MS Working on WP Apollo+ for Q1 2013

| November 27, 2012 | 17 Replies

A few sources are discussing the possibility of an update to WP8 (Apollo) to Apollo+, two notable ones below:


TheVerge says there are various fixes, including WiFi and audio and implement new things for WP such as VPN support. It was noted that, (as important as it was to get it right out of the bat) Microsoft ran out of time (Well done MS) on a number of features (such as a rumoured central notification other than homescreen tiles/lockscreen). On the upside, there’s plenty to like about WP8 and it’s super stable for me. I’d rather than than the possibility of a notification centre and something buggy (but then again, who says we shouldn’t have had both?

It’s noted that Apollo+ isn’t going to be a big update like WP7 to WP7.5 perhaps but more of an update to push fixes and features (like the mini updates WP7.5 received to get features such as WiFi tethering).

Apollo+ will also test OTA updates (previously not possible)




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  • JGrove303

    Well, this sounds promising. OTA male sense, since WP8 (and Lumia 920/820 more so) does everything wirelessly.

    Ya, they did run out of time. Hopefully they make adds showing the new features as they come as well

  • finally OTA coming to windows phone.. 🙂

  • incognito

    Hmmm, I was under the impression that WP supports VPN. Or was it a recession introduced with the WP8 which they now seek to fix?

    • rich

      VPN support wasn’t in 7 or 7.5


    • Stefan

      And add an auto correction for all-capital posts to blogs.

  • D Harries

    I predict people will buy their flagship device, and remain with it for longer, meaning, once we have reached an ideal standard of mobile phone, there will be a fall off in sales. A future monthly contract could include minutes, texts, data allowance, and paid app download quota.

  • Bladerunner

    Look forward to Apollo+, unfortunately from Lumia 710 to my New Lumia 820 I have lost FM radio, map functions on City lens, and counters app compatibility (I have SIM free handset without data sense).MS must provide separate volume controls for medi and phone. There are so many omissiob from WP 8, it is hard for me not to be a little dissappointed with it. Come on Microsoft lets go!

    • migo

      Yeah, WP needs to stack up well to both Android and iOS given it’s coming in from 3rd place, about the only edge it has at the moment is that whatever hardware you have, it’ll run snappy. Otherwise WP’s advantages (the appearance, largely) are a matter of personal preference, and it’s lagging in some other areas that aren’t personal preference.

      Plus, Jelly Bean is an entirely different beast to compete against compared to Gingerbread. On the flip side, iOS 6 is way easier to compete against than any version of iOS before (thanks Mapgate!)

  • nabkawe

    Even with the freezes I just like my Nokia Lumia 920 🙂

  • James


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