Weekend Watch: MeeGo Jolla-Sailfish 9 minute demo on Nokia N950

| November 25, 2012 | 78 Replies


Here’s a look at the Sailfish UI for Jolla, as demoed on the Nokia N950.


Cheers Sefriol for the tip!


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  • giorgio

    Why is this on MyNokiaBlog? Is Jolla, Nokia?

    • Muerte

      Are you blind? This is:

      “Random, informal Nokia blog for Nokia, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo and Windows Phone news, reviews, rants, suggestions and applications.”

      Can you spot the MeeGo-part? And make a conclusion accordingly?

    • j


    • MeeGo, Nokia N950. Nokia enough.

    • Dougie

      Shut up Windows Phone paid poster!

      • lumianer

        If it were on a Samdung, it were wrong here

    • Hosh333

      Could you please tell me what phone is he holding in his hand? From what I see it has Nokia logo on it!!!

      • svetlo

        the reason why noone is replying to you is cause you are lazy enough to read the whole title

  • Dougie

    Sailfish UI is better than Windows Phone UI!

    • viipottaja

      Shut up paid Jolla poster! :P;)

      • Ee

        Jolla is a startup, they can’t pay for astroturfing – yet 🙂

        • viipottaja

          I know. Just joking given his comment above. 🙂

      • alai

        I want to be a Jolla poster. Jolla send me a T-shirt with your logo, please.

    • nn

      Well, if they would manage to create worse UI than WP then that would be remarkable achievement!

      • Billabong


      • Pica pica

        So true. Metro UI is rectangular vomit.

  • Guest

    I want to see more.
    They only show a small piece of the ui.

  • Laborant

    “.@Mariusmssj Just to make it 100% sure, we will not release ports for N950 or N9 but support the efforts with our community. ”
    –JollaMobile via Twitter


    • Guest

      No it’s not sad.
      They can’t release sailfish for N9(50) since that means support.
      But someone will be able to make an image for it.
      It will be possible but jolla can’t release it them self.
      And why should they?
      Jolla needs to sell there own device not extend the life of nokia’s devices.
      Only to make it possible for the community to support it on N9 is more then fair.

      • Jiipee


        In addition, installing Sailfish on a Nokia device will void the warranty. They cannot carry the risk for another company’s product.

  • Madratz

    What kind of web browsers will this have? Is Adobe Flash gonna be supported?

    • Guest

      I don’t know, but i think i saw that opera was mentioned.
      But that might only mean that there will be an opera app.

      • javier

        Yes, Opera was listed as one of their initial partners. I’m glad, been an opera user since it became free quite a few years ago.

  • GordonH

    Are those live titles… Are those open apps icons an improved version of live? /s

    • Guest

      Looks more like harmattan then WP.
      Ever tried Nokia N9?

      • GordonH

        lighten up… Jolla looks promising.

  • efekt

    Reminds me of just another random UI of Android, aside from the swipe function…
    It’s nice but I think even WP7 is better than this, let alone WP8…

    • Jiipee

      Already the random functionality of the back button makes Modern UI worse.

      • Connect LR

        That’s somehow true in Android and WP. However the home button works incredibly well in iOS. That’s one thing that makes iOS superior over this one. Whatever you do, you get back with the home button. No need to remember any gestures or anything else.

        I really hope they would make this less complicated but now it seems that the UI us going to be even more complicated. May work for geeks but it’s certainly not something for the mass markets.

        Maybe they don’t want mass markets.

        • svetlo

          i agree. People with 1 brain cell will be very happy with iOS.

          • Connect LR

            Nokia users were really prod of Symbian just because it was hard to use. Symbian was losing market share but maintained unit sales because the market was growing. After the growth stalled, it even the unit sales crashed.

            You seem to think that it’s good that Sailfish seems to be harder to use.

            • dirtymoon

              Swiping out of apps like with the n9 is not just a gimmick it’s a natural gesture which works very well and isn’t complicated to use. Launching and switching apps in meego is what makes the ui far more fluid than anything else. Dont kid yourselves that average joe cant handle more than a single button. PCs are far more complicated than mobile phones and nearly everyome has bought one of those at some point

              • Jeff

                Ah, it seems you’re responding to lord_us, albeit with a different identity now, ignore the guy, it’s a waste of time, he’s a serial troll & extremely immature in the brain.
                Expect a flame-bait response from him in 3,2,1…

        • Grazy

          As long as the home button works! 🙂

    • Benz

      For everything I have seen so far: +1.

      But still I wish Jolla good luck.

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  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    jolla ui

    is harmattan ui replaced with vertical push in lockscreen, mutitasking view and app view, quick launch menu is replaced by the top part of app view, swiping away in an app uses transparent swipe instead. look promising!!!!

  • yoyo

    Yes!! In the final seconds of the video he almost slides from right to left on the start screen, which brings up the hidden notification center.
    There is nothing new to see beside that feature. The remaining blanks for me are; how many apps can keep running in the multitasking screen, navigation, performance with android apps and hardware. Jolla tick those boxes and be my next phone!!!

  • jr

    These guys are funny, they couldn’t even the thing on their own phone to do the demo?

    • viipottaja

      They probably don’t have their own phone and even if they do, want to keep far away from the public eye at this point.


    it looks better than android or ios,
    still prefer wp/nokia for myself.

    • Jiipee

      I wouldn oppose having Sailfish Nokia in the future. I can see that WP can be superior especially for corporate customers. When Nokia is safe from cash crisis and the organization in perfect fit, they could leverage their tech and lessen business risk by introducing alternatives.

      • Sefriol

        I’m wondering if Nokia is going to use Mozilla OS in the future since they gave direct HERE map support.
        Though it isn’t hard to port maps from n9 to sailfish, but just saying. Saying that they are supporting a new OS is intriguing anyway.

  • dss

    what are they going to do about sat nav ? Here or Google ?

    • viipottaja

      I would guess Google.

      • Jiipee

        Do you know their price levels? Google would be logical with Android apps and after reading the Here Ios map comments, the map coverage may be better. On the other hand, Google might not be happy with Jolla app compatibility approach. I dont think that they could refuse supplying maps in Europe to a competitor now that they are market leader.

        • dss

          Google’s maps are better than Nokia here in the US .. I am glad that Google maps still works on Symbian, a lot of times I have gmaps and nokia maps running at the same time just to double check Nokia’s maps, so I guess it depends on the market.

          The problem with going with Google maps is that they won’t have offline maps, but that holds true for Here as well.. so.. we will see, but I feel like that is a big part of any platform. No maps.. no good.

  • keist

    Looks very much like Android. But Android is still better. Those Meego employed should’ve applied for Android. I’m pretty sure Google will welcome them with open arms. It’s pointless releasing another OS that is just so much alike with Android. Those in denial Nokia fans should realize by now that Android is the new Symbian/Meego. The fact that Android has eaten up 99% of Symbian’s marketshare proves that.

    • incognito

      You don’t have the faintest idea on how much different are MeeGo/Sailfish and Android. Due to the very same differences, as long as I have a choice Iwon’t touch Android with 6ft pole. I wouldn’t even own a SGSII if it wasn’t given to me by my company for development purposes.

      • keist

        This video is one of the most boring phone demos I’ve ever watched. The UI just looks like an Android launcher. And that swipe from top to bottom gesture, who does that? Jolla is trying new concepts to use on their OS, but it seems like everything has already been implemented by Android and the only thing they can think of to be original is to do the unusual way, swipe from top of bottom of the screen. That’s so lame. If you really have SGSII, you know that Android is the most sophisticated OS and has the most advanced UI out there and this Sailfish is just one of the many OSes trying to copy Android but failing miserably.

        • miemie

          If someone really has a SGSII, they don’t know what it would be like to have stock Android, because they are really running Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

          Because Jolla phones will run most Android apps, the average consumer could just think of it as an Android phone with it’s own custom UI, just like Samsung has it’s own custom UI.

          Jolla’s UI is a bit unusual, and that’s probably why their slogan is “Unlike.” Meaning they are unlike others…

          I personally find Jolla’s UI to be really really appealing, and will buy their phone as soon as it’s available!

        • yourmama

          Sorry but u just dont have a clue and are simply talking out of your S :-D. Meego is just totally different. It’s obvious you’ve never even held one. Until u do, reserve your comments.

        • yourmama

          It is however very obvious for any meego user, that these guys have a lot of work to do. They are showing very very little here. But these people are truly passionate about this and they will do it. They already know everyone around them are saying it can’t be done, and the don’t give a rat’s ass. So give it a rest with that ‘should have applied for android’ crap.

        • James

          I’ve noticed the hate growing exponentially in you, every Sailfish/Jolla related story it’s the same, zero substance to what you’re actually saying… Why the hate?

        • incognito

          Who said anything about the UI? If I cared all that much about UI Nokia would’ve lost me as a customer a long, long time ago – in the past decade UIs at Nokia have only been going from bad to worse, with a notable exception of the Swipe UI, and with the adoption of WP they outdid themselves when it comes to delivering UIs fugly beyond all comprehension.

          I don’t find the Sailfish UI all that appalling, certainly not as much as the WP UI, tho I do agree it looks too much Androish for my taste thus it’s not all that appealing to me either. That still means nothing as the UI on Android is probably the last thing I find wrong with it.

          As for ‘the most sophisticated OS’ and ‘the most advanced UI’, when you are capable of argument, adult discussion, come back so we can discuss about all the things wrong in Android (and Sailfish, a case can be made for both of them) – I don’t have neither the time, nor the will to discus about OS pros n’ cons with self-deluded fanboys and people who know nothing about OS development or structure. I don’t mingle with cheerleaders…

      • dss

        Same here.. android is appalling.

  • mmmm

    i’m sure that some people who worked at nokia, works now at samsung, so you should post news about samsung also, right?

    • Guest

      If you search the blogg you will find some tizen that Samsung is working on.

  • MadridKing

    Looks a little convoluted to use, too many tiny movements that may be lost on users. That said, its only a small part they are showing for now, I’m sure they will demo the more useful and different features later.

    To be honest though, it will be a hard sell to the mass market that is saturated with iPhones and androids. The developed world can only accept a third player and WP is already making inroads towards that.

  • NokiaN9_user

    I feel Harmattan UI is much better (because it is less cluttered and less confusing). Sailfish better come up some latest hardware specs and a good size battery to boot.

    However if Jolla polishes up the UI better and if packaged in good hardware it would be worth a try.

    • dss

      Yes.. it is much better, at least from what I can see so far.. and I think that was expected.

      • Noki

        +1 still hope that harmatan UI will be revived an improved somewhere, Nokia hat to kill a clear winner… simple idea for nokia give Asha range a future by using sailfish base with harmatan UI on asha hardware range.

        There just made a plan B for Nokia in less that 1 month of work.

  • anon2

    Meego-Harmattan was nice. This, on the other hand, is just plain shit.

    I very much doubt the Jolla phone will make it to the production stage guys.

  • NokiaN9_user

    Right when Symbian belle seems to be maturing and Harmattan seems to only be scratching the surface nokia has to kill them both. Damn it.. It has been a love/hate/strong hate, love again relationship with nokia.

    I wish Nokia develops some marketing chops with their MS partnership and start building Symbian and Meego devices again in a year or so. I so badly wanted MS-HTC partnership with HTC One X so that Nokia could break away. Doesn’t seem to be happening with strong Lumia 920 sales.

    I so badly want a dual core N9 or someone find a way to flash Harmattan into Lumia 920 though it is big.

    As far as Sailfish is concerned – at this point it is just a proof of concept. Jolla needs to complete the user interface and then might have to tweak the UI for any carrier compromises. I hope they succeed and one day I’d dual boot saifish into my N9 or N9-2 or N10.

  • Ruben

    Very very good. An evolution of what wee see in Nokia N9.
    First, we see the 3 homescreen like view, but in that seems to be the lock screen it’s not, it’s already actually the 3 home view. Double tap to wake, swipe interface (fulfills my dream of swipe UI continuation, it’s what make sense if you ever tried an N9), although when you swipe the home screens in N9 you go left or right, here you go up and down.

    Nice to see that in multitasking view, you can have double actions on the “cards”, and not just tapping and going back to the app itself.

    Running very very smooth in N950. What seems to be a cutting edge software very modern and sofisticated running so smoothly here, as it will for sure on N9, should make the android fans (and apple) why the hell you need Quad-core devices for? This puts to shame other platforms that need more processing power to run their OS. Meego is indeed a revolutionary platform.

    If it’s running on N950, i believe in short time we will install this in our beloved N9, maybe like a Nitdroid instalation. Easy for this big family and community that is Maemo/Meego.

    This is what makes it special. One bringing something to another just to share the joy one is having. It’s about sharing. And that is possible by an open source OS. Not by Windows Phone or IOS. Not by Android. At least, i never saw any Android running 2 OS in one device 😉

    I’m glad N9 is a Nokia and i’m glad it has Meego.
    I think i’ll stick to Meego, Nokia or not…But if Nokia, you would have the best of hardware wih the best of software.

  • Weirdfisher

    i miss the notification page from Harmattan

    • James

      I think it is still coming, there’s even a hint of it there in that video, look carefully.

  • Kway

    Actually, Jolla is more ‘Nokia’ than Nokia is now. Nokia is Nokia by name, but Jolla is ‘Nokia’ by heart and soul.

    • Ruben

      i agree with you

  • Adriano

    The N9 is fine as it is (could use a few performance tweaks). But I would love to boot my 808 with Sailfish. I’d give up the N9 for that experience. If only Harmattan and Symbian eventually merged… sadness 🙁

  • Stefan

    Looks promising and this is the reason why I wait with my L920 purchase (if any). I really like the HW Nokia produces and WP 8 is basically quite OK. But I also see at lot of limitations imposed to Nokia by MS. On top of this Nokia is still Nokia, _disconnected_ from their users, see just recent “answers” in the camera interview. I expect fresh wind from Jolla with open source, open standards and open mind. I believe they would answer questions open and honestly.

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