Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia Lumia 920 low light

| November 13, 2012 | 13 Replies

Experienced PureView user, Marc from the PureView club compares low light samples between the Nokia 808 PureView camera king and the PureView V2, OIS low light champ, the Nokia Lumia 920.

Here’s another situation where low light, sans flash is quite useful (as no amount of flash will light up this whole area)


Cheers tommy for the heads up!

BTW, here’s another interesting PureView vs PureView article:



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  • dan


  • AreOut

    808 looks so much more real

    • Pökö

      Yes, it does. Would be nice option if Lumia 920 had somekind of slider how much light it wants to show on picture?

      • arts

        o.o the second car picture is more realistic? o.o

      • Bazil

        It has. It is called exposure.

  • stylinred

    thanks for that

    What I am very very very surprised at is if you run the 808 pureview shots in Photoshop and run “shadows & highlights” the results are like that with the Lumia 920

    I wonder if the 920s “magic” is simply running a “shadows & highlights” effect automatically through the software/firmware?

  • arts

    The photo of the harbor was shot using night mode with the lumia 920 btw.

  • Mapantz

    I put together some photo’s i did, testing the ISO level out on my 808. I only went down to 200 and i also threw a couple of 34MP ones in.

    • Mapantz

      Forgot to mention, rather than ‘low’ light, it was pretty much dark as you can tell from the one with the flash.

  • Schneider

    I believe you took the images of Lumia 920 with his personal settings and the 808 with his personal settings, the 808 being on the bottom. 😉

  • dss

    Like I said as soon as Nokia published the white paper on OIS .. the 808 will produce better results in all conditions, and depending on the conditions the difference will vary.

    The only thing that the 920’s camera does better, is video stabilization. Everything else like flash photography, low light, day light, zooming, camera UI, video recording, sound recording.. the 808 is the better option, by quite a margin.