Indulgence: Ridiculously Photogenic Nokia Lumia 920 in Electric Pikachu Yellow!

| November 16, 2012 | 107 Replies

The Nokia Lumia 920, like the N9 and 800 before it is a ridiculously photogenic phone. It just loves to have pictures taken and the camera loves it back even more because it always looks amazing!

Those sleek curved glass edges, the slick lines, it’s sublime. In electric pikachu yellow, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the funky, stunning model that walks into a room, grabbing all the attention and causing undue neck pain as you just can’t turn your head away from it.

Here’s a very random gallery I thought I’d take of just the Nokia Lumia 920 on it’s own. I’m sure that perhaps the black one may have continued the seamlessness of the curved screen a bit more but I’m infatuated with that bright electric yellow that just glows and lights up the room. It’s so hot it’s on fire.



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    much better than an iphone5:p

    • Mariano

      Try to don’t make love to that phone πŸ˜€

      • nabkawe

        try to use proper grammar , “try not to … ” you don’t need don’t

  • Great pictures Jay, what are you using as the background looks awesome πŸ™‚

    (think I might be leaning to red now, seeing how everyones getting yellow)

    • nabkawe

      I preordered the red one … i guess we are meant to have the same experience with Nokia

      • lovenokia

        Yellow is better, but of it looks to be lambo yellow and Ferrari red, decision will be tough

      • tobz

        You criticise someone’s grammar, and then leave a post that makes no sense. “I guess we are meant to have the same experience with Nokia”… What on earth is that supposed to mean? Why pick people’s grammar up on a Nokia blog site? (it’s not an English grammar site!) – especially when you then make comments that are utterly meaningless. Hilarious!

    • Harangue

      The yellow is just a little bit too much, it is nice though. Red one looks pretty darn good as well, but personally I prefer either the black, grey or white. Currently leaning towards the white, although I have my reservations about the gloss vs. my current matte black one.

      The grey one is still the top one, unfortunatly it seems to be very very hard to get a hold off.

      • Just Visiting

        And VERY expensive πŸ™‚

        I prefer the Grey as well, but seeing as how Negri wants to score $777 U.S. for it…I really like Nokia, and I have $777, but there is no phone on the planet that I would be willing to pay that much money for.

        I am going to go with the glossy white…Went to ATT and the red is gorgeous! Saw the matte black and Cyan Lumia 900 (and the matte black L920), and thought they were ‘dull’; so glossy it is for me.

        Now to decide if I will get the Lumia 920 or if I will get the Lumia 900 until WP9 hits the shelves. Black Friday is the decision day!

        • Viipottaja

          I am fairly confident 920 will get the WP9 update.

          also, if you are getting the phone as an upgrade, price difference is negligible.

          so, having also owned the 900, I would definitely go for the 920! πŸ™‚

          • Just Visiting

            Thanks! I just keep going back and forth πŸ™‚ Either way, the purchase will be off contract; I think 7.8 will tide me over until the new WP9 devices hit the shelves next year around this time.

            I just had all of these accessories in mind, that I want to use, like now…there are plenty for the Lumia 900, not many for the Lumia 920. I will probably just end up flipping a coin πŸ™‚

            • tobz

              but won’t you then be tempted to wait for Windows Phone 10?? W8 is released 2 weeks ago, and people are now waiting for the next operating system that doesn’t even exist yet? Haha! Really?? Each to their own I suppose, but it seems like a rather odd way to plan tech purchases. Now if you were getting a 900 to save the cash, that makes sense, but to wait for W9? random! πŸ™‚ You’ll have the same problem with W9 accessories too… ??

              • Just Visiting

                No πŸ™‚ I simply don’t see a significant different between what WP7.8 (based on leaked memos) will bring vs. what WP8 currently brings. Hardware wise, yes, the WP8 devices are better, but from a user experience perspective, and what I need at this point, WP7.8 will do just fine. Hardware is not weighing heavily in this particular purchasing decision.

                When the WP9 devices hit, I’ll make another assessment and then decide if I will upgrade.

                And while the Lumia 900 is less expensive, from a software perspective I don’t see that what I’d be gaining for the $200 price difference between the L900 and L920. Hardware wise, yes (to some degree), I can see why there is a price difference; but hardware (screen/camera tech/storage) is not at the forefront of my purchasing decision.

                At the end of the day, I’m just bored of using my N8 (even though my N8 is not riddled with performance issues); I just want a joyful and different experience at this point, and the Lumia 900 will more than suffice. If the Lumia 900 is not available, I will get the Lumia 920; but my N8 will definitely be tuck away in a drawer by the end of this month πŸ™‚

        • Harangue

          As much as I want a phone, I’m not going to pay out of the arse for it. The prices aren’t yet where I would like them to be, it needs to be €50 less here in Europe before I’m considering a buy.

          The white one is particularly nice, right? The 900 in white was already nice, but with the different design of the 920 (curved back vs. pillow) and the curved screen it looks even better. It also makes the black camera surround stand out a bit more. I’m just a little worried about the feel and slippery-ness of the gloss colors.

          • Viipottaja

            I too was worried but I’ve not had any slipperiness problems with the red 920. Perhaps in the summer when its hot and humid. Also no scratches yet but if course it’s only been a week+.

            • Harangue

              Good to know, still liking your purchase?

              Regarding scratches, I have a boatload of automotive stonechip adhesive film lying around. Guess I’ll cut me out a piece of that to paste on to the back see how that works out.

              • Viipottaja

                Still absolutely loving it. In fact, I am surprised how much better I like than the 900. When I now pick up the 900 it feels a bit dated in both design and UI (I like the WP8 home screen a lot now that I have actually used it).

  • Muerte


    BTW, watch this guys:

    IMHO, The comparison should be between Lumia 920 and some iPhone or SGSIII, but good enough to demonstrate the low light performance!

    • Harangue

      Damn, that is amazing! The dude’s language is a bit much at times but he sure is hot for Nokia.

      But wow! PV2 really does a good job there.

    • Rajee

      This was really impressive! Jay, you should post this or try it yourself with your shiny new Electric Pikachu 920. (‘drooling’) grrrr.

  • The Vampire Diaries got the Lumia this week, several times and very clear show.

  • Gwapo

    The yellow Lumia 920 would pop even more if you’ve used an ultramarine BG with minimal bokeh effect. Or maybe I’m just jealous.

  • i saw a cute cat

  • Keith too

    My preference used to be cyan -> red -> yellow. Then red and yellow switched places but now I may have a slight preference for yellow over cyan as well.

  • This is like Heaven in Hands with A Bright Miraculous YELLOWISH Body

  • AND a HANDSOME DEAL For THE Handsome BUCKS You Spend Too

  • StefanP

    Nokia should sell matching nail polish in red and yellow for the female users!

  • twig

    There’s sure room for a Nokia tablet designed like the coffee tab. My Surface, while win8 is great, its hardware is like a 1960s East Berlin picture, while everyone copies Nokia designs and colors. Are you listening Nokia?


      Lumia Surface tablet NOW !!
      with PV3 please.

      • Noki

        Microsoft Surface sales numbers are pretty bad in-spite of yet another massive marketing campaign, and you want Nokia to join that disaster?


          nokia would make much better designed tablets and has PV technology.
          nokia tablets would sell better than any ms tablet

          • Noki

            OK if the Microsoft Surface did one thing right its the design, Its pretty good with very good materials, magnesium body that’s pretty impressive.
            Globally the design as been praised as really good, The problem is the OS it does not make any sense, Its a PC OS without any of the PC apps. Its just a massive mistake. Wen Microsoft created this products it should have made it perfectly visible that this is not Windows 8, like this people will just ask were are my PC apps since it looks exactly the same…. This product as serious identity problems.


              so its good then that ms made products for this app limited market, ms showed their commitment to rt by building a surface rt product.

              as a marketing stunt the surface rt would have paid off already in publicity for win8rt.

              better for ms to enter this new market segment to pave the way for others to follow,

              • Noki

                Problem was the way they did it, with the same UI they use for the desktop, whith that they bring a certain level of expectations around it. I been said this from day 1 its was a terrible idea the way people use a desktop and a tablet is fundamentally different, the mindset the iteration the distance to screen were you look, were you putt iteration, etc etc.

                Market is proving how bad the idea was, and its affecting desktop as well so a lose lose situation.

                If nokia as any bit of smartness it will stay away from this non exciting market.


                  is nokia uses their smartness, they can make this an exciting market.

                  Nokia PV3 win8 RT mini-tablet, the definition of awesomeness.

                  • Noki

                    And PV??? really? I mean what is the use of PV on something the size of a DSLR, the point of Pure view is the portability of it good photos without having to carry a compact camera.

                    Now if the size of the thing is the same of a dslr then just use a DSLR the quality of the photos will be incomparably better and you wont look like a goof taking pictures with a tablet


                      a dslr does not work as a win8 rt mini-tab,
                      can’t check ur email on a dslr
                      can’t play angry birds on a dslr
                      can’t ise office on a dslr
                      can;t surf the web on a dslr
                      can’t use any nokia apps on a dslr

                      a win8 rt mini-tablet would be skinner and lighter than a dslr

                      a win8 rt with PV3 would compete with point and shoot cameras and hand held video recorders,

                    • Noki

                      seriously open question here, any one uses their tablets to take outside pictures or videos???? I have see a few guys with ipad doing that but they look completely silly doing that.


                      the screen size is close to many hand held video recorders,
                      many people now hold their touch-phones with two hands when they take video or pictures,
                      a mini-tablet would be easier to hold.
                      then u can use the screen to run apps on win8rt to edit the footage,

                    • Noki

                      a mini-tablet would be easier to hold, nooo because your hands are fully extended and open with less control over the thing, don’t you have a 7 inch tablet, its easy to test, you can take pictures but its really not comfortable to do so.

        • Just Visiting

          Noki – How many Surface devices have been sold? Is there a link that you can provide?

          Microsoft stated that they were only going to produce 1-5 million Surface devices, so if they sell them all, then they’ve accomplished what they set out to do, in my opinion.

          • Noki
              • Noki

                And you have to decide, if surface is good or not πŸ˜‰ ?
                I say it good with inadequate OS.

                P.S. “Microsoft clarifies” = Microsoft reframes the buzz

                P.P.S. Really I don’t see a market here low price completely taken by kindle/Nexus high price owned by established Ipad. on what is a much much smaller market than the smartphone one.


                  nothing is completely taken or established indefinitely,
                  change always happens,
                  nokia has great opportunity to make new products and gain new markets.

                  • Noki

                    But this would not really be a new product nor is it a new market, its tablets been around for some time now and its saturated with competition.

                    Nokia as not foothold what so ever in it and would be betting one what it seems a dead horse.

                    So far betting on the dead horse OS brought Nokia from #1 to #10.


                      it would be a new product if it comes with PV technology,

                      right now 920/808 come very close to rendering many point and shoot cameras obsolete,

                      a mini-tablet with PV would do the same to basic hand held video recorders.

                    • Noki

                      “a mini-tablet with PV would do the same to basic hand held video recorders”
                      hand held video recorders is also a mostly dead market with dslr’s kilning it on the higher end and smartphones on the lower end.

                      And really you look like a goof going around with a tablet taking pictures or making movies.

                      I see that you want that but I don’t see a market there πŸ˜€ sorry πŸ˜€



                    • Noki

                      mini-tablet like say nexus 7? or smaller than that??
                      because holding and taking pictures with the nexus 7 is relay not that easy, it feels rather awkward, same for the playbook that is also small.


                      that’s where nokia design comes in,

                    • Noki

                      sory that not design thats a miracle if its say 7 inch (less would not make it a tablet) and if its supposed to be thin and light as tablets are, then heee the shape is there pretty self defined, and I really cant see very ergonomically adequate for casual video or photo.

                      but hey maybe miracles are true and Nokia comes up with a muilti-foldable device that works.. (dough if Nokia could do that they would not be in the trouble they are now)

            • Just Visiting

              Modest, is OK especially given that their goal was to produce only a few million (not to exceed 5 million).

              The device was just released 3 weeks ago, and is only available through Microsoft in limited countries, so it seems as though they are on course to depleting their stock.

        • Dave

          Dude stop browsing Android sites for rumors of yet again the death of yet another Microsoft product. Metro is not going away, cry all you want.

          • Noki

            wana bet? πŸ˜‰ afaik metro is already dead

            • Mark

              Ah, it’s Noki: the fake Nokia fan and Android spokesman.

              • Noki

                haa its Mark the fake Nokia fan and Microsoft #1 astroturfer..

  • Francis

    In US many user reported they encounter battery issue (fast draining) with Nokia Lumia 920, and some even getting brick after hard reset.

    Do you have any issue with UK version of L920 ?

  • krishna6233

    more than the color yellow i started loving the name Electric Pikachu Yellow! cooooool πŸ™‚
    cyan for me :))

  • andres1905

    You guys are so lucky… You can go to a store and buy/get these devices without problem as soon as they are available in the market… I wish I could do that in my country (Ecuador)…

    The only choice we have here to buy mobile phones is to do it through operators or through small importers. A couple of weeks ago, one of the three operators began selling the Lumia 900, but at a very high cost (the phone costs USD 200 on a USD 100 monthly plan for at least 18 months). Small importers sell it for at least USD 700 (unlocked) (I got my Lumia 900 that way). We had the chance to buy some phones in the U.S. and import them personally, but the government blocked this mechanism with the pretext that these devices cause “too much damage” to the environment…

    Well guys, enjoy those awesome devices, and please keep us well informed about them, as you always do…!

  • labquto

    well then i want to believe the idea that in 2013.. nokia will unveil their own fabula RT tablet.. then microsoft would be given a spotlight for it’s first Wp8 Surface phone.. what about that? πŸ™‚
    Knowing that Nokia & Microsoft are currently in a relationship πŸ™‚

    • Noki

      Yeah thats what Nokia needs to do a tablet RT Microsoft cant sell them but nokia will?? right!…. Tablet market is squished by apple in the uper end and nexus/kindle in the lower end.


        if nokia puts PV3 in a mini tablet or in any sized tablet,
        and with the nokia design and colours,
        then yes nokia would sell them very well.

        • Noki

          The thing as like 30 apps looks exactly like the real windows 8 minus all of the apps and you think people will want it… Honestly for the price i will by the real intel powered deal. But lets face it that’s not a tablet its a PC.
          And here fall the big Microsoft mistake about the RT looking exactly the same as Windows 8 one as to ask how come its so much more limited???
          Witch leads to the second question, how come people in the desktop have to suffer with the tablet limitations. It just does not make sense.


            RT works well in mini-tablet sizes and in lighter regular sized tablets,
            there is a market for smaller lighter devices, win8 rt takes care of that.

            desktop user wouldn’t be limited since i doubt they would use light wight or small tablets as a desktop pc, they would use win8 pro tablets,


              also mini-tablets running win8 rt would be cheaper priced, add some PV magic and you have a compelling device.

              • Noki

                But that’s the thing see wen you have to create yet another form factor to make sure its different enough from the windows 8 then you failed already, plus for the form factor you mentioned wp8 would be way more suited, but i will grant that wp8 would be much better suited for tablets than windows RT.


                  apple has had great success in creating another form factor with iOS devices different to Mac OS,
                  at least microsoft is trying to keep the UI consistent throughout all devices, and apps will be more compatible across devices.

                • Dave

                  “i will grant that wp8 would be much better suited for tablets than windows RT.”

                  Idiotic statement of the day. W8 metro kicks the shit out of any other OS on tablets.

                  • Harangue

                    Basically it boils down to one word; ‘snapping’ snapping of apps that is, easily run 2 apps simultaneously in one screen and easily flick between them.

                    The Surface however is severly crippled (future wise) by the moronic decision to go with the Tegra 3, which is basically the worst performing SoC of its generation. But I guess if MS went with Qualcomm again that wouldn’t sit right with the other SoC manufacturers.

                  • Noki

                    And I call that statement delusional. So lets let buyers decide will we?

                    • twig

                      Ha,ha. Not good Noki, a consumer watchgroup demands the ftc break up Google and the German government says its switching back to Microsoft office because open source(google)is a disaster. Breaking news.

                    • Noki

                      Microsoft office because open source(google)???

                      ha the ignorance, ok so what are you talking about here??office beeing compared to google doc’s really did some one tried to replace office with Google docs??? and its failed ? of course it would fail Google docs is not for that, i find them utterly useless apart from the collaborative thing…

                      but maybe you are talking about Oracles openoofice, well there I must say that Microsoft as competition and as been losing market share for it, its not as good but the price is very competitive.

                      finally you are aware that the office division in Microsoft is almost a complete different company? A division that apart from fraudulent upper management politics is pretty well respected.

          • incognito

            OTOH, it quite well explains Elop’s core incompetency – it looks like the company he came from is utterly incompetent as well so no wonder he’s as clueless as them. As someone said a long time ago – they just don’t get it. It was true for the days of Windows Mobile, and it is still true today. That’s why they can’t crack the mobile market.

            Microsoft needs to change the monkeyboy Ballmer as much as Nokia needs to sack Elop. Sadly, it might be already too late for both companies… At least Microsoft has enough reserves to try different strategies once they realize they are doing it wrong, Nokia not so much…

            • incognito

              P.S. Out of all craziness one can conceive coming from Microsoft – pushing that-that-shall-not-be-named-Metro on Windows Server 2012 must be the pinnacle of cluelessness. As if they already aren’t loosing the race at quite a fast pace in the server space…

              • Noki

                yeah that made me really wonder what are they into, take the most uber self consious nerd crowd there are, people that don’t like UI’s all that much, and try to shove that in to them???? WTF, I know Microsoft is not big in that market but this is simply crazy.

              • Harangue

                What are you blabbering about? Metro isn’t mandatory on Server 2012, there is still basic command line access, although I do agree that a GUI on server SW is useless for most.

                • Noki

                  and how do you launch the command line???

            • Noki

              Yeah I think the metro disaster will be a wake up call in Redmond. They have plenty of money to try and be relevant for many more years.
              Did you notice Google relaunching the chrome books πŸ˜‰ ?
              Interesting times.

              • twig

                The only disaster I see is aapl stock and goog falling. You should use a Surface tablet or win8 computer before commenting on it. We who do not want to be herded into ios or android for the elites to harvest our calls and data(their words not mine) pick Nokia and win8. You are trying too hard Noki. I can understand that when you are faced with the truth and the truth is both Nokia and Microsoft are blowing your bosses out of the water with new and best innovation.

                • Noki

                  I have used windows 8 and used it on touch interfaces, like most feel its a half bread between a touch tablet interface and a desktop not being particularly good at any of them.

                • Noki

                  Dude and the “my bosses thing” hehehehe I’m my how boss I do consulting in this area, don’t particularly like android, and really dislike IOS, (politics not the OS’s).

                  and finally “both Nokia and Microsoft are blowing…” well I agree that at least Nokia is blowing, blowing up in to nothing judging from the sales numbers, but I did told it would be so. from #1 to #10 in just 16 months

      • incognito

        It would help if Microsoft would get off of their arses and make at least some sort of compatibility layer for software across their platforms which they call unified yet nothing but the fugly looks is the same on them. Why shouldn’t you be able to run WP8 apps on a RT tablet? Why shouldn’t the desktop W8 version be able to run those apps as well? Why shouldn’t it be able to work, at least for non-desktop apps, vice versa as well? Ironically, Qt offered Nokia more versatility (of course, under the assumption that they’ve implemented it properly by today if they haven’t switched their strategies) and interoperability than this glorious wannabe third, actually non-existent ecosystem that Microsoft conceived. Talk about Nokia not being able to do software, Microsoft as it stands now appears even more incompetent…

        Who the hell wants to buy a Windows RT tablet when there is no software for it? I’d never buy an ‘i’-anything, but the iPad is tenfold more useful device than all Windows RT tablets. And then Ballmer calls the Surface sales – modest (read: terrible). No shit, Sherlock!

        • Noki

          Pathetic, absurdly pathetic. the entire thing is beyond amateurish, now they are expecting the “pro” version to sell??? So you make a terrible eatery on the market with a non product and expect that the “pro” that looks just like the fail to win wile confusing consumers about witch one is witch….

          Microsoft is managing all of this in the worse possible way.

          • Dave

            You two should get a room, you can jerk on each other’s faces there.

            “And then Ballmer calls the Surface sales – modest”

            No he didn’t, lying asswipe, you know this was a blogger fuckup. Stop being a dick and at least come with actual arguments.

          • twig

            You have not used RT. Do you work for the Vox group? I’m using the RT right now as it does what I’m looking for in a tablet. You are using disinformation so I would put you into the Vox style of writing. Northwestern University?

        • Harangue

          Not going to debate the usefullness of RT or any other Win 8 debate, but Surface sales were always going to be limited. Especially considering the lack of outlets MS is selling them from. Only MS stores (so US only) and a small selection of online MS stores.

          I know of quite a few guys who jumped through hoops to get it imported, succesfully eventually but far too much trouble for the iPad crowd to do. So yeah, limit the outlets you’re selling from and you are bound to sell a small number of devices.

        • twig

          Are you saying my Surface and Win 8 Pro computer do not run the same apps, that’s not true. Where did you get your information from?

          • incognito

            I was talking about the Windows RT. A fine example in utter pointlessness.

  • M

    I realized something yesterday about Nokia Drive+ Beta. They already stated that it runs in the background(which it does a good job of draining the battery) but apparently if you go to settings>applications>background tasks, it gives you the option to close the app from running currently in the background. So it stays on the whole time or does the user have to manually close it after using it?

    Anyway love the buttons on the L920. Got the cyan for me and the black for my dad(he loved his 900) but the black looks stealthy with the black on black look.

  • incognito

    Would’ve looked so much better with the screen turned off and without those buttons bellow it *hides*

    Tho I find the yellow a bit tacky, can’t shake off the feeling of biohazard/under construction theme. If I was into funky colors, I’d say the red looks the nicest of them all, but I still prefer ‘neutral’ colors and the white one looks almost as stunning as the unicorn N9.

  • Ruben

    you shot it with the 808 right? =)

    • dss

      The 808 can’t produce such beautiful bokeh … the sensor is big, but not that big. This kind of background blur is only possible on a DSLR.

      • incognito

        Not necessarily, maybe the background is printed-in-blur giving out a false impression of bokeh πŸ˜‰ Bokeh on the device itself is quite in line with the 808PV.

        Of course, once you check the EXIF data you see that it was shot using a Canon EOS 60D, but still doesn’t mean that it’s unachievable on an 808PV.

    • It’s with 60D – only due to the control of the external flash being able to bounce of walls and direct light as I wish. I’ve taken the dummy 920 pics last saturday with the 808 πŸ™‚

      • Noki

        You have the same camera as I do, we amateur photo dudes we πŸ™‚ but that is a very good lens, is it a L lens? My cheapo lens cant do that pretty bokeh.

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