Video: Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610

| May 24, 2012 | 17 Replies

Here’s a video of Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610. Now it’s not officially supported yet but Nokia have said they are working on it. There were some stories saying that it will never appear but I saw the same text verbatim sent by Nokia Careline.


Anyway, in the video you can see Skype working. It is on a developer unlocked phone only at the moment because Nokia is still trying to get the experience right. It’s a shame that there are difficulties in the first place. WPCentral doesn’t seem to have encountered the supposed Nokia performance issues. It’s just a case of being able to install it.


Cheers arts for the tip!


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  • James

    You sure this is right? This came out on engadget 24hrs ago

    • Jay Montano

      The original source posted that on May 22nd. A week or two ago I already saw the same text (in English) sent by Nokia Care.

      This video shows it is working and the WPCentral guys says they’ve not encountered any problems yet.

      • James

        Ah I see, thanks.

  • twig

    Nokia 900 (black) is back on top at Amazon Wireless U.S.A. because of the special price drop for fathers day and grads. What’s this Nokia X Challenge for medical tech and mobile tech combined at Nokia Conversation? Over 2 million prize. Medical, that’s jay’s line of work. How about a wand you plug into your Nokia lumia smartphone and scan the teeth of a person for decay, etc? Is there any body temp. apps? Hearing tests headphones and apps? I’m just throwing things against the wall until something sticks. This is all in Jay’s league. Let’s help him win over $2,000,000.

  • Viipottaja

    Jay, FYI, the new site “theme” is a mess at least on my older IE at work. Have not tried at home. On my Lumia 900 works a bit better but with massive sectionat the top twice (once at the very top and second time under the banner ad) and everything in one long narrow strip with the “recent comments” and “tags” at the very bottom. I gather you are still working on it though, but though to let you know. 🙂

    • twig

      Kind of nice on the 900, a few space empty spots but all in all a nice switch.

    • Jay Montano

      Sorry about that. Still tweaking what I can.

      What specifically looks messy?

      Currently I’m having issues with the thumbnails. They aren’t all at the usual set dimensions so can warm the grid layout if there is a tall image.

      The featured post box is worse than before. It self animates, takes up more space and has the warping image phenomenon which moves the grid of posts.

      Plus the usual border around the top large banner is missing :/

      • Viipottaja

        On IE (also now at home on a new version) the front page boxes on the stories get into a sort of a cascade/steps arrangement… and on my Lumia 900 everything is just one looooooong narrow page, and in a message thread anything after the first level reply to a comment gets extremely narrow.. So strange that twig’s (I assume Lumia) 900 lays it out fine.

        Also, on IE desktop it kind of reloads the page 3 times (that happened in the old layout too) and say you click on a resent comment, due to the reloading, you don’t get to the exact comment in the end, just at the top of the page

        • arts

          same here!!!

          • DM

            In all fairness when it comes to IE there will be problems as IE tends to have a habit of f*cking up websites.

  • Hi . i’m a huge fan of this blog and i really like this new design . so cool . i’m from iraq and it’s nice too meet you guys 😀
    i’ve seen lately that Skype is not available for the 610 . well i think it’s a good point from nokia to see the experience of the users that may be good for them to do such things 😀 oh by the way i’m a new blogger so nice to meet you pal 😀

    • praveenrohit

      helo taha..

      • Petr

        Kdyby někomu nešel skype, tak stačí pouze napsat do markeplatzu skype a nainstalovam im+

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  • dd

    Well….. Still no Skype…

    • Trexus

      Well… massive… rude… & pointless… necro-post.

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