Press Release: Nokia completes acquisition of earthmine inc.

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Espoo, Finland – Nokia has now completed the acqusition of earthmine inc.

As announced on November 13, earthmine’s reality capture and processing technologies will become integral parts of the 3D map making capabilities of HERE, the first location cloud to deliver the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems.

The terms of the transaction are confidential.

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    one step closer to becoming THE “where” company.

    • Rather no-where to be found company…

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        Did u find ur brain that went to graze grass; use Here maps man.


        @ Ajit
        i found nokia for you

        • Vedhas Patkar

          Nokia will survive (I want it to and love their products) but what was the reason to re-brand Nokia maps to HERE maps? They need to work on their marketing and branding and device delivery.

          • Shallow Ocean Shoal

            Two things

            1) You are not a marketing genius. Stop worrying about the branding.

            2) The actual question is: What was the reason to release Here maps before it was fully baked?

        • Brian

          Pardon me for asking, MS.Nokia, but having looked at your picture I’m wondering if you and Bill Gates have ever been seen together in the same room?

          • Noki

            Brian that is a picture of bill gates himself wen he was young.
            By that time Balmer was already bold fat and well… Balmer so good pick 😀


            i wish i had he’s money.

      • ZiPA

        You think?

        Nokia Corporation (NOK) -NYSE
        3.38 0.43(14.58%)

        Mr. Market seems to disagree.

  • twig

    Dish Network (sat. T.V. provider) looking to get into cellular service in the U.S. Perhaps Microsoft will buy another sat.t.v. / internet provider?

  • B.Srikanth

    Jolla way to go.
    Yes we definitely need a 3rd eco system and it is Jolla.

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