Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) going on EVERY WP phone

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One of the newer concerns that seemed to stack up against Nokia’s Lumia phones was – could it get the new update, WP8? For a long while it was assumed it would be the case, but recently there was a growing worry that it would not.


This uncertainty has led to some sites not recommending the Lumia at all despite liking the phone. Does it have the longevity of updates? Now some people are also of the opinion that when buying a phone, you should think about whether you’re happy with it as it is, or you’re actually hoping for something else in the future.

Engadget are reporting that WP8 (Apollo) is now supposedly going to all WP phones. Erm, Hurrah? Either way, updates would still come to the phones with features still being updated. The source is a ‘Microsoft Evangelist’. Does that mean simply a fan? Surur says according to his Linkedin, he works at MS. Is Evangelist Developer an actual job title?


Source: WMPoweruser via Engadget

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  • dadsf

    Well again: but who cars? And who will pay for this? I was asking about updates – don’t want any MS updates….. usually they are paid, sooner or later….. this way or another…..

  • npo4

    This is confusing, in the same day people said it wouldn’t come and also that it would come…

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but it seems weird that they would ignore the latest Lumia’s.

    We might see fragmentation though, kinda like with iOS, with an Apollo “Light” for some devices, and the full Apollo on either others, or just new ones.

  • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

    Its back to uncertainty now.. The MS employee has retracted his statement saying me mistook app compatibility to os update ability..