Reader Reports: AT&T agent misleading over Nokia Lumia 920/HTC?

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This is a single case as far as I know but it’s not the first time I’ve come across a sales rep that knew next to nothing significant about the latest Nokia that’s on sale.

You know my feelings about the Lumiawannabe 8X. It’s good for a WP8 phone, and I’m only irked by the fact that despite the obvious stolen design from Nokia, HTC would create a video to say it’s all their own unique design. Sure it was HTC. Sure it was.

Like I didn’t need to get any more annoyed at HTCopyPasta, one of our readers said that whilst at an AT&T store, a rep was misleading a customer over the benefits of the HTC over the Nokia.

I am standing in an AT&T store in Portland, ME. The agent here is trying to sell a HTC to a customer by telling him that the HTC is more powerful than the lumia 920. He is telling the customer that HTC is expensive because it is much advanced than the nokia lumia. He even told the customer that the screen on the htc is better than Nokia
the worst thing, customer now wants put $50 more to get the “better” htc phone…


Reena Naik-Smith (abhay_naik) 

In my own experience in the UK, the couple of reps I’ve encountered had no idea about super sensitive screen, Clear Black display, or optical image stabilisation/PureView, or PureMotion HD+ or about Wireless Charging in the Nokia Lumia 920. It’s an absolute JOKE. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Is that really the reps total fault? Sure they might have a training video that explains it. Perhaps they do, perhaps they don’t.

But where are the mainstream ads that tell us exactly those things? Those unique and innovative Nokia things? Where on earth is the damn Nokia adverts that can connect with the consumer to tell them about these Nokia features and how these features can benefit their every day lives in ways competing smartphones can’t yet? Where are they? Must be stick with your wishy washy, arty, farty nonsense? Year after year? And any good advert that comes out of 99 awful ones is never replicated or seen by only a few?


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  • Andrew_b

    Dude, if you work in a phone shop you sell the phones you have in the stock cupboard, not the ones due back in stock in a couple of weeks.

    • Harangue

      Guess that is faulty inventory management at play then. Joking aside, I’ve been amazed at how clueless some phoneshop personal is, if I had a dollar or euro for every time I could either correct someone or call them out for blatant lying I could probably buy a set of 920’s now.

  • Berni21965

    In France it seems to be demoed / TV ads

  • Sonny

    Lol same here in South Africa. Just reacently saw an advert of vodacom of the 920. It only talks about city lens and quickly and I mean quickly shows the features like pureview,7gb skydrive,wireless charging etc.

    Dont know if that is vodacom but that is shocking

  • Berni21965
  • NVT pulse

    LOL , suck At&T and htC Crap
    the 8X crap is too humid

  • Dijen

    Both nokia & microsoft are worst in marketing. Nokia can not pull customers with Jessica Alba or Priyanka Chopra. People need to know the unique and as well as the common features of the phone. To make good ads u don’t need to pour a lot of money. Just be simple, clear and give details where necessary.
    In recent days microsoft is showing more love to htc. It’s now afraid of nokia and trying to make the way clear for surface phone.

    • Jason

      I agree. I mean Apple has a commercial “showing off” it’s noise canceling microphone. A basic feature on most smartphones. But Nokia/Windows can’t string a couple ads together that show anything of merit.

      • Abhay

        Everyone is nowadays talking about the bump feature on Samsung Galaxy….why can nokia show such adds??

  • Bloob

    It sad that some people don’t care enough about doing their jobs well to read the spec-sheets of the devices they are selling.

  • rishabh

    one more misleading article that came yesterday .its from times of india. A leading newspaper in india. And look at the specs of 920’s processor .krait 1 .2ghz.

  • *****

    You see, nokia just priced themselves out of the “high end”

    Flagships on at&t were always 199$ on contract, by pricing it at 99$ on contract, people just think the 920 is “subpar” even though there is no rational reason.

  • Banderpop

    Nobody should trust anyone that gets paid by commission anyway. Yet millions of people do, all the time, completely oblivious that many salespeople will sooner lie than genuinely inform…

    I reckon nobody I know has a clue about the 920’s screen, but I’ve already had to put up with listening to some of them about the iPhone 5’s anodised aluminium casing, as if Apple invented the material, and my Nokia N8 never existed.

  • hary536

    I had similar experience in AT&T store in Mountain View, CA- home of google.

    A lady was asking about 920 and 8x and windows phone in general and the AT&T rep didn’t give any convincing reasons for buying a windows phone or Nokia. He just said, windows phone is lot more personal, has tiles, that’s it. He didn’t say anything more nor did explain why it’s more personal, etc.
    I was standing next to that lady that time, and I explained here why Nokia Lumia 920 is better than HTC 8x and why Windows phone.
    Then, everytime I used to give reason, I used to ask that AT&T rep, “Is that correct?” and he used to say “Yes”. 😉

    Also, another rep in the same store didn’t know the difference between 820 and 920. He took me to his counter display showing a chart of difference in specs. But couldn’t explain major differences, like screen, internal memory, expandable memory, camera, etc. He didn’t even know that 820 has expandable memory. Can take micro-sd cards. I had to point that out to him.

    Now that store had Windows phone banners all over the store. I would say 70% of store was covered with windows phone banners and displays, but I guess, staff knowledge is only 10% and are not pushing people to WP. I believe, most of Nokia sales are happening with online publicity and word of mouth. Stores are not helping.

    I was at a Verizon store in same area, where WP were in the last corner of the store. And the demo units looked ugly.Also they had turned off screens of Nokia 822, but had left the screen of 8X on.
    Even they didn’t know the advantages of WP or Nokia 822.

    Pathetic. Nokia and MS need to do something about this. Either create better TV/online ads and screw the stores, or improve the stores knowledge.

  • lmiked

    hey everyone!!
    Sure this situation is wrong and annoying, specially people that work in a phone store, and are supposedly “specialists” in this area, in one of the biggest Telecommunications in the world, know nothing really about any devices, their specs, and how they work or what their strong points are… Even more annoying is that almost all the ads I saw from Nokia, shows nothing but a bunch of random people doing a bunch of basic operations (that any other phone can do) in a super Smartphone (L920), that is clearly the best smartphone in the market. But unfortunately, Nokia does not know how to tell that to people, how show them all the innovations and superior features.
    But know, moving along… People that go into a store and don’t not have the slightest clue of what they’re going to get, or which phones they’re indecise about… Really deserve to be fooled, and get whatever the clueless store staff recommend to them… They don’t deserve to own a Nokia if they have no clue what they have it for (even though they would benefit from it)… Cause lets face it, with all the reviews, comparissons and info there is available in the internet today, people gotta have 5 minutes to search windows phone, and they will eventually dind their options!! If someone can’t even do that… Then, well… Too bad for them!!!


  • abhay

    I posted the comment couple of days back….I went to the AT&T STORE to cancel my order for a wireless charging stand that I placed in the store..guess they don’t have any white ones in stock at AT&T.

    so there was this man trying to look for a free Nokia phone (Lumia 900)…the guy was moving from his old android phone…

    The sales rep told him that the 900 was not in stock…then he started giving him a brief review of other phones..he talked about Nokia 920 and HTC 8x…

    He praised about gps on nokia…but he told the customer that HTC was more powerful..Htc has beats audio hardware..(did not mention dolby on 920) has a superior screen..but they both look the same..(no mention of supersensitive screen or puremotion tech or even higher resolution than htc…sunlight readability etc)…there was no mention of even OIS..all he said there was that the nokia takes good low light photos..

    the worst thing i found here was that this rep did nit mention the fact that the 920 is a high end phone and the only reason its $99 is that Nokia is trying to break through the US market.

    The rep gave the customer a wrong impression that htc was a better phone than 920…the customer talked about putting $50 more to get a “better” htc..

    At the end, the rep suggested him to come back later and check out lumia him bs thatb900 and 920 are almost same phones with not much difference..

    Jay, my name is Abhay Naik and not reena.

    • Pathetic

      And he is right , what is wrong ? I ask again, what is the difference between 900 and 920 ? the photos are taken by the same or worse than a 900, the same problems exist in WP 7.5 are in WP8 , pure view is false , iphone 5 takes better pictures in daylight, OIS make you dizzy , I have much asking this , can any tell me the difference between wp7.5 and 8 ? screen is not relevant all look the same , see any significan change in the display of the Galaxy S3 with 920? look alike ! then what is the innovation or change in this 920? Please tell me that I do not see

      • Peter L

        It can’t be explained to you because of your condition.

        • Pathetic

          peter pan tell me what are the differences to get out of this state in which you say I am save me jaja , because in this video , Yes I can see the difference of an upgrade to another , I’ll be sick? no, you are the sick.

  • abhay

    One of the ways to solve this issue is to load a custom video on the 920 demo units in the Att store…

    the video should go thru all the features of 920..give comparisons with other phones…

    I have seen that when customers come in the store, they spend a lot of time going thru the demo phones…just browsing thru a standard wp os with at&t bloatware is not a great way to market any phone…

    In fact they should add same videos on all 920s they sell…not everyone goes online to checks whats there new in this phone when they buy a 920…most of the people who buy this phone may not even know all the features of these phones..unless they know these, nokia can never get more customers thru mouth to mouth publicity…think abut ppl using iphone…they talk abut how cool the panaroma is on the new iphone5…

  • kan

    Nokia should have sold the Lumia at $199 on contract intstead of $99. Just split the extra $100 with the sales staff and watch them push the phone!!

    • Sefriol

      Haha, that way Nokia would break every sell record! : D
      Just image how the seller just says how 920 beats every one in everything with 100$ burned into his eyes! Greed – that’s the way to do it.

  • erzhik

    how hard is it for reps to be interested in what they are selling? We can all agree that when we walk into a phone store, we know more about the phones they are supposed to sell. Why do these stores hire people to sell phones that are absolutely clueless about the phones?

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  • tee

    Went into 2 EE stores to have a closer look at the 920 and both of them didn’t even have the handset on display????? When asked ‘hey don’t you have the 920 for sale here?’ one of the sales assistance said “you don’t won’t to buy that? Nokia are a company on the way out????? I couldn’t believe my ears the best smartphone out there right now and sales staff are trying to steer customers away from it. The other store I went into was just as bad when asked the same question their answer was “we don’t have a display stand for the phone but if you want to look at it we got some laying about out the back????? Wtf it was like he wanted to show me some sort beast they have just captured I could look but not touch look.