Nokia releases HERE Maps for iOS

| November 20, 2012 | 97 Replies

Quick post. Nokia (or should I say HERE) have release HERE Maps for iOS. The iTunes store description is as follows:

HERE Maps helps you feel like a local anywhere you go. See where you are, search and discover nearby places, and get a feel for the place. Collect places to remember or for later discovery. Explore new destinations and know instantly how to get there on foot, by car or on public transport. HERE Maps is based on the world-class NAVTEQ mapping data used in 90% of in-car navigation systems in the world.


• Map views – Pick the map you need from map view, live traffic view, public transport line view or satellite view
• Save map areas & wander without data coverage

• In selected countries, access community maps created and updated by users
• Maps, search and place coverage for nearly 200 countries

• Search with history and suggestions
• Share places with just a tap, including the location and how to get there, over SMS, email, or social networks

• Organize places you love into Collections
• Sign in to HERE Maps with your Nokia Account or Facebook login
• Sync with – Access your Collections anywhere

• Step-by-Step voice-guided walk navigation
• Walk navigation through pedestrian routes, parks, alleyways, and more
• Public transportation and driving directions

Glad to see that HERE maps is already out on iOS. Finally those who have updated to iOS 6 can have a great maps app :p

Source: iTunes Store

Thanks for the tip Francesco!


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  • Sad to see Elop killing the Nokia Brand! Nokia, no-where to be found… Trojan at his work…

    All that you see is HERE or Navteq… Navteq is owned by Nokia….

    This is the time that Apple owners should know that these maps are owned by Nokia….

    • By Apple owners, I meant Apple product owners… 🙂

      • yes well said, its time they know they use a nokia maps

    • Muerte

      The very topic of this application in Apples store says:

      HERE Maps
      By Nokia

      What is wrong with that?

      • thats the account name… Nokia gmbh… Nokia is nowhere mentioned in the description… How are they promoting Nokia with this application? Are they doing a free service to iOS users?


          when the ‘here’ app is open, there is a menu icon on the top right corner, touch that and you have these icon options,

          1 search, 2 route, 3 collections, 4 feedback, 5 info. 6s ‘sign in’

          so 3 out of 6 of these menu icons mention nokia, and nokia account sign in, and nokia beta labs.

          thats half the icons lead to nokia.

          and each person using the ‘here’ apps on iphone or droids will have first hand experience of what nokia can do, thats great free promoting of nokia directly to its competitors

          • Look Mr MS… Nokia is not directly mentioned anywhere here… Thats the point… The app belongs to Nokia… Okay?


              yes there is no trademark branding or marketing or advertising of the nokia logo anywhere on the screen when u are using the ‘route’ and ‘search’ functions,
              but thats a good thing.

              • good thing to Microsoft not Nokia!

                • twig

                  Does Google brand YouTube?

                  • Did Google Brand it in the first place? Youtube is a brand on its own… It doesnt need introduction… Even if people dont know that it belongs to Google, it doesnt hurt Google.

                    But Nokia Maps need introduction to iOS users… Look at the press release from Apple on their maps… They adviced their users to use Nokia Maps – Thats branding. Now if you say Here Maps, nobody will ever know its a Nokia product – until a looong time… Nokia is not benefiting here, thats the point…

                    • d12south

                      I dont agree, I believe Nokia actually changed the name so it could penetrate directly into iOS and Android without mentioning Nokia to much.. Many iOS users and android users will not download an app with the Nokia name on it.. Its like me having my Lumia 800 and downloading iTunes or Apple Maps.. Never! So once they are inside every iphone and android users phones they can say Nokia owns Here and theres a bit of nokia in every phone..
                      I thinks its a product service marketing strategy..

        • Harangue

          Maybe, just maybe Nokia isn’t releasing mapping for iOS/Android to get the Nokia name out there, but maybe they are doing it to improve their map data by having millions and millions more users using their maps app(s).

          And maybe, they can harvest more data this way and maybe that will contribute to the entire maps platform and maybe that would make HERE maps a better competitor against Google’s solution.



          • Oh… and may be sell itself to Micrsoft.. just Maybe…

          • who knows

            Impossible…. my head hurts, you’re making to much sense.

            Seriously, spot on! This is Nokia trying to compete with Google map. Navigation isn’t going to make people switch to Nokia anyway, not when they have free alternatives.

            Credit to Nokia for acting quickly when Apple has problem with their own map.

          • Noki

            Hey i think its a good idea, in other days wen Nokia hold a significant portion of the market this was a differentiator from the rest.
            But as things turned out at best now it was a WP differentiator, the only one losing here is Microsoft, (for now) we will see if Nokia is not preparing to sell the division?

          • nn

            Well, nice. But could you tell me why Elop signed the exclusive deal with MS, if they can do all this maps gimmick on iOS and Android even without selling phones with that OS?

            • KeiZka

              I don’t see iOS and Android integrating Navteq maps on OS level… nor in Google maps or Apple maps…

              • nn

                Again, what are the advantages of being “integrated on OS level” for Nokia? Be specific.

                • KeiZka

                  Their mapping data being on Windows 8 inbuilt is quite a good way to deliver their platform compared to Google, no?

                  As stand alone apps, they are just one map solution provider amongst many to the user. You honestly think people will suddenly flock to Here maps on Android or iOS?

                  • nn

                    First, MS used Nokia’s maps before Elop and I didn’t hear him complaining that the deal is on the verge of termination nor that it would be catastrophic event for Nokia requiring drastic action like becoming mere OEM for MS just to keep the maps in MS products.

                    Second, I still don’t know what is so valuable about being on W8. Or does it mean that being on Windows itself is the prize? And things like whenever it generates any revenues doesn’t matter?

                    BTW, one of the absurd things is that for all the talk about mapping platform, AFAIK Nokia even don’t have API lock-in, because the calls go through MS API, so if Ballmer one day decides to kick out Nokia and replace it with something else, the apps wont need even mere recompilation.

                • KeiZka

                  Though what do I care?

                • Viipottaja

                  1) IP and related fees/revenue/payments for Location SDK and its use by anyone on WP8 platform
                  2) IP and related fees/revenue/payments for Location APIs and their use by anyone on WP8
                  3) IP and related fees/revenue/payments for maps and location (more broadly) data and their use by anyone on WP8

                  More broadly and importantly:
                  4) As part of the same deal, being the default location platform on Windows 8 and presumably any other MS product (say Xbox or other corporate software solutions etc.).

                  • nn

                    So they needed to sign up the exclusive deal to get some money from MS? Because before Elop they were giving maps to MS for free? And because they are giving maps to Amazon/Oracle/… for free too? (And we are of course leaving aside the question if they are really getting any money from MS beside the platform payment cut.)

            • Harangue

              Good point, no idea. Guess that is info that is lodged in Elops brain or something. For all I know it is MS that helped them close some deals or something, I honestly don´t know.

    • Jake

      Indeed… the last pieces of the Nokia soul are diminishing. I wonder if HERE Maps will be available for Sailfish?

    • DKM

      Enterprise mapping for default MSFt and cars navigation will continued to be called Nokia Maps but for consumer use and mobile apps for other platforms is HERE. I dont think its a bad strategy. Still it belongs to Nokia so stop crying about the names guys.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Stop crying. It has been called NAVTEQ in most places forever. Only recently did they call it “copyright Nokia” in some key places, and the name of your application on your telephone.

  • Muerte

    Nice 🙂

  • Mike

    It should have been called Nokia Maps to preserve the Nokia brand. It’s was bad move by rebranding Nokia Maps to Here Maps.

    • Work of the Trojan from Microsoft… for obvious reasons…


        maybe the real Trojan Horse is the “HERE” app, which has a single capital letter “N” on the app icon.

        N for North ? (point on the compass)
        N for Navigation ? (the ‘here’ app is in the navigation category)
        or maybe
        N for Nokia ?

    • Zipa

      No, it should have been rebranded to allow for better cross-platform adoption.

      • Yes, that’s why Google rebranded Google Maps to “THERE” Maps, in order to allow better cross-platform adoption.

        But seriously… NO. The rebranding wasn’t needed, AT ALL.

        • incognito

          Never underestimate the ability of rabid fanboi to justify and rationalize just about anything. -_-

        • who knows

          Hmmpf. Do you think that Google is the best example to give under these circumstances? Apple did through Google maps out of their phones. Windows using Nokia maps instead of more famous Google maps. So does Yahoo, Facebook and the list goes on and on. Don’t be so quick to judge.

          • who knows

            * throw not through

          • Tom

            Yes, Google is the best example, they have the best map on a smartphone. WTF is ‘Here’ maps? What does it signify? Apple removed Google map cause they don’t get along with Google and are competitor. Android is eating into Apple’s market share.

            • who knows

              Yeah, and using Google as an example would be good for showing how you get less and less cross-platform adoption. If you have followed the news a little bit you would’ve seen that several big companies have chosen Nokias maps and not Googles. So, obviously, they are doing something right, no?

              Nokia names its service something neutral => deals with microsoft (indirectly facebook), Yahoo, Oracle follows.

              Google keeps its name => apple changes map-provider to a competitor.

              • Apple created their own Maps app (which was a failure, by the way) just to get rid of Google’s. Why? Because they hate Google.

        • ZiPA

          “Yes, that’s why Google rebranded Google Maps to “THERE” Maps, in order to allow better cross-platform adoption.

          But seriously… NO. The rebranding wasn’t needed, AT ALL.”

          No, but that is precisely the reason (well, one of them) why nobody (corporate/B2B) is using Google maps and everyone is flocking towards Nokia or some other provider.

    • Just Visiting

      Given the disappointing comments at The Verge and Engadget, and the ultimate uninstalling of this app by those who tried it out, perhaps NOT including the ‘in your face *Nokia*’name was a good thing.

      Google Maps is the gold standard according to iOS users, so everything is going to get compared Google; hopefully, Nokia can do a better job updating the app/map data than Apple can with their own maps.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Hah, instead of calling it Here, they should have called it “Googol Maps” to mess with people.


    thanks i just downloaded it, been playing with it and its a great maps app to use, i really like the ‘route’ function, nice thing about it being available on ios is that i can practise using ‘here’ before i switch to lumia.

    the half aware consumer out there using ‘here’, will sooner or latter learn that it is a nokia app, and that should give positive publicity for nokia on competitors ecosystem.

    • Noki

      Or provide nokia with another business model out of the WP disaster 🙂 hey I think this is good news.

      • KeiZka

        IBM did reinvent itself before, after all… We’ll see. Staying neutral.

      • jiipee

        That is a natural parth, which they would have needed to do even with past strategy. It will take ages to bring the turnover and profits to the level what can be achieved even with mediocre success in smartphones – if it at all possible.

        I dont think it will take long that also turn-by-turn navigation will be available. For me it is the typical use for a mapping application both with car and bicycle. It was said somewhere that google is trying to re-enter their mapping solution to iTunes and it would have navigation built-in.

        I also like the inclusion of community maps. It may have been there all along though. I could use it to also follow cross-country skiing paths. There is one not-so-good open source web service for it currently available.


        well elop did say he wants nokia to be the “where” company, maybe he is preparing for the inevitable ? 😉

        • Noki

          hahahahahahaha good one “where” is nokia? gone heheheheh


            i thought u would like that 😉

          • Tom

            ‘Here’ is nokia.. You should go find in ‘Here’

  • DM

    Suoorting an OS you don’t own and ignoring two that you do (Meego, Symbian): Nokia.

    Why the hell are they supporting iPhone? I don’t care that Apple Maps is poor, now my freinds who have iPhone will have better *****ing maps than me! I have a N9!

    Screw you Nokia.

  • DM

    Supporting an OS you don’t own and ignoring two that you do (Meego, Symbian): Nokia.

    Why the hell are they supporting iPhone? I don’t care that Apple Maps is poor, now my freinds who have iPhone will have better f**king maps than me! I have a N9!

    Screw you Nokia.

    • +10000000…

      • guerrahp

        Because Nokia is now just an OEM/App developer.

    • jiipee

      the web app is not even close to the quality N9 has. It is missing eg. turn-by-turn navigation.

      Still, I agree to your comment to some extent. Nokia should make some updates to the N9 map and navigation apps. At least publish the features that already are there, but for which one has to install a tweak.

      • who knows

        Wait what? I’m intrested in a tweak that enables more features on the n9. Do you mind posting a link?

      • Tom

        Elop has no vision. He damn well made sure Nokia has no future and always be a MS bitch.

    • Screw Elop for this not Nokia… Nokia is infected and is severely ill now…

      • twig

        No its not. Infections are found at Android and Apple according to Kaspersky.

  • MH

    Its is a good thing that Nokia is moving with it’s services to other platforms aswell. This is only a good thing for the Lumia line, as Nokia makes its quality software available to the users that are not aware of Nokia’s potential.

  • Andrew_b

    The Apple fans are hating on it already in the comments.

    For what it’s worth, I checked out the online version of ‘Here’ last week and the POI information does seem out of whack compared to the Nokia maps on both our N8 and L800. Not sure why this is, I would have thought they’d be the same.

  • twig

    I’m loving maps. If you take your pictures of the places and post them, you are know all over the world. I would like to see Jays name all over London’s places on the map.

  • jcar302

    Not sure what is going on with “here” maps, but judging by the comments on engadget, nokia or apple has crippled the program and people seem really disappointed.
    Sounds like they are doing more damage than good by not releasing the complete version.

  • danilo

    And now, even ios has walk navigation, and we with Lumia won’t get it.

    • Patata

      Indeed… A bad move to offer a feature for another plattform instead of making it available own their own first

    • Viipottaja

      Sorry, you are (at least partially) wrong. Walk navigation is part of Nokia Maps on WP8. Given Nokia’s continued push of WP7.x, I would guess the feature will land there too soon.

      • Patata

        Anything for wp7 that won’t come “soon” or was promised to come someday? And as long as Nokia doesn’t announce anything for wp7, it doesn’t exist. I’m tired of talking about things that might come. Time for Nokia to deliver.

        • Viipottaja

          Be as it may, the assertion that there is no pedestrian navigation in Lumias is incorrect.

          and saying it __won’t__ come either is IMO likely not correct either. That’s why the I _guess_. 🙂

  • stylinred

    The Rebranding is ridiculous imo and as for Nokia Maps being available on iOS/Droid im a bit iffy about that i can see the Pros and Cons of it but i can’t decide if im for it or against :/

    • Viipottaja

      Well, just one consideration to add to your decision making: Nokia paid $8 billion for Navteq back in the day. That is a LOT of money and the return on that investment has been until recently fairly poor, it would seem.

      It would therefore seem good asset management to try to get Navteq mapping systems deployed as widely as possible – thus offering it to iOS/Android too would seem logical. Progress made in making Nokia/Navteg Maps/HERE the default platform for W8, WP8, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook (? not sure about that one) is in the same stream and great progress (btw, did Nokia noted their maps searches have grown 75 fold in a year – of course the baseline was probably low).

      Further, it is likely not cost effective or otherwise wise to develop completely separate mapping products for Nokia’s own products and other platforms – thus offering Nokia Maps/HERE on all platforms would seem logical.

      As for the rebranding – we’ll see how it works out – I too would prefer a bit more prominent mentioning of Nokia here and there, but am not particularly bothered about it not being in the name per se. The short term benefit might be that its easier for say HTC or Sammy to at least consider using.

      • Tom

        Navtaq/maps is just a billion dollar business. Elop burned a 25 billion dollar smart phone business, that would at least be 50 billion dollar by now.

        • Viipottaja

          Even if that was the case, does not mean they should not do better in their location business, does it?

          • Tom

            Yes, it also means you focus on your smartphone business, which brought bulk of the profit and the company’s future. You leave that and focus on location? That won’t take you far.

            • Viipottaja

              Sure, that’s of course obvious. Not that they have left it.

              But, as noted, its good to have other profitable businesses under your arms too. 🙂

        • shallow ocean shoal
      • lmiked

        The thing is… If Nokia or Here services were exclusive to Nokia devices… Maybe more people would start to buy Nokia devices so they could get em… This way, the multi-platform way, maybe safer right now, but then there’s really no reason for getting a nokia device… The camera alone won’t do it!!! Plus in the long term, here maps exlusivity to Nokia devoces could turn more profitable, as people started getting more Nokia devices… Unless Nokia goes Google and starts putting ads in their maps and suggestions when people make a search or something :p hahaha.

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  • Ali Abdulla

    remember when nokia decided to share its maps with other windows devices, and ppl started excusing elop of being a trojan etc?..

    well guess this news proves he rrly meant what he meant by sharing= better for nokia.. and not microsoft only

    now i dont like the guy, especially for announcing the death of symbian so suddenly at an early stage..

    ppl should stop complaining and try to see the big picture, even if symbian had 8 cores and was blazing fast(meego too), developers wont bother with it, sadly most of the apps are US based.. windows phone is amazingly fast and stable.. its so limited, but its easier to fix that, than fixing symbian 🙂

    counting the days for teh 920 :(.. me and my N8 had a luv story for the past 2 years, but the last few months were a bit painful 🙁

  • Reonhato

    Feedback from a lot of iOS users has been mostly negative. Is it really that bad compared to Lumia/Symbian versions?

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  • lmiked

    I’m all in favour of Nokia deploying their maps and location services to all possible platforms, but whatever happened to f*cking unifying the Nokia brand? First they rename their maps and store from Ovi Maps/store to Nokia Maps/store (GREAT), also renamed Symbian Belle to Nokia Belle (also GREAT), and now that they could have great location services with the brand name across almost all platforms, they’re renaming it to something so empty and unappealing… WTF!!? Also they could have been a little more original and catchy!!! Instead they go for something so vulgar, so ordinary… The BOD of this company is MESSED up in the f*cking head!! WTH is wrong with those guys!!?
    And I’m not saying it isn’t going to work, cause it is a good bunch of apps/services, but it could get much more attention with a better name, not many people were aware of Nokia maps, but those we were, knew it was a good quality app, and with some of the best GPS/location services, and could recommend it, now if they look for Nokia maps, they won’t find them, and won’t know what to look for, also, for unware and unknowing people, what do you think they’ll try 1st, here maps or google maps? If it was still Nokia maps, that 1 friend that has a Nokia would’ve already mentioned in the past that is awsome and people would try it 1st… With a cathier name, people who already know google maps, might also give it a try… But here maps, it sounds just so weak and common, that IMO, many people will just ignire it.


    • Viipottaja

      1) I quite like the HERE logo that plays with the word and the “map pin” theme. So IMO one needs to look at the whole branding idea, not just the word in isolation.
      2) hard to think of more immediately “location” inducing name of the top of my head…. other than perhaps the generic Maps of course. 😛 Certainly much better, IMO again, than trying to come up with some new name that is not broadly and globally associated to location. So as names go its not that bad, IMHO.

  • Pathetic

    how much shit there in my nokia blog these days . nokia has disappeared , and nothing remains of this great company in one year gone from the king to be the whore of microsoft , and all for a man , the biggest whore Ms Elop , everything has been in favor of Microsoft , nokia entire ecosystem , has been absorbed , or to tell me what microsoft made ​​? This OS of shit? That is the reason why Nokia is in this situation by WP this is Microsoft’s contribution ?. this whole ecosystem technologies (pure view) , applications ( nokia music , city lens , etc ) from Nokia. the only thing that stands out the lumia 920 is the hardware , if they ( nokia ) , would continued with meego nokia wont be in this cituacion. Nokia deservs to die and and it is on track to

  • J R

    Nokia, quoted in multiple reviews:

    “We are aware that HERE Maps for iOS doesn’t use vector graphics and doesn’t fully support retina display yet, but we are committed to updating the application on a regular basis.”

    • shallow ocean shoal

      In other words, “We fcked up.”

  • stylinred

    the Maps suck for residents of Hong Kong; giving ridiculous location points (like the middle of the sea) and the location points are only in simplified chinese or mandarin to english translations instead of cantonese

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Mr. Red, you have been here a long time.

      What do you think they were thinking?!

      Apple put a shot gun to their face and pulled the trigger. Apple laid out a step by step plan of “What Not To Do.” Why did Nokia just join them, do they have sht for brains?! (don’t answer that part)

      • stylinred

        i know, it boggles the mind; the HK maps are worse than the maps i have on my 808 pureview so it doesn’t make 1 bit of sense to me at all

        what sucks is i posted the availability of the app on an iOS topic on my car forum and they’re all laughing at it now -_- saying they’d rather keep ios6 maps


  • Vineet

    On a sidenote, the design language of this app (descending from the N9 Swipe UI and then also seen in Belle FP2) is simply amazing. Just the look (UI), not feel (UX) but it looks the freshest, most modern, functional and clean of any other competing design languages.

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