Accessories Review: Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-221 – music controls and OLED display.

| October 29, 2012 | 23 Replies


This is one of the neat Bluetooth accessories from Nokia that allows you to use your own headphones over bluetooth as well as controlling music with it.


It’ll work with your Nokias as well as other brands (as demoed here).

The BH-221 also comes with an OLED display for viewing track info. Another plus is that you can have wireless FM. Normally you’d need to be plugged in to the phone to act as an antenna but it seems to have its own FM radio. Finally you can of course use this to make calls with.


Cheers viktor von d.  for the tip!


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  • birinci

    Looks like they use the same earphones with BH111 – they are the worst earphones I’ve ever used! Actually I was really surprised that such low quality stuff came from Nokia. But I’m really happy with it after changing the earphones…

    • Nrde

      There’s 2 sides to this… I would change the headset anyways so the cheaper they are the better so I don’t have to pay that much “extra”.

      Only headset worth using on any phone are in my opinion the ones that came with N8. But I’m not a huge fan of in ears so I use something else anyway.

      • birinci

        I had an N8 before my current Lumia800, and I was very happy with its earphones. But even the earphones I bought for ~5$ are better than the ones that came with Lumia800 or BH111.

        The only good thing about these earphones (BH111 – I’m assuming it’s the same in 221) is its cable size. You clip it to your tshirt and it’s just long enough for your ears. All others have really long cables and that is annoying especially while jogging/gym etc.

      • zymesh

        I still use my n8 headset with my 808. I have not tried the 808 headset yet and not planning to use it until the n8 headset breaks down. i like how the n8 headsets look and feel.

    • marocman

      I had bh111 and those didn’t fit at all. fortunately they stopped working and i took them back. i paid paid for the differnce and bought bh221. they seeem to fit ok. the earpiece looks the same but feels different. or it’s only in my mind becaise the set is so damn good otherwise.

      • birinci

        I realized I forgot to mention: I meant crappy in terms of audio quality. Everything else was OK for me…

  • Sonny

    Little of topic but can anyone perhaps tell me if there is any video players for windows phone that can play mkv and divx files? Please

    • Nrde

      “a little off-topic”?

      There is none as far as I know. Welcome to the world of closedness.

    • nabkawe

      VLC Video Player 1.0 is now available for download for $2.99 USD via Windows Phone Marketplace and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

      On a personal note I’ve never tried this before. 🙂

      • Sonny

        seriously? only VLC? geez!
        btw can you buy stuff from the marketplace using operator billing like in symbian with the nokia store? or do you have to have a Credit card?

  • jona

    The sound of this headset is very poor i have a cyan one
    but the built in fm radio is nice

    • Shaun

      I disagree. It’s not ‘very poor’ at all. The included headphones are slightly better than average but if you ditch those and use a decent pair – I’ve got Shure E2 in-ear attached to mine, which are fairly low end for Shure – they sound great.

      I’ve also used mine with over-ear Sennheiser HD205 and it works great with that too.

    • Oliver

      I also disagree. I have been using the BH-221 for a while now and the sound is excellent. Nevertheless, you need low-impedance headphones (16-32Ohms) to make the most of it. If the impedance is higher the unit will have difficulty driving the phones to volumes suitable for mobile use. Do not bother with the included earbuds. Using it for voice is also very nice and FM is a treat. Overall I am very happy with it, ist just needs a stronger output.

  • Nemo

    Thse are actually pretty great. I use with my 808 and Purity IEM, the additional bass enhancement in the receiver does an awesome job. Also, with this my 808 lets me select Dolby Surround on the phone 🙂 Couple this with great battery life, this a pretty good buy.

  • Shaun

    I’ve had one of these for a few months now paired to a N9 and also to a Mac.

    The included in-ear headphones are ok. I’ve heard worse. I swapped mine out for my Shures. The mic is built in to the bluetooth unit so you can use any normal audio only headphones.

    Paired to the N9, you don’t get track info as the N9 doesn’t support passing that info – it just says ‘Music from Shaun’s N9’. It’s also supposed to pair with your phone book to give you names instead of numbers for callers. Again, N9 doesn’t support that. It’s slightly annoying that the N9 team didn’t get to finish that but it doesn’t really detract from the usefulness of the headset and it’s been pretty solid for me.

    See for lots more comments including answers from Nokia’s product manager for the BH-221

  • Deep Space Bar
    • Your comment is nothing new, Captain Nothing New, of the Nothing New police.

      • Deep Space Bar

        same with this blog…it’s getting stale with all these tiles….everything looks boring

  • Brokn wing

    I am very disappointed with this headset 🙁 all calls are getting dropped in less than 1 minute. And the battery is not holding charge more than 6-7 hour. just to check i left i runing with music On for 2-3 hours and and got completely drained out in less then 5 hours.

    But your views are silgthly diferent. Does it mean i got a faulty One??

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  • vishal

    Bakwas headset BH-221

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