KONKA The Android Running Nokia You Never Wished for

| May 10, 2012 | 24 Replies

Ok, So technically not true, alot of people out there might want an Android Nokia- But let’s be clear; this isn’t the one you want to buy; With a name Like KONKA (ditch the “I” from Nokia and scramble the letters) that uses the same Nokia font you can’t go wrong right?


As is usual with these Konka-Offs they’re pretty Ballsy, the phone above is a direct copy of the Lumia-900 crossed with the Sony Xperia S (which in itself isn’t too far away from the N9/Lumia form factor).  At least the Chinese still think Nokia is worth copying; which is always flaterring right?

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  • jmlion

    “Sony Xperia S (which in itself isn’t too far away from the N9/Lumia form factor)” lol. This is so not true. If anything, the only time I think Sony Ericsson took “inspiration” from Nokia was with the SE Ray (, which looked similar to X6.

    • Aliqudsi

      Could be; I didn’t pay much attention to older Sony devices so I wouldn’t know; just thought the bezzel and polycarb remided me of the 900 (although the phone you linked does look more like the X7 than the X6)

  • aboodesta

    N9 running ICS makes it the most desirable and awesome android phone ever for me 😉 ( Im dual booting).

    • Aliqudsi

      Why Am I not surprised? 😉 😛

  • deep space bar

    the second one looks pretty sexy…i would love to se symbian on something like tht

  • anonymous

    Yep. Because the Android-running Nokia many (excluding myself :P) wished for has long arrived and -as Michael mentioned earlier- is even rumoured to have stopped being produced.


    blame android. it brought the likes of zte, huawei, samsung and all sorts of other crap to the mobile game.

    • DesR85

      Samsung have been in the mobile phone market for quite a long time before Android made its appearance.

  • Simo

    They’re “pretty Balls”? :-/

    • Aliqudsi

      Meant to say pretty ballsy.. Woops

  • sabbir

    101 reasons not to buy a windows phone

    • Aliqudsi

      yeah about 98 of them arer BS the other 3 are
      -Closed OS (if open source is your thing go with Android)

      -Screen does not show notifications when locked (ok that’s a beautidul Meego/SYmbian Feature)

      -The author doesn’t like WP…

      • Paul

        This is a nokia site and you say ‘If open source is your thing go with android’?? Should you even be here??

        • Jay Montano

          I openly recommended various phones as alternatives (Symbian) as well as N9 and Android. There is something for everyone. No point recommending people to use something that they have been so specific to say will not suit their needs. If Android is what suits them best, then so be it.

          If they want open source, why not Android? There was a huge number of things in the original list that suited Android more than N9.

          “Should you even be here?”

          Let’s not use that card of who should be here.

        • Heron

          Keeping an open mind work wonders. Every phone has its place.

          • mdev

            Absolutely. Apparently the WP also has its place – the LAST place in the market. Feature wise, it is on the level of the first iPhone. 5 years after the iPhone and 2 years after WP launch.

            • Bassman

              You really are a bitter little puppy aren’t you….

  • Gen

    The second one looks like HTC titan

  • Maybe

    They copied Sony and HTC design… plus the name coincidentally have almost the same alphabets as Nokia without I… Doesn’t mean KONKA copy Nokia…

  • Ricky

    Thanks, Nokia for not choosing Android as an operating system. 🙂

  • KONKA The Android Running Nokia You Never Wished for – My Nokia Blog
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  • KONKA The Android Running Nokia You Never Wished for – My Nokia Blog
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  • KONKA The Android Running Nokia You Never Wished for – My Nokia Blog