Nokia Reportedly Received 2.5 Million Orders for the Lumia 920

| November 23, 2012 | 86 Replies

Yahoo China reports that since the launch of the New Lumia range (less than a month ago); over 2.5 Million Lumias have been sold/pre-ordered/booked.


This report comes in after Nokia officially launched the Lumia line-up in HongKong and began taking preorders/bookings; we previously saw the Lumia sell out within minutes went it went available on AmazonΒ China, but the increased interest was probably due to the pricing error. If these numbers are anywhere near accurate then things are looking up, especially with the holiday season starting next month.



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        • Lumia 920

          • Jeff

            That response doesn’t even make sense >.>

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              Lumia 920

              • Jeff

                The post he responded to asked if he was General The Destroyer, he answered with “No XD”.
                How does that result in a subsequent response of “Lumia 920”?
                As I said, it makes zero sense, perhaps you can explain?

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    • Pathetic

      how many pathetic people I see around here these are pure rumors nothing more what I like is that you all already celebrating and when you all know the truth i want to see your faces of desilucion hahaha you make me laugh a lot. these sales ( if true ) do not compare to anything iphone 5 sold 6 million in 2 days – . – and android much much more continue celebrating pathetic’s jaja


      Samsung has SUNG its last SONG. They are SUMDUNG is SUM DONE!

  • Jirkaone

    C’mon Nokia! Back to the top!

  • BellGo

    I’m going to assume that this is an error, as there is pretty much no way that Nokia sold THAT much more already. I mean, this would be what 10000% increase?

    • krustylicious

      its end user sales just sales to carriers, inital sales look to be 400,000 to carriers in china and this is just a further order..

      Still pretty “meh” and will continue flop at around 5 million/20milion handsets a qtr/year

      • Harangue

        Eventhough this news is rumour 101 instead of anything credible; wow, selling 20 million a year which would be a decent increase from last year and thus showing signs of improvement is still meh and will mean a flop?

        Guess the glass is indeed always half empty.

        • incognito

          No, the glass is just twice the size that it needs to be. So is Nokia for measly 20M / yr sales. Even after cutting off some fat and quite a bit of healthy organs – Nokia is still an enormous company to sustain itself with such small sales.

          • viipottaja

            Luckily, it does not have to (e. NSN, location, mobile phones, and IP all seem to be, as of right now, posed to,contribute nicely. πŸ™‚

      • Zipa

        What? 5 million high-priced flagship devices per quarter would be absolutely astonishing, and would alone be more than enough to put the Smart Devices unit well into profitability again.

        Add to that all other SD sales and we’re talking serious profits again.

        Not that I’m really giving much value to this rumor yet.

        • krustylicious

          I missed out “its not end user sales” LOL. I can’t see a single wp8 handset doing 5m a quarter.

          windows 8 fails on mobile, desktop and touch so it will die a quiet death again in 2013.

          • Zipa

            So you are just talking out of your ass, or what?

  • Peter

    If true, quite impressive compared to the 2.9 million lumias sold in Q3 – this happened only in a month.

    • BellGo

      There is almost no way this is true. These are supposed to be the pre-orders for China. (at least I think this means China only, what else could they possible have knowledge of?) I don’t think that even the iPhone is pre-ordered this much there..

      • krustylicious

        Pretty much agree that is likely to pr spin and the numbers won’t add up at the end of the qtr just like last year’s “orange bs”

      • Peter L

        Original source speaks of world wide shipments, so that 2.5M is the total number for the whole world.

  • Watergate

    Quite frankly it is sold out everywhere. I think Nokia only produced a limited number of devices! Im stock with mine and will have to wait until the next batch is produced ;(

    • krustylicious

      Wait and just get the Jolla handset or wait for some 920 roms to come along ..

      Sailfish is pretty much gonna be the heir apparent to symbian/meego ..

      • marco

        yes , but we have to wait till summer

      • arcana112

        Who gives a damn about Crap-la? Answer: nobody…. Elop is a wise man for kill meego quick…

  • Weirdfisher

    no offence, but Nokia Hong Kong is rubbish
    with such pricing ($5588), it scares away customers. It doesn’t matter if it was four years ago. But nowadays, in public eyes, Nokia is just an outdated, unfashionable company.

    You may say that it has the great Nokia maps. But Nokia hk never listen to us. In English version of the map, it shows Mandarin pinyin rather than much known local English names. What would you think when all the streets names are in English while you are a French. That’s why Nokia maps is notorious in hk.

    • arts

      Yup, the inability to turn off localization is a pain in the arse. off topic thou.

    • incognito

      Be happy to have any kind of maps. Since the Navteq aquisition Nokia has no maps, or has severely limited maps for Israel, South Korea, Japan, Serbia, Cyprus, Georgia, Pakistan… They used to have most of them prior to that (tho they were missing some other countries).

    • Jeff

      Maybe Jolla/Sailfish will change that for you, now that they’re based (largely) in HK?
      Maybe they’ll license Nokia mapping, assuming Nokia offers it on reasonable terms for such a puny co. in the 1st place.

      • Jiipee

        If I remember right, Nokia had at least 3 different kind of licenses. With limited volumes & markets they might only acquire partial mapping data. Also, Google maps is still vwry much the standard, so it depends a lot on pricing.

        • Jeff

          It depends on whether they decide to ship much further abroad (via online store) than just the local market they’re mainly catering to initially.
          If they go for Nokia maps, I really hope they think a little broader.
          If it’s too pricey then google maps isn’t all that bad, & possibly notably cheaper.

  • qromodynmc

    should we believe? πŸ™‚
    I hope its true,Nokia really need this,And We need nokia. At least me,as an amateur designer,I cant live with android maker’s crappy design language,and iphone,just boring..

  • Peter L

    Ali, where do you get that 2.9M figure?

    “Combined with the rest of the Lumia line-up (the 820 as well as Wp7.5 devices) that number is supposedly somewhere around 2.9 Million.”

    There’s not anything like that in the original source, which only says that in the first 20 days since the launch, Nokia has sold 2.5M units.

    • Ok, google translate screwed me over, I misread this as 2.5 in 920s, 2.9 in total.
      Handsets worldwide in the last 20 days since Lumia920 booking volume has exceeded 2.5 million, almost more than in the last quarter of the 2.9 million Lumia full range.

      • krustylicious

        so its 400,000 sales for the nokia wp8 handsets in 20 days so we are looking at 1m to 1.5m handsets sales for the quarter ..

        so the 2.5 “orders” should mean that those handsets may lay idle in carriers wearhouses for around 2qtrs.

        very poor news.

        • KeiZka

          Now now, you are mistaking S60 5th ed devices with brand new WP8 devices.

          • migo

            I dunno, depending on the pricing of the 8xx series, that may just happen.

  • GordonH

    Hard to believe but good for Nokia in the short term. The benefits of great Lumnia sales is bigger positve for MS then Nokia.

    • Jiipee

      Not fully. If Nokia gets 90% share in WP with those volumes, the others may lose interest. And that probably does not reach the “minimun platform payment” levels yet.

      Lets hope that the figure is just the initial order levels and that they are already more or less shipped, which would mean that the volumes would be good already for Q4.

      Btw. does anyone know, if WP8 is able to sync contacts to gmail/app engine both ways? Or does one need an app for that?

  • Dr.Smart

    2.9 million (even if true) is still miserably puny.. Samsung sells almost 20 million units in a month. Galaxy Note 2 alone, the most expensive and least volume oriented phone, sold more than 3 million in one month.

    • Peter L

      Whats your point? The article (if true) says that Lumia 920 sold 2.5M in the first 20 days, so that will translate to about 3.75M in one month. That’s more than Note 2. How is that miserable sales?

      • Dr.Smart

        2.9 million combined versus 20 millions .. So maybe your sense of scale is different than mine, but I see a huge difference.

        Also the number is a bit suspicious because 920 would not be the most sold unit if you consider the price. So I must say that the total number of sales (all lumia models) must be higher or the 2.5 is wrong.

        • Harangue

          The 2.9 million is not rightly put here, the 2.9m is refering to what Nokia sold last quarter in total.

          Why would the price put a strain on sales? Note 2 cost the around the same and is more of a niche device than the 920 and even that sold pretty good.

        • Peter L

          You are comparing sales of one model from Nokia to the sales of every model from Samsung which does not make sense.

          That 2.9M for all Lumias is not mentioned in the original source, I’ve no idea where Ali got that one from. If 920 sold 2.5M, there’s no way in hell the rest sold only 0.4M.

          • Jiipee

            That’s not impossible though. The figures are probably shipped products. Since WP7.5 is EOLd it could be the sales channels have stopped orders until new patch of low end WPs arrive. At least in Finland the sales channels are dumping their L800/900 to the market.

  • Dr.Smart

    And wouldn’t it be better to wait till some official (or even half-credible) number comes out rather than declaring victory now?

  • hytheam

    i hope nokia would sell 100million lumia this q4 i love u nokia

  • ayon1200

    look nokia get only 8-10 days for production but sammy get more than 1 month to manufacture sgs3 and note2.even they make milliion of phone before announce. microsoft didnt allow to manufacture phone.

    • Zipa

      What the heck are you talking about? You don’t need to have the software available in order to build the chassis…

      • viipottaja

        Still, it could be and hopefully is, one of the reasons for the initial short supply.

  • Mark

    Wow. Some potentially good news and the topic is full of whiny and bitter Symbian/MeeGo fanboys.

    Just… wow. Really.

    • keist

      Symbian sucks and Meego/Jolla is just a ripped off of Android.

    • guestts

      and you, sir, is funnier than Mr Bean, the preemptive anti anti meego fan that you are.

    • guerrahp

      Nobody said symbian or meego. What was said though is misinformation. The author commented that he made a mistake.

  • automagic68

    Can we please just be Positive Patties for at least until the end of the year? If Nokia sells around 20 million Lumias from now until MWC then I think they’ll be back on track.

    • migo

      We’ve been asking for that for a long time. There’s a few trolls who just won’t give up.

      • Jiipee

        Very much true. Both on Meego/Symbian side and WP side.

        Ive read the post through and the are not many on either side. Most of the critical posts are based on reason: credibility of the source etc, which is good

  • Noki

    hope this are real even if not great on the grand view of things… But I would stop making a fuss about this numbers, we all remember exact similar stories about the L800 and L900…
    I would wait till Nokia releases hard evidence of numbers till them remain quiet you know expectation management, this stories are meant to create hype around a phone “if every one is excited so should he” type of thing, but here in MNB it’s just interpreted a good news abut the strategy succeeding, and in the case of L800 and L900 back fire massively wen confronted with reality. So i would lust let this stories be were they belong close to the not so aware buyers and media were it does have an impact.


  • stylinred

    Question for those with 920s

    When using the Camera in “Auto” mode does it detect low-light/no-light situations?

    Because the one I got for my father doesn’t i have to set the phone to “night mode” for it to shoot in the dark/low light

    • viipottaja

      Mine works fine in auto mode. Do yours in auto mode come out very dark then or what happens?

      • stylinred

        yes it comes out very dark as if it was shooting in daylight instead of night (low iso)

  • Maybe

    Well if Nokia unable to meet the demands in time they might lose the consumers to HTC/Samsung/Huawei especially to those impatient one.

  • Hey guys stop comparing flagships sales from Android and Apple to the Lamias’ it isn’t fair, to get that many people into a new OS and experimental colors with an announcement that bad and a fierce competition and still sell what they sold?
    the Lumia haven’t had global launch yet you idiots , it’s not out in ME nor India… So it’s not bad they sold that many on select countries and carriers …

    • guestts

      neither were iPhone 5 or Galaxy 3 released globally but they did manage to do good in initial sales.

      • What are you talking about they both had global launches, and both didn’t stick to one carrier.

        • guestts

          no iphone5 is still not available in many countries

          • viipottaja

            Exactly, something people tend to forget every time they complain Nokia is not doing global immediate launches “unlike Apple ” πŸ˜›

          • nabkawe

            its because of over demand …

            • Viipottaja

              So why don’t they just add production, say open a plant next week and then close it down a few months later (I know, its not that simple, but that’s the argument is often used for Nokia)?

              • migo

                They’re not sure where demand is yet. It’s reasonable not to over-estimate how many they’ll sell, otherwise they’d have to do a clearance sale of 920s, which would be good initially as far as marketshare goes, but risks seriously devaluing the brand further.

                • viipottaja

                  Agree. I was being rhetorical – you can’t and shouldn’t pump production up and down on a whim. πŸ™‚

    • Bloob

      I agree, they don’t need to have the best number to have a good number, but I don’t believe this rumor.

  • Keith too

    That sounds like a lot to me especially considering that there appears to more people who want a 920 but can’t get it yet than there is people who have managed to get one. Whatever number of units they built initially, presumably Nokia is already working on a new order 2 or 3 x as many.

    Regardless of the number, Nokia clearly has some wind at its back right now so go Nokia go.

  • von

    2.5 Millions is the combined no. of ALL the Lumias sold.

    • arts



    • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

      jolla need him

      • viktor von d.

        jolla doesn’t have the money to keep someone like dinning

        • guerrahp

          maybe he sees opportunity in jolla?

        • Jiipee

          And they have no need for management overhead. If they want to stay agile, they need to recruit people who really can develop something, not just manage.

  • viktor von d.

    need more sources to believe this. but if it is true then 2,5 million for lumia 920(820 too) is a good thing in just 20 days. i guess nokia sales are building back again. if they manage to sell 4 million by the end of the year it is a good thing. next year they will have an expanded portofolio with 808 follow yp, the leaked lumia 830, maybe another phone like the leaked ”flame” to replace the lumia 610. on top of that 920 will becaome available in china in december on the world largest network. and who knows maybe they will even release a phablet like it was rumoured some time ago, competitor for the galaxy note and even a tablet running windows rt or pro.

    ^^^add all the above things and next year we may see nokia back in the top 5 smartphone makers maybe even in 3rd place(i guess that would mean just maintaining the current position and just stop the fall that we saw in q3). with a full portofolio and even devices with wp7.5 like the 510 and the future asha range i imagine they will start climbing ,regain some marketshare, get higher stock value. and all of this even if it won’t be at samsung levels, but it finally has a real chance of growth and could even be a stellar year in 2014. ALL OF THIS PROVIDED THAT THESE NUMBERS WE JUST GOT ARE REAL

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