WP 7.8 supposedly RTM?

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I thought we had posted this already, but it seems it was just the leaked slides.


Supposedly, at a MS & Nokia Developer event in Singapore, it was revealed that Windows Phone 7.8 had been Released to Manufacturers (RTM). WMPU tipster informed them that the WP 7.8 update should be “released to devices in a matter of days to weeks, but certainly not all the way into 2013”.

Tipster also confirmed that IE10 will NOT be in the update, due to its dependency on hardware acceleration.

Source: WMPU



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  • f.pokrandt

    What’s that device in the middle? Looks EXACTLY like an iPhone with a Windows button on it. Hmmm… Must be a Samsung.

    Typed on my Nokia N950

    • Pritchard

      Why do you have a N950, are you even a developer?
      So many out there who have it, don’t deserve it in the slightest.

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        From the randomness of mentioning N950, it is most likely bought from somewhere. There are quite a few going up for sale these days, with few still using it for its intended purpose, testing apps.

        • Noki

          I have 1 and i don’t use it much for testing apps this days, its just depressing. The entire story is deperessing having invested so much time into it 🙁 maybe with jolla I will get to do some experiments and use much of the skills acquired, but chances are that I will do that on the jolla device so the n950 will soon become a glorified symbol of things that could have been, but were not.

          (its a great device and much better screen than the N9) dough I use the n9 as my day to day phone.

          • Viipottaja

            No wonder.

            • Noki

              Yeah, No wonder, I have personal grudge with Elop the master mind.
              On the other side I don’t touch the stack of L800 we have in the office, they are glorified paperweights, not even worth to put on sale on ebay…

              • Viipottaja

                Now you are getting just silly. 🙂 I understand your bitterness and grudge now much better, but perhaps its time to let go a bit? It’s probably not worth spending so much time hating and longing for water that has gone under the bridge a loooong time ago already – believe me, I know.

                I do hope you find a better fit with Jolla and/or RIM (or even Sammy if they resurrect/keep alive the Tizen project)! 🙂

                • Noki

                  Yeah 🙂 any way it after became fun to come around here and see all of my predictions come true. in-spite of being called all the names in the book wen I originally (like many others), predicted them…

                  Plus sometimes there are good insights on the market around here, This story is almost coming to an end and I don’t want to miss the final episodes even if I suspect the ending for a long time now.

                  • Viipottaja

                    Like any good thriller, perhaps there is an ending to this story that will surprise you. 🙂

                    And predictions and even interpreation of the chapters and events so far does appear to vary, depending on the reader (or inventer).

                • Noki

                  “(or even Sammy if they resurrect/keep alive the Tizen project)” bfffff not a singly guys I know is interested in that. Well I’m not.
                  Jolla yes…(not that I’m terribly hopeful, Chinese market being of huge importance for how it grows.) Rim Probably (think they will outlive Nokia and find a big enough market niche to remaining meaningful for years to come)

          • Pritchard

            For the love of God why not donate it the community then!?
            There’s still heaps of peeps in the community that have shown their chops, & whom I KNOW would put it to good use.
            There’s a community piggy bank IIRC, perhaps that could be drawn on to buy it from you (for a reasonable price, not some uber-inflated one)?
            Technically, if you got it via proper/official routes, then it’s not yours to sell anyway, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of so-called devs.

            It’s not “much better” than the N9 either, I can think of quite a few reasons why my N9’s better than my N950.
            It depends on the use cases/patterns, it’s better in some ways, but better *PERIOD* for *everyone* it is not.

            • Nathan

              I know where this community fund is, I’ll link to it later.

            • Pritchard

              *update*: I re-read what you typed, you said “much better screen”, not “much better device”.
              Yeah that’s true to some extent, but again it depends on the way it which the screen’s being utilised.

              • Noki

                that’s the reason I use the n9 as my day to day phone wen im outside and what not, and the n950 for all smartphone like things wen I’m at the office.

            • Pritchard
        • Pritchard

          It’s sad that many were given it (as part of legit programs) for the purpose of dev/testing but never did a thing, & instead sought to profit from it’s inflated value.
          Too many people have no integrity, none at all….

          • Noki

            Think most of the ones for sale are from former Nokia emplyes that got them for real and the countless app firms that got them in the very beguiling, Personally I cant sell mine that would be a violation of the contract I have with Nokia.
            I did obey to the fullest extent to all of the precepts of the contract even the non explicit ones witch was to make apps for it and publish them on the store, i did so for several apps that are well rated and were downloaded in good numbers.

            • Pritchard

              If you don’t mind my asking, which apps did you develop?

      • f.pokrandt

        Wow, I never thought to get that much response. To Pritchard: I’m not a developer, and I also didn’t buy the N950, neither I stole nor found it. I won it at Nokia’s very own IdeasProject for being the most active ideator there. To make it clear: I won a Nokia device of my choice. (Proof: , sadly not there anymore) I chose the N950 over the N9 because of its non-pentile screen, brilliant hardware keyboard and rarity (AFAIK, only one batch of 92,000 devices has been manufactured in Finland) and I use it as my daily smartphone, alongside with my 808 PureView.

        • f.pokrandt

          P.S.: I have never signed a NDA with Nokia and they didn’t forbid me to sell it, apart from the usual “not for sale” text on the back.That doesn’t mean that I’ll ever sell it, because it is such a great device (apart from display viewing angles and the noisy camera).

        • Pritchard

          No one’s saying YOU obtained it via dubious means…
          It’s screen isn’t better than the N9’s in “every” respect. PenTile was(is) used too much as a “dirty word”, there are other metrics to consider.
          Overall I’d say it’s better, but certainly not hugely better overall, it has it’s weaknesses.
          Which is the better device overall, I’d pick my N9 usually for most use-cases.

          • f.pokrandt

            I just wanted to make it clear where I obtained my N950 from. And yes, I also know its screen’s weaknesses (slow reaction time, bad viewing angles, LCD black = bright grey, not quite uniform light distribution etc.). But since I saw the N9 in a Saturn here in Germany, its pentile screen was somehow immediately repulsive to me. As beautiful as this device is: I could never buy a phone with a pentile screen because the checkered grid distracts me from everything else. It is just my opinion.

            • Pritchard

              PenTile’s only very noticeable in certain types of uses, video watching for e.g. is fine, the screen’s actually better than the N950’s for that.

    • JGrove303

      It is a Samsung. Probably the Focus S or Flash. To the right is a HTC.

      This is kinda exciting. I’m very curious what all 7.8 will entail. Will the 900 simply be a slower hardware deficient 820? Will it still use the CE kernel or W8 kernel?

      • aboodesta

        The whole reason wp7.5 devices won’t be getting wp8 is because it can’t support the new kernel…

        • Patata

          That isn’t exactly true. They could support it, but MS doesn’t want to take the risk to let Joe average update the kernel of his device via firmware update.

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  • I think it’s 5-6 days since this news initially leaked. The fact that someone from microsoft hasn’t refuted this lends some credibility; that it might be true

  • On one hand, I am happy that we’ll be receiving the update soon, I think the fact that they made the new version so fast might mean they haven’t included many things.

  • Amit Silvadasan

    Looks like Microsoft is developing Windows Phone in reverse. First WP8 and now WP7.8 🙂 Hope Nokia rolls it out to the Lumias soon! Can’t wait!

    • Muerte

      I assume, that Nokia will be the first to roll it out. And, Nokia will probably have some nice exclusive features, that the Asian heroes won’t get.

      • Marc Aurel

        Well, Nokia is the only WP7 manufacturer that still actively markets WP 7.x devices. Both Samsung and HTC pretty much gave up on them when it became clear that the WP7 ecosystem was not going anywhere.

        • Noki

          And nokia is only doing it because some how it hopes it can scale down the value road. realy don’t understand how it can do that without many options on the hardware front, and low scale savings given how few Lumias it sales, plus the licensing fees it as to pay Microsoft…

          Unless its worse and Nokia made way to many Lumias of the 7.x gen and still needs to push them some how.

          • Viipottaja

            Savings come from the rather massive cuts in operating costs. Licensing fees have at least up until now been offset by the platform support payments and fees for 7.8 are likely to be somewhat lower than they were for 7.5 given 8 is out.

            there are for sure still some 800s and 90s in the channel but hopefully mostly cleared out by now in markets where wp8 lumias are out or sold in other markets. 610and perhaps 710 are probably less of a problem. Financially, most of the write downs should have been done for them by now, one would hope..

            • Noki

              “fees for 7.8 are likely to be somewhat lower than they were for 7.5 given 8 is out.” do you have evidence of that? It’s not Microsoft usual policy to do that, as its not in her best interest to do so.

              • Viipottaja

                Really, they don’t differentiate their fees at all based on which version of a given product you are talking about? Do you have data on MS policy on this, including that this is indeed the “usual” policy accross the board of all of their products?

                Kinda interesting they would not reflect the life cycle and relative importance of a product in them. As fas as end consumers go, for what its worth, I am pretty sure you can get say Windows Vista now cheaper than when it was new in the market.

                • Noki

                  Well what I know comes from desktop world and OEM licences were I had some interaction with the OEM vendors, and from what I know (been told) the Microsoft licence is mostly static, Microsoft is not interested in being competition to itself so wen they launch a new product they tend to prefer to sell that product and kill the older product as soon as possible, Microsoft model s more like a tax than a topical product model, They have mostly fixed expenses, developing new OS’s that are paid by the tax.

                  So if they would lower the tax in product A they would lose money don’t have to lose since they can push people to product B and give product A at the same price.

                  For example WP7 windows interest in this one would probably be to make it more expensive as maintaining it is more expensive than simply shipping the limited user base over to WP8 or worse getting new users to it. as its binary incompatible with the new one. Requiring double the work than simply improving wp8

                  I understand Nokia interest in it having probably a big stack of base hardware ready for it, but as far as Microsoft is concerned wp7 is killed.

                  • Viipottaja

                    Apparently not:


                    The relevant bits for this discussion summarized:


                    So it would seem conceivable that MS views 7.x a parallel (but less priority) product that it would benefit from selling as many as possible, UNTIL WP8 can reach similar price points. Se _perhaps_ your desktop environment experience does not _necessarily_ apply here.

                    But we are of course both speculating here. My thought was just based on what a common sense approach might be – perhaps MS does not follow it. 😀

                    • Noki

                      you have to learn how to read past the marketing lingo 🙂
                      “Microsoft confirms long life for Windows Phone 7.x” = its dead

                      Nokia said the same kinda stuf about symbian 🙂 even after feb 11.

                      They have to spew out lingo like that its mandatory by contract… Fact is Microsoft as zero interest in maintaining competitive non binary compatible software to its how current OS…

                      And “maintaining” it just had more cost to it that in return justify not drooping the licence fees to its OEM’s.

                      So 1 they will never say they killed it (unlike others) and 2 they will not develop it much further as its against their best interest.

                      Had Nokia a poking stick maybe it could pull the price down, but still this market (wp7 users) is not in the least bit relevant to Microsoft so they can just take potential losses there and be done with it.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Ok, in the interest of other poor MNB readers, I’ll take your words as fact instead of the VP for WP. 😉

                      Anyway, the fact… err.. I guess marketing talk remains that at least Nokia has put out a new 7.X device already and there are rumors of more to come AND that MS is putting out 7.8 (with rumors of more and more features being included in it already and of another/more versions later).

                • Noki

                  ” As fas as end consumers go, for what its worth, I am pretty sure you can get say Windows Vista now cheaper than when it was new in the market.” were? in boxed retailed version??? maybe only as a discount on boxed versions. As an OEM? no.

                  The only time I know such a thing happened massively was with winXP in netbooks were Microsoft offered “research money” to OEMS to face the competition from OEM’s driven linux OS’s (acer and Asus).
                  But Nokia is not in such a position to offer competition to Microsoft is it?

    • DesR85

      Same here, but WP Central’s stand on Q1 2013 (based on a Microsoft Brazil employee who blurted it out in response to a customer query) just made me wonder if 7.8 will only see the light of day early next year.

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