Nokia Lumia 920 Reviews from Stuff, KnowYourMobile, V3, Gizmodo and TechnoBuffalo

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Here are a few more Nokia Lumia 920 reviews that we might not have covered.

First up, Sophie from Stuff Magazine emailed to let us know that their indepth review is live:


The screen is a consistent big plus across reviews, great for viewing especially for browsing as it’s apparently a demon to browse the net on, with pages loading quickly, scrolling is smooth and snappy.

There’s a complaint over the camera (due to expectation from PureView) as they are apparently soft and over saturated. Over saturated huh. Vs overexposed? I kinda prefer the picture on the right which is supposedly the 920. I guess you can only prefer the over saturated photo when it comes from the iPhone.

Apps still bother them. Apparently spotify isn’t there. Strange. I’m using Spotify right now. Aren’t WP7.5 apps directly compatible? I wonder if they used search or is the App Store search still that dreadful? Sound quality from the speakers is apparently “very direct, very punchy and with plenty of detail”

Next up, KnowYourMobile.

Cheers Stylinred.

They think the camera is stunning.

Picture quality is impressive to say the least, detail is sharp even when fully pinch-zoomed on a still photo and images rarely look de-saturated. The dynamic range is also excellent

 Seems they’ll contrast with these other reviews as they claim:
 amazing piece of kit with undoubtedly the best camera on the market.
Perhaps not on quality but possibly on usability as the 808 is acknowledged but is said to be more usable for the average user.
Now, this one from Gizmodo is instantly designed to be controvercial as it blathers on about the weight, crying that it’s heavier than the Note II. By 2 grams. 2 grams. If your hand can notice 2 grams, go to NASA.
Perhaps the bother is that they don’t think the weight justifies the performance of PureView which does slaughter everything in low light but is said to be beaten by the iPhone 5 in bright Sunlight. Why, Nokia?
I’ll wait around for GSM Arena for the final verdict. Some of the photos do look so soft on the 920 that they can’t have focused correctly (you can see how clear it can be in other shots).
Display is noted to be terrific. How about this display, large as it is, on a smaller, slimmer, lighter phone or if you’re going to make it slightly heavier, make sure something like PureView is unquestionably better.
Cheers spacemodel
This one is a video review from V3.
Apparently excellent for business.
Finally for now, TechnoBuffalo
Cheers Jesse Enqvist

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