Nokia 808 PureView, expected in India for 30K INR

| May 12, 2012 | 37 Replies

AndroSym took a look at Nokia India’s pagesource for the Nokia 808 and it suggests that the price of the Nokia 808 Black at to be 29,999INR


30K INR is roughtly 348GBP or 433 EUR. Close to the 450EUR expected at UAE.

Not bad. Similar page source details are confirmed for the Nokia E5 which mentions pricing in this manner.

Source: AndroSym via ST

Cheers Prashant for the tip!


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  • itischeap

    great news. Thats about 450 euros. I bet it was the online retailers who were pricing it too high initially.

    • Jay Montano

      Yes. This has always been the case. All the early pre-orders, Amazon listings, especially if priced in UK, are much more expensive that the actual real prices that nokia set.

      • Abdul

        New Delhi: Of late, numerous reports, pointing to the price mentioned in the “source code” of Nokia’s 808 PureView page, are doing the rounds, which speculate that the soon to be launched 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView smartphone will be priced at Rs 29,999 in India. But, the company rebuffs such reports, and claims it to be a dummy price, and not the actual price.

        “We outsource certain chores, and for that we have to give price related information. So, in such cases, we furnish a dummy price, and not the actual (true) price. In this case also (the one mentioned in the source code), Rs 29,999 is a dummy price and the 808 Pureview will not be available for this price,” said the spokesperson.

        However, Nokia refused to give any further information about its pricing. But, Nokia has firmly stated that the phone will not be priced at Rs 29,999.

        The phone is expected to be priced at above Rs 30K and the possibility of it being priced below the ‘leaked’ price seems low.

        The company further says that the actual price of the phone in India will be revealed during its launch.

        With this statement from Nokia, it could either mean that the company is smartly trying to dispel current rumours about the phones pricing floating in the market or it could mean that Nokia does not want its buyers to get misled, and hence is furnishing true information.

  • stefan

    if that’s true then 610 priced at 19999 INR

    710 cost only 15499

    • Vikas Patidar

      i guess it’s typo and rather it should be 10999 INR

  • vikas patidar

    At this price it will be a superhit phone. And eventually after 1-2 months it will sell upto 27-28K.

    Indeed very well priced compared to Lumia 800 in initial case. Just it need some advertising.

  • Rat Kutti

    i guess its the sweet spot when considering the fact that the Lumia 800 is selling around 21,000 INR here in India

    • Raja

      We’re can you get the 800 for 21 grands in India 2 days before I checked it was 24,000

  • kunwar

    perfect price n i bet after 2-3 months it will get to 25k mark it will sell alot

  • Shriek

    At 30K i would get this in a heartbeat.

    I love Symbian, I love Nokia and i definetly love a great Camera Phone.

    Can’t find a good enough phone in other ecosystems, so N808 here comes my credit card 😀

  • turdworldindian

    Not bad?

    At current market prices, Sony Experia S – 31K. SGS 2 – 28K, Nexus – 30K. SGS 3 is likely going to debut at 31K.

    Do you think it’s alright to price an “out of fashion”(to common people anyway) platform at this price, when Nokia is doing so bad?

    You no clue about Nokia India’s arrogance. Nokia India behaves as if they descended straight from a Finnish royal family, and we the commoners should be thankful to buy anything they throw at us at any price.

    They have been doing this for far too long – artificially jack up the price when a new phone hits the market and a few months later lower the price to the actual market value. They got away with this so far, because the competition sucked. They can’t afford to pull this shit now.

    This is one of the reasons gadget lovers hated Nokia in India for a long time for cheating the early adopters.

    I came to love Nokia during my stay outside of India. Not because of these Nokia India f**ktards.

    • Clint_ZA

      “Do you think it’s alright to price an “out of fashion”(to common people anyway) platform at this price, when Nokia is doing so bad?”

      I know I should not let comments like this both me, but they do!

      First, if this sort of cutting edge technology was on ANY other device people would be doing handstands, double back flips and letting everyone know how marvellous this device is. Hell, Twitter has been alight with news of the pretty much “same old same old” Samsung Galaxy SIII and the underwhelming iPhone 4S had the same effect. Nokia does it and gets told they must virtually give the phone away.

      Second, you use Nokia’s current position to justify your views. So let me get this straight. They are “battling” and you think the best solution is to continue giving their phones away and not make any profit? This on a device that was many years in the making.

      Third, jumping on that damn bandwagon and referring to Symbian as old fashioned peeves me the most. Think for yourself! Don’t regurgitate what US tech blogs tell you. Symbian is still by far the most advanced OS out there. The others are all still playing catch up. Belle is great!

      • Clint_ZA

        both=bother obviously!

        And if any one wants to talk overpriced, then how about we focus on one of those devices that has people doing back flips in the street, the iPhone! Between 450GBP and 500GBP on Amazon. For what? No cutting edge camera there. Just a “pretty” interface and “ease of use”…

        • turdworldindian

          Look, I don’t need convincing. I would buy the 808 in a heartbeat after running my N9 to the ground. But I just wouldn’t buy it from Nokia India, but rather from eBay.

          My peeve is against Nokia India BU, not Symbian. I know what Symbian is capable of, been using it even before the Jesus phone.

          That’s why I put “out of fashion” in quotes – I didn’t say inferior, just “out of fashion” among the Indian buyers in today’s market.

          Try convincing buyers to buy the 808 against Exepria S and SGS 3 all in the same price band. How many buyers do you think have heard about pureview?

          And no, my rant is not based on US tech blogs. I am commenting here, aren’t I? Smartphone opinion wars among colleagues and friends are common here – as they are elsewhere.

          • James


            What do you mean by:
            “after running my N9 to the ground”?

            • turdworldindian

              After it becomes unusable due to heavy usage over a period of time.. My N9 is just 3 months old.

              Just to give you an idea, my options at that point were N9, 700 and begrudgingly L800. When I asked the Nokia local store here, L800 was selling at 30K!

              N9 was around 450 USD on eBay — which is 25K for me. So that helped me making up my mind. And after 3 months now, L800 is priced around 25K, which indicates it’s actual market value.

              You can see how much of wankers Nokia India really are.

              • James

                Still not really getting what you mean by unusable after a period of time.
                It can become totally unstable more easily than WP.
                But that’s because you can get under the hood much more.
                Which of course means you’ll get more instability.
                Be careful with apps like N9tweak etc.
                I never use them…
                If I want to implement a hack or tweak.
                I always manually do it myself in the terminal.
                And I always make note of whatever hack/twk I’ve done, & in what order.
                And of course back up etc….

                Regarding pricing in India, I see what you mean.
                Sounds like they’re behaving like Nokia’s still king.

      • Paul Grenfell

        Yes Belle is not the “Symbian” it used to be.. Its actually a pleasure to use and has many features. It looks and performs great on N8 and 808.

        • Clint_ZA

          You will not believe how many people I have had phone discussions with who claim they know Symbian, and can vouch for how “rubbish” it is because they once owned a Nokia 5110! Even those who claim to have owned an N82 cannot state they know Symbian as in it’s new guise it is unrecognisable.

          I would be interested to ask those same people how wonderful the first Android release was, or the first iOS release. Belle is a different beast.

          • Paul Grenfell

            Yes they are quick to Judge without evn trying.. I regularly take trips to Phone stores , and try everything on display.. I reckon if you put the 808 on display, hardly anyone would pick it was Symbian OS until you told them. Its not that different to Android really..

    • manu

      ya this is a niche device most people wont buy it.also its not true that nobody knows about pureview my non-techy friends knows about pureview more than lumia.
      And price of galaxy s3 is not 31k,htc one x is 36k,galaxy s3 is expected to be 38k .

  • Next: Global release.

    • Paul Grenfell

      Nope.. Australia and New Zealand wont be getting it and the US is only getting Sim free.

      • Then let’s burn some rubber early on. Help in any way we can. 🙂

        • Paul Grenfell

          Get stuck into Nokia Australia FB, they also control the Nokia NZ FB page.. hammer them.. Publicity , anything.. I actually think they are beginning to feel the backlash now..

          • Already did and still doing so from time to time.

          • outdated os


            have people upload Nokia 808 pics on Nokia Au/Nz page.

            • Paul Grenfell

              They have been posting links to 808 stuff, yes, but not any actual photos.. You got some?

  • Yaswanth

    Now it was changed to ‘NA’

  • Hey I don’t think we can rely on this information since it is all speculation. I think we must wait for the official Nokia pricing that comes out. These rumours always surface before the launch of any good mobile phone. So beware, do not just trust anything and everything you see on the net.

    • I agree with Akash. Can’t rely on random information on the net. This is just some rumour floating around which cannot be trusted. So even I’d suggest that we’d better wait for the official announcement from Nokia before passing any judgements.

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    • James

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