Lumia 920 Available Through Amazon for just 1 Cent (Black Only)

| November 23, 2012 | 29 Replies

Sorry couldn’t help it, but this is one penny I’m not willing to give up.

Yesterday we reported that the Lumia 920 being indefinitely out of stock at Amazon due to tremendous demand, shorty afterwards the White color also ran out of stock leaving only the black. now it would seem Amazon want to finish off their full stock by pricing the Lumia 920 at only a Penny. The catch being that you can only get it in black, and you might have to wait a week or two to get your order, still a bargains a bargain right?


If you have a take-a-penny-leave-a-penny jar lying around help yourself and order one from the link down below:

Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)



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  • larryg968

    So the phone that has seen incredible outrageous extraordinary demand is now a penny(with contract), lol.

    • It’s called black friday.

      • larryg968

        Cool. Completely forgot about that

      • incognito

        It’s an outrageous down-pricing even for Black Friday standards, provided the ‘tremendous demand’ n’ all. No company is out there to lose money and they will reluctantly down-price something that has an extraordinary demand – maybe a bit, to push the demand even further, but down to a penny – not so much.

        Either Nokia or AT&T are paying for this ordeal, why – we don’t know, but it defies any logic if the demand reports are true.

        • Could be, but seeing how it was only $60 pre-black Friday it’s possible this is a sale, especially since this time of year most android phones are a penny too.

        • Pdexter

          It’s USA. You don’t see these offers here in Europe. I have been in line (in the web) now for 2 weeks here to get Lumia 920.

          Nokia is finally doing the right thing and trying it all to grow the market share in there. Most of the developers are there as well so it’s essential for Nokia to have healthy market share.

          • correct

            Clearly, your comments show you have no idea what you’re talking about. The S3 right now is being given away for free at a lot of carriers and online retailers in North America this weekend. It is Black Friday and during the whole weekend, there are crazy deals on ALL popular electronics. The only possible exception to that is the iPhone 5, but some carriers are even giving away the iPhone 4S for free.

            And obviously no, this really isn’t Nokia paying for it. Pretty much this is the carriers and retailers offering such great deals, and they are taking the financial hit for it, not Nokia. The same way AT&T is taking the financial hit for offering such an aggressive price for the 920 in the first place.

            • Jfigge

              This price is actually no different than at&t’s own pricing. I bought my lumia on Nov 9th (absolutely love it) for $99.99. However, my credit card was charged two amounts… $50.00 for the phone and $49.99 for the wireless charger (plus taxes).

              On Wednesday before thanks giving I heard about a price drop to $49.99 so I called at&t and they matched the price by refunding me $50. This means I got the phone for free and payed $49.99 for the charger, which is actually $0.01 cheaper than amazon.

        • viipottaja

          It’s on contract with $80/month. So, no, they are not losing much money at all compared to the overall value of the contract. Makes sense when both at&t and Nokia are trying to get Nokia and WP into a stronger footing. Very logical, actually, when you think about it.

          • incognito

            That would stand if there is no alleged extraordinary high demand for it – if there is already such a demand, why giving up any discount at all? When something is on high demand it would sell like crazy with no discount at all – they would still get those people hooked on a contract and earn more money in the process.

            Discounting something on very high demand doesn’t make much business sense, IYAM.

            • Zipa

              Not discounting something at Black Friday does not make much sense. Heck, Apple had global discounts on pretty much all of their products on Black Friday, even though BF is strictly a US-only thing.

              Do you think that it implies that Apple has poor demand for their products?

              • incognito

                Discount is one thing (to generate good will even if your products are at high demand) giving away (which essentially 1p price means) is a completely another.

                • Zipa

                  Apple discounted their products with 100+ euros globally. Amazon did a $59,99 rebate on one Nokia phone in the US.

                  So yes, clearly Nokia/Amazon is giving a small discount to generate interest/goodwill whereas Apple is having a fire sale to clear out junk that nobody wants from their inventories.

            • viipottaja


            • viipottaja

              It does make sense when the objective is what I stated – get in as many hands as possible as quickly as possible. Tactical move towards a strategy.

            • correct

              Again, you show a lack of understanding. Due to all the other devices being discounted by retailers and carriers for this weekend, there had to be discounts for the 920 simply to “match” all the other offers.

              These discounts are for this weekend only obviously. The price will go back up to the normal level after the weekend.

        • PJ

          The fact is that when the phone is on contract At&t make a shitload of money. The fact that people in the US have to pay for a phone when getting a contract is ridiculous. Here in Sweden if you get a contract that’s 300-400kr/month then every phone is free. Lower then that you pay a monthly fee for the phone (69-199kr/month)

      • danny

        Um… gadget sales are done during Cyber Monday, not Black Friday! 😮 And that’s on November 26th 🙂

  • lumianer

    Why should they want to finish the full stock ? Do they have problems with Nokia or with the small demand

    • Pathetic

      it is better to sell it and win something by contract to never sell it and stay of flies at the winery ,

  • qromodynmc

    I laughed hard when I see Penny 😀

    • viktor von d.

      me too. those plastic tits are a joke

  • Hicham

    How did you do with at&t contract ? as i know you are in UK not in USA . i’m interested but i’m from brazil and i need to make a contract with them.

  • Ravi Kiran

    “now it would seem Amazon want to finish off their full stock by pricing the Lumia 920 at only a Penny.”

    Ali, they do not have any black L920 in stock either. Amazon says its backordered and will take one to two weeks to ship.

  • M

    Disappointed to not see any Nokia phones in any Black Friday sale ads in the newspaper. Nothing but Droids, Galaxy S III’s, and cheap knockoff Android phones. Apparently the GS3 is being offered for 49 dollars by all the carriers.

  • Just Visiting

    Amazon is selling for a penny, and sometimes even lower than the regular price offered by carriers, because they will get a ETF from you if you cancel the contract – so basically if you cancel, you owe Amazon a ETF and you owe the carrier a ETF as well.

    Any price in order to get you to sign the contract.

  • Joe

    This is offer for AT&T customers, with contract only – so there is no any discount. This is just not fair info, as you can’t just buy it for one cent. That is all.

  • dss

    Isn’t it amazing that even if they were giving them away for free, they still won’t match the iphone5 sales…

    Anyway, that is the right price for that phone if they want to really make an impact on unit sales.. profits are f’ed anyway.

  • abhay

    I am standing in an AT&T store in Portland, ME. The agent here is trying to sell a HTC to a customer by telling him that the HTC is more powerful than the lumia 920. He is telling the customer that HTC is expensive because it is much more advanced than the nokia lumia. He even told the customer that the screen on the htc is better than Nokia
    the worst thing, customer now wants put $50 more to get the “better” htc phone…