Buildcorp ditches BlackBerry for Nokia?

| June 23, 2012 | 46 Replies

ZDNet reports on a story where by Buildcorp ditched their BlackBerry’s in favour of…Nokia. Nokia Lumia to be precise.

After the construction company’s telecommunications contract expired, they decided to ditch blackberry and opt instead for WP7. The company had a mix of 50-60 BB and 100 voice phones. The choice to go all smartphone was the need to access project data online. The reason they opted to go for Windows Phone? Recommendations from their IT folks at Netcare which would apparently reduce the administration required. The company providing the application that they needed for their work, ProjectCentre, also advised on WP7.

Well OK, so WP7 it is. But Nokia wasn’t the only choice. HD7 and Omnia were also competing with the Lumia 800 and 710. They trialled all the devices and in the end bought 150 Nokia Lumia phones.


  • Nokia phone seemed to have a more rugged design (hopefully they didn’t just go on the Nokia indestructible meme). Apparently they might see less broken phones like they did when they owned BBs.
  • Nokia Drive and Nokia maps are popular as is Mix Radio

Why not stick with BB?

Apparently WP7 was more user friendly, better for less tech savvy users or older people (even though the BB userbase is apparently older)

Ironically, they also decided against BB because they were unsure about its long term proposition.

Brett Hoskins from Buildcorp said:

Nokia’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform was important in our decision to adopt Lumia. Other phone providers have a limited number of phones on the Windows Phone platform, with the remaining running Android. This long-term partnership with Microsoft ensures we have the right product support in place now and in the future.

WP7.5 might be a great fit for these people now, but how about in the near future when WP8 arrives? Well their phones won’t suddenly grind to a halt in responsiveness. They’ll still be just as fast. The people providing their app will have it specifically compatible for the OS they recommended. The homescreens could be upgraded in future if they want but the big simple layout right now is working for them as it is. Added customisability later is just an extra bonus.

If in future the handsets need upgrading, then they may move to WP8 (or WP9 by then) which will be backward compatible with any apps they previously used.

Source: zdnet

Thanks Loci for the tip!


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  • AnnaBelleRama

    Good news for Nokia.

    • AnnaBelleRama

      First time to say first.hehe

  • Since this morning I have been watching BlackBerry videos, their BB10 presentations and other random clips. So far I LOVED what they are doing with BB10. I loved how they did their touch keyboard. Several other things which they demoed. At places it reminds me Maemo/Meego. But of course there is nothing SOLID from RIM out in the market and the reports are not very healthy.

    I like what they are doing and I believe in a healthy and productive competition because a healthy competition drive toward new great things so for sake of it I really wish them luck too.

    • Sefriol

      My personal opinion is that with WP8 release, RIM is in a big trouble. It has it’s users, but majority was business people (atleast what I’m aware of).
      WP8 offers so much for companies and business people in general. Like eWallet, Office and many other things you use on your computer. Plus it’s a closed OS like iPhone. Due this and what MS has said WP8 might be the most secure OS in the market.

      • ashok pai

        why does wp8 have that others do not have ? ewallet et al… aren’t they there in other offerings?

      • ashok pai

        actually, your statement goes against your “most secure offering ” bogey.

        android is pretty much like windows on the desktop now. you can install any software from any source, isnt it the same like windows today ?

        with windows on the desktop or android/ symbian the user is responsible for whatever app/crap that’s installed. you can sideload apps but you are supposed to be responsible for security issues.

        as regards malware that sneaks in via appstore – is it not the same like how windows desktop is compromised repeatedly – like say in case of flame malware or several before that ?

        so in that terms – isn’t IOS also in the same boat as wp8 – both are pretty closed to disallow sideloading apps or install from non-official store/ sources? how is wp8 necessarily better than existing solutions ?

        they said fragmentation was not going to be there with ios/ wp unlike in android or symbian. but both platforms have the same issues since the older software has got limitations or does not stick to current hardware requirements. boom! fragmentation. the same thing happened with symbian – many models , different hardware and software requirements, android was more wider because they supported a vastly different set of hardware. so how can any single platform claim they are better than others ?

        • Carbontubby

          W8/WinRT will be closed, possibly following the same walled garden mentality as WP7. For tinkerers like me, that sucks, so I’ll probably stay away from the platform.

          But for enterprise customers, having a single operating system running on multiple devices is amazing. The same Metro app can run on phones, tablets and PCs, provided it’s compiled for both ARM and x86.

          As for “most secure”, I assume the whole Win8 range will have stuff like encryption for entire phone/tablet storage and disks, remote wipe and remote access. That’s great for enterprises to prevent confidential info from being lost if a device goes missing.

          All in all, bloody ambitious, even if I hate MS 🙂

          • migo

            I’d be quite surprised if MS can make WP8 more secure than BB10. I’m sure they can make it more secure than Android, iOS and Symbian, but RIM has focused on security to the detriment of usability for a long time. It’s something they know very, very, well.

      • “Plus it’s a closed OS like iPhone. Due this and what MS has said WP8 might be the most secure OS in the market.”
        most delusion I ever heard

      • migo

        WP8 is still going to be behind BB10 in terms of capability. Windows 8 CP is behind PlayBook OS 2 already, so RIM has a decent head start. WP8 isn’t going to put RIM in trouble – anyone who was considering a BB10 device will still get one. What WP8 will do though is steal sales from Android and iOS.


    oh baby this is great news,
    the first of many more industries to go nokia 🙂


      “…..Recommendations from their IT folks…..”

      if this becomes the norm with “IT folks”, wow, nokia sales will be enormous

  • stylinred

    odd that they ditched it for lumia i would have thought symbian…. i guess they dont really have any need for a corporate friendly device?

    even though bb still reigns here in canada quite a few local companies have switched to android/ios

    • migo

      If you’re surprised they didn’t choose symbian, you’re quite literally insane.

  • benjimola

    Fanboys… smh. Now a good news for nokia is attacked because of the os its running… it doesn’t matter which os. all that matters is nokia.

    • gabriel9

      It does matter which OS is used. The OS is all that matters these days. Because of that my next phone will be BB with Swype and Qt. 🙂

      What is left from Nokia? Do you know every WP will have Nokia maps? I don’t want just name NOKIA on the device, i want all from NOKIA.

      • benjimola

        You don’t understand me I guess. Scroll up and see how someone hate the news cause its possible that it may run windows phone and am saying if it runs Symbian meego or wp7 it doesn’t matter. Its a good news for Nokia that’s all I can say.

        • gabriel9

          If it does not matter then MS would not invest so much in software and OS.

        • Shane

          That’s rich coming from you, you rarely take that attitude.
          You regularly attack anything from Nokia that’s not WP.

      • Lord US

        Isn’t it great news for consumers if every WP device will run Nokia maps?

        • this blog called (yet) “MyNokiaBlog” not “MyConsumerBlog”. got my point?

          • arts

            and somehow nokia getting revenue from maps is a bad thing.

        • gabriel9

          Not. 🙂

        • xxx

          never, because ovi maps should make Nokia poducts stronger nor their competitors.

        • xxx

          Some people like LorgUS thinks that Nokia users are happy because Nokia is using WP. It’s not true lots of us hate Ms and their products. Lots of us are using Linux, MacOS and are not interested in Ms Office and other Ms products. I love symbian, meego and everything which are made by Nokia. WP is a cancer and should be removed as fast as is possible to save Nokia Nokia needs the cure – meego. I’m really unhappy because nokia forums right now are occupied by WP fans.

      • migo

        BB isn’t going to get Swype.

        • gabriel9

          Why not? Nokia does not want it. So someone else should use it.

          • Harangue

            Swype isn’t owned by Nokia, it was made by someone else and Nokia being one but many invested in it along with Samsung for one.

            So yes, RIM can use it, but not because of Nokia not wanting/using it.

          • migo

            Because they have their own keyboard, and you can get Swype on any touchscreen Symbian Nokia for a couple years now.

  • Are those Lumias a mix of 610, 710, 800 and 900? Or purely just 900?

    • Sefriol

      Article said that offer included 710 and 800.

      • A-S-D

        Yep, I’m guessing it may be a 50/100 split between 800 and 710 with more 710s than 800s.

      • very good move. nice move. wise move. taking in account these devices will never get wp8 :>

  • Carbontubby

    Does anyone here not mind the total lock-in imposed by anything Blackberry? Whether it’s BB7 or BBX/QNX, all your data still goes through RIM.

    You need a BB device, a BB-specific data plan from your carrier, and either BIS service from the carrier or a BES setup at your enterprise. There’s no way to use the smartphone features on a current BB device without a BB data plan… you can’t directly use IMAP, POP or Exchange with the mail client. It’s either push (through RIM infra) or nothing, the same with the default web browser and IM tools.

    At least with the other platforms, you can choose to use Apple/MS/Google/Nokia services or otherwise.

    • viipottaja

      No, because push for their own services is only evil when done by Apple (not really because they are so… I don’t know, cool and awesome) or MS (yeah, pure evil). 😛

    • sdfanq

      It’s not all that bad …
      – they’ve introduced native apps for that in Playbook OS v2.0
      – the data plans are usually very convenient, and much better than the usual data plans (for other phones)
      – I think there isn’t any privacy concern; although your data passes through their servers, there are plenty of algorithms for establishing a secret shared key over an insecure channel, so it’s possible and quite probable that data that passes through their servers is not decryptable even for RIM.

      • Carbontubby

        Single point of failure *and* snooping, as seen by RIM’s recent outage and willingness to bend to government surveillance.

        The other issue is data roaming… you can’t roam on BB unless the carrier you’re roaming on also has a BB setup, or you can use Wi-fi only but your data is routed through your original carrier’s BB setup. Other smartphones let you use whatever data carrier (prepaid GSM, roaming GSM or Wi-fi) to access your services.

    • migo

      Corporations don’t mind at all. When it came to the Indian government requiring RIM to give them access to BBM and BB Email data, RIM was able to comply with BBM but it was impossible for them to comply when it came to email. The Indian government had to settle. So if you want the most secure mobile email available (important for businesses), you’ll hapilly accept any lock-in from BB.

      • Carbontubby

        Something really interesting about W8 is that you probably won’t need RIM’s Mobile Fusion/BES installed at your enterprise, because W8 will allow remote management from MS tools. You can then skip the RIM infra and use standard 3G/4G/Wifi as data carriers.

        Your emails will be secure end to end and you won’t have to rely on BB infra in case it gets knocked down again:
        (Exchange server — encrypted connection — encrypted store on device)

        The Exchange ActiveSync spec licensed by iOS/Android/etc. already supports requirement for on-device encryption. Remote wipe capability in W8 would make it even more secure.

        For me, the stupidest thing RIM did with the Playbook was requiring it to be tethered to a BB phone for email and push data. They could have made it a standalone tablet with a kick-ass OS but they didn’t. RIM’s entire business model relies on being locked-in to its infrastructure, from device to server… the prevalence of iOS devices in enterprise means RIM’s days are already numbered, and with W8 coming, I think they need a major Nokia-style makeover to stay afloat. RIM can’t stay alive based on government contracts and just a few large companies.

  • fongo

    In another newsflash related to this one, Nokia WP sales are up 150% in Australia!

    • they sold another 15 devices to previous 10? 🙂

  • DesR85

    “Apparently WP7 was more user friendly, better for less tech savvy users or older people (even though the BB userbase is apparently older)…”

    Reminds me back two years ago when I was looking for a new phone and was comparing between a BB phone and the 6700 Slide. Found the former to be bulky and the keys too small for comfort. After doing some more research on both devices, I decided to go for the latter. Didn’t regret it one bit.

    “Ironically, they also decided against BB because they were unsure about its long term proposition.”

    I remember that aside from Android and Apple eating into their pie, RIM did face a lot of criticism for its handling of their BBM fallout in both the UAE and India, which in the latter’s case, contributed to the Mumbai terror attacks. Not sure if the latter two did impact it’s sales, but I do recall that it did cause discontent among the tech blogs and the business community.

  • migo

    Nokia more durable than HTC and Samsung, I can totally see. Nokia more durable than BB? That I don’t, I like both Nokia and BlackBerry for their durability.

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