Video: Jolla UI Video ( + Demo on N950 ) Update: A better demo on N950

| November 21, 2012 | 167 Replies

Jolla just revealed the UI for their Sailfish OS. To me, it is a Harmattan-Playbook OS hybrid. The UI brings with it a double tap to wake feature (based on the demo we saw on stage), swipe to exit apps, swipe up on homescreen for the launcher, swipe down for the status info (battery, carrier signal etc.) and much more!

The multitasking view is on the homescreen in a similar manner to Playbook OS, with the same sort of “cards” as BB10 and Harmattan. What is better though, is the fact these act like widgets. For the music player, you can swipe the square on your homescreen, and it will change tracks. Clearly this is the best multitasking experience seen on a smartphone. The “ambience” feature is cool. Simply choose an image and “create ambience”, for the color scheme of the device to adjust to the selected image.

There are two videos below, the first being the official presentation as posted by Jolla, with the second being from a Finnish site, which shows the demo on an N950.


Something to point out; from the event we saw a list of partners such as carriers like DNA, but also software companies like Opera. Myriad appeared on the screen too. Sound familiar? They were the company behind making one of the android compatibility layers for MeeGo. In case you think it is a different Myriad, the second video linked shows an Android icon, plus the Sailfish OS wiki QA page, mentions Android apps.

What do the Android app developers need to do get their apps run on Jolla devices / devices based on the Sailfish OS?

Many Android(TM) applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged (Android is a trademark of Google Inc.). If you want to take advantage of all UI and other features of Sailfish OS and make your applications fast, you can port your applications to native QT/QML. There are extensive guides available on how to do that.

I am definitely excited and pleased for the ex-Nokians who have achieved something remarkable in a relatively short time.

Update: Here is another demo on the N950, and is better in my opinion, this time being shown by Jolla’s Senior Designer, Jaakko Roppola.


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    • spencer1978

      Nokia has nothing to do with jolla! Actually these people of jolla have become bitter, because of the job cuts in Nokia. After that they started to bash Nokia all the time whenever they could. They started to support Samsung phones and iPhones in Finland before they started to build jolla!!!!!!!!
      Please, don´t do this! mynokiablog is not myjollablog!


      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        “My Nokia Blog
        Random, informal Nokia blog for Nokia, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo and Windows Phone news, reviews, rants, suggestions and applications.”

        Jolla is created by ex-NOKIA staff. We often tell of stories of Anssi Vanjoki, an ex-Nokian, so what makes the Jolla crew different.

        Secondly, their product is the evolution of NOKIA’s Maemo project, heavily influenced by MeeGo(an OS by Intel and NOKIA) Harmattan, that NOKIA used on the N9.

        I think the posting of Jolla news is as justified as Windows Phone news. It still relates to Nokia, as it could upset the home ground advantage Nokia seems to have in Finland. It is still a competitor of Nokia.

        If Jay or Ali has a problem with me posting Jolla news, I will stop. (Seeing as Jay posted Jolla news earlier, I don’t think there is a problem).

        Not really sure why I defended myself here, but anyway.

        Edit: Looks like Jay even mentioned a reason we post about Jolla.
        “Note, yes, yadda yadda, Nokia blog, why Jolla. Jolla is MeeGo and even Jolla’s page on twitter says that they’re continuing Nokia’s work on MeeGo. Nokia people, Nokia OS, Finnish based, and loved still by many Nokia fans”

        • Ruben

          Don’t stop. Jolla News are relevant for Meego users, N900/N950 and N9 users. We want to know about meego news, something that might interest me in my N9 or about Meego community as well.
          Don’t listen to haters.

        • alai

          You are doing great job. Please, don’t stop. There are few WP fans here, but it doesn’t mean that anybody else who visits this blog is interested in WP. Don’t change NokiaBlog into WindowsPhone blog.

        • spencer1978

          I know, and I kind of understand you guys, because both Nokia and jolla are from Finland, and you don´t live or you have never been to Finland, so it is hard to understand. Still, please think about this, when you call HTC Nokiawannabe and iPhone iCrap, but you support jolla. Have you known that these jolla-people have been worse than even iPhone fan boys? They have been the ones who bashed Nokia even in press, in forums, in real life, everywhere they can and whenever they can in Finland? Therefore, it is a bit conflict to read about jolla launch and marketing in mynokiablog. Maybe you don´t know the relationship between jolla and Nokia, in other words they are almost rivals, just like Nokia and HTC, Nokia and Samsung, Nokia and Apple, and so on.

          • spencer1978

            And believe me or not, Nokia will sue jolla as soon as it can, if jolla infringes Nokia´s intellectual properties or violates Nokia´s business secrets.

            I have to repeat this: they are 2 different companies, 2 different brands, 2 independent businesses and they are rivals!

            • Noki

              “Nokia will sue jolla as soon as it can, if jolla infringes Nokia´s intellectual properties or violates Nokia´s business secrets.”

              Nothing like setting the right mood..

              Hey if any wants to test jolla tomorrow they will need to by a NOKIA phone today.

              I bet you will be buying surface phone by Microsoft to support nokia next

              • Tom

                Pure FUD from Microsoft astroturfers. Real Nokia fans will not buy MS crap anyway.

            • h3csc

              Cool down mate. I think what matters for MyNokiaBlog is the benefits of the end user. If I am one of those N9 users I would like to know what happened around the Jolla OS as it is a sneak peak of what will happen the my phone in the future.

              So think about it differently. Whatever relationship it is between Nokia and Jolla, what matters here in a Nokia fan blog is Nokia phone users. Fair enough?

              • Ruben

                I want to read news about Symbian, Meego, Windows phone and whatever could be news related somehow to nokia.

                Even news about apple or android if it somehow relates to nokia and its competitors.

                Looking only to Nokia is a love thing, but we should want to know more about what surrounds Nokia as well.

                that’s my 2 cents.

            • Pierre Lavoux

              Believe me or not: I visit this blog only because of MeeGo Linux and my Nokia N9 related news. This is what I am interested in.

        • Prasenjit Singh Bist

          Enough of this bull shiit started by Ex Nokia they are EX okay get this fact in to ur head…..This god damn Post is a Nokia blog and it is alive because of the community we the Nokia fans not just because of you Ali or Jay….

          If you are so much in love with jay why not follow AAS path and get a My Jolla blog… why areu spreading bull shit here

          There are multiple other forumns for you to show ur Jolla love

          • incognito


            • Shane

              Herpa ;p

          • Noki

            Are we frighten by a few Nokia ex employees hacking a new OS???
            Hey as things are going in WP fail land would no be suprised if nokia ventures with this guys in the near future to bring us back the Hartman experience.

          • GAK

            GAK GAK GAK

          • Ruben

            so as there are several other places for you to release your anger. open the door..and leave.

        • hary536

          However, I must say that I have noticed that Nokia’s S40/Asha/old symbian range don’t get as much coverage here as WP.

          About Jolla, based on above demo, it didn’t look like something totally different or awesome that would sweep the smartphone market.

      • thedead1440

        Get facts right…Till date Jolla keep developing and showcasing the N9…

        The iPhone crowd you are speaking about were not these people; the main person I remember was the Director of MeeGo Applications (whatever that title meant); he used to tweet on his iPhone, iPad etc

        However, Jolla tweet on the n9 and even today in the presentation were using the n9 as their notes…

      • incognito

        Out of all the trolls and shills on MNB, you have to be the most annoying one for sure. You only appear here to spam us with a mile-long diatribes with stock market speculation on each possible post, and yet now you’ve found yourself butthurt to actually, for a change, write something ‘human’.

        I’m very sorry you gambled with NOK stocks and expect to somehow miraculously earn big time out of it, and perceive any competition as a mortal danger to that dream of yours, but that’s not MNB’s problem.

        Please, for the love of all things fluffy, stop at least with the spamming, whining we can take.

        • Noki

          “stop at least with the spamming, whining we can take.” +1000…

          BTW spencer1978 here most of us work for a living or study we don’t invest significantly in the stock market so your spam as zero effect on Nokia stock value, I would even say that unless you can convince one of the short selling algorithms, controlling the fluctuation of Nokia stock this days, you can post this any where that it will have similar impact. ZERO.

      • j

        hey nokia stock went up to 14% today. so i think this presentation is quite nokia related 😉

  • Noki

    OMG sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Carbontubby

    Qt and QML live on, thank the gods 🙂 Now they need to come up with a N950-like Qwerty device for production and I’m sold.

  • BellGo

    There is an android at 0:50, which is weird? I mean it is like Windows Phone demo featuring iOS.

    Also this whole thing does remind me a lot of android. I am sort of underwhelmed at this point.

    • BellGo

      Ah, stupid me, I didn’t read the whole post.

      “..Android icon, plus the Sailfish OS wiki QA page, mentions Android apps.

      What do the Android app developers need to do get their apps run on Jolla devices / devices based on the Sailfish OS?

      Many Android(TM) applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged (Android is a trademark of Google Inc.).”

      So I take it that Jolla is heavily partnering with Google? (I don’t see how they could legally pull this off, if they aren’t partners)

      And as the apps can apparently run on Sailfish, could it possibly be a form of android?

      • SLAYER

        I think developers need to submit their android apps to jolla. it’s not like google will allow jolla access to google play.

        • dss

          Amazon wouldn’t mind… they have a google app store that is open to everyone who wants to use it. No need for google play

      • Noki

        OK what is android????
        Its a Linux stack with Dalvik (javabased thingamabob) on top
        Dalvik is kinda opensource so any one can take it an modify it… this is all they are doing putting a dalvik compatibility layer based on dalvik itself, kinda what AFIK Rim does.
        “could it possibly be a form of android?” yes just like android is a form of Linux as sailfish is or meego. They share tons of back bone technologies

        • BellGo

          Hmm. Ok. It still seems a bit weird to me that they can just “hijack” all the apps off Android, (if it is so simple, why has no one else done it before?) and Google could not have any say in the matter.

          I mean, even as Linux and everything Android uses is open source, the form of Linux that is Android is still Google’s trademark, right?

          • incognito

            They won’t be hijacking anything – they just have an app compatibility layer for Android .apk apps. Developers will still have to submit them to their store (or possibly a third-party store like Amazon).

          • Pdexter

            I don’t get what’s so confusing about this.
            They are open source as is the base of Android.

            They are not hijacking anything, they are creating the compatibility between the apps. It still doesn’t mean you will suddenly have all the Android apps on Jolla, but it will be really easy for devs to do that if they so want to.

          • krustylicious

            “in theory” you could port Dalvik to to symbian, windows bb10 etc as long as the os could support the dalvik api that hit the hardware level such as gps/camera.

            I’d personally would want to code natively and avoid dalvik as much as possible, and hopefully what is jolla is doing is creating a stepping stone for devs to move to sailfish.

            I see the “card” ui more s^4 than bbm10/playbook tbh .. its how widgets should be just like how the map widgets work on symbian :)..

            • alai

              Common task must be implemented natively (to keep it working fast), but other programs would be android ones. There are lots of android application (open-source or freeware) which would be executed in Sailfish OS. It’s very important to future customers. Look at WP. You can’t port existing software to the WP, all of them must be reimplemented using Ms technologies (huge costs of development). There are no marvellous games (for example from Mad Fingers, making games is very profitable) in WP. Java is one of the most popular languages. Google, IBM, Oracle and many more companies prefers Java instead of c# and .net. Java today is a ‘lingua perfecta’ of computing science.

              • Dave

                Java sucks donkey balls, and the only reason Android got the apps is because they made the native sdk available. You can’t port existing C/C++ software to Java any easier than to C#, so take your MS nonsense and shove it up your ass.

                “Computing science” use Java in introduction classes, it’s otherwise a piece of shit verbose language that seriously sucks. There are no serious desktop applications written in Java (that do not have a hideous UI and suck donkey balls) but plenty in C#. On the server side, don’t bother. I don’t use .NET there either but if Java were the last language left on earth I’d change careers before using it.

                Also, WP now lets you use C/C++.

                • incognito

                  While somewhat I share the sentiment, C# ain’t better either. As for no serious desktop applications written in Java, you’re sorely mistaken… Eclipse is one of the most powerful and definitely the most versatile general-purpose IDE out there. I’d call that quite a serious desktop application.

          • kues

            [blockquote](if it is so simple, why has no one else done it before?[/blockquote]You just did not notice:
            Blackberry Playbook OS (and Blackberry 10) have an Android Runtime build in.
            And Amazon does use Android OS for their Kindle Fire tablets, but has not licensed the Android brand (and with it the Google Play Store).

            • GordonH

              Well commented Kues.

          • Ruben

            oh but someone else DID it before. Nitdroid.

            • alai

              Can you make a call from Nitroid?

              • Ruben

                yes i can. I just won’t hear your voice though, because microphone support is still in the works. But i can call you. Such as i can text. At least on ICS. The community has done and is doing a hell of a job. I believe it’s a matter of time untill the devs work it out. I heard it’s not easy but not impossible.

                Did you tried any release from Nitdroid?

    • Noki

      No it there to show a different perspective, not a exclusive one but an inclusive one, aka you can run android apps….

  • peter

    ah ah! we need silverlight to see the demo…

  • that’s so cool.. hope they ship it soon and not delay.. 🙂

  • jiipee

    ST-ericsson is also mentioned in their press release as partner.

    I miss the Nokia squirkles :/ The icons look dull.

    Also as mentioed in the previous posting, Id like to have full Swipe events functionality on lock-screen.

    • Squiiiircles 🙁

    • SLAYER

      yeah, they really should find a unique shape for their icons.

    • s3m44

      yes, that’s the one i miss

      • Noki

        another pearl from nokia design lost in a see of boring square tiles, If Nokia finds a way out of the WP mess I’m sure we will see them again, till them, buy Ashas.

        • Tom

          I wish Nokia continued their own development of meamo/meego. For me no Nokia till they get rid of MS as I won’t ever will buy WP. Enough trouble with Windows already.

    • jormelo

      I’m pretty sure they are changeable, and someone makes squirkle theme or something

  • Peter L

    Sailfish UI seems to borrow heavily on UI concepts around the Interwebs.

  • qromodynmc

    I hope jolla makes own icon style,like ios or meego/symbian,because androids icons mostly sucks..

    • et3rnal


    • Peter L


      What we saw were unbelievable ugly. Uniform shape is so much easier on the eyes.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      There is a thing called themes. The Maemo/MeeGo community seem pretty good at this sort of stuff :p

      • jiipee

        That’s a good point.

        Maybe we should suggest Jolla that they allow eg. TMO members- or anyone – to propose themes and they select what they like? And they could offer a prize – device + money?

        • Sefriol

          Imo people are just too picky atm. How certain UI elements look atm or how well UI operates isn’t important – for now. Things can change since this is most likely beta ( or even alpha ) product.

          • Noki

            Yeah I got that impression as well the swipe from aplications back to the main view seams incomplete and the guys demoing it seemed surprised by it aka (that not the version I’m used 2).
            Its a prety good start and would buy it today as is.

            Room for improvement? lots.

            But hey WP/android/IOS as tons of worse errors.

        • thedead1440

          Icons etc are easily modifiable and Jolla do have good designers…

          Just read on IRC that their designers are among others Martin Schuele, principal designer of n900 UI…

    • gom

      agreed, + the apps looks like windows phone
      the UI and multitasking is great btw

      • Noki

        Thats just the typography (me wondering what font is that looks like a grotesk new thin).

        WP as a floating background paradigm that usually slices the typography to int there is more to the side.

  • Husfus

    Will it work on my n9?

    • incognito

      The first guy on the presentation was flicking his N9 (with a missing USB cover flap :D), we didn’t see what was running on it, tho.

      OTOH, demos are done on the Nokia N950 which is almost virtually identical to the N9, so no reason for it not to run happily on an N9 as well.

    • Nrde

      Well they use N9 (and obviously N950) so at least in theory it works on your N9 too.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      It will, as they showed devices that the got Sailfish to work on at the beginning (N9 was one of the ones held up) however, don’t expect an official release from Jolla. But a community port is definitely possible

    • Muerte


    • Pierre Lavoux

      It will work on N9, as this is only the question to have proper kernel with Sailfish OS. Sailfish is based on MeeGo and comes from Nemo project which works on N9. So I think that would be strange if it would not run on N9! However you should wait until Nokia warranties will expire, as installing this on Nokia most probably breaks terms and rules of “correct use” 😉 Freedom has a price to be paid.

  • Harangue

    Well, it looks nice. It seems to borrow heavily from others OS’, UI concepts/styles or even skins. There are some very neat ideas in it for as far as I can see now, the multitasking ideas are pretty good and potentially could make it pretty darn powerful. Although it seems that the whole ‘interaction with a card’ in multitasking view seems to be dependant on the right moves. Your finger needs to be in the right place otherwise it is registered as a different gesture it seems.

    Something they can still iron out perhaps in later versions.

  • my idea is.. nokia will eventually get this new OS.. at the same time while they have the windowsphone OS

  • Viipottaja

    Looks interesting, neither of the videos are very good so can’t get a clear/full picture. The “pulley menu” appears to select an option depending how far down you pull the menu… that seems very innovative but needs to be well implemented to not be finicky/difficult to use. The Jolla guy does seem to pull it down quite slowly/delicately/focusing – hope not a sign of not yet perfected usability but of course even if is, they can make it better over time.

    The homescreen icon interaction could also be difficult to get just right but hopefully they can!

    Overall, not quite as revolutionary looking as I had hoped but I guess it was/is unrealistic to expect a complete departure from other UIs.

    So, couple of first hurdles passed, keep going Jolla and best of luck with the remaining (possibly higher) ones and turn the sprint into a marathon!

    • Noki

      I will be honest IM extremely happy is does not look like a complete amateurish thing, looks pretty good for such a small team…With its first iteration at this, remember the fist android???

      • Viipottaja

        Absolutely agree. It is better to evolve, lend, copy, even if you come up with something that needs a lot of polish and looks a little gluttered/Xmas treeish for now, than reach for the sun and completely crash and burn.

        • Jiipee

          It also fits their community approach. Now they will get tons on suggestions that they can work on for the actual product launch. I wish they handle that possibility well.

    • Bloob

      IMO it would be better if the pull down menu didn’t transform smoothly. Rather it should stick to a selection, and change the tone or something, and then snap to the next one. Well, that’s just me.

      Other than that, that app-swipe -thingy looked interesting ( is it something that needs to be disabled for apps using swipe -gestures? ).

      This christmas time I wish I had an extra 2000eur lying around, just to get me some gadgets…

  • JD!

    Looks like N9 will be in demand again…. This time due to Jolla OS 😉

    • Ruben

      N9 just refuses to die. It’s like a sequel to “Die Hard” right?

      God damn wonderfull phone, one of the best mobiles ever, can’t denie that.

      • Noki

        Unfortunately don’t think the N9 will work well with that font, to thin for the gentile screen… hopefully the first jolla mobile will have a hi def screen.

      • GordonH

        Maybe another Die Hard movie also being released in 2013.

  • bwah1900

    Looks very good but the icons need some more polish, seems way too toyish as it is right now.

  • krustylicious

    Hopefully once you have more than 4 widegets it goes side ways onto a new home screen :)..

  • migo

    I like the way they made use of transparency, definitely better than the N9 UI for taking a quick glance (although if it would default to the notifications screen instead of the multitasking screen it would be far more useful), and is a damn elegant alternative to BB10’s peek and flow.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they can pull it off. It’s going to depend on if they can court developers to make native apps (if the PlayBook is anything to go by, Android compatibility won’t make a huge dent, as a lot of apps aren’t that easy to port over, and the selection will be much smaller than Google Play regardless, plus there are some UI inconsistencies and they generally don’t work as well as native apps).

    It’d be nice if it succeeds, but I’m still wondering what place it serves in the market. UI wise it’s very similar to BB10, so you’d really wonder what it offers that BB10 doesn’t, and there’s a bunch of stuff to consider that BB10 will have that Sailfish won’t have an equivalent of.

    FireFox OS has a shot, despite otherwise being a quite dull UI because of the handset price target. If Sailfish can run smoothly on similar low end hardware, that’d be a great advantage for it, but I doubt it’ll go quite that low.

    • Noki

      Think they hit target China and grow from there, was part of meego plan to beguin with.

      There is clearly a market to be explored in china were they have different version of all the social applications there…

      Rim I see as possibly a winner out of this, Jolla seams more complementary than competitive to RIM very similar UI/UX very similar SDK strategies, and very different customer targets.

      • migo

        We don’t even know what Jolla’s customer targets are yet.

  • Chris_Skylock

    people dont like jolla here in MyNokiaBlog, then it is best to remove Windows Phone. Jolla is MeeGo with steriods and MeeGo is made by Nokia (and Intel). It’s still safe.

    Sorry. Jolla is still MeeGo and the slogan of this blog/site mentions ANYTHING WITH MeeGo and other Nokia related topics

    • Chris_Skylock

      Jay, Michael, and Ali and to the rest of this site’s staffs, sorry, please continue posting these things. It is your blog and you can post whaetever you want. Why we should complain? it is your property. Im still happy you’re posting these topics as I am learning that the MeeGo we all loved is being treated with more love.

  • santandan

    That looks quite bad imho. Even the guy demoing on n950 was somewhat lost with the UI.

  • Dave

    If it can run Android apps, without being an officially sanctioned blessed-by-Google Android, that means manufacturers who also produce Android devices are forbidden by Google from producing any Jolla OS devices.

    That rules out Samsung, HTC, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huwaei, Toshiba, Dell, ZTE, etc.

    What, you thought Android was free and Google was your best friend?

    • von

      ?? App developers and android OEMs are two different things right?

      • Dave


        To produce official Android devices, you must join the “Open Handset Alliance”. This is a euphemism for “Doing Whatever Is Best For Google”.

        Being a member of that OHA binds you to certain rules. One of those rules, as shown in the link I gave, is that you may not produce any devices which “fragment” Android, where “fragment” is an ambiguous term that happens to mean whatever Google wants it to mean, and in the past they have blocked OEMs from producing devices that are not official Android, but can run Android apps.

        So, if Samsung wants to produce Jolla OS devices, Google will give them the choice between NOT doing so, or being kicked out of the OHA which means all those SGSIII’s can no longer access Google apps and services.

        You think Google is going to welcome a new player? One that does not tell it everything the user is doing? One that does not exclusively use Google ads?

        • von

          Oh I’m sorry for being really clueless but will Jolla have their OS licensed to OEMs?

          • Dave

            I think so, but someone else may offer a better answer.

            • Noki

              yeah I don’t expect any of those OEM’s to pick up on jolla, But others planing on targeting specific markets might, even those OEM’s will spin off sub brands if the see a market to be explored, after that Google will probably struck some deals so it can sell advertisement there as well. and all will be fine as far as they are concerned…

        • Jiipee

          i need to re-read that story. I wonder what the EU anti-thrust legislation says about that especially now that Android is getting close to 70% market share.

          • migo

            There might be some anti-trust action, but at the moment the EU is still focused on Microsoft.

    • Tom

      You can run Android apps fine. What you can’t do is fork android and make things incompatible with Android if you are OHA member. You still can fork Android as long as it passes test suite.

    • JG Smartypants

      Well technically that doesn’t exclude NOKIA… 😉

  • von

    Ecosystem my ass! UX is the battle of the future.

    • petejoff

      well said 🙂

      • migo

        And completely wrong. Ecosystem was why Mac OS/OSX and Linux never had a chance against Windows in the Desktop and Laptop space. Macs only started selling in volume after they switched to Intel and there was the option of running Windows on a Mac without a performance hit.

        Once the ecosystem is established, you need to build one up to compete.

        UI improvements are easy to copy and follow. Microsoft showed the world what a really clean UI looks like, and Google went and took a lot of that and incorporated it into the Holo look for ICS – suddenly Metro doesn’t look as fresh as it once did. It’s still different, but the characteristics that made it a superior look to everything else have been copied, and it’s now much more down to individual preference.

        RIM has a huge install base, and they have services other than hardware that have people wanting to use them. They’ve been spending more than a year heavily courting developers, and there’s a number of top end apps that will show up automatically on BB10. Sailfish has a similar UI to BB10, but they have almost no install base to go from, and no separate services to draw on to otherwise entice users.

  • GordonH

    Congrats Jolla. Nice start. Here’s to hoping for an early 2013 release.

  • Jake

    I’m watching the UI ‘in depth’ demonstration… I keep hearing how new, different and revolutionary the UI of Sailfish OS is. But what I see is emptiness, a deep sigh, no substance. What is the revolution? :-O

    • marco

      You got the point. I was “in depth” demonstration, I would call it poor demonstration. I’m not impressed. There is a long way until Jolla devices will going to be competitive. Nokia did a great job by selecting WP. I was waiting to see what Jolla have to offer, but after this I am undoubtedly going for Lumia!

      • migo

        I’m actually impressed with the UI, but I’m wondering what Jolla is doing to bring devs on board. Palm did an excellent job with webOS, and even with that being dead, that legacy gives Open webOS more developer goodwill than Sailfish has at the moment.

        MeeGo and Maemo also had very little done to court devs. The main selling point of Maemo was the existing 20,000 library of Debian source apps that could be recompiled for ARM and just work. There wasn’t anything to draw new devs in though.

        So in that aspect, WP was definitely the right choice, MS has been doing a ton to court them, and they’ve always been good at it.

    • Reonhato

      perhaps you expected a more attractive/glitzy theme and icons?

  • StefanP

    Looks great! My budget for the L920 is hereby frozen, waiting for Jolla’s device news.
    Should I buy a second N9 to try one of their early released, if made available?
    Of course it would be better if Sailfish could run on the L920. 🙂 And why not? I would pay for the SW. Actually I am used to buy Notebooks which come with Windows7 and which force me to donate money to MS. My first action is to format the HD and Install Linux.
    Decoupling platform and OS should be possible for Smartphones as well, and this has been proofed here. At least until Jolla has their own device, they could sell SW licenses!

    • migo

      They’re demoing on an N950, which is a dev device. Quite different from what consumers get. You’ll see custom ROMs on the Lumia 920 (if you do at all), before you ever come across Sailfish on the L920.

  • Hermes

    Moment ago Jolla engineers at the Slush event said the OS runs very nice on $100 hardware. Maybe this is why Meltemi was axed…

    • Noki

      Meltemi was axed… because it would run very well on $100 hardware. the same that is running Ashas and beeing completely a smartphone OS unlike S40 would put WP to absolute shame. and bring it down faster… meltemi was obviusly to good to be perpetuated under a fragile WP…Irony is that had WP done beter than terribly bad and Nokia would have shipped the Ashas with Meltemi and would have a winner OS there selling millions of units.

      • marco

        There isn’t any proof of meltemi, just rumors and so. Hope we will see someday what it may look like.

        • Noki

          From what I know it looked almost exactly like Harmatan, and was optimized for low end hardware, lower than the n9 (same hardware as you get on Ashas) but with same FPS experience as the N9.
          Was based on OpenSuse.
          And it was finished as far as the first iteration goes.

          • marco

            Thanks 🙂 That would probably be epic win for Nokia, and epic fail for M$

            • Noki

              But we could not have that could we? 😉

          • migo

            Why would they go from a Debian base for Maemo up to 5, switch to RedHat for MeeGo and then switch again to OpenSuSE for Meltemi? If that’s really what they were doing, no wonder it got axed because they were never going to get anywhere.

            The only switch from Debian that would have made a lick of sense would be to Ubuntu.

          • Shane

            Wrong, is wasn’t based opensuse, WTF are you talkign about, it was always well substantiated to be based around Harmattan (stripped-down version).
            Zypper, which is what meego proper was always going to use, & is what MeR+Nemo etc subsequently adopted, is package management tech that originated from opensuse.

            • Shane

              I swear some of the regulars here who claim to be “experts” about Maemo/Meego/Qt etc, simply mustn’t be regulars over at TMO et al.