Nokia Lumia 920 imaging Q&A beginning in a few minutes (9am UK time)

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At 9AM, UK time, there will be a Nokia Lumia 920 Q&A.

You guys shared your questions below:

Quite a few questions have been answered by other members of the MNB community (E.G. this one) which might be worth checking out as they’ve explained things rather well.

Since the Q&A is about the Nokia Lumia 920 imaging, the questions remaining to be asked are those mainly 920 imaging related. We’ll ask about future product choices at the end and will probably leave out the questions to ones already answered.


Do let us know if we miss any L920 imaging questions:

1) Will there be a fix/software update for the fuzziness/diffuse photos taken with the Lumia 920 in daylight? – Torgrim. Other readers are also requesting a fix.


2)  One of Junnior_Reis’s comments: The nokia lumia 920, it’s said to have three microphones but records in mono. Would it ever be possible to record in stereo? (Where are the three microphones located?)

3) Second question: What’s the longest exposure time?
4) Jay & Nelson Ocampo  are interested to know: Are you going to implement a custom UI for the camera so it’s more friendly to use?
5) How close in terms of versatility in camera options to 808 pureview can we get in windows phone pureview? Deeper control options welcome.

6) Virobloc asks a good question on the durability of the PV2 OIS

“Question about reliability: Has the floating module any problem with vibrations? I mean, if you go jogging or mountain biking with the 920 in your pocket, can the continuous shaking break or spoil something?”

7) Chris asked

Can OIS be turned off?

8) Pökö’s question

Question: Any possibilities to have ability to adjust lighting in dark environment. Now there are too much light so every picture taken in dark looks Like its taken with flash.

9) Ali: Since the Floating lens helps capture more light by keeping the lens open, which provides better stills, is there a way to get similar results in VIDEO mode, or at least a way to compensate without getting a larger lens?

Non 920 specific

1) raaar asks

Who will replace Damian Dinning?
2) Doug asks,

Will we ever see xenon flash again?


3) Anders81

Any news on 808 style pureview for Lumia?

4) twig wants to know:

Will Nokia be getting into magnetic lenses for the accessories market?


5) Keith asked,

“What is the imaging team looking at for the next PureView technology? Is it some sort of a mix of PV1 and PV2? Or are there other aspects of photography that they might implement to make next PV phone even better?
Also, how close are we to seeing graphene sensors in Nokia phones?”

Arumugam was also interested to know about graphene sensors providing higher resolution, slimmer Lumias.



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  • I have a questions actually, since the Floating lens helps capture more light by keeping the lens open, which provides better stills, is there a way to get similar results in VIDEO mode, or at least a way to compensate without getting a larger lens?

    • JGrove303

      Lighting is our only friend in this on the 920. The video light does wonders for those super dark videos. As does our f/2.0 apertures. I notice the OIS working in video in that I don’t get any vomit inducing shake with fully extended hold.

      I can’t for the lofe of me figure out how to zoom though in video. Does it?

      • Benz

        The zooming with video was my question to the Q&A with the imaging guys of Nokia. Sadly it wasn’t picked but noticed Jay asking about it. But no reply… (also quite a few zero information answers on other questions!). So I guess there is no zoom with video?

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  • arend

    i was wondering what they think about the always thinner getting smartphones and how they will still be able to add a good camera in that does not stick out off the rest of the phone (think credit card thickness)

  • Boogieman

    A question to Nokia and some tips to make their superior Lumia 920 even better.

    1. When recording video I have noticed that there is quite a big issue with the white balance from all clips available on the web.
    When shooting outdoors with different backlight it fluctuates from greenish to oberly brown to “correct” colurs. Will this be taken care of in a soon to come FW?

    When shootin in incandescent light in auto mode it looks really bad. IF switching to incandecent it is still not right. Could You have missed that US runs 60Hz so that the autosensin does only work for 50Hz tubes?

    2. I have also seen that when taking images in low light there are a couple of issues:
    – Bright light like spot lights create a lot of (often purple) lens flare (even worse than iPhone5 i am afraid)
    – White balance is also an issue here and often the “feeling in the image” is lost depending on light (ie spotlights can make image to cold and bluish even if they just indirectly light up the object)

    3. If shooting with strong incoming (back)light like with the sun in the background, the flare from the sun often destroys a lot of the image.

    Examples of above:
    White balanace going from brownish to greenish to bluish to correct

    Left L920 – extremely brown and green tiniting with too saturated colours

    00.38 white balance changes
    Entire movie – white is yellow/brownish (look at houses)

    Incandescent white balance issues

    Autofocusing issues