Pretty Nokia Lumia 920 sample gallery

| November 19, 2012 | 15 Replies

Here’s quite a pretty gallery of shots taken with the Nokia Lumia 920 with some post processing.

It reminds me a lot of that other great looking 808 gallery (with post processing too).

You need a creative eye to see what would make a great picture, a great camera to capture what you see and some skill perhaps should you want to touch it up a little bit more (post process). The result are some great pictures.


Cheers @nabkawe5 for the tip (congrats on your Ferrari red 920!)


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  • jammy

    Jay, you should start some posts about your experience with Lumia 920. This will give us users some helpful insights on lumia 920, and will help us make our mind that whether we should go for this device or not. I know that you’re waiting for the replacement for your faulty device, but apart from flash you can touch other aspects like low light photography, OIS, performance of the device, battery life etc. I know there are tons of videos online covering every aspect of Lumia 920, but hearing about the device from pure nokia lover like you is very different and refreshing, because other sites review the nokia device with lots of negative mindset……….. And anyway after getting your replacement, you can also do the detailed review…….. So looking forward to posts on your experience with Lumia 920.

    • Viipottaja

      In case it would be helpful, a few completely and utterly random points from me, owner of 920 for a week and a half:

      – liking the WP8 homescreen actually – kinda thought I wouldn’t; now when I look at my 900, the homescreen there looks a bit dated/bare (not to mention my older Symbians or the N900 even) :); e.g. big ass CNN live tile with nice pic and headline looks sweet, as does photo hub tile with favorites scrolling
      – -app launch times are way better; varies a bit by app of course, but you do notice the difference immediately
      – back-up is great to have
      – multiselect pics – finally, woot!… lol
      – language key in keyboard on the left –even bigger WOOT and lol!
      – kids’ corner – critical new feature for anyone with kids 😀
      – maps are SMOOOOOTH and fast; the different to 7.5 maps is quite big on that
      – new lock screen features are nice too, have not set it up yet properly though
      – waiting for the wireless charger plate to arrive, that should be nice; have not had any battery problems, but did turn off NFC and Drive background tasking to make it even better; I would imagine something Nokia can address with updates
      – “rooms” feature should be nice too, have not set it up and don’t know how well if at all it works with non+WP phones though
      – not noticing massive improvement in IE10 but it is fast for sure and saw some tests where it was much faster than IE9 on WP7.5 “find on page” return is good; need to compare with my 900 I guess
      – flash control on camera UI is nice little improvement too
      – have not tried wallet yet, could be handy… what else.. Skydrive sync etc. is even better now
      – file system when plugged to a PC works as advertised – access to all media files, not to system files. as it should be for 99.9999999999999999999% of users

      To state the obvious, hardware is just amazing… am blown away how much better it looks and feels than the 900 , and the 900 was great already.
      Now tempted to get the Surface and Xbox Music account…. wish there were more rumors of Nokia tablets. Afraid that the one that claimed Nokia too postponed might be true.

  • observer

    That shot of the tree is amazing and the first standalone shot taken with the 920 (that i’ve seen) that shows its capabilities. I’m not a fan of the auto mode face offs that appear all over the web and wondered when someone would really get into experimenting with the device. I know there was post processing but i have no problem with that. what’s most important for me is the final image and this looks great.

    More of this kind of work and less taking photos in a dark box against other phones and it might convince more people of switching.

    • nabkawe

      This is post processed , heavily at that , this is NOT a auto mode shot , it’s been edited … 🙂

      • muerte

        …as he mentioned also 😉

      • observer

        i think you misread what i wrote, i acknowledged there was post processing and said i don’t mind it when there is.

        my comment about shooting in auto mode is that i get nothing from those type of comparisons

    • PlushDogHater

      Great to hear. I will order tomorrow if Jolla announcement doesn’t blow me away. In which case I will hold on to my N9 until first Jolla phone.

      • PlushDogHater

        Oh, and darn, that should have been a reply to Viipottaja.

  • Muerte

    Only slightly related, but here is a photo I just took with my 808:

    I think it is quite OK, as it was completely dark! (Of course the artificial street lights etc. helped a lot)! 🙂

  • Muerte

    Microsoft advertising Lumia 920:

    • Keith too

      LOL, that is a great ad.

  • dss

    Kay any comments on the battery life ? A good number of users are reporting below average battery life .. Apparently Microsoft are looking into it

    • dss

      Jay.. I hate the iPhone’s text prediction