My Dream Nokia #70: Titanium Nokia Lumia FX800

| October 20, 2012 | 46 Replies

My Dream Nokia #70 comes from  Vilim Plužarić, an industrial designer and philosopher from Zagreb. He’s based in Croatia and is working as a freelance designer as well as writing articles for He previously designed concepts for the iPhone 5 and works on the “Apple Conspiracy project”. I’m pleased he’s taking an interest in Nokia concepts too.

Vilim emailed us his to help spread his new concept called the Nokia Lumia FX800. It’s somewhat higher end than the 920 with a larger 4.65″ display.

This is the back story behind the titanium built Lumia FX800

The story behind Lumia FX800 is a true rivalry to iPhone 5. It draws its inspiration from 2002 model 8910 Titanium in terms of material, stealth-bomber-looking X7 and of course, the already iconic design of N9/Lumia 800. Its name represents the visual effect, the “FX”. This one is not in color, as opposed to other Lumia range. It will come in titanium unibody and packed in extremely thin chassis.
It’s intended is to be limited edition, high-priced, high-class and high-style smartphone that puts style over innovation. Innovation is presented through Lumia 920, but it comes at the cost of bulky body. This one has almost same specs, without innovative technologies, but on the other hand, it comes in a sleek and classy form. It’s purpose is not to do harm to Lumia 920 sales, but to cover style-conscious market, and certainly market largely covered by iPhone.
It utilizes the same 4.65″ AMOLED screen seen in 2011 model from Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus. Nokia uses those AMOLEDs for their Lumias 800 and 900 with addition of their own ClearBlack technology. It is the larger screen than in Luima 900, but it keeps the same device dimensions. Unfortunately, there are no non-PenTile HD AMOLEDs from Samsung right now for the diagonals below 5.5″, so it has to suffice.


Feel free to contact me in case you have some questions and remarks.

Very slim, same footprint as the 900 except with less bezel so more screen.

About “My Dream Nokia”

I’m sure you’ve dreamt up your PERFECT Nokia device/UI. What it would look like, what it would feel like, what features it would have. Why don’t you share it with the world? Or at least with other Nokia fans :D .

It could be your own photoshopped or rendered work (seriously, you don’t need mega skills in either, basic paint job is often enough to convey a concept) of your dream product.

SEND this in similarly to with the title “My Dream Nokia” and perhaps the model number (and a little description, maybe a few specs in the message area? Though this bit not necessary).

Who knows, maybe an image might flutter over to Nokia and through whatever route end up being real.

Cheers Vilim Plužarić!


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  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    beautiful concept, I love the material you used, without judging specifications, the work is successful! Continue well!
    Jay, not bad for the new stamp pictures, it’s better than the old “MyNokiaBlog” in transparent

    • Alex

      Yes! Beautiful phone. I had a 8910! I want to buy this! Nokia, please, please, release this concept in this form!

  • Peter L

    Titanium density = 1.7 times the aluminium density.

    That would be some hefty phone.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      it will certainly lighter than the 920

      • Peter L

        Oh really?

        N8 with aluminium body = 135g
        Body is approx. 60% of that weight, so the body would weigh 81g and the internals 54g.

        Titanium N8 would then weigh 192g.

        Lumia 920 is a polycarbonate device and has some heavy components so it’s body could weigh approx. 50g out of 185g. Since polycarbonate density is only 25% of the titanium density, titanium body of Lumia 920 would weigh 200g.

        I’d approximate the weight of this concept device to be over 300g.

        • Edgar Mkrtchyan

          Titanium is much stronger than aluminum, so the thickness of the shell can be thinner and overweight is thus eliminated

          • Peter L

            Titanium is not stronger than aluminium, it’s actually very brittle metal. You probably are talking about titanium alloys which are very durable.

            But guess what, those alloys have even more higher density and thus are even more heavier.

            • Zipa

              No, Ti 6-4 is lighter than raw titanium, since it contains 6 % aluminium. Not by much, but a little.

              And yes, it is around 50 % heavier than aluminium, but it is over three times stronger, so for a set strength, the one made with Ti 6-4 is lighter than the comparative aluminium alloy.

              • Edgar Mkrtchyan


        • nips

          I can smell dick on your breath

          • Peter L

            How cute.

        • flyingbathtub

          if you’re right titanium would have never been used for aircrafts 🙂

          • Peter L

            Titanium is heavier than aluminium, simple as that. It’s lighter than steel though.

            Titanium alloy is crucial especially in hypersonic flight where aluminium alloys are not feasible. Planes using titanium alloys will still weigh more than one without.

        • Vilim

          Peter, FX800 would not utilize all the technologies wraped in a Lumia 920 body, it would be lighter and thinner, with fair but not the most advanced specs, because style is in the first place. Therefore I doubt it would be heavier than Lumia 920.

  • swain

    looking awesome…

  • ilan

    the guys from samdung and apple see it and copy all the great design in this website . why not to send it directly to nokia .


  • Prince..

    If nokia really to get such phone to the market next month, i’ll make sure to be the first one to own it…

  • Vikas Patidar

    Dreaming for an Asha Phone with such beautiful design.

  • DKM

    Its a beautiful classy phone, Nokia can make it avilable for all classes with this phone not necessaryl high class. I would buy it considering the design and thickness which is good.

    Respect the guy who is considering making the Nokia concept designs too who is a apple fanboy or not.

  • WOW! That looks stunning! I love the carved buttons, they seem to slide right out of the phone, this thing looks like it’s gonna transform into a decepticon at any moment!!

    Seriosuly lovestruck, I cant stop expressing myself..

    • rinslowe

      Are you breast feeding?

  • arts

    Don’t mean to diss on this guys work, but the back of the device, with T’s angular design reminds me a little of a coffin. I don’t get that feeling with a HTC 8x thou. 😡

  • rescawen

    the original n9 design was chosen specifically to be plastic due to the nr1 priority of cutting costs, and looking at nokias current financial situation this is indeed a dream.

    • Bloob

      Polycarbonate is one of the most expensive plastics around. The problem with using metals is they block radio-signals.

      While the design looks great, it does not seem to leave room for call-speaker, or ffc.

    • thedead1440

      You sir deserve the award for turd of the day!

      Get your facts right before posting if you don’t want people getting on your back for the drivel you managed to think and post!

      • thedead1440

        I’m not too good at this blogging/comments thing so just to clarify my comments is to rescawen not Bloob…

  • efekt

    No renders of the top of the phone? That’s a shame… Anyhows, seeing the bottom of device it is clear that this device cannot be, as Microsoft – AFAIK – required that every WP8 device would have the MicroUSB port at the bottom of the phone, so this phone does not “qualify” to be a WP8 device… Just sayin’ 😉

    • Vilim

      USB port is on the bottom of the phone, under the flip cover. The top of the phone is empty. Sorry for not showing it, my mistake.

  • rinslowe

    Mint design….

    But to be a true rival to the iPhone 5 makes it somewhat less than the 920, LOL.

    cause the 920 is a vastly superior product in nearly every practical way…

  • torcida

    “The story behind Lumia FX800 is a true rivalry to iPhone 5”

    lol… Even the 920 is much better! 😉

    • Rinslowe

      I just fckn said that!

      Ha, just kidding, I couldn’t agree more!

  • Zipa

    Nokia Titanium Style

    *cue horseriding dance*

  • Lazar

    Just a note for all of you who “would be getting the phone immediately” and “want it on Asha line”, please do not make such retarded statements and understand this, a phone like this would cost NORTH ( read: more) of 2000 euros, it doesn’t matter if it is Lumia or Asha, the price difference would be negligible since it is the housing that makes most of the cost in this case, and a case like this is VERY expensive to produce!

    Other than that, the design is nice, although not really do-able…

    • Zipa

      What? No, it certainly would not cost 2000+ euros. It’s titanium, not unobtainium…

  • viktor von d

    i miss metal materials on nokia phones. i love the lumias but i find the 700 more beautifull. i hope they get back to designing sleek phones next generation. my type of design is the 700,the 6500 and the 6300. but they could just launch a lumia with a 4 inch screen wvga resolution, snapdragon s4, 1gb ram, 8mp camera and sd card and keep the orginal n9 design but make it out of aluminium or magnesium like the surface

  • JGrove303

    There are non-PenTile AMOLED HD displays. Samsung just chose not to use RGB in the GSIII because it supposedly lasts longer (=cost less). There would be zero reason to NOT use the PureMotion HD+ display at a 4.6″ size. IPS LED backlit displays don’t take up much more space comparatively speaking. The Lumia 920 is as large as it is because of PureView Phase 2 OIS module’s size + not wanting a hump. I’d bet money there is a ton of unused space in a Lumia 920.

    This chassis would have to be machined from a billet, so exact tolerances can be achieved if so desired and can be milled pretty thin. However, Ti is not so radiolucent and i’d hate to think that ad stunning as this design looks, that it would have crap reception.

    I say same design, but chop the back out and make it a removable carbon fiber battery cover made with Pre-preg mat.

    The comment about the usb port not being on the bottom? Prtty sure that’s a sliding dust cover detween the speaker grills.

    Awesome touch with the headphone jack at the bottom, too. For me, that’s the bwst place for it.

  • Vilim

    Guys, thank you for commenting on my little project and thanks MyNokiaBlog for publishing it.

    Here’s some further clarification of the FX800 as a potential product.

    Firstly, it was vizualized to show how I would like Nokia smartphone to *look*, not how to manufacture it. That being said, all the technical specifications are here only for the purpose of marketing (in its real sense of placing the product into the market).

    It would be a true rival to iPhone 5 not because of tech specs or innovations but because of style, in the same visual paradigm where iPhone dominates. Currently, Nokia with their yet-to-be-released Windows Phone 8 devices is not able to compete in this area. Flagship Lumia 920 is innovative and fun, but it’s also bulky and heavy.

    Furthermore, soon the market will be swarming with vivid colors of WP8 devices, it will be – figuratively and literally – oversaturated!

    I wanted to find the advantage in this matter in Nokia’s roots. I found Titanium. Every manufacturer wants to have some “new” material as a marketing tool. Aluminum, polycarbonate, magnesium, carbon, glass, etc. Nokia did have titanium.

    The main purpose of this model is style and prestige, just like previous titanium model. It would be produced in limited quantities and very expensive.

    A long time ago, flagship model menat to be something limited for the market. Since Apple’s iPhone, this was changed, and “flagship” became the main seller for every manufacturer. Every manufacturer is now in fact, paradigmatically, a slave of Apple, following its rules even if they want to be completely different.

    Nokia was forced to make innovations (because Apple introduced this empty term), they were forced to make vivid colors (because Apple is always gray and black and white), they were forced to make their flagship mass-producible and aesthetically compromised (because Apple’s flagship is mass-producible).

    I wanted to take Nokia back to their past, when they were rulers. Flagship is flagship, and this would be flagship of prestige. Technologically, it’s even weaker than Lumia 920, but that’s what I wanted on purpose. Therefore it would not destroy the sales of Lumia 920, but expand the market to style-concious, the majority of market of iPhone. It could also be thinner and sleeker.

    AMOLED screen is chosen also for this purpose. IPS screen is more natural, but AMOLED is more eye-candy.

    I also made some other interventions, like putting the headphone jack on the bottom (it was always more logical to me), and all the connectors for that matter.

    MicroUSB port is placed under the flip cover on the bottom, and the top of te phone is empty. For aesthetical reasons again. Sorry for omitting that from my renders, I forgot.

    Concerning the weight of the phone… it would still be of less wight than Lumia 920. The hardware under the hood is far more simpler and doesn’t have all those innovative solution to make for a heavywight, despite its increase due to titanium. That’s why it could also be thinner.

    Preparing this concept for manufacturing process is beyond this project. It would require something that I’m not able to do, since I’m only a visual designer. But I believe it could be done to be close enough. It would be expensive, but that’s the point 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

    PS I’m not Apple fan, Apple Conspiracy actually means conspiracy theory about Apple 🙂


    so sexy, love the lines, i want it now, please.

  • migo

    It’s a terrible idea, the PowerBook G4 Titanium sucked for WiFi because it was basically a Faraday cage.

  • pulkit076

    lovely design, awesome curves, would really love to see such designs in real world from nokia. This and that rotating camera concept are just AWESOME!! 😉

  • Law

    Wow perfect build. This is how I wished lumia 920 bezel was, not all that bs black space there

  • rustyknight17

    Yes , this phone would certainly be expensive lol and heavy , yet if it was at least the equal of the 808 , I`d find a way to get it !

  • RVM

    beatoful design.

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