Rumours: Bluetooth file sharing for Lumia? Lumia marketplace renamed as Nokia marketplace

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Some interesting WP Tango/WP7.5 Refresh related news:

1) WiFi sharing – yes we’ve heard this before. But the Lumias that didn’t come with this (for what ever reason) will finally get it like all the other WP7.5 devices in the update

2) Battery improvement – not that interesting but good to see them continually optimise this. My battery life is quite decent but some report not being as happy with theirs. I think at least 1 day normal use is quite good (Max 4d standby minimal).

3) Now this is new. Marketplace is being renamed Nokia Marketplace, with Nokia’s Store logo. This is interesting because if you remember, we saw this already. Possibly a mistake or Tango on show already? Note the Nokia Store logo. Possibly just an error as we noted several in the video, though Nokia MP would make sense given this info.


4) The best till last, if this is true. Apparently Nokia will release an app that will allow bluetooth file transfer for Lumia phones. This is one of the main list of gripes listed by Nokia users used to a plethora of features. We can’t be sure of this but it would be great if it comes true. Nokia already has bluetooth contacts transfer as an app, unlike the other WPs – something that was invaluable when switching over from a new device (though once everything is synced with Live, losing contacts is no longer an issue).

For transfer of content, I use either Zune, or WP connector for mac or the wireless Sync with zune (which happens automatically whenever I’m charging the Lumia). This may come in handy in future (though not with my laptop as it has some faulty Acer BT module that has never worked for file transfer).

Source: NokiaPowerUser

Cheers Dave for the tip!


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    • james

      Agree with the MeeGo part 😀

    • gunther

      Just bought my wife a Lumia 710. What a load of crap. Can’t even bluetooth. What a waste of money. Luckily I own a decent phone. Galaxy S3. I wish Nokia would warn potential buyers about their shortcomings when advertising their sh!t. No wonder Nokia are bankrupt.

  • Pdexter

    It will be interesting to see what kind of Nokia stuff they have given to WP in Apollo.

  • Well Nokia can’t really make an application that gives bluetooth file transfer. The Contact application from Nokia uses the existing PBAP bluetooth profile to transfer contacts. Current WP7.5 does not have the FTP BT profile to make file transfer possible, so what is needed is for Windows Phone to get added bluetooth profiles first.

    • kunwar

      if bluetooth file transfer can work by some hack then y not nokia be able to create an official app that uses some APIs that are not available to mass developers

    • Zipa

      Well, there’s no NFC support in WP7 either (AFAIK), but that didn’t stop Nokia from releasing the 610NFC.

  • Simon Luk @ WeLoveWP.HK

    Indeed the Nokia store logo is not a mistake.
    The retail version of Lumia 610 has the marketplace logo changed to this Nokia Marketplace logo in HK.

  • arvi

    Finally!!! 🙂

  • Viipottaja

    Some you may recall my 😉 -s on this matter. 🙂

    Qwerty Lumia also in the works.

    • Janne

      Of course it is.

      As is many, many, many wonderful things (to quote an infamous comedy movie series).

      People just jump to conclusions way too fast.

      • Harangue

        Lol, just read that in Lassards voice

        • Janne


      • Viipottaja

        Yeah. Still it was good to hear a “confirmation” of it from a source.

        What I am hearing on another Lumia’s design sounds promising too.

        • Janne

          Agree. Good to hear news.

        • Vedhas Patkar

          New Lumias with better cameras coming as well. Damian has said it himself.

  • manu

    hope the news especially last one is’s fingers will burn if bt file transfer is not made available,atleast in developing nations.

    • lordstar

      Agree, bt file transfer is vital. That’ll make me consider the lumia range a little bit more.

      Still waiting for the announcement though if current lumia devices will be upgraded to apollo or something.

      • manu

        yep, i also will consider lumia wp8 device if its sucessful.but im buying an htc one s in june/july.

        • Upal

          Now allow download via Browser, enable USB Mass Storage , a good file manager 🙂

          • lordstar

            oh wait you can’t download via browser? Well then i’ll wait for that again.

            Ahaha I guess this is one reason why a lot of Symbian users aren’t really shifting to the lumia line just yet. Nokia wake up and see the demand still for your underpromoted yet competitive belle fp1 devices. Hehe

            • Janne

              You can download pictures, Office documents and marketplace apps via the browser – and generally anything that the phone or your apps support.

              • Janne

                And to clarify, I just tested all the above three examples on my Lumia 710, so I am not talking out of my arse. 🙂

                Certainly a claim that you can not download files from the browser is not correct. But of course if the file type is not supported, then it may not be possible, that is true.

                • lordstar

                  What about mp3 files or videos?

  • youknowwho

    good. Nokia please remove the tiles and give the users icons -:)

    • Nokia please don’t remove anything BUT give the user OPTIONS and CHOICES what to use. What we used to have way back then. 😉

      • lordstar

        Agree, I know there’s a market for the lumia line and it deserves praise but please offer options to others as well.

  • I think WP is going to fight against iOS since they are very similar — few features, closed platform and pseudo-multitasking. Nokia still need Symbian to fight against Android — lots of features, open platform and real multitasking.

    • lordstar

      True, lumia range I think will cater to ios users more while symbian could compete with android features.

      I hope Nokia will realize that only one strategy wouldn’t work with all markets. I read that plan b is to adjust and continually learn from the current market situation. Hope the company is serious about that.

      • manu

        from above article we can see plan B is very much in work.i found wp better than ios other than apps.also if nokia add major features of symbian to it then wp will be winner.

      • Grendell

        Well, they were able to quickly add NFC to the 610. That is definitely promising if Nokia is hell-bent on addressing the hardware shortcomings of the current phones. Methinks a capable camera, USB on the go, HDMI out and FM transmitter would really help WP not only differentiate form IOS but also help win back a lot of the symbian users who wanted symbian features with an updated and smoother OS. N9’s multitasking would also allow them to additionally differentiate from IOS.
        I can understand that WP wants to be an IOS with the reach of android (several OEMs) but keeping their OS a closed system limits their market somewhat without leveraging the feature set Symbian users have come to love. And there are still a lot of Symbian users out there.

        • lordstar

          +1 strongly adhere to your statement

    • arts

      perhaps the most interesting is that a closed system kind of os is finally reaching the low end devices.

      lets see if a ui focused os does better or a feature packed os does better.

    • Agreed.

      We need more Nokia 5XX series, Nokia 6XX series, Nokia 7XX series, Nokia 8XX series, Nokia 9XX series, and the ultimate flagships of Vertu X Collection (X is the Roman numeral for “10” and also abbreviation for eXclusive) which makes use of the BEST hardware, the BEST software and the BEST phone components, with Maemo / MeeGo / Harmattan. The latter, even with just one model, can compete with the FLAGSHIP luxury devices. Needless to say, these should include the kitchen sink.

      • manu

        oh no more lot of phone crowding at same price point with differnt missing features.
        Nokia should strategically launch phone at particular price phone to compete with galaxy y,galaxy ace,galaxy s,galaxy s advance,galaxy s2 and finally galaxy s3/htc one x/iphone 5.

        • Actually your idea is same with my idea. Samsung is doing that already. That was originally Nokia’s strategy. And you know Samsung, they are well known for, ehem, appropriating without permission. LOL!

        • For every Galaxy device :

          100-149 Series 500 Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
          200-249 Series 550 Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
          250-299 Series 600 Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500
          300-349 Series 650 Samsung Galaxy W I8150
          350-399 Series 700 Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance
          400-449 Series 750 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160
          550-599 Series 800 Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
          600-up Series 850/900/950 Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

          Vertu X

          1,000-up Vertu X

          So where does the Nokia 808 PV belong? None. It is in a class of its own.

          Just a suggestion, nothing empirical / set in stone.

  • Deep Space Bar

    why can’t Nokia just add the wp7 apps to market place instead of this new icon and making it nokia’s

  • dss

    This is so sad.. we are actually celebrating a rumor about BT transfer on a Nokia smartphone in 2012 ? There is something wrong with that picture.

    • Reonhato

      And more rumors to go. There was a rumor that Zune dependency will be removed.

      If true, It is good that they are listening to some Nokia fans requests. But listening and doing it is different I know.

      What other rumor are we missing?

      • dr_zorg

        IF these things do happen, and BT transfer, µSD storage, an actual file system get incorporated, together with a removal of Zune dependency and better codec support, I may change my opinion on WP and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) get myself a Lumia at some point in the future – but those things all have to happen before that.

        • dr_zorg

          Oh forgot one more: Opera has to be available on WP (not sure if it already is)

    • mdev

      Unfortunately, nothing is wrong. This is the future of Nokia. The future is now! 🙂 In time (about 3 years) WP will get proper multitasking and so on and in about 5 years it will reach the current level of Symbian. What’s not to like?!

  • gabriel9

    Yea that is sad. And they have logo on one icon, true progress.

    Next one is WP is changing licence to GPLv3. 😀

  • nn

    Did Nokia ever use small “n” (instead of at least capital N) in their corporate identity promos?



    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      Agreed one of the primary reason Nokia Symbian or S40 users rejecting lumia is limited BT… also note NOkia will if needed add BT stack on WP like they did with NFC…

  • Alvester

    A seperate app for BT file transfer? That means we have to rely on the app to send files? No freedom of sending files over BT from music player or file manager? I mean why not integrate the feature in OS itself.

    • kumara

      That’s true!
      As an “Nokian” I never downloaded something as I would suspect to have it on phone for granted.
      Trough app isn’t right approach. How many people would know, there is an app for BT transfer? How would my mother or father know? they hardly use computers and never read blogs, forums, internet news,…
      So basicly this will be for fans and not casual people, because they won’t know it exsists.

      Ok this is for 7.5, I hope in Appolo it will be fully integrated in the OS itself. This is one of the major reasons for me to stepping back for WP. Now I’m using N9 and am fully satisfied and don’t want to lose any functions in next upgrade.
      So my hopes for WP8 are quite high (some Nokiafication of WP would be nice, just like those pics from Nokia employe, BT file transfer to all devices, multitasking, and some minor things, and then I’m bought).

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        it will be added via a update for those who already purchaswed and for others who will buy it will come preloaded.

    • Janne

      I’m pretty sure this will be integrated into the OS as a feature at some point. It may be, though, that for the time being Nokia is differentiating itself with an exclusive app – and also that developing an app and getting it out there can be done faster than integration. Just speculating on this one, though.

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      This is because bro in Symbian BT file transfer is a standard native OS affair and by default all application menu and option have a send-> via BT option on Symbian or s40 devices… but in windows its not a native OS affair so Nokia has a hard way if they add it to native as all application menus and options need to be reworked leave that for Apollo where these will be added as native and show up in all app menus until then for windows 7.5 mango they will have separate app.

    • manu

      anyway half a loaf is better than will be a relief to those who already purchased lumia.

  • tomwhat

    Yes, the super integrated WP (People hub and so on) needs an extra application for sharing files over bluetooth. I call this innovative!

  • arts

    you know what will be even better? wifi direct.

    or the symbian dukto app in wp will be awesome too!

  • Janne

    For all the people who are, rightfully, laughing at us cheering for a Bluetooth function – and maybe even just through a separate app first – here is how I see this:

    Yes, it is true that Windows Phone is missing various familiar Nokia features of old. These shoud not be missing, I agree. They are and too bad.

    However, let us remember that in the same vein Symbian user-experience, browser and so on should not continue to suck in 2012. Windows Phone already has this modern experience.

    For Nokia’s Windows Phone our wait is only six months. In all likelyhood six months later from today Windows Phone will be much more feature-rich. I doubt Symbian would have even been modern with the rate Nokia was going since 2009.

    So, yes, you loose some features by going Windows Phone today, but you (and Nokia) gain an innovative, modern user-experience. If you need features, stick with Symbian a bit longer…

    • nn

      1) This argument, used extensively on things around Symbian, build one person just think would or would not happen, is very very weak.
      2) N9/Harmattan/MeeGo

      • Janne

        If you want MeeGo Harmattan, you can buy one. On the other hand, even MeeGo Harmattan is missing a lot of the things Symbian has.

        I’m not excusing Windows Phone for missing features, I am just explaining while some people are excited by it even though these features are missing.

        Windows Phone has other redeeming qualities – and thus it is nice to see it get more feature-complete too.

        • nn

          I don’t know what you are trying to say now, but if I get it right your point in the thread starter was that although WP has its problems, Nokia’s own solutions and their prospects were even worse and thus the need for going to WP. That’s not true.

          • Janne

            nn: No, not really my point. My point is just acknowledging those points that it is (sure, IT IS!) ridiculous cheering for Bluetooth file transfer support coming in 2012. Especially considering what Nokia’s older offerings already have.

            But beyond that, I was explaining why many people still feel Windows Phone is the superior choice. We are happy that features are coming, indeed we are, but those features are not the reason why we are rooting for Windows Phone. We are doing it because it has other merits.

            And because it has other merits, it is also nice to see it get more feature-complete too. Hence a bit of cheering for that, no matter how silly it is – and it is silly, I admit completely.

    • lordstar

      True, I tried the lumia 800 in one of the stores here in the Philippines and the ui is reaally smooth. Now I get why a lot of people are praising the user experience of wp7 mango.

      Though I also think that belle fp1 devices with increased processor speed (700 & 701) are catching up and give a smooth user experience as well. It’s quite snappy yeah? I remember you saying that but you’ll reserve judgement once you get your 808.

      • Janne

        Yes, Belle FP1 felt quit snappy. I will comment more when I get the actual device. From what I saw I would gladly recommend the 808 to anyone. But more on that when I finally get my hands on one.

        It is just that with Symbian it has always been catching up in the smoothness, spec-game. I get that WP is catching up also, but I have more belief that it will get there than with the past years of watching Symbian.

        Just my opinion.

        • lordstar

          It should get there no doubt for Nokia’s sake.

          Well at least there should be no more laggy devices complaints when we get Nokia devices, both belle fp1 and the lumia range.

        • Luisito

          MMM… WP is snappy yes, but at wich cost???

          This why I simply regret the whole WP only path, of course Nokia will still get my money until they release the Nokia 808, my contract ends in two months (but I will have to pay the full price of an unlocked device). For me the right OS is something with a well balance ratio between function (well a lot of functions :P, I’m “greedy” user) & smoothiness (of course well implement functios)

          Windows Phone 8 provably will fix this, but, still time to see

      • Doffen

        Symbian is running on very old processor kernels. Even though the clock frequency has been increased, the processor does less pr. clock cycle than the newer processors. In addition, Symbian is a multi tasking OS and the processor thus has to do more work. In my opinion we will newer see Symbian on a modern multi core processor with plenty of RAM.

      • “I remember you saying that but you’ll reserve judgement once you get your 808.” – Janne, quoted by lordstar

        Why wait? The Nokia 701 is already out and it has similar hardware processor and RAM – wise as the Nokia 808 PV. It also has Nokia Symbian Belle FP1 as well, so the processor is bumped to 1.3GHz.

        Personally, I’ve tried Nokia 701, powered it on and it boots in 40 seconds, that’s faster than my GT-S5830 which boots in 85 seconds. Maybe it’s the 512MB RAM in the 701 that makes it snappier than GB 2.3.x.

        If you want a preview of the Nokia 808 PV, then try the Nokia 701. 🙂

        p.s. it is really strange that The Current Flagship Device Which Shall Not Be Named is practically being beaten spec-wise by a midrange Symbian device, in I/O, specially. Or were we really suckered to think of it as such (just like its predecessor one model down) and it really is NOT the flagship device that we thought it to be? Oh well, just a thought. 😉

        • lordstar

          True, I’m actually planning to get a 701 if Nokia would not release a new batch of Carla devices in a few months time. I’m using a 500 right now and I want that belle fp1 experience.

          Can’t switch to Lumia just yet, though the people hub is very enticing but the lack of features is really stopping me from owning a Lumia. Multitasking is important for me so I very much appreciate that with Symbian. Also it’s convenient for me to be able to not be dependent in software just to transfer files to my phone using my computer, it’s the drag and drop thing that satisfies me. BT file transfer also is a big plus, I just love teasing iphone users with “can you send that picture/song through bluetooth?” and they just shut up. haha I guess what I’m trying to say is that in short, Symbian somehow spoils me with the features that it has and it would feel like a downgrade if I would switch to Lumia now. The Lumia will get more features in time, I know.

          Being able to watch videos that show how smooth and responsive belle fp1 has become with the 700 and the 701 leads me into thinking that the only thing that it lacks now are the quality apps that an ecosystem would somehow need. Such a shame that Nokia is under promoting these devices.

          It’s really nice to see videos showing how smooth and capable belle fp1 is and that is why i appreciate this blog since it still promotes Symbian, Meego, and Lumia devices.

    • Jay Montano

      It’s like when we were laughing at iPhone for gradually picking up features from Symbian and having keynotes mentioning stuff like ‘folders’. But once it’s there, now what? Essentially it is building on a strong foundation of excellent user experiences. Things are added hopefully not just as a checklist but things that actually work, simply, possibly better than before.

      We can continue to be bitter and joke about it, but so what? As long as it keeps gradually improving at a steady rate, it can reach a threshold where there’s very little to moan about. Of course, no matter what happens, a minority of people will try to find something obscure to prevent them from going to that OS (no intention of ever using it).

      It’s funny to see absolute bitterness of a couple of people who complain to the end about it lacking said feature and then still being bitter when that feature arrives. I’m also really happy to see others being very open minded to the idea that if WP gets the features they want, they would be willing to use Lumia. Hopefully Nokia can bring extra things to their Lumia line and that MS get their asses in gear to make Apollo nearly everything high end users deserve/crave.

      • Janne

        And let me add to this: Nokia absolutely must add most missing features with or without Microsoft. It is warratend to expect that and people are right to want them – and to find it funny they are still missing.

        It will take some time, though, which is unfortunate, but so far so good. This looks promising.

      • Grendell

        I don’t think anyone could have said that better, Jay. And once Nokia crosses that feature threshold, I’m voting with my wallet.

      • nn

        I don’t understand how can anybody still use the iPhone analogy when it’s plainly obvious that the reason Apple was able to pull it off even on lacklustre HW and with quite a few “crucial” features missing, was because a) cool brand and most importantly b) the really innovative UI. MS has no advantage that could offset WP shortcomings and so the predictable results.

        • Janne

          “MS has no advantage that could offset WP shortcomings and so the predictable results.”

          nn: I disagree with this part, otherwise agree. Windows Phone has advantages that offset its shortcomings. It is the thing that people like Steve Wozniak have noted. There is something really innovative and beautiful about the user-interface, the hubs and the like.

          Is it enough? Maybe not. Nokia and Microsoft need to quickly add missing features for sure, but Windows Phone is plenty innovative already.

          • nn

            The advantage must be really big, leap forward so to speak, animated UI or message aggregation wont do that. If anyone has doubts about it she can look at the sales numbers from past two years.

          • Grendell

            To add: I agree that WP may offer some advantages over IOS but it’s given up the functionalities of Symbian which constituted a bigger share of the market to play in Apples pond. Combining both gives Symbian fans something to upgrade to (if they so choose), allows the needed differentiation from Apple and potentially addresses a much bigger and more profitable market.

      • tomwhat

        Hi Jay and some others. You’re constantly blaming others for trolling in this (your) blog. You’re applauding for the tiniest improvements and defending the one horse strategy consequently with the same speculativity you blame others for. Everyone know that Symbian is a dead end, Qt/Maemo strategy would have been suberb and should have been consequently executed much earlier. WP is probably a good decision for success in the US market and so on…but I really get bored by this childish fanboyismn here. Oh yes, you’re critical to Nokia’s WP strategy but by heart you defend the recent shift to WP.

        So why not to rename your site to “”?

        You notice bitterness (emotions) of others without being so straightforward to admit that WP is also something emotional for you as well….

        Sorry, but that’s the reason I can’t take you too serious

        • Jay Montano

          “Oh yes, you’re critical to Nokia’s WP strategy but by heart you defend the recent shift to WP.”

          I don’t even understand what point you’re trying to make. Nokia has chosen to switch to WP. I did not like it at first. Since then, I have used WP and happen to like it and I think it’s a good product for me, and possibly many others. If it continues to improve to deliver the features people are asking for, why is that bad? It’s a shame it wasn’t there in the beginning but the core experiences are there.

          “So why not to rename your site to “”?”

          Good suggestion, never heard that one before. I’m a Nokia fan writing on a blog about Nokia. I write about all the things I can given the time. I love the N9 and the 808. I write about them whenever I can to – despite the main shift being lumia, I still really like those Nokia products

          “You notice bitterness (emotions) of others without being so straightforward to admit that WP is also something emotional for you as well….”

          LOLWUT? I have to admit WP is something emotional for me? The fact that I write about Nokia related things shows I’m passionate about it. I write because I enjoy. I love the 808, I’m a fan of FP1, I love swipe on MeeGo and its versatility, but I also like Lumia WP and its ease of use, fluidity and reliability. It is possible for one person to like multiple things.

          I notice the bitterness towards anything Nokia. I have commented to people who try and put down Symbian or N9 too. I ask them to explain what it is they are finding problematic, especially on the N9 as I’ve had a pleasant experience thus far. Constant bitterness and antagonism of others is not something I want to see, especially on topics discussed a million times

          “Sorry, but that’s the reason I can’t take you too serious”

          You are welcome to leave this blog. You have expressed several times your dissatisfaction for me or this blog and the direction it is going so it is recommended you find another one that suits your liking:)

    • mdev

      Basically, you are getting a flashy high-end feature phone, that is called “smartphone” but it is not. The ironic thing is that iOS started this way but it opened up really fast and now has APIs that we know are never going to be in WP (native code and OpenGL for example). The REALLY ironic thing is that Microsoft copied the wrong company. Apple will quickly fade in the next few years and the Apple wanna-be WP will fare no better.

      It would be much more fun to watch if it was not Nokia that will pay the ultimate price for the Microsoft mobile pet project and ambitions.

      • Janne


        “The ironic thing is that iOS started this way but it opened up really fast and now has APIs that we know are never going to be in WP (native code and OpenGL for example).”

        As far as we know, native code is coming once the new kernel hits. OpenGL, probably not – but then iOS does not have DirectX and probably never will even if Microsoft were to gift it. That door swings both ways.

        • Dave

          To be fair, OpenGL ES 2.0 is an industry standard used by everyone (including Symbian and Meego) except Microsoft; DirectX is the opposite.

          While I’m not able to make a judgement call on which one is “better”, non availability makes porting of especially games more cumbersome.

          • Janne

            Dave: Of course, lack of OpenGL is a major minus because it has become the mobile standard where as DirectX has become the de facto standard on desktop.

            OTOH, once native code hits Windows Phone, it is expected to come in the form of standard C++. On Apple you have to use their Objective C. Lest anyone start using Apple as the golden example of openness and standards.

            • Dave

              Not to try to argue your point, which I do agree with, but C and C++ go together with Objective C just fine 🙂 Remember Qt (C++ framework) has an official port to iOS. Wether we’ll ever see real Qt apps in the Apple store is another question, but it’s not a technical limitation. If a developer has a large part of business logic in C(++), it is not a problem to use it in an iOS app.

              • Dave

                Crap, that’s of course an UNofficial port.

            • mdev

              “OTOH, once native code hits Windows Phone, it is expected to come in the form of standard C++. On Apple you have to use their Objective C. Lest anyone start using Apple as the golden example of openness and standards.”

              Very much doubt it. If it happens, it will be some kind of managed crap that only has C++ syntax but not standard C++ library.

            • tomwhat

              That’s it…that is why he said WP was copying the wrong company…I totally agree! I don’t wanna have the same shit Windows as done to the Desktop again with my phone. Apple’s and Microsoft’s approach is not for our benefit!

              • dss

                Just watch google gradually move to the same practice.. after all, they are a corporation and their bottom line is all that matters. Nokia’s old strategy was pretty much the only one that supported true open computing.. that is why, a lot of are sad that it is gone.

      • mdev : Would it be fine for you to see WP succeed at the expense of Nokia’s bankruptcy / assimilation / demise?

        My sentiments exactly coincide with yours. Now, as per rumor, they just sold / gave away a $5B portfolio for peanuts.

        What is Nokia thinking?!?!?!

    • reonhato

      That is really not fair or . Wp is suppose to replace the old symbian os right? isn’t the replacement wp suppose to have what symbian have in terms of functionality plus more? Not the other way around like Symbian is suppose to have wp’s smooth browser. It is being phased out anyway or being replaced by something better.

      Also it us thanks to these Wp critics or symbian fans that Nokia is realizing what they are missing to attract its old fans back.

      • Jay Montano

        N9 was also meant to be the Symbian replacement but it did not arrive with more features than Symbian (even some features missing from Maemo 5). What it came with was a wonderful user experience, that glorious Swipe UI that made all the things we used to do on Symbian so much easier. Plus the keyboard was awesome, the browser was great, generally very, very reliable. Over time with updates, it is picking up features.

  • jeff

    I saw some Nokia 610 on display in the Nokia Stores here in the Philippines that uses the “Nokia Marketplace” logo, I’ll try to capture it in photo next time I visit a nokia store

  • lordstar

    Yep i also really wanna see how Nokia could separate themselves from standard oems of windows phone devices. I know Nokia maps is one and the pureview technology. I think Nokia needs to make wp8 devices really awesome, add something to it that will make people go i’d rather have the lumia than the focus or htc device.

    Adding the missing features is the right step in that direction. That’ll make me consider the lumia devices more.

    • Grendell

      From other WP OEMs hardware features and quality materials/design. From IOS by price points (via several models) and form factors and other OEMs (Think of it as high end android). From Android smoothness, stability and hardware quality. From Symbian smoothness and stability but they do have to at least match HW capability.

  • jcar302

    Me personally i don’t give a crap what the online store is named.
    More importantly they still need the missing apps in that store to really bring sales to the next level.

    I pretty much hear it everyday, “does it play words with friends?”. Me personally, i think the game sucks, but obviously i’m in the minority.

    Seriously, at this point, just a couple of popular games would do more for sales than all the advertising in the world.

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  • Freddy

    Man hell devo I got a Lumia 800 and 900 and now find out I got to do a hack just to make it a USB and the Bluetooths no good what the hell if I wanted an itunes like depenant phone Id get an Iphone . I thought Windows would make Nokia better not worse. wow I can see whats happening on facebook instantly but I cant transfer a MP3 to listen to quickly before going for a jog

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