Video: Ducks – Nokia Lumia 920 video sample (1080p)

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Here’s a quick video sample from the Nokia Lumia 920. I had to switch it up to 1080p because by default it’s at 720p. I’m not sure if that makes a difference in terms of stabilisation quality.

This is by no means a scientific test or whatnot. I was on my way to a lecture and passed by the pond at the hospital. The ducks looked interesting so I walked along side ss the yellow Nokia Lumia 920 attracts non-humans too. As I’m walking and the ducks are following, it doesn’t look like I’m moving.


Also, the 1080p sample looks quite badon youtube  in comparison to being played natively on my pc. Oh, speaking of youtube, their post processing for stabilisation works really well too. Granted the video is darker and more pixelated, but it works well. I tried to reupload another sample to process afterwards but youtube won’t let me keep it there because it’s technically a duplicated file.



P.S. Phones4U hasn’t managed to get me a replacement unit yet so I haven’t been able to test the LED flash at all. Fingers crossed one will appear tomorrow. One of the sales rep is really trying so much appreciated from Jackie. Another one however told me that if someone wants to buy the phone they can’t hold it for me :/


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  • Mariano

    you can compare it with my 808’s ducks video

    • dss

      Don’t use that zoom… its cheating.

      • Maybe

        Don’t use the OIS?
        its cheating?

      • Dan

        yea is cheating to use zoom because 920 have no zoom while recording 🙂 anyway comparing to 808 is usless, 808 beats hands down sony nex 5n on video.

        • Patata

          Still no zoom while recording? You must be kidding, right?
          Thought this would be an issue that only WP7.x devices had


    Oh god that vibrate…

  • twig

    Received my Nokia Power Up today. Excellent power from this small excellent quality speaker/charger combo. Great sound front AND back with the bass Jay was looking for in the 360. Power switch in the back with on top touch controls that light up if you touch the top and then power down. Connects by nfc,bluetooth or looks like included cord. My N9 and 900 work great with this and I would try the on top wireless charger but, but, but someday my yellow 920 will show up at the door. Right ATT? WpCentral thinks its pricey but with the two units in one and the sound quality its a steal. They mentioned a hum when they used Bluetooth but I had none. They should check their breakers in their fuse box because it sounds like a fuse going bad. At the $249 Verizon price minus $71 for a charging pad, you are paying around $179 which was cheaper than the 360 for one when it can out. This really is worth it. I would prefer this to one charging pad and one 360 for the same price area. I bought the black to go with my invisible 920.

  • Carbontubby

    How about using Vimeo? Their 720p and 1080p compression isn’t as harsh as Youtube’s and you can also download the original file. Youtube compresses the life out of uploaded videos.

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