Visualized: Nokia Maps Vs. the Competition

| September 20, 2012 | 64 Replies

Here’s a really nice infographic showing a comparison between Nokia maps, Apple’s new maps and Google Maps. It’s obvious that Nokia have the advantage in Most fields only losing to Google maps when it comes to traffic updates; but the one thing I really enjoyed about this infographic was that it didn’t try to spin everything in Nokia’s favor; it’s clear honest and just plain facts. Take a closer look at the countries that have Turn-by-turn voice coverage by each service below:

Top: Nokia Maps, Bottom Left: Google Maps, Bottom Right: iOS Maps

Nokia maps truly are amazing, especially in the less popular countries (for me in Jordan) I still find all the little places I want and am easily able to navigate to them. Some of the locations I find aren’t even available on my brothers dedicated Garmin GPS, I’m just hoping for an offline/Mobile version of their full 3D maps to compete with Apple’s new Flyover (which for some reason alot of people hate, honestly I find it pretty cool).

Edit: Apparently Apple maps has some serious navigation and listing issues: Gizmodo


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