Nokia Lumia 505 leaked?

| December 4, 2012 | 22 Replies


The above is supposedly the Nokia Lumia 505. Possibly a variant to the 510 or completely different lineage. It sports a more rectangular design unlike the 710-like 510.

Specs comparable to 510. Perhaps 3.5-4″ screen, 800MHz single core, 256MB RAM. Note the homescreen – WP7.8 (old windows phone button).

Would be great if it was WP8 but oh well. Hardware for budget.

Source: WMPU

Cheers viktor von d. for the tip!


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  • jiipee

    The not-so-well respected Digitimes has claimed that Nokia is about to launch a bunch of WP7.5/7.8 devices soon. (And add that its troublesome since the hardware requirements are still rather high even in comparison to Android)

    • Marc Aurel

      Yes, not much room to maneuver there. About the only things they can change is the size of the display and amount of internal memory. The are only so many variants you can make with the WP 7.5/7.8 minimum specs…

      • Viipottaja

        Is there a minimum requirement for battery size? And forget now what the camera MP requirement is, if any?

        Beside those,yeah, screen size AND quality (not talking about resolution) and memory. Plus all other materials.

        Of course, it is at least in theory possible that some of the requirements would be revised.

        • Marc Aurel

          Camera requirement is still at least 5 MP autofocus. There were rumors that Nokia wanted to use their EDoF tech, which they have invested fairly lot on, in the entry-level WP phones, but MS did not allow it.

          As for screen quality, the 510 already seems to have a 16-bit TN TFT screen, which is the cheapest you can get. Of course there are some differences between manufacturers, but the main determining factor for both price and quality is the screen tech.

          I also don’t think Nokia can skimp on the other materials too much. Superior build quality and durability are among the main selling points of Nokia phones especially in the emerging markets, where the price mobile phones is still relatively higher and contracts are often not available. When people buy Nokia the buy the (at least partially correct) image of superior build quality.

        • Jiipee

          Elop did hint after axinh Meltemi that Nokia engineers had found ways to improve WP7. They’ve had plenty of time to work on it. Intetesting aspect is, if they have improved it, are othwr manufacturers allowed to use it.

          • Marc Aurel

            Difficult to say what that could mean. I don’t think he minimum requirements can be lowered much. Biggest cost savings would come from using a lower resolution screen, but that would almost certainly break compatibility with existing apps.

    • migo

      The HW requirements are a good minimum. The only real problem is RAM though, 256MB is just going to choke on a lot of web pages these days (I guess that’s why there’s Nokia Xpress).

    • thedead1440

      Yes they have just launched Lumia 620:

      The entry-level WP8 handset has 8GB+64GB(microSD max) but Lumia 920 has 32GB…What would go wrong if they offered a 64GB variant if no micro-SD slot? Or at least offer both a 32&64gig variant…

  • ramirogz

    What does Nokia (or any other company) win by creating several different form factor but with similar specs devices? like 510-505 820-810-etc?
    Wouldn’t that rise manufacturing costs? I also got the feeling that general people might get confused with this. Or is it really that people love to have carrier-exclusive hardware? What if a ATT&T user wants Verizon exclusive or the opposite? I think it only rises the chances of causing frustration on consumers.

    • JGrove303

      That’s all on the carriers. Nokia must oblige if they want that carrier to have their devices

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I dunno, sell more?

    • migo

      Some people have different preferences. What annoys me is that with all the variations, they’re sticking on an asymmetrically aligned screen. I get that some people don’t mind that, or even prefer it, but if you’re going to make a bunch of different designs, you should alternate in trade-offs where you can’t nail everything that someone wants.

  • Viipottaja

    Design looks more Fabula than the “original” Lumia 500.

  • Rolf

    Probably has the Lumia 800 body to keep the manufacturing costs down.

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  • swain

    Looks good. More number of handsets in market will give people multiple options. I remember the days when people used to compare Nokia A with Nokia B before buying a phone.

    Hey there is a 8 MP camera(in a budget phone).:)

  • salvasprock92

    8mp and no led flash…it’s useless

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  • rustyknight17

    Yup , this is why WP hasn`t been more successful …

  • Please nokia ,give micro sd card support to WP 7.8.Also if possible also for WP 7.5…

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