University Students in Finland Send a Lumia 920 into Space, Giving you the Chance to win the Worlds only Lumia 920 Space Edition

| November 22, 2012 | 17 Replies

Earlier today Nokia  students from a Finnish university tied a lumia 920 onto a weather balloon, sent it 30Km into the air creating the worlds first (and only) Lumia 920 space edition. Whoever collects the Lumia on its descent is free to keep it (provided it doesn’t end up in some sea); although it’s possible the balloon has already landed.

Correction, we initially mentioned that it was Nokia who released the ballon, when in fact it was a group of students from Aalto university in Finland who released the balloon to celebrate the midnight launch of the lumia 920 in Finland. Before launching the balloon they held a contest where the closest guess to where the balloon would land would get to keep the phone. Sorry for the mixup guys. And thanks to everyone who pointed it out.


Check out the launch here:

Video streaming by Ustream


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  • Mato25

    Nice one:)

  • JLy

    The people who do the actual sending are students from Aalto University in Finland. They send it from the roof of in Helsinki(who started to sell it at midnight).

  • jhjh

    its fly away 17:10 ok

  • Benz

    I wrote about this event at the tips section a couple of days ago.

    Actually they arranged a contest who can guess the closest where the phone will drop and he/she will win the phone. This contest was supposed to last until Monday I think, but the phone was already found and the location was leaked to the press… 🙂 So they had to cancel the the contest and I think whoever guessed the location closest until this afternoon will win the phone.

    Here’s the link about the phone being found:

    Verkkokauppa is promising to release the video footage shot by the Space Lumia later this evening.

    P.S. Unfortunately my guess was off by at least 70 km… 🙂 Guess I still gotta wait for my order to be finally delivered, from Verkkokauppa btw.

  • an9

    Not big deal, it’s just commercial, they wear fish costumes?, that will fall in Finland and no were else, probably someone special been told to track with GPS the phone to be reviewed for commercials!
    If they where hundred of them released on the air, than it would mean something!

    • viipottaja

      Or if it was a N9, right? 🙂

      • Ruben


      • aalb


      • an9

        One is not enough…100…bcz. maybe 50.pcs will not be found years to come.

    • JLy

      Actually the costume tells that they are members of a prestigious technology students’ “secret society” Luolamiehet (Cavemen) who make the Mayday/Vappu-magazine Julkku ( released every other year alternating with Sitsimiesliitto’s Äpy ( who also support technology student activities in Otaniemi (former Helsinki University of Technology, now combined into the Aalto University).

      And the white hat with the black hanging thing is called teekkarilakki in Finnish which is earned by the technology students after the first year of studies and awarded to the deserving on the Vappu eve. Good times 😉

  • Rat Kutti

    “If they where hundred of them released on the air, than it would mean something!” then it’d mean Nokia is kind enough to donate! Hehe hope they’d do the same here in my place

  • Cool spaCe

    30km is nowhere near space.

    When are they going to send one to Space?

    • incognito

      Sending stuff to space is expensive. It is roughly estimated that to send a pound of anything into space you need to spend a pound of 24-carat gold. And half as much to bring it back to Earth.

      Tho, on the other hand, in that case the weight of the Lumia 920 would definitely matter, unlike with all the whining you can see about its weight 😉 50g less of weight would save you approx $2800 😀

      • Noki

        🙂 smart comment as usual

  • twig

    Well, there’s no way that could have reached me so I’m STILL waiting for my sportscar yellow. I take comfort in the fact that where ever Nokia preorders the 920, I’m not alone. I think they are out of chargers and Power Ups also. At $249 Verizons price is a steal, if they would ship it.

  • You’ll never find your gold on a sandy beach. – Jim Steinman