Wazapp for N9 Updated to Version 0.9.12; Major Preformance Updates and New Features

| November 8, 2012 | 46 Replies

Wazapp which is possibly THE most important unofficial client for the N9 has just received a major push bumping it up to version 0.9.12. bringing with it the following updates:

Now using Yowsup!
  * Credits page modifications
  * Added polish, Ukrainian, Urdo, and Hungarian
  * Updated description
  * Added first run checks
  * Fixed emojify subject when changed after login
  * About page adjustments
  * Updated notification icons
  * Switched to organiser feedback to make use of LED
  * Skip loading duplicate conv in db
  * Fixed fetching grp subject and picture when added to a group
  * Fixed group set picture, that prevented returning to created group conversation
  * Fixed group create busy indicator display when tried again after failure
  * Fixed setting group subject in Conversation UI once created
  * Subject textarea is now disabled while group create is in progress
  * Now Handling connectionClosed during group creation
  * Fixed destruction of osd_notify when CreateGroup is destroyed
  * Fixed disabling of createbutton when all selected participants were removed
  * Fixed group set picture, when prevent returning to group when created
  * Fixed group create busy indicator display when tried again after failure
  * Fixed setting group subject in Conversation UI once created
  * Subject textarea is now disabled while group create is in progress
  * Fixed profile binding when not a contact
  * Fixed default profile picture when not a contact
  * Fixed tr string in support page
  * Now handling group create error, fixes #157
  * Disabled request presence when app loses focus at an active conversation
  * Catche exceptions in maskImage
  * Adjustments to credits page
  * Credit page adjustments
  * Updated support icon
  * Adding missing ImageButton and wazapp128 icon
  * Updated support icon
  * Fixed remove button in WAListView
  * Disabled send audio recording until its interface is fixed
  * When a message is received, getOrCreateConversation instead of getConversation
  * Set invisible to BusyIndicator of refreshPics until activated again
  * Interface version now propagates to UI
  * Connect auth_fail received signal to UI
  * Hiding refresh picture button for now
  * Enhanced getConversationGroups function, now it's much faster
  * Merge with dev 60ea0e0876109b003308bfa482f80b99bfbfb2f5
  * missing file from previous commit
  * Removed Squircle Mask in chats and contact lists, switched to real squircles
  * Now using global defaultPicture variables
  * Use enhanced default user and group pictures
  * cleaned imports in contacts.py
  * Added WAImageProcessor, to which any image processing is delegated
  * Removed unused Utilities import in wadebug
  * Modified role
  * Switched to 128x128 logo
  * ImageTextLink buttons are now invertible
  * Now using inverted colors for buttons in About
  * Switch to a real 128x128 logo in WASupport
  * Added enhanced About Page
  * Moved About button back to main menu
  * Add Support Wazapp Page
  * Added color property to GroupSeparator
  * Added Tests for new pages
  * Added Credits Pages
  * Moved items to Column, separator fixies
  * If profile picture or contact picture do not exist, fetch it, otherwise ignore refetch
  * Contact profile items position fix
  * Profile page flickable height fix for toolbar height value
  * Group conversation user profile page fix
  * Fixed default pictures in main
  * Set lastseenon to now when received unavailable for a contact
  * + symbol added to number
  * SMS compose fix
  * Fixed caching of last seen when received during online
  * Fixed picture in notification feed for non-contacts
  * Fixed emoji display in status and group subject textinputs
  * Contact Page improvements
  * Media list
  * Groups list
  * SMS sending fix
  * Number displaying fix
  * Fixed contact phone picture overwriting profile picture thumbnail
  * Now using absolute path to defaultProfilePicture and defaultGroupPicture set in WAConstants
  * Fixed #163 Profile Images misbehaviour
  * Added WAImageViewer for profile picture viewing, to support realtime updating of the picture
  * Now using groupIcon of conversation
  * Fixed rebind function in Conversation
  * Fixed double calling of getInfo for group
  * Cleaned groupProfile code
  * Added test page for WAImageViewer
  * Removed creation of same default picture for each contact with no picture (duh!)
  * Now passing group conversation icon along with conversation data from backend, if exists
  * Forced fetching of picture in case it does not exist (deleted) in cache
  * Now listening to typing/paused signals
  * Fixed emoji regex which resulted on ignoring some emoji
  * Added a UI Tests folder to be able to quickly test components
  * Fixed GroupSeparator height
  * Now passing path to emoji dir as an argument to emoji.openDialog, to set current path to emoji relavent to the textarea which summoned it
  * Global.getCode now scans for any images, to support dynamic emoji paths. Should be enhanced though.
  * Global.emojify2 is currently best candidate to replace other redundant emojify functions
  * Fixed indents in WATextarea
  * Fixed last seen issues
  * Now using a single source for userstatus (typing/paused)
  * Fixed preview not stopping when selected an audio to send
  * Fixed chinese support which was broken by new emoji
  * Added missing SectionDelegate
  * Emoji dialog gets a makeover
  * Now using a single emoji dialog instance
  * Emoji dialog now handles parsing and insertion into the textfield
  * Emojis are now loaded only once, on first demand, increases emoji category switching performace
  * Emoji dialog adjusts the number of columns according to current device orientation
  * Fixed multiselection in walistview when there are not rendered items
  * Now setting BusyIndicator size throuh BusyIndicatorStyle, fixes many warnings thrown at startup
  * Fixed sections showing when they contain only no-render items
  * Removed BusyIndicator from WAHeader and create a global one in WABusy triggered by setting 'busy' property of a WAPage to true
  * Now create group shows a busy indicator
  * Fixed groupSubjectChanged signal parameters
  * Now sendMessage, changeSubject and changeStatus strip the text first
  * Fixed emoji initial emoji insertion on initial status change or group subject changes removing all existing emoji
  * Now resetting status in textfield to current one each time settings page is opened
  * Now resetting group subject in textfield to current one each time group subject change page is opened
  * Merge pull request #151 from CepiPerez/new-issue
  * New emoji
  * Fixed emoji insertion in GroupSubject and Status Change
  * Fixed Group subject change
  * Fixed open conversation profile from Chats list when conversation was never opened
  * Disabled progress bar in splash screen for now
  * rm .gitignore
  * Fixed view contact profile initiated from contact list
  * Fixed contact data in contact profile
  * Fixed notification ringtone selectors
  * Fixed playing 'no-focus' notification ringtones initially when the app has never lost focus
  * added ContextkitProvider
  * added ContextProvider
  * added ContextProvider
  * Update src/accounts/qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/control
  * Fixed set my profilepicture
  * Removed symlink to client
  * Catching unicodedecode exception in debug
  * Added missing groupprofile js helper file
  * Fixed set picture
  * Fixed groupParticipants signal args
  * Fixed inclusion of client dir to work on windows
  * Update src/client/wazapp_init
  * Logging in wazapp_init cause incoming messages not receiving
  * Update src/client/messagestore.py
  * Removed strange utf operations, now export conversation working good for Russian
  * Fixed Emoji insertion
  * Added norender property if not real contact
  * Added landscape supposrt to CreateGroup and GroupProfile, which was removed when moved to walistview
  * Now removing self from contacts before passing it to frontend
  * Fixed syntax error in invoker execution
  * Fixed link checking instead of file checking
  * Fixed MCC to Country by C++ (i like c++ much more than qml and python)
  * Edit group now uses walistview
  * Components now use a unified source for a contact picture
  * Added showNotification function for InfoBanner notifications
  * Changing profile picture now shows a BusyIndicator while updating
  * Group Profile is now instantiated inside group conversation
  * Settings is instatiated once in main, instead of new instance on every request
  * Dumped the retarted global variables: selectedPicture, selectedGroupPicture, bigProfileImage, and more soon
  * myAccount is passed on UI init now
  * OnPictureUpdated now updates directly ONLY the related components, instead of having every fucking component listen to a signal
  * onGroupParticipants now updates directly related conversation, instead of having all conversations listen to a damn signal, same for onGroupInfo.
  * Enhanced WAListView, added more functions
  * Created a generic SyncedContactList page to be used in any component instead of rebind contacts over and over again
  * Changed Add Participants in create view to use SyncedContactList
  * Now checking if there is media.size first before binding
  * Resend unsent vcards and location back to working
  * Interfacehandlers initial commit
  * changed setPicture back to setGroupPicture for groups
  * fixed picture changed notification bubble text
  * removed unsused imports
  * Increased mediabubble width to show size
  * Now showing size info on media send/receive
  * Now checking if new count is None before incrementing
  * Removed setting group picture to default group picture
  * Now not explicitly specifiying that picture type should be image
  * Replaced setPicture with setMyProfilePicture (takes no jid) and setGroupPicture for groups
  * Removed for using newbackend: connengine, exceptions, protocoltreenode,
  * Removed unused methods from class Key
  * Removed unused waclasses.py (again!)
  * Removed waeventbase
  * Removed waexceptions
  * Removed unused WAVCardHandler
  * Now WAHTTPHandler uses a normal socket.socket instance
  * Added message and key existence checking in messagestore
  * Fixed spaces/tabs in waservice
  * WAEventHandler is now using the Library interface
  * Now connmon checks isOnline before actually saying it went offline
  * MessageBase wasn't calling super constructor, now it does
  * Implemented more methods
  * Removed calls for InitialConnCheck
  * Fixed bind error when local_path for a media object is not set
  * Changed vibra to False
  * Fixed set background qml file
  * Replaced wazap_init with tgalal's one
  * updated dirs
  * Accounts plugin improvements:
  * Black (inverted) theme
  * Country detection by MCC (need fixies for multi-mcc countries)
  * Toolbars and small design fixies
  * Transitions hacky fixies
  * Send chat history and status presets
  * Added PresetDialog.
  * Modified ContactProfile.
  * Added DBUS calls to ShareUI after export to ASCII text file.
  * Path has to be inside Documents to play nice with Tracker.
  * Now checking first if there is a Ringtones directory, fixes blank ringtones
  * Now directories are created by the manager on initilization
  * Added breathe signal which invokes processEvents at python side, solving UI not-responding at long processes issue
  * New splash screen
  * Splash screen shows what is currently being loaded
  * Now preloading phonecontacts on init
  * Fixed group default picture
  * Added packaging files
  * Fixed registration error: fail-old-version
  * Added conversation export method, invokable from UI
  * fixed group set picture
  * Location send button is no disabled until location is resolved
  * Disabled sending composing to group
  * Added reset function to walistview
  * Now getSelected in walistview returns selected index along with the returned data
  * removed project user file
  * ignore project user file
  * Created reusable componets for fastscrollable listviews
  * Voice recorder fix
  * Fixed Group add/remove participants
  * Fixed Groups add/remove participants
  * Added voice recording (no mp3 encoding yet)
  * Fixed issue #105
  * Updated Setting panel
  * Fixed change status function (using funXMPP now)
  * Removed status.py and warequeststatus.py (useless now)
  * Changed loadConversations function to fix #108 - Fixed blank Chats screen when a new chat is created - Little fix for groups
  * participants modifications - Added new contacts bubble counter
  * Fixed #103 Incorrect last seen when sending to not-online contact
  * Now displaying cached lastseen until new one is retrieved
  * Fixed #109 Conversation are opened when profile picture change
  * Fixed #107 Wrong bubble notification when user changes profile picture
  * Profile picture working again, fixes #104
  * activated updater
  * Version bump
  * Exposed WAConstants to UI
  * Now using paths defined inside WAConstants
  * Received media is now stored in /home/user/Wazapp/
  * Merged with Cepi
  * Now registering with token, solves "fail-too-many" in case not entirely blocked by Whatsapp
  * Moved vibra triggering back to Notifier
  * Changed vibra enabled/disabled datatype to boolean
  * Custom ringtones for notifications finished
  * Reverted console debug (for ascii chars) accidentally broken
  * Changed hardcoded file paths to use variables inside constants
  * Now MediaType reference constants, instead of constants referencing MediaTypes

As usual for more information and installation instructions go tot he source: http://wiki.maemo.org/Wazapp

Thanks for the tip Stormtroller

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  1. Dostupna nova verzija Wazapp aplikacije za Nokiju N9 | NokiaMob | November 8, 2012
  1. erzhik says:

    Something tells me that this works better than original WhatsApp.

  2. Bart says:

    Does anyone know if the Wazapp service starts up automagically after the N9 has had a reboot? And if not, can this be done (and if not, why not)? Or I am the only one that does it by hand? Starting up Wazapp that is…

  3. SLAYER says:

    umm… can the list be any longer? :D

  4. DM says:

    Now THAT is a changelog!

    This app is brilliant, I use it all the time on my N9 :D

  5. Silthice says:

    You can see how long the list is…
    But can you imagine how much work need to be done just to complete one single line/bullet

  6. belle beats lumia 920 says:

    will this app work on jollo os?

    • Damian Fernie says:

      It may need some additional work, but as it was said that MeeGo parts can be used directly as Jolla base on MeeGo. Adaptation can be needed in interface layer ect. where can be improvements because of Linux MeeGo+MerCore+Sailfish OS, so they were not present in Harmattan as last update of Harmattan.

      I can happen it could just run without changes – that is related to how it was coded.

      But in general the answer is yes, it can run on Jolla Sailfish OS.

  7. thedead1440 says:

    One point to be noted is that change log is IIRC from v0.2.7 to v0.9.12…

    Some of the changes were already there in the intermittent (developer) releases from after v0.2.7 but all have been now put together into v0.9.12…

  8. jun loi says:

    Woooooww work great, many thanks to the wazapp team,brilliant

  9. @AndyHagon says:

    Gotta love this N9/N950 community. Not only is Wazapp free (but donations should be considered) it seems to be much better looking than the Symbian version I have on my N8 and E6. Please think about donating to Tarek and the guys over at http://www.wazapp.im if you are enjoying this great WhatsApp client on your N9. If the developers receive support, they will continue to feel motivated to GIVE support! Thumbs up all round! :)

    • Ruben says:

      fully agree!! a small donation is a big incentivation to developers that have been making the N9 one of the top smartphones even after a year. This single core monster still puts to shame so many duals…to say the least.

      Definitly you gotta love the community. Matched by none, Maemo-Meego is supreme. And full of inconditional love :)

      I love my N9

  10. Ruben says:

    i’ve tried it but somehow for Portugal it keeps me getting error messaging like the versions before.

    Anyone can help?

    • Ruben says:

      Just put it to work! Tried a different internet connection and it registered with no problems. The app is lovely and it’s amazing how it was build from scratch. The work done here is worth sharing all over the world. Good to have such devs in Maemo/Meego community. This is one of the reasons why i can’t leave Meego even if i try.

      The Nokia N9 is an everyday surprise. No other phone gives you that kind of pleasure.

  11. belle beats lumia 920 says:

    may they develope for symbian belle fp2 version?

    • MoritzJT says:

      Python can run on Symbian. There’s a version that works. But currently Wazapp is not easily portable over to Symbian. The UI is, for sure. Not that much of work I think. The most problems will arise from a lack of Python / Qt bindings on Symbian and the integration into the system. I have no idea that we can achieve stuff DBUS provides as easy on Symbian. Most stuff would need to be Carbide c++

      A horrible thought!

  12. yoyo says:

    After playing with it for about 10 min I was so amazed that I immediatly donated 5€!
    From scratch to an app that is more refined than the official version deserves much more then 5€.But alas, an student can only afford so much…

  13. j says:

    so should i finally start to use whatsapp?

  14. kornofilo says:

    i will donate, dont even have a paypal account but i will donate, this just made my day, i was not able to install previous releases, but this one just works!!

  15. Anckmorph Unckler says:

    One of bests aspects is that it can be easy ported to Jolla. Keep coding devs!!! I remember crowds begging for the N9 client – but WhatsApp guys were like spelled “we will not”. Seems this has shown once again Linux community power.

  16. Weirdfisher says:

    Hi, I have installed this version but the notification icon is not working
    It only shows a small red rectangle and this is annoying
    Can anyone help me?

  17. ruplee76 says:


    this one is latest coderus build, with further improvements. try it :)

  18. Sameer says:

    I have a small problem whilst installing the app. After downloading the file and initiating installation it requests to download an extra 560kb. The additional downloads aren’t getting downloaded. It stops at 4.2MB out of 4.7MB. What do I do? Suggestions? I need whatsapp on my phone real bad.

  19. T says:

    Finally it works for me with my nokia n9 and i like it! Nice Job! Thank you!

  20. Adolescent says:

    Installed it…… Worked for Au couple of days n now is constantly off line! Uninstalled n reinstalled several times….. Still off line! Help!!!!!!!

  21. landi says:

    Hi after updating to 0.9.12, me status stays offline line.
    I’ve unistalled and re-installed but still have the same problem. Please help!!!!!

  22. Jackson says:

    I’m waiting for so long for the verification code through sms and voice registration, and still I can’t get the code from whatsapp. I’ve re-installed but still it’s the same. Anyone can help me ?

  23. Jackson says:

    I’m waiting for so long for the verification code through sms and voice registration, and still I can’t get the code from whatsapp.

  24. Tracy says:

    I am trying to install Wazapp on Nokia N9. Where can I get the link to download it?

  25. lokamn says:

    hello i have a probleme with wazapp v0.9.2 I cant get code or registeratin any one cam help me plz

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