Video: Bluetooth NFC with Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Play 360 (Nokia Music)

| November 16, 2012 | 15 Replies

So I was expecting to go into settings to activate NFC like I did with the N9 (as it was turned off by default) but to my surprise, tapping the Play360 with the Nokia Lumia 920 asked if I wanted to pair. Once I said yes, it paired up and all future connections were made simply by tapping the NFC locations together.


It’s a small thing but NFC should be left on by default. I’ve said many times before that whilst it might sound like a geeky feature, it’s actually something Joe Average would find super useful – natural interactions in connecting devices (as you have seen when we demoed the N9 with a few other NFC devices).

Cheers reebi for the tip: You don’t even need to turn on the Nokia Play 360. Just tap the NFC enabled Nokia (e.g. Nokia Lumia 920) and it will turn it on and do its witchcraftiness! Niiice!


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  • manu

    pls confirm file transfer via bluetooth by sending/revieving a pic or music from 92

    • aboodesta

      Its there.

    • Matt

      @jay Please also confirm that the 920 works properly with two Play 360 speakers while wifi is in use, unlike the 808:

      Ta ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sefriol

    Let’s see how Apple “invents” NFC next year. “Feel the new and most advanced iTouch. Best in the market, just like our mapping.”

  • reebi

    My play360 turns on via NFC too – you don’t have to turn it on initially when pairing it. Well that’s how it works with my 808.

    Test it out.

    • Holy crap that’s amazing! I had no idea it could do that – that’s even better! Woah!

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Jay, it was off on the N9 due to security. WP is so much more locked down, that it isn’t an issue.

    • Dave

      I detect a slight hint of it being a _bad_ thing WP can safely have NFC enabled?

      • Noki

        paranoid mode? I think Michael is only pointing out one obvious problem/feature off the old N9, fantastically open OS as sometimes implementation issues with security.

        Note that “Security through obscurity” is not very efficient and will end up proving you have the least secure system…. on the other end open security standards that were slow at start are the computational norm.

  • smartfonefan

    Are there any apps pre installed for payments at all via nfc?

  • Banderpop

    It might be worth turning NFC off if your phone shares a pocket or bag with things like credit cards. Otherwise I’d agree fully. But Bluetooth being on is a battery drainer. Does it need to be on also, or can NFC turn Bluetooth on and off automatically within the phone as well as on the Play 360?

    I wonder, can the 920, 808 and N9 pair with each other for things like contact details and file transfers? What about other OSs like Android? I’ve got no idea how compatible phones with NFC and Bluetooth are with each other.

  • incognito

    Here’s a test for you – try to pair the N9 (or 808PV) with the Lumia 920 using NFC, and then send from either of those some arbitrary non-image/audio/video file, and see what happens on WP8. Also, try sending a folder.

    • Cahva

      Just tried to send image from 920 to N9. N9 says that “Tag cannot be read” ๐Ÿ™

  • guerrahp

    …good job lumia. Almost up to par with 2010 symbians.