Viber available for Nokia Lumia

| May 10, 2012 | 186 Replies

Quick heads up: Viber can be downloaded at Marketplace for your Nokia Lumia:

Viber is available for Android, iPhone®, BlackBerry® and now for Windows phone®.
We are always introducing new features, platforms and possibilities.
Viber is completely free with no advertising, and we value your privacy: read our policy at

Get it, you’ll like it.

***WHY VIBER?***

* 100% FREE: Viber and all our features are completely free, with no subscriptions or purchases. Avoid mobile phone “bill shock” – text other users, on any network, as much as you want. All you need is a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection, and friends who get Viber too!

* SIMPLE TO USE: Viber just works, and lets you connect with your friends whose numbers you already have. It synchs with your mobile phone number and contact list to instantly show who already has Viber. Never again must you seek out your own contacts, create new usernames, or build new lists.

* VOICE COMING SOON: We promise that as soon as the full version is ready, we will make it available so will be able to use Viber for Windows phone to also make free calls to any other Viber user, anywhere in the world.

* AD FREE: Viber doesn’t accept advertising and promises mobile text and calls will always be free, and ad free. We also value your privacy: read our privacy policy at

Via GSMArena 

Cheers Mikkel and KF for the tip!

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  1. neil.fsc says:

    What ever happened to the Symbian version of Viber? O.o

    • John Browb says:

      Funny how the os with less than 1% marketshare gets vibre, but Symbian doesn’t! Just shows how most devs only cater for the North American market!

      • Matias says:

        I can’t remember the relation between “haters” and “hating…” Oh, now it’s coming back to me! Haters gonna hate! That’s the one!

        • gordonH says:

          So Non-haters should not comment?
          Relax, don’t get too defensive for WP. The guy was talking about a rumored symbian version of Viber.

  2. kan says:

    Viber is crap. I used it. The VoIP feature is not enabled however the messaging is and it sucks.

  3. Grendell says:

    Wait for VOIP. I’ve used it a lot a prefer it over Skype for non-video calls. It’s gaining a lot of momentum.

  4. Viber says:


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    @neil.fsc- Viber for Nokia is under development, please stay tuned for updates :)

    @kan- What device do you have?

    If you have any question about Viber – please feel free to ask.

    Thank you,
    Viber Team

    • vineeth says:


      Viber is not working on my Nokia Lumia 900. When I am sending messages through Viber it is being received as normal message and thus I am being charged for sending the message. Can you please help me out.

    • Last says:

      I am considering changing my nokia N8 to an Android phone or I phone as it doesnt support Viber. Can u please tell me when would I be able to use Viber on my N8 as this would affect my decision. I love my phone and have no complaints other than the fact that Viber doesn’t work on it. Waiting for your reply. Thank you

  5. Viber says:

    Hi @vineeth -

    Are you sure you sent those messages to Viber users to begin with?
    Please enter Viber, and on the top of the screen filter users by “Viber contacts”. Is that list full of Viber contacts?

  6. Linh says:

    Hi There
    I ‘ve already installed Viber on my Nokia Lumia 710 . Everything is working good, included Massage and Phone Call. But there is a problem. When My friend send me a message via viber system, no notification on my phone abt msg is received. When I click on viber icon, i just read my friend’s massage. Although,notification setting is on. Could you tell me what happen?

  7. Viber says:

    @Linh -

    What operating system version is installed on your Lumia?
    Also – have you ruled out the possibility that this is an internet connection issue? Have you tested this when connecting to a few different WiFi networks?

    • Graham says:

      Why viber no ringtone on lumia 800 when the application is not activated? I just get a message notification with short beep.

  8. negar says:

    hi i have nokia n8 and unfortunetly i cant download viber for this mobile:(( can u help me??

  9. Rony GM says:

    pls viber to Nokia N8 …

  10. negar says:

    hiii pleaseeeeee help meeeee i wrote comment but no one attention to me:((

  11. kc says:

    viber for n97 pleaseeeee

    • Viber says:


      Viber for Symbian is still under development, but unfortunately we still don’t have specific release dates.

      We invite you to follow us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest updates and news :)

  12. meki says:

    can you tell me if there is a viber version for nokia E5 symbian phone?

    • Viber says:

      Hi @meki

      Unfortunately not yet. Viber for Symbian is still under development, and once we have news about its release, we will publish it in our official Facebook and Twitter pages :)

  13. Tita says:

    hi :)
    Can You tell me if i can use viber for my mobile phone as it is c6
    i wait your answer :)

    • Viber says:

      Viber for Symbian (Nokia c6′s operating system) is still under development, but unfortunately we still don’t have specific release dates. Once we have news, we’ll let you know :)

  14. sam says:

    Hi when is this viber going to be able to download on my n8?

    • Viber says:

      Viber for Symbian is currently under development, but unfortunately we’re still not sure when exactly it will be ready.

      Once we have news, we will let our fans know through our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

  15. Abs says:

    Does Viber work for Nokia N9??

    • Viber says:

      Nokia N9 is running MeeGo operating system, and unfortunately Viber is not planned to support MeeGo at this stage :(

      However, we recommend you to stay tuned for news and updates on our official Facebook page.

  16. Mira says:

    When is Viber gonna be ready for Nokia E6-00?

    • Viber says:

      Viber for Nokia is under development these days, but unfortunately we still don’t have specific release dates.

      Once we have news, we’ll officially announce it on our Facebook page.

  17. lassana says:

    can viber work for nokia e 51 plz i want to knw if he can work

    • Viber says:

      @lassana -
      Not yet. Viber for Nokia is under development these days, but we still don’t have specific release dates.

      Once we have news, we’ll officially announce it through our official Facebook and Twitter pages :)

  18. Ayo says:

    can viber work on my X3-00?

  19. Tom says:


    Where download link? (viber for n8)


    • Viber says:

      Hi @Tom -

      Viber for Nokia is not available yet. We are working on its development these days, and we hope to have good news soon.
      Once we have news, we’ll publish it officially through our Facebook page :)

  20. hany says:

    plz viber for nokia e5

  21. Umair says:

    Hi Viber Team

    Viber for Nokia E6 is available in Ovi Store, but right now you can only send messages with it. When Voip Calls facility will be available for Nokia E6??


  22. Claudia says:

    Hi viber tean :)

    can you tell us what are actually the nokia phones which can download viber? That is currently, at this moment.

    Thx :)

  23. nasir hadayat says:

    how i can download viber in lumia 800?

  24. LOLA says:

    Hi viber team

    when do you think voice come for windows phone?

  25. Jayen says:

    Dear Viber,
    I use Nokia Lumia 710 running windows phone 7.5 OS.
    I’ve installed Viber and it’s working perfectly over 3G, but it doesn’t work over WiFi. Please help.

    Jayen (India)

    • Viber says:

      Hi Jayen,

      It could be that the network you are connected to is blocking Viber’s traffic.

      1. First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the problem). What are the results?
      2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled (“forwarded”) on your routers or firewalls:
      TCP: 5242 + 4244
      UDP: 5243 + 9785

      (if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer)

      • Jayen says:

        Ok, thank you!

        I’ll try it and get back to you.

      • Jayen says:

        Dear Viber,

        I switched the WiFi connection. But still can’t connect over the other WiFi.
        Whereas the iPhone as well as the iPod can connect over both the WiFi connections wherever I tried to connect my phone.
        Please help.


        • Viber says:

          @Jayen -

          Thank you for the information.
          The fact that you can use Viber fine on 3G but not on WiFi strongly suggests there is a problem with the WiFi networks you are testing.

          Please try uninstalling Viber, reboot your device, then reinstall Viber and test on those WiFi networks again.

          If it still doesn’t work, then we kindly ask that you take a minute and report the details of the problem to our support team using this direct link:

          (specify in the ticket which tests you already performed).

          With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it

          Thanks in advance :)

          • Jayen says:

            Dear Viber,

            I uninstalled Viber, switched off my phone, switched it on and then again installed Viber.

            It now works perfectly fine on WiFi.

            Thanks a lot!


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