Nokia 206 officially launched – reinventing the feature phone

| November 26, 2012 | 22 Replies

Here’s the new slim Nokia 206 feature phone from Nokia. The Nokia 206 will be available from Q4 2012. Without operator subsidies or local taxes, it will cost around $62 USD.


Nokia 206 (single SIM)*

  • System: GSM 850/1900,
  • User Interface: Series 40
  • Dimensions: 116 x 49.4 x 12.4mm
  • Weight: 91.0g (including battery)
  • Display: 2.4-inch, 65k colour 320×240 QVGA TFT display
  • Camera: 1.3-megapixels, video capture
  • Memory: Up to 10MB free user memory; up to 32GB micro-SD card
  • Connectivity: GPRS/EDGE, 2.0 mm Charger Connector, Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, 3.5 mm AV connector
  • Battery life: 47 days standby / 20 hours talktime

*The  Dual-SIM variant of this phone has almost identical specs, but with a slightly lower standby time (25 days vs. 47 days standby).



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  • Viipottaja

    Very nice for the price!

    Might get the dual sim one for travel at some point…

    • Stuart

      None of Nokia’s dual-sim phones work with North American frequencies. All are dual-band for Europe and Asia. I hope this might be an exception.

      • migo

        It’s unlikely, dual-SIM phones just aren’t a thing over here.

        And there really isn’t a point. In Europe because of the caller pays set up, if you have 3 major carriers in a country, and everyone has at least 2 lines, you can make use of cheap (or free, depending on the plan) calls to anyone’s cell phone. It ends up being very practical.

        In North America it makes no difference, you pick the cheapest plan for your usage, and it’s incredibly unlikely that combining two separate plans will actually make things cheaper for you.

        • Marc Aurel

          Well, actually dual sim Nokia phones are not officially available in many European countries, because the carriers still don’t like them very much. In India and other Asian countries where dual sim phones are common the carriers just got overwhelmed and had to accept multiple sim phones as a fact of life. Nokia was a bit slow to pick up on that, because they had experimented with dual sim phones earlier and got shot down by carriers. Kind of like with the N-Gage and later Download! app stores…

          • Leonard

            I don’t know what European countries do you mean? That would be very not-technically oriented countries or in state of Marshall Law or something. As I was travelling recently and observing double sim Ashas were no problem. This is only a question to ask them for one. Either carrier or operator.
            And I don’t see any sense any operator to limit possibility of making calls – nonsense!

            • Marc Aurel

              The UK for example. No dual sim phones listed on Nokia’s pages, which means that Nokia does not offer them to carrier stores (and neither do the carriers want them) or electronics wholesalers. Of course Nokia probably does not refuse to sell them if asked, and you can certainly find them sim free on the Internet, but in general availability is much worse than with officially available models.

              But I agree you are kind of right, since it appears that there are not many such countries left any more. The UK and Finland were the only ones I could find, albeit other Nordic countries also have a more limited selection of dual sim models than some other countries.

          • migo

            Yeah, Nokia saw where a lot of things were going. Failure to execu

            • migo

              execute was probably their biggest problem. Carrier resistance to dual SIM phones is expected, but you still need consumers to be interested. In North America it very rarely makes sense.

              About the only thing that does make sense is if you want to use Wind or Mobilicity, but still need to do a lot of talking outside their coverage area, in which case having a second, cheaper plan from another carrier could be worthwhile.

        • Leonard

          It is not about any plans. This is about having ONE number (the A SIM) for work/job/professional/public purposes and having ANOTHER number (the B SIM) for private/social/hobby/family/children/friends/after hours/just-not-public-or-work purposes.

          It can happen it makes more benefits of using 2 carriers separate plans, but first of all it allows to manage your life time and to realise your aims. Eg. during your own wedding you can cut off all your clients urgent calls and still be accessible for your future wife and family.

          Double SIM is just a standard of this century, if you do not get this then most probably you do not use phone in work as most of people.

          And forgive me: the country like USA or any other got nothing to do about this. Even if you are an American, then you are like me, and you should be able to use advantages of modern technologies of more then one sim card. I hope you got my point.

          Most of people need more then one sim in a mobile. A time ago I was carying more then 1 mobile. But now I don’t care, I take only not-single SIM, currently triple SIM Motorola, and this is what I really needed!!

          • Leonard

            for your info: with 3rd SIM I have free internet, what is quite OK. 😀

      • viipottaja

        Well I would use it outside of the US anyway.

  • lumianer

    Looks better than any other feature phone,exspecially the Htc 8x !

  • vidar

    How can they call it slim? when its fat?

    • viipottaja

      12.4mm is fat?

      • iluvnok

        Na my 3110 is 15mm so 12 is welcome, i use 3110 now not fat nice in the hand, don’t want paper thin.

    • Bloob

      Yo 206 so fat, when your call drops, it breaks your foot.

  • Marc Aurel

    Lack of a microUSB port is somewhat of of bummer, though, even if BT lets you to do most of the same things. Previously only 100 series phones have lacked that feature.

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  • I think it is going to launch in December 2012 in India

  • iluvnok

    HOpe single sim released first?, dont need a dual sim. Where you think go on sale???? online.

  • bubba

    I need 2 please white and black single sim, will they release single sim first?????

  • Shameer Khan

    Waiting…Waiting…Waiting…and Waiting……
    FED UP !!!
    When it will be available in India…..