Apple Tries To Patent Wireless Charging as Its Own Invention

| December 3, 2012 | 43 Replies

You can count on Apple to try and patent everything that moves, which apparently also includes electricity. Apple’s latest claim to court is that it has improved on Wireless charging and should therefore be awarded a patent for its new charging method. Apple’s charging technique claims to use magnetic resonance to be able to charge devices from a distance (several feet away); effectively losing the need for the phone to be in contact with the charger.

As far as an idea goes I honestly think that it is a decent improvement and a worthwhile one, something Apple have a habit of doing, which involves waiting to see what’s “hot” in the mobile world, then adding their own touch of pzaz to it. Sometimes they actually put some work into their “innovations” (like their original app store and being one of the first capacitive touch screens), and other times it’s just a process of tactical re-branding (like Facetime).


As far as I could gather (I might be misreading this) but the company behind the inductive wireless charging, that’s seen in the 920, touchpad, GS3 and everything else that uses the Qi standard, WiPower; was later acquired by Qualcomm and Samsung as well as a bunch of other companies forming the Alliance of Wireless Power (which I can only assume have licensed the Wireless charging technology to Nokia). This Alliance also have a patent on remote wireless charging (no need for contact with a pad)- which although the patent was filed after Apple’s the conflict arises if Apple can get the rights as a separate invention, rather than one based off the inductive charging.

Regardless of who is in the wrong here, this only shows that Apple has something planned with Wireless charging, and you can bet your last dollar that they’ll advertise it a lot more than a couple online comics (regardless of how cute they are). My only hope is that Nokia can get a foothold, as the people who brought wireless charging to the masses after everyone had forgot about it, rather than ending up as a second “face-time fiasco” where half the population believed that no phone had video chat before the iPhone (when even my N73 had it).




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  • P

    Fricking @##’@#@#”~@@@@’ @@~##@@@@@###@@~@~”’~@~

  • sina88

    LOL Apples those bastards. They didn’t invent anything. Had to laugh when I recently heard they try to patent the “Page-turn”. Unfortunately the ridiculous, stupid US law allows such patents.

  • DKM

    O Well, Apple will get the freaking patent as the USA belongs to Apple and the way they lobby the court and ministers are freaking crazy. Apple is like a big CHINA on its own rights.

  • Glass

    The patent was filed 2 years ago, and the Register is just stirring (which is what they do best). A lot of the noise over this is people on the internet not understanding how patents work. There is no such thing as a patent on “wireless charging”. There are patents on specific implementations of wireless charging. The claims section of patents should be the first bit you read. If any of the independent claims are even slightly different from another implementation, the patent does not apply.

    • adalbdl

      ali this is embarrassing you look like a fanatic troll more than blogger. at least do some research before posting this like this, nothing to do with nokia.

      • Did you completely miss out on the part where I mentioned Nokia pushing wireless charging in its current form as something they brought back?

  • Harangue

    Wasn’t this covered a while ago on some other site, basically what it meant is that Apple is once again trying to make its own standard for something. Just another way to not comply with already set standards.

    • James Scott

      Nothing new, IBM tried to do that for years, thought the IBM way was the only way.

      • Harangue

        Ironic, Apple looking at IBM as ‘Big Brother’ in 1984 and look what Apple has become. Standards rule, I’m not convinced we need open source software like Linux. What is necessary though is adoption of standards (looking at you IE) and be open towards other services etc. Much like how MS is really trying to interact with Google and Apple services in WP. Apple and Google are really reluctant in that area and don’t want to play nice with anything MS related like SkyDrive for instance.

  • DKM

    I just hope coming feb 2013 MWC, Nokia will go further in innovation making apple wireless patent absolute and even better camera and screen density.

  • Ahsan

    “where half the population believed that no phone had video chat before the iPhone (when even my N73 had it).”

    😀 😀 They are only Americans 😀 😀

    • JGrove303

      Na, a good portion of us knew it existed, but our shithead carriers didn’t support it (except TMobile-. Technically, they still didn’t support it when FaceTime came about, as you were only able to use it over WiFi.

      • Svetlo

        That portion that you talk about is no where to be seen, at least in Chicago. Americans believe only one thing – TV – and obviously commercials. Call now! 888 888 8888… don’t forget 888 888 8888… once again 888 888 8888… I’ve never seen something similar in no other country (been in about 10). So whoever rules the TV, rules it all.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Whooooo, ten whole countries!

          You realize, MyNokiaBlog is the most international blog, on the planet?

    • N73? 6680! 🙂

      • torcida


  • anon2

    Android fanboys are easily the worst offenders. As far as they’re concerned, google invented the touch UI with widgets and notifications, despite the fact that Microsoft, Palm, and Nokia were doing it before android was even launched.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Nicholas Tesla, Long Island, New York

    • Mendax

      Nikola Tesla Nokia Stella

      Could this be a sign?!

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Holy sh…

        Nokia is building a Tesla tower in Helsinki that will remotely power all of our phones wirelessly around the world all the time.

        HOLY SHT

        • torcida

          LOL! That would be the gratest thing ever!!! 🙂

  • SitBadDog

    The challenge is with Nokia, they should release something that does this. Wireless charging with no contact is a huge improvement over the Qi Standard we have now. If Apple is able to do it, then they’ll have hit jackpot.

    The problem with wireless charging now is that you can’t effectively use the phone while charging because you have to pick it up. i don’t think there’s anything original from any company that has come out in a while. Everything is just an improvement or implementation. Anyway, Nokia’s doing really well. Can’t wait for the holiday results.

  • migo

    Fortunately there’s a great example of prior art, as Nikola Tesla was working on this too.

    • Bloob

      There are examples from recent years too. It is an interesting idea; tapping into those electromagnetic fields that are all around us.

      Here’s one:

      • Bloob

        Actually, it seems WiTricity and Apple have made a deal of some sorts.

        • fireice2

          And scumbag apple tries to patent stuff from that deal?

  • Pathetic

    This shows that Nokia lacks brains , a wireless charging means no wires and mobility to one hundred percent , with Nokia chargers have to be glued to the pillow recharge , that is not quite intelligent , over and over and again iphone improves, what nokia makes bad


      ” a wireless charging means no wires and mobility to one hundred percent ”

      apple’s system also needs wires or else how would they get electricity to transmit?
      and no mobility seeing as how the device has to be in line of sight with the transmitter and not more than 1 meter distance.

      your trolling needs improvement.

    • migo

      it’s a lot better than having to plug in. i could totally see a computer desk which has the entire surface as an inductive charger being popular.

  • pathetic…your name says it all..*my troll senses kicking in* you must be an isheep,blindly following apple as they murder your wallet each year with the same crap and call it innovation.Not to long ago apple labelled the lumia wireless charging a “gimmick” and now they are filing a patent for it,and this time in a year or so they will recreate wireless charging and then market it as the greatest thing since chewing gum.Nokia didnt mess up anything,they implemented wireless charging before the rest of the pack and now that apple wants to go the same route,suddenly Nokia has screwed up in the eyes of an ifan.So let me correct you there,OVER AND OVER Apple steals ideas,recreates them and calls it innovation.OVER AND OVER they file for ridiculous patents on stolen and make it their own.Such double standards coming from a company who labels Samsungs efforts of “improving” on the iphone as a clone.I could go on and on but its such a waste.Apple followers are blind beyond belief.They probably still think that apple created panorama,when weve been having apps that do that for years but hey apple “improved” on the idea and integrated it and labelled it a feature.Get real TROLL!

  • Weirdfisher

    i’ve heard they are doing a wireless charging that can charge device in 1 metre
    ( logically i dont believe in this because of the strong magnetic field and high power requirement, as well as the damage done to human body )

  • nr

    its mistake of nokia they should have done patent before , time to shut up just

  • iWireless Charging sounds right.
    Wireless Charging sucks.


    i think MIT might have something to say on the matter, seeing as how they invented this technology 2005.

    “WiTricity Corp. was founded in 2007 to commercialize an exciting new technology for wireless electricity invented two years earlier at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A team of physicists, led by Professor Marin Soljačić, developed the theoretical basis for this novel method for wireless electric power transfer in 2005, and validated their theories experimentally in 2007. The magnetic fields of two properly designed devices with closely matched resonant frequencies can couple into a single continuous magnetic field. Prof. Soljačić’s team showed how to use this phenomenon to enable the transfer of power from one device to the other at high efficiency and over a distance range that is useful for real-world applications. This “strong coupling” enables the devices to exchange energy via magnetism, and avoids the potential safety hazards and inefficiency often associated with radiated electro-magnetic energy. Their demonstration of wireless power transfer showed a 60 watt light bulb being illuminated from a power source over 2 meters away, and their results were published in the prestigious journal Science in July 2007.”


      so i guess nokia can license this tech from the inventors and give apple the finger.

  • @nr Nokia are not patent trolls and they dont patent others ideas as their own..oh and they sure dont patent rectangles with rounded corners

    • Mahesh


  • But this is yet another case of Apple applying for a patent for something that has already been patented (by WiPower in 2008). Basically just trying to use their legal muscle to bully the existing owner of the intellectual property for this technology because they KNOW it’s gonna be a huge market eventually. I think Apple’s legal department must be getting bigger than their tech development at this point to be honest but more info available regarding trademarks, patents and other intellectual property matters available on

  • Noki

    apple sucks

  • dot

    what a shame apple!!!

  • Jason

    I have a commercial grade deagausser. It has warnings for users of pacemakers and electronic devices while in use. Even with these high powered magnets the magnetic field is negligible after about 3 feet. The ammount of power required to get the magnetic field usable requires exponential ammounts of power the bigger it is. This induction alone can cause problems with sensors using magnets in the general area. Perhaps its Apples solution to the end of the world and shifting the magnetic poles LOL. It’s the end of the world as we know it…. sings..

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