Nokia Location gets huge NAVTEQ deals with Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Pioneer and Garmin

| September 28, 2012 | 98 Replies


Kudos to Muerte who noticed some pretty significant Nokia Location news was missed.

Volkswagen Group, Mercedes A-Class, BMW, Garmin, Hyundai and Pioneer.


Press releases available below:

 This one is for the Volkswagen Group:

 Nokia today announced that its Location & Commerce business is supplying NAVTEQ® Maps and data to the Volkswagen Group for its new Discover Media and Discover Pro infotainment systems.  This significant move means systems for brands throughout the Volkswagen Group will be powered by Nokia Location & Commerce content.  Both the Discover Media and Discover Pro will offer global, premium quality NAVTEQ® Maps with drivers opting for the high end Discover Pro also benefitting from advanced features such as 3D visual guidance and a real-time traffic service.


NAVTEQ Traffic™ provides highly-accurate, up-to-the minute traffic information in over 30 countries to in-vehicle navigation systems, personal navigation devices and cell phones to enable drivers to save time, fuel and frustration.   The traffic data is aggregated from a vast wealth of sources, including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer probe data, the world’s largest fixed proprietary sensor network, event-based data collected from government sources and billions of historical traffic records.

“NAVTEQ® Maps are known for automotive grade quality and, with the addition of innovative 3D content and a real-time traffic service, Volkswagen Group drivers around the world can look forward to a first class navigation experience with our new systems,” commented Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, Head of Electric-and Electronics Development at Volkswagen Brand.

By delivering the right portfolio of products at the right time, Nokia Location & Commerce is developing an extensive location ecosystem built on content, platform and services.  With 3D imagery integral to the future of location, the company has already established a strong foundation with a range of highly realistic products.  The Volkswagen Group, for example, is enhancing its offering with 3D Landmarks and 3D City Models which are designed to help orientation in unfamiliar surroundings.

“The decision by the Volkswagen Group to implement our content in systems across the Volkswagen Group clearly underlines our leadership in the automotive location space,” added Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development, Nokia Location & Commerce. “Building on an established legacy in in-vehicle navigation, we have developed a Location Platform offering high quality, global content to support innovation in not only the automotive sector, but also across a broad range of industries.”


Nokia will be exhibiting at the Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris at Hall 3, booth #213

Nokia Location & Commerce demonstrates its ‘location’ leadership in the global automotive space via numerous OEM collaborations and comprehensive partner demonstrations at Mondial de l’Automobile.  Delivering on the needs of the ever-connected consumer has long been a focus of the in-vehicle industry. The ability of Nokia L&C to serve the expectations of today’s ‘connected driver’ via fluid location-based products and services whether at home, walking in the city or in the car will be on full display and showcased to show how both customers and consumers alike benefit from smarter data and multi-screen, multi-modal choices.


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  • stormtroller

    Can we have south korea and japan map after this?

    • Laborant

      Microsoft plans, to launch Windows Phone in Japan (or they already do) – Nokia Maps is (afaik) the basic mapping service of Windows Phone 8. Japan is the 3rd biggest economy on earth.

      I think, japan will come. I hope so. I like japan and will go there for my next Holyday 😉 Kansai-Triangle – Osaka, Nara, Kyoto. 😀

      (Sorry, not native speaking English)

      • Jesse Pylväläinen

        My Nokia maps finds Japan…

        • Jesse Pylväläinen

          Also finds South-Korea…

          • Laborant

            But there are only the Main Streets – sorry, but there are more streets in Tokyo than just five 😉

            • twig

              lol !!!

    • exsanguine

      The problem is with SK and Jap have laws in place that do not allow foreign companies to collect map data and publish them. So Nokia has to license native companies to create the map data and publish it under the NAVTEQ name.

      Those companies build their maps to NAVTEQ specs but it isn’t Nokia employees actually creating the data.

      Same for China. In fact the company that Nokia licenses with has to turn the data into the government each release. the govt then ‘shifts’ the data off a certain amount of meters, then the device makers have to get the “key” that allows the devices to unshift the data.

  • viipottaja

    The “fantasy” (or whatever the nay Sayers called it again) Where arm of Nokia strategy is making great progress!

    I only wish they would not “hide” these press releases on the Navteq site.. I bet even many interested journalists miss them there.

    • nn

      And the progress is like where, exactly? Navteq was supplying maps to automakers for ages, AFAIK including to Volkswagen, so I don’t see any great progress, just continuation of existing arrangements.

      No to mention that the where company is supposed to be about more that supplying raw map data. It should be about milking the service ecosystem powered by the maps in mobiles, that’s what they wanted from MS, right? But on mobiles, the primary computing platform of future, it’s total failure and with the goal of 10 % market share for WP they even aren’t planning to change that.

      BTW, why they still call it Navteq, wasn’t it supposed to be branded as Nokia Maps?

      • jiipee

        Maybe it’s easier to sell with Navteq label? 😉 Im waiting for some analysts’ report what is the future value of Navteq for Nokia versus what they could get from Apple or MS bidding war.

      • Viipottaja

        Was not talking about these only, rather obviously.

      • Viipottaja

        And to add, as you can see from e.g. the VW press release its more than just providing raw map data. Again, rather obviously.

        • nn

          The press release says Nokia will provide maps, 3D maps and traffic data, which to me says they will provide just the raw data, they wont be permitted to run services on top of them. If they are lucky they will get back real time GPS positions of the cars.

          • viipottaja

            Lol. You have the broadest definition of raw data I ever saw then.

    • jiipee

      I dont think that the “Nay Sayers” for WP only path are against the location pillar of the strategy and its success. Or have you noticed such mood?

      As far as I understood this, its business as usual: selling the data for automotive companies’ own platforms. The only manufacturer I know that is using Microsofts IVI platform is Ford. AFAIK most of the IVIs are Linux/QNX and a lot of them using Qt on top (eg. BMW). Didnt the Genivi alliance also support Meego?

      The above does not mean that continuing with Linux based devices would have brought additional revenue possibilities related to the . And neither does Microsoft tie-in. If you think about the matter from Microsoft’s poit of view: what options would they have had? Use Google mapping data, continue with their own, or use TomTom’s data that also sucks as Apple case has shown. They chose the best and got it for free.

      Such press releases are not that interesting to consumers. They seem to use PR newswire for distribution, who have the best channels in the industry and will reach B2B crowd.

      • leoniDAM

        Windows Embedded Automotive 7 is used also by Fiat, Kia and Nissan

      • Viipottaja

        Not sure I understood your first sentence correctly, but if I did: yes, I have. Just read N.N.’s comment just above, as an example.

  • Edmund

    WOW! That’ll make Nokia Maps even better!

  • stylinred

    awesome as said let’s hope we get japan and korea maps

    but question, Garmin?! im surprised i thought they did all their own thing

    • Muerte

      There are three (yes, three) companies in the world who are producing the global map data.

      Navteq, Google, and Atlas

      Others are licensing the data from one of these companies and making their own applications over that. For example the Apple-case is as follows:

      Atlas produces the data that TomTom licenses (makes maps out of that) and Apple uses TomTom’s maps.

      Navteq is the global leader in the amount and details regarding the map data.

      • stylinred

        oh wow i knew there weren’t that many companies that did mapping but all this time i thought garmin made their own since they’ve been around since the late 80s doing gps…

      • kues

        Tele Atlas was bought by TomTom 2007/2008 (Garmin did initiate a bidding war back then):
        In 2011 the Tele Atlas subsidiary merged with it’s parent TomTom.

        • Muerte

          Yes, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are basically three companies in the world, that are producing and generating global map data. And others are licensing the data from these companies. Apple from TomTom, as we know.

  • Muerte

    Thanks for publishing this. I hate it, when the “public media” doesn’t give any attention to Navteq. In USA, every blogger and analyst seems to think that Nokia is only about smartphones, and therefore it is going bankrupt.

    For example, this Volkswagen Group deal means, that these “small brands” will be using Nokia’s map data:

    Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen …

    • kues

      And they have used Navteq map data for years now. Nothing new. And nothing helping to make Navteq/Nokia L&C really profitable…

      • Muerte

        Yep, they are announcing these refreshed deals just for fun. No news.

        Don’t be naive. It is a known fact, that Navteq has had around 80% of the total car-navigation market already, but you can’t say that “nothing new” as these are refreshed, therefore new, contracts.

      • Muerte

        By the way, please explain me your calculations a bit more. How did you end up with an outcome, that Navteq is not really profitable?

        Q2/12, 283 million euros in sales, with Non-IFRS operating
        margin of 14,5 %

        The trend has been upwards also, on q2:

        The higher year-on-year Location & Commerce non-IFRS operating margin in the second quarter 2012 was primarily due to lower operating expenses and higher net sales, partially offset by lower gross margin.

        My knowledge of algebra gives a positive result out of that equation. Please, provide your information, you sure seem to have some other facts?

  • Janne

    Location, location, location…

    Oops! I did it again. Back to rock. 😉

  • George

    Toyota and Lexus have been using Navteq maps for years !! Infact many OEM in-car navi units use Navteq map data. Nokia will be around for a long time 🙂

    • kues

      A business division like Navteq/Nokia L&C can easily be sold…

      • Janne

        You are really not getting Nokia’s new strategy at all.

        • So7t


      • GordonH

        Navteq will no be sold cause it brings added value to MS and does not compete with any MS products.

  • Sean

    I Don’t believe they have been providing the live traffic data to VW Group in the past, this is something new……..correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Cani Lamentoqua

    One thing is sure for sure: I will never get any car with Windows system. I want to stay alive.

    I suppose the discussed “progress” is Microsoft attempt to posses car manufacturers. Just to create another level of monopoly. IMHO.

    • Muerte

      What the hell are you talking about? In what world does “Navteq providing map data to XXX manufacturers” mean that Microsoft is involved in any way?

      • Cani Lamentoqua

        I hope not, but how you can exclude this possibility? You don’t know any details, do you?
        And please be informed they have already tried w/o Nokia, before, on their own. Nokia can be used as troyan horse to enter new markets, instead of promoting Nokia own solutions.

        • Cani Lamentoqua

          re: Nokia were providing mobiles to X number of retailers and operators. And look now how Lumia is used to propagate Windows only. That is all I wanted to say.

  • stephen ahonen

    the car in the picture is a renault

  • stephen ahonen

    I don’t get it. what does this post mean? coz’ I can access nokia maps from any device (from PC via web browser, even from my android phone via web browser).

    Too bad, actually I love nokia / navteq map, but I dislike wp.

    • Cani Lamentoqua

      You are not alone.

  • Muerte

    For you “nothing new” naggers:

    Yes, for sure Nokia is releasing official press releases just for fun. Probably this is just a joke and you may continue with “nothing new here”-yackety-yak.

    Here is a part of this very funny press release joke, that you say is not really any news:

    Nokia today announced that its Location & Commerce business unit is extending its collaboration with six of the world’s top automotive brands, further establishing its leadership in the vehicle sector. Powering four-out-of-five fully integrated in-dash navigation systems, Nokia is the only company that provides end-to-end mapping and navigation solutions for the automotive environment from maps content to location platform and mapping applications.

    • stephen ahonen

      Oh, thank you very much, nice post.

      So the point is : those big automotive companies still continue using nokia / navteq maps, not jump to tele atlas

      • Muerte

        You are welcome. Sometimes it is a little bit frustrating when people always try to put every move or achievement Nokia does in a negative light. I don’t mean you in particular.

        • stephen ahonen

          Hmm, i often criticize “wp only” policy.

          Well, if nokia is smarter, they put nokia maps app at google play & apple store as paid app, it will boost revenue from L&C. I have nokia 700 & sony xperia u, but i usually use 700 when navigating, it is more efficient in data & battery consumption.

          NOTE : there are lots of 3rd party location app besides google maps on android, i usually use mapdroyd

    • Muerte
  • jr

    HAha funny no one is mentioning Elop’s name.. but when something goes wrong you see his name all over.

  • Muerte

    A little bit more to think for the “nothig new” – ignorants:

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