since WP7, as far as I know, can’t support a sensor that big, I assume the device will be powered by Windows Phone Apollo. Also, note the Windows capacitive button has the new Win8 design style. Compared to the 808, the face of the device is different, sporting a curved front, whilst the back shows us that the flash is separated from the camera module.

Source: AndroSym

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  1. Jay says:

    I love the pureview technology but this phone as well as the 808 is UGGLYYY. I really wish Nokia went with designs like the N9′s a truly great looking piece of technology.

    • Pdexter says:

      No. We have 3 phones with the exact design.
      Ot’s time to move on.

      • Kaizer Allen says:

        I agree with you. The design of the N9-00, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 is gorgeous. But it’s time to move on, create something new. Let people miss it, instead of milking the same design for years, losing its appeal.

        • migo says:

          I think there’s still room for perfecting it. Lumia 900 proportions with Lumia 800 curved screen, and RGB AMOLED if Samsung makes the screens at 4″ or smaller.

        • RJC says:

          Apple has milked nicely with the same design without losing any appeal. Quite the contrary.

          The N9 design is not a problem, it’s the WP OS inside it that doesn’t belong to that gorgeous design. Metro UI is just too ugly.

          So more MeeGo phones with N9 design and move WP to some other totally different design.

  2. M says:

    kinda of reminds me of a fish

  3. Filip says:

    like it! yellow nice

  4. karam says:

    front view reminds me of Philips sensotouch 3D

  5. visitor says:

    A great and unique design. Nokia would have balls like melons if they release it. Maybe my taste is odd, but I really like it.

  6. Jesse says:

    It is a crazy design, but as long as it takes awesome pictures and runs Windows Phone I will be happy.

  7. Cesca says:

    As I first saw it, I was really embarassed of the Design, but a few hours later I got used to it :)

    Only thing I’m afraid of is the feeling of the curved screen in my pocket.

  8. Prashant says:

    It’s really ugly only one thing can save this design i.e edge to edge touchscreen with swipe.

  9. mattleech says:

    The concave screen would make single handed use on a large screen slightly easier.

    I also see how the styling makes the phone very easy to pick up from a flat surface and comfortable to hold.

    Looks good to me :)

    Where’s the glossy white one?!

  10. Ali Abdulla says:

    i dont care much about phone designs, specs comes first, bigger screen and cool camera :), and thin phones are gay.

    the design on my n8 was like a welcomed bonus.

    the looks of this phone aint bad,too sporty for my taste, but i still like, plz improve windows phone features, and i might as well get this one

    the design looks professional enough to NOT be fake..

  11. twig says:

    I LIKE IT!! Kind of star trek.

  12. meh says:

    Oh, man. Those designs are SEXY. DAMN!

  13. Fadi says:

    Meh, I guess it’s either you like the design or you don’t.. It just looks weird with that front curve like that! O.o

  14. Just Visiting says:

    I like it! If this is real, maybe they will change their mind about the placement of the Xenon – I don’t have big hands, but I don’t want my fingers to be touching it while I’m holding the device.

    The more I look at it, the screen looks narrow for a 4.3″ phone. Anyway, this phone I would pick up unlocked as I’d want to keep the Nokia branding as the only branding on this device :)

    • Ali Abdulla says:

      about the xenon placement, if the quality is the same, i would rather this one actually,
      i alwayz end up blocking the xenon on my n8, alwayz some orange tent at the corners of my pics :)

  15. Mac says:

    Like it. Think this would really feel natural in the hands. The design and the way we hold our devices makes this look like it would fit snug in your palms. Couple this to the one handed use and the way your thumb moves while you scroll, it should be nice with the added touch of the curved screen. Just don’t see how it is 4.3 inch screen size. There is too much spaces at the sides wasted. The all screen look does make it look very clean too. To imagine this phone with that amount of space on its sides while still retaining the 4.3 inch screen, one can only foresee a huge device that just doesn’t become pleasurable to hold in one hand.

    Tiles on this curved screen would add something very eyecatching to the UI during use. I hope the screen has the tiles floating on top like on the N9 that would look fantastic visually. Now just with that design….imagine those extra spaces on the front that give the phone the look of full screen use with no bezel having being used to display information like in the concept we saw with that bendy Nokia!! That would be cool and look nice and make sense of the entire screen being visible on top including that steeply raked sides being used to display things like battery life, signal strength etc.

  16. Chris P says:

    Looks quite cool, but how the bejesus will that fit in your pocket?? Cant be real.

    • rafaelinux says:

      Guys. Haven’t you used the N82? It rules, isn’t large at all. And it is 18mm in depth.
      This is thinner. Stop with the crap.

  17. Sefriol says:

    IMHO that looks quite cool. Bottom part looks weird though. I like the curved screen.

  18. StephenElop says:

    This breath taking design by Nokia is one of the best design ever,if Microsoft got more High quality GAMES for WindowsPhone,This WP8 cell would be the first iPhone killer made by our company.I will use it as my daily cell.Hope you like it,dear nokia fans.

    • migo says:

      Since some of this blog’s readers aren’t bright, I’ll point out the obvious that this is not Stephen Elop.

  19. StephenElop says:

    If you have any suggestions for this phone,feel free to mail to that email adress you already know. Because I don’t have time to read all of yourcomments on this site.I think it will help me bring you a Nokia closer to the Nokia in your dreams.

  20. guest808 says:

    design is cool but the placement of xenon is questionable, imo. because of that camera bump, the flash looks like its facing a little bit to the right ..instead of facing forward (?)

  21. Adricii says:

    Hmm i’m sorry… I don’t know what customer group this is supposed to target but i’m 17 and i would not buy this phone.
    I live in Venezuela and everybody here has blackberries. I have a trusty C7 and i’d never change my Nokia for any other phone except another Nokia. Now there’s a hype coming about and everybody wants to buy an iPhone so i’ve been promoting Lumia devices between my friends and they don’t really care about the hardware or software, they just care about the design. Obviously it’s the wrong way to approach the adquistion of a cellphone but sadly that’s what counts for the “young people”. Most of my friends are now inclined to buy a Lumia thanks to the awesome N9/800 design more than hardware specifications.
    I know this phone will have some awesome hardware and i’m looking forward to it but the reason i wouldn’t buy it is the design, even though i know this is not the most important thing in the phone. I’m afraid it won’t blend with the young people… I would suggest redesigning it.
    And i would also like Nokia to come to Venezuela a bit faster! The people i’ve showed Lumias to like it a lot better then the iPhone so there is potential here!

  22. StephenElop says:

    this design will fit you pocket very well,when screen facing you leg,because the surface of your leg is also a curve.

  23. migo says:

    With that design, it had better be waterproof. Probably not final, but if it has a soft touch grippy case, and the potentially harsh edges are taken off it could be very nice.

  24. The Game says:

    Holy sh*t is beautiful I want it

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