Nokia Lumia 920 shipped to France, Available Tomorrow

| October 29, 2012 | 66 Replies

The Facebook page for Nokia France says that the Nokia Lumia 920 stock has arrived today, and will be on sale tomorrow.


Over on their twitter, they explain that the Black is available tomorrow whilst the other colours appear next week.

Come on UK! Where be my ElectricPikachuYellow920?

Cheers Jens and  MNhut  for the tip!


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  • Janne


    • Jill


    • jona

      please it will flop Like BOOM

      • jona
        • pena

          You can find numerous similar blogs from ex-nokian’s as well. What do they know? It is just speculations without facts.

          Finnish newspapers catch every negative blog or twitter message related to nokia. Is the blog more trustworthy when it is written by some EX-employee? I would say no.

          However you get better titles to your article that way.. And maybe few extra clicks ..

        • A-S-D

          I read it

          Its pathetic

          It ignores the 300+ million S40 phones Nokia sells every year. It ignores NSN which has finished restructuring and is pushing out increasing profits. It also ignores Navteq.

          The person is from Microsoft, i.e. like Elop has a US-centric view of the world. A surface phone would have no chance against any Lumia devices in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The US sure but thats 1 market it which Nokia’s always struggled anyway. Nokia can make a shitload of sales in Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as South America despite any supposed Surface phone.

          Definitely not a must read. Fortunately its short so you can read it quickly. Sure they might purchase Nokia’s patents (some of them) but that would only be if Nokia cuts of its Smart Devices arm/division to let go of dead weight. Everyone talks about shrinking non-smartphone sales but Nokia’s non-smartphone sales are increasing because that count does not include the Asha devices as smartphones. Otherwise Nokia would be the number 3 in terms of smartphone sales.

          Elop can do whatever he likes, e.g. join Microsoft again but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lawsuit against him for screwing over Nokia’s share price. Thats what happens in the US.

        • dss

          Well.. hi is spot on considering the Smartphone Division, but Nokia is more than just that.

          However, I don’t know how efficient it is to keep loosing money because of that division, it might be better to get rid of it and concentrate on what makes money. Maps, Asha, Siemens.. whatever.

          Its all Microsoft wants anyway, they don’t care about the rest of the company, they want the smartphone department.

          • A-S-D

            What he is saying is not in anyway assured. First Nokia has to fail Q1 2013 sales and make fairly significant losses in smart devices. Secondly, they would never give branding rights away. Thirdly, he does not see the whole picture so for even some of what he says to be true, there have to qualifications and a lot of them.

            I also read the blog from which the article was created. There is no reasoning there.

            “I have absolutely no doubt that Microsoft is going to become a manufac­turer of a full range of Windows 8 based smartphones. That is going to happen sooner rather than later. When Microsoft launches a ‘Surface Phone’ it is quite simply game over for Nokia.”

            Why would it be game over for the company everyone admits has the best hardware? Especially by a competitor using the exact same software?

            “If Microsoft comes to market with a range of world-class devices running Windows 8 and sells them through its own retail channel then I don’t see much opportunity for Nokia”

            Yeah cause Nokia has no retail channels and no links at all with retailers and telcos and oh wait….it does and they’re stronger than Microsofts.

            “The most likely final chapter in its storied history sees Microsoft buying up Nokia’s sizable patent portfolio, its in-house design and engineering expertise and — perhaps — the brand rights. Perhaps Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop will even rejoin the Microsoft leadership team to run the phone business. Alternatives to this outcome seem to be very few and far between.”

            The alternatives are clear and more obvious to someone who actually knows something about the company. This is not the most likely final chapter. It is the final chapter in your head. There are 3 possible chapters coming up, 1) Nokia succeeds 2) Nokia does alright but its smart devices is barely profitable 3) It fails and the smart devices division is dropped (though I doubt Elop will be dropped with it). None of them a final chapters for Nokia as a company.

            • nn

              Interesting how the idea that Nokia will quit smartphone business is quickly setting in, now it’s not even controversial subject. But you are quite mistaken in your believe that Nokia as company can happily function without it. At best cutting the WP blackhole only prolongs the inevitable death.

              • Janne

                FWIW: I don’t believe in Nokia quitting the smartphone business. Never did, still don’t.

                Although I don’t think that even A-S-D is saying that Nokia will drop the smartphone business either, simply responding to speculation by others.

                There is a multitude of threats towards Nokia, including acquisition and failure to make Smart Devices profitable, sure – but that’s not to say those are necessarily what will happen.

                • nn

                  That’s what I’m talking about. Imagine just two years, or hell even one year ago, to seriously suggest that Nokia could end up without smartphone business. Now it’s just one of the options on the table, nothing remarkable about it laying there, just move along.

                  That’s what two years of Elop’s mad WP no-plan-b strategy have done.

                  I don’t doubt that Elop and the board are hoping they will milk other units and subsidise the smartphones just to pour moneys into MS dead ecosystem. But they are out of reality here again, Nokia can’t work in long term without successful and profitable smartphone business. And as has been proved that’s impossible with WP.

                  • Janne

                    I still don’t think it is another option on the table. And I do think it would be remarkable (in a negative sense).

                    I think it is hyperbole, the same kind people said of Nokia during the latter Symbian days before Elop (when nobody on the western hemisphere paid attention to the fact that Nokia was still number one).

                    There is some truth to it, like there was during Symbian’s downward trajectory during OPK, but mostly it is just hyperbole.

                    Nokia getting acquired is a real risk. And sure, they may fail with Lumia, but I don’t think getting rid of smartphones is a likely scenario. The doom-mongering has reached far too big proportions compared to Nokia’s real situation.

                    However, acquisition risk is obviously there due to the stock price.

                    • nn

                      Except that now it’s not hyperbole. The smartphone unit is black hole haemorrhaging hundredths of millions, WP was resoundingly rejected by consumers, Nokia has no future under MS and there is no alternative. Elop designed his strategy as WP or death and so it is.

                    • incognito

                      Even acquisition (if sold part-by-part) is at question these days given that Nokia offloaded quite a number of patents to patent trolls with clause that frees only Nokia and Microsoft from payment obligations. If somebody was to buy Nokia just to use their patents – that can only be Microsoft as the rest of the bunch won’t have any use of it.

                      I won’t speculate whether it’s a brilliant move to protect them from (early) acquisition or just another example on preparing Nokia to be taken over by Microsoft.

                    • Janne

                      mm: It still is hyperbole. Nokia is nowhere near that bad in shape.

                      incognito: Are you suggesting Elop might be brilliant? 😉

                    • incognito

                      @Janne, no, even a blind chick will get a seed here and there 😛 And then there is the opposite ‘conspiracy’ proposal – it may equally be a move to ensure that Microsoft is the only interested buyer and that would allow Microsoft to take what they want dirt cheap 😛

                      As I’ve said, I won’t speculate what was the driving idea behind that move, we’ll be able to see the results soon enough.

    • Tomi

      And the salefigures will be… Less than N9.

      Jolla for me. Bye bye beloved and americanized Nokia. I won’t be buying Nokia ever again.

      Thank you Jay for your lovely blog. It is time to move on and leave Nokia to die in the hand of MS.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Enjoy your mid-range, Chinese phone! I’m sure Jolla will be slick.

        In the meantime, Lumias for the rest of us!

        • Noki

          heee the L920 is as bit of chinese as jolla

          • San loco

            Actually, didn’t Jolla say their first phone would be made for the Chinese market?

      • Mark

        No, it will sell more than the N9 because the 800 did.

        Don’t hurry back.

        • Noki

          did he ??? share the numbers please.

          • Mark

            I’ve shared them at least 10 times – the Canalys and Gartner numbers – and each time you’ve chosen to ignore them, citing some incorrect ‘back of a fag packet’ calculations by Tomi instead.

            Sorry, do your own homework this time. The N9 was a worse commercial failure than the Lumia.

            • Noki

              LUMIA RANGE =!LUMIA 800. THE N9 sold over 2-3 million devices so its perfectly possible that is over sold the L800 since we don’t know how the Lumia numbers brake down per model…

              Canalys and Gartner numbers grossly ignore the Chinese market that was by far nokia n9 biggest market with 2/3 of the sales.

              so yeah you don’t know

            • Nathan

              I’m sorry but you’re an idiot, why do you continue to perpetuate this crap, have some integrity.
              It’s pointless comparing the two, they weren’t rolled out in anything like a similar fashion.*
              Shitload of factors at play to result in the N9 ultimately/unsurprisingly not doing as well as it/successors MAY HAVE compared to the Lumia’s or other WP’s.
              Possibly even as early as 3mth after it 1st became available…
              You know that, stop being a blind/one-eyed fanboy, same goes for the trolls that you relentlessly feed.

              *and no, some small EU countries + China is not something you can extrapolate towards a entire picture, esp. in the face of the Lumia roll-out & Maemo/MeeGo/Qt wind-down schemes that we know have occurred, why even do that.

              • Mark

                An idiot? Pot meet kettle.

                It was given the same marketing coverage in Denmark as the 800 and failed to sell as many units.

                Sorry if the facts hurt, fanboy. Dry your eyes and do more reading, k?


                LOL! The numbers don’t suit you theory so they must be wrong. You really are priceless.

                • Noki

                  You say Denmark? I know for a fact (Nokia people in Denmark told me so) that the N9 sold way more than the L800 in Denmark 🙂

                  Face it just teh simple fact that you have to compare the Lumia Range to the DOA N9 to make the Lumia range look good is a testimony of how failed the Lumia range was.

                  Are you going to debate that the N9 has sold in the 2-3 million range???

                  Compare that to all of the Lumias sold to date and its pretty obvious that it must have outsold some of them.

                  The Canalys and Gartner numbers were deed wrong, but thats normal given the low volume we are talking about its mostly a rounding error number for them. N9 had 500.000 users on facebook/not available in china. track and protect app had over 1 million registers users. This is not guessing numbers this are hard ones….

                  • Noki

                    Sory not Denmark Norway. I know I should not confuse the 2.

                • Nathan

                  Thanks for reinforcing my argument, yet again…
                  Sorry buddy, I don’t even come close to being a fanboy.
                  Fanboys ignore all the factors at play, claim it’s all been a totally even playing field, & that a few countries are representative of what sales would’ve been like w/a VERY different strategy.*
                  Which is precisely what you parrot, constantly…

                  I totally embrace multiple platforms, in fact I’d love for there to be even more than the much lauded “There can only be three”.
                  I’ve wanted WP to do much better since day one, I’d esp. love for it to capture a great deal more market-share at iOS’s expense, even a good chunk from Android would be fine.
                  I defy you to find “one” example of me trying to prosecute the argument that WP must die or go away.

                  You on the other hand… are perfectly comfortable with taking little factoids**, & wielding them to suit your agenda.
                  There’s something very sad about that, yet after all this time you still fail to see it.
                  In fact, in many ways your abhorrent pattern of behaviour has become even more entrenched.
                  The same applies to many whom you feed regularly, claiming the N9 did better (or even v.close) than the L800 or 900 until recently in most countries (or overall) is ludicrous & blindness.

                  Anyway I’m out, keep-up the poor behaviour if you want, better things to do with my time than “argue on the internet” w/someone who’s so non-objective & entrenched.
                  As are many of the tools whom you counter….

                  *i.e. one for Maemo6/MeeGo/Qt devices that’s roughly at the Lumia scale of promotion, roll-out(inc. successors), & dev_initiatives, with no hint of future redundancy.
                  **some of which are still highly questionable, & far from fully substantiated FACTS.

    • Janne

      Guys, guys, guys… Why so serious? 🙂

      Mine was merely a comment on the sudden availability after the long wait. All of a sudden it is coming somewhere tomorrow. Tomorrow. Boom.

      The gloom and doom can wait. Let’s enjoy a product rolling out.

    • spencer1978

      OCTOBER 30, 2012 7:24 A.M.
      caleb23 wrote:
      Morningstar today about Nokia:

      Share price assumption at this moment: 2.40 euro (Nokia share is in Helsinki right now 2.06 euro, in New York 2.56 dollar)

      Best scenario (if WP8 phones go well): the stock price will go to about 7.70 euro per share)

      Worst scenario: no bankruptcy, because Nokia would be sold in parts before that.
      Estimated price for this: intellectual properties over 1 euro per share;
      other business parts (smartphones, featurephones, NSN) at least over 1.50 euro per share.
      And NAVTEQ´s price not included (Nokia bought NAVTEQ with about 7 billion euro). All in all even in this case, Nokia share price would be at least over 2.5 euro. Pretty much like my thoughts and analysis.

  • Frankie

    how comes Nokia France writes in English?

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      this has certainly been translated, I looked, everything is in French 🙂

    • Chrome translates stuff on the go (after you give it the ok for a particular language).

    • Ujwal Soni

      Which explains the literal translation of ‘encouragement beacoup’ …which should mean..lots of encouragement rather than ‘encouragement many’

  • JK

    good to hear hopefully we in india won’t have to wait for 6 months to get the 920 like we had to for the 900

  • nn

    But this is only retail stores, right? That is, they launched their phones and they still don’t have operators that will sell them.

    • nn

      Btw, the launch being quite a chaos, is there summary of which operators in which countries will sell the phones with dates and prices? Of the majors countries I can remember only US, Canada and UK.

      • yasu

        There is also TIM in Italy IIRC.

    • muerte
      • nn

        Rogers is operator in Canada, not France…

    • A-S-D

      Each country makes its own announcement when it wants. e.g. Nokia Australia have announced the Lumia 920 coming to Telstra (lots of 4G but overcrowded) and 820 coming to Vodafone (shit slow network with no 4G) and Optus (really fast 4G built by Nokia Siemens Network in Sydney and Perth).

      Check the Nokia website for your country or type into google (or bing) Nokia (insert country here) Press Release. That usually brings up something if its been announced.

      • nn

        Well, they seem to have no problem to start retail sales that way.

        Frankly I still can’t believe that after the agonizingly long launch is now finalized they still have carriers only in like three or four countries. There must be something I’m missing.

  • t t

    Good job Nokia! Thank you!

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    649 euros it’s still expensive, I’ll wait for the end of December, there will surely reductions or special offers or something similar
    and I want the cyan, it is not available

    • MNhut

      A Nokia rep told me at Geek’s Live 5 (a show hosted by Journaldugeek) that you can expect many offers by the end of the year 😉

      • Edgar Mkrtchyan


    • dss

      Considering that the nexus 4 is.. $350 (400 with tax) .. its very expensive.

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  • Prince
  • stylinred

    available for sale in Canada tomorrow too for $550 no contract; $99 with

  • vali

    hey, did anyone also noticed that 80% of the WP8 videos involve a HTC 8X? Even ads & stuff. Did MS & Nokia break up or?

    • dss

      The HTC is the “hero” device for Microsoft.. its pretty obvious. Even in his presentation video, Belfiore calls it the Windows Phone 8X .. not the HTC 8x.. big difference.

      • Irishmarius

        lol htc can call their phones the superhero devices for all i care.
        end of the day, nokia make far better phones then anything i have seen from htc.

    • stylinred

      its probably because microsoft doesn’t want these other manufacturers to feel left out so they need to do some pandering or else

      • dss

        HTC has no where else to go really.. Samsung is crushing them in the android realm, so they really have no play there. WP is their chance to make some money for a change.

        Samsung.. ya, they can care less, and that is a good thing for Nokia actually

        HTC and MS go way back.. they were actually fighting against Symbian in the late 90s early 00s and.. pretty much got spanked because the hardware wasn’t up to scratch to run Windows CE smooth enough.. things change.


    and the iphone 5 still has a 3-4 week shipping time.
    nokia has a real chance to convert consumers.

  • JGrove303

    Ah, what a binch of shit! Rogers is pushing the 920 out tomorrow? And I’m sitting hear with my thumb in my ass wondering when Best Buy is going to give me the call confirming I’ll be available to sign for my Lumia. DICK! I so friggin’ amped to get mine it’s making me a grumpy, jealous American bitch.

    On to the HTCraptastic 8x: what the hell is a powered amplifier doing in a device that means to put that power through headphones? Do they want a lawsuit?

  • Mark

    No review yet. This worries me.

  • Nathan

    Why are emails for subscribed threads STILL not working?
    Can someone please advise what the heck’s happening there?

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